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Sustainable Transportation: Exploring Eco-Friendly Options like Biking and Electric Vehicles

Team AckoApr 26, 2023

In today's time, the use of sustainable transportation is a very essential part of reducing carbon footprint. India is no exception and with its huge population, it is in dire need of energy-efficient transport options to regulate emissions. We present here a list of the top 10 most popular Eco-friendly transportation options in India that transport users can opt for.




1. Bicycle

The bicycle is an evergreen classic choice for transport in India that uses zero fuel and is a great way to get around with literally no emissions, making it a great option for sustainable transport. It requires no charging, is lightweight, is easy and cheap to maintain, and is healthy to the environment.

2. Electric scooter

Electric scooters are gaining popularity at a fast rate in India as a great option for efficient, emission-free transport. They are powered by rechargeable batteries, require minimal fuel expenditure and maintenance, and are also a good option for urban transport.

3. Electric rickshaws

Electric rickshaws are the most economical option for short-distance travel and are battery powered, so again, zero emissions. In the past few years, the electric rickshaws movement paved the way for cheap and safe transport, with these being increasingly seen in Indian cities.

4. CNG vehicles

CNG, or compressed natural gas, is a cleaner burning fuel as compared to petrol or diesel. A few car manufacturers in India like Maruti and Tata Motors are starting to produce CNG vehicles, which produce few emissions, and allow improved fuel efficiency and longer engine life due to the quality of the fuel.

5. Hybrid vehicles

Hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in India and are powered by a combination of electricity and petrol or diesel. They produce fewer emissions than a petrol/diesel vehicle, and also provide enhanced fuel economy.

6. Electric buses

Electric buses are now being seen in many of Indian cities and towns, with increased travel speed and safety features than a regular bus, as well as lower tailpipe emissions due to the use of electric power.

7. Electric cars

Electric vehicles are slowly gaining a foothold in India and more carmakers are taking up the initiative to launch electric cars. This help reduces emissions and provide the convenience of use with zero pollution.

8. Public transportation

Public transport such as buses, metros, and trains help reduce emissions notably, as they increase the efficiency of ferrying more passengers with the same amount of fuel. It is also cheap, safe, and convenient.

9. Walking

The oldest form of transport is also the most sustainable and healthiest. Walking is an effective way to reduce carbon footprint and is suitable for short distances.

10. Motorbikes

Motorcycling is a great option for solo commuters in urban areas to cut down on traffic congestion and reduce emissions. It is also convenient for short distances and affordable to maintain.


Sustainable transport is the most effective way of reducing carbon footprint, and India is well on its way to moving towards a zero-pollution future. The above list presents the most popular and sustainable transport choices available in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions regarding sustainable transportation options, like biking or electric vehicles, along with their corresponding answers.


Are electric vehicles feasible in India?

Yes, electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in India, with multiple manufacturers bringing in electric vehicles of various models and sizes. They are completely emission-free, provide the convenience of, use, and are efficient.

Do electric vehicles require charging?

Yes, electric vehicles run on chargeable batteries and need charging after a certain number of trips or miles. However, you can consider investing in an intermittent home charging option to avoid extra trips to charging stations.

Are hybrid vehicles advantageous in India?

Hybrid vehicles are powered by a combination of electricity and petrol/diesel and are advantageous in India. They provide more fuel efficiency than petrol/diesel cars, as well as lower emissions. It is worth considering investing in a hybrid vehicle.


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