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Things to do in Vrindavan

Team AckoApr 25, 2023

Vrindavan is a town located in the Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is one of the most sacred places for Hindus, as it is the birthplace of Lord Krishna and his seven states. Mythology has it that Lord Krishna, who was born in Mathura, performed many of his renowned leelas in Vrindavan. In Hinduism, the town is often referred to as the 'Krishna-Janamabhoomi,”. It is the most important pilgrimage site in India, and tourists visit Vrindavan in large numbers every year to catch a glimpse of its divine beauty. Apart from being a place of worship and spiritual bliss, Vrindavan also has some amazing and interesting sights to offer to its tourists.




10 Things to do in Vrindavan

Here is a list of the top 10 things to do in Vrindavan and experience its true beauty and paradise.

1. Take a Tour of The Spectacular Temples

Vrindavan is home to numerous temples with various architectural and cultural significance. Some of the most famous temples in Vrindavan are ISKCON Krishna Balaram Temple, Banke Bihari Temple, Radha Damodar Mandir, and Radha Vallabh Temple. You should take a tour of these temples to get a glimpse of the architecture, culture, and religion of Vrindavan.

2. Visit the Birthplace of Lord Krishna

Krishnajanmabhoomi, the birthplace of Lord Krishna, is one of the most revered pilgrimage sites in Vrindavan. This is where Lord Krishna was born and performed many miracles in his childhood. Every year, millions of devotees visit this holy place to be a part of its spiritual atmosphere.

3. Pay a Visit to Rangaji Temple

Rangaji Temple was built by Seth Radha Krishna of Jaipur in 1851. The temple has a stunning six-storey Rajagopuram that stands 70 feet tall. The temple's walls are intricately carved with fine sculptures, and the main shrine houses Lord Ranganatha, the reclining form of Lord Vishnu.

4. Explore the Many Ghats

Vrindavan has many ghats (riverside steps), which are perfect for exploring the local culture, lifestyle, and people. Some of the popular ghats are Vishram Ghat, Keshi Ghat, Gopiram Ghat, and Khadir Ghat. You should explore these ghats and take in the beauty of Vrindavan with its riverside views.

5. Shop Till You Drop

Vrindavan has many local markets where you can shop for great bargains. You can buy items such as clothes, leather goods, jewelry, spices, and handicrafts. Bargaining is a way of life in Vrindavan so don’t forget to haggle and get great deals.

6. Participate in the Bankey Bihari Nath Procession

Bankey Bihari Nath Temple is one of the most popular temples in Vrindavan and hosts an annual procession of Lord Krishna. You should experience this procession at least once if you are in Vrindavan and be part of the festival of joy and festivities.

7. Take The Bird Watching Tour

Vrindavan is a paradise for bird watchers and is home to many species of migratory and native birds. You can take a guided bird-watching tour and explore the local bird species in the region. Some of the birds you can spot are the Red-vented Bulbul, Grey Francolin, Stork Billed Kingfisher, and Great Horned Owl.

8. Visit The Govinda Dev Temple

Govinda Dev Temple is one of the oldest temples in India and is considered to be the home of Lord Krishna himself. Built-in the 12th century, this temple is a must-visit if you are in Vrindavan.

9. Go For a Boat Ride at Lake Yamuna

Lake Yamuna is a picturesque lake located in Vrindavan and is home to many species of fish and birds. You should go for a boat ride in the lake and experience the beauty of Yamuna in its fullest.

10. Take a Holy Dip in The River Yamuna

Yamuna is also known as the 'Divine River’ and taking a holy dip in the river is believed to wash away all your sins. You can take a dip at any time of the day, but it is best to go in the morning when the sun is rising and the river is calm.


Vrindavan is a divine destination and has many interesting sights to offer to its tourists. From temples to ghats, from bird watching to shopping, from river rides to holy dips, Vrindavan has something for everyone. So if you ever find yourself in Uttar Pradesh, make sure to take a trip to Vrindavan and experience its divine beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the responses to the inquiries regarding the top things to do in Vrindavan.


What are the best things to do in Vrindavan?

The best things to do in Vrindavan include taking a tour of the spectacular temples, visiting the birthplace of Lord Krishna, exploring the many ghats, shopping, participating in the Bankey Bihari Nath procession, taking a bird-watching tour, visiting the Govinda Dev Temple, and taking a holy dip in the River Yamuna.

Is Vrindavan safe to visit?

Yes, Vrindavan is a safe place to visit, and tourists can move freely throughout the town without any fear. However, it is advisable that you take basic safety precautions as you would do in any other travel destination.

What kind of souvenirs can be bought in Vrindavan?

Vrindavan has many local markets where you can buy souvenirs such as clothes, leather goods, jewelry, spices, and handicrafts. You can also buy murtis, and idols of the much-loved Lord Krishna, who is worshiped here in the form of a cow herder.


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