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Nostalgic travel and revisiting childhood vacation spots

Team AckoApr 27, 2023

Vacations are always exciting, but going to the same place again can be even more rewarding. Childhood vacation spots in India hold a special place in our hearts, full of cherished memories. Revisiting them in adulthood can be an immensely satisfying experience and provide an extra incentive to wander. Be it small towns with quaint cafes, shimmering seashores, or tranquil mountain tops, India has an abundance of travel opportunities for all kinds of explorers. Let’s have a look at the top 10 nostalgic traveling spots in India.




1. Chikmagalur – Coffeeland of India

Immensely popular with Indian and international travelers alike, Chikmagalur is a lush and green paradise located in the state of Karnataka. The panoramic landscapes, a carpet of meadows with gold, purple and white wildflowers, and sprawling coffee plantations make it one of the most beautiful getaways in India. The bushy trails, stately waterfalls, and the serene Mullayanagiri Hills are the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable journey.

2. Rishikesh – Valley of the Gods

Situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, Rishikesh is the spiritual nucleus of India. Homes of yogic centers and sages, the banks of the sacred Ganga are a great way to experience a spiritual retreat. White water rafting, camping along the banks of the river, and taking part in the traditional Ganga Aarti are a few activities one must try here. For adventure buffs, the surrounding forests offer spectacular views and trails for trekking.

3. Gangtok – Scenic Wonder Province

Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim, a popular tourist destination located in the lap of the majestic Himalayas. The wonderful climate, lush greenery, scenic beauty, and abundance of cultural attractions make it a great choice for travelers. Catch a glimpse of the legendary Mount Kanchenjunga, explore monasteries, and witness traditional ceremonies - a perfect escape to nature and its wonders.

4. Andaman & Nicobar Islands – Aqua life Instinct

An archipelago of several islands situated off India’s east coast, the Andaman & Nicobar Islands are simply out of this world. The fascinating marine life, pristine clear beaches, and lush greenery provide an opportunity to escape the clutches of urbanity. Go for snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and revel in the beauty of these islands. Sail on a traditional boat (kattu vallam), take a nibble of local seafood delicacies, and enjoy the true essence of aqua life.

5. Shillong – Abode of Clouds

Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya - the Land of the Clouds - provides an opportunity to explore some of the lovliest mountain regions of India. A hill station surrounded by thick pine forests, sprawling meadows and unparalleled beauty, it also provides numerous trekking, hiking, and rock-climbing opportunities. The bars and pubs here are also quite popular, so party-hoppers don’t miss out either.

6. Udaipur – Romantic Rendezvous

The City of Lakes in Rajasthan, Udaipur is an ideal romantic getaway. The large and beautiful palaces, temples, gardens, and the shimmering Lake Pichola make this a huge favorite amongst travelers. Somehow the city manages to demonstrate a unique interplay between a grand old-world charm and the vibrancy of a modern-day city. For romance seekers, this is the perfect place to treat their senses.

7. Wayanad – Green Slopes of Kerala

The districts of Wayanad located in Kerala are nothing short of a fantasy. Tea plantations, spice plantations, and captivating wildlife sanctuaries brimming with species of birds and other wild animals, Wayanad is truly a paradise created by the gods. The mountains, waterfalls, and lush green valleys make it an ideal place to get away and rediscover yourself.

8. Leh – The Snow-Capped Jewel of India

If breathtaking views, powerful mountain passes and the tranquillity of lofty mountains excite you, nothing can be better than Leh. The land of Buddhism, the Pangong Lake, the two-humped Bactrian camels, the passes, gompas, and monasteries, all make it a paradise in India. And who can miss the spectacular views from the highest motorable road in the world, Khardung La.

9.Kodaikanal – Princess of Hill Stations

The quaint hill station of Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu is an extremely popular childhood holiday spot. From the stunning Silver Cascade Falls to the beautiful lakes, orchards, and gardens, it is one of the best escapes to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of nature. The town is known for its scenic walks, hikes, cycling and horse-riding trails and also offers plenty of other outdoor activities.

10. Agra – Elucidation of the Taj Mahal

Agra is home to one of the seven wonders of the world, the beautiful Taj Mahal. Likely to be one of the most picturesque and royal places on earth, it must be visited at least once in a lifetime. Built-in the 17th century by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, the marble mausoleum symbolizes undying love and is a must-visit. Unarguably, a reminder of the Mughal grandeur, Agra is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India.


India is a country of diverse places, cultures, and cuisines. Revisiting childhood vacation spots can bring back fond memories while giving you the chance to form new ones. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head out to any of these wonderful places to recreate memorable childhood memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are some good nostalgic vacation spots in India?

Some of the best nostalgic vacation spots in India are Chikmagalur, Rishikesh, Gangtok, Udaipur, Wayanad, Leh, Kodaikanal, and Agra.

What are the best places to experience nature in India?

Some of the best places to experience nature in India are Rishikesh, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Shillong, Wayanad, Leh, Kodaikanal, and Agra.


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