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What is Comprehensive Bike Insurance?
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Comprehensive Bike Insurance is a 2 wheeler insurance plan that offers coverage to your bike against different types of damages, total loss, and theft. Here’s what you should know about the comprehensive policy for bikes.

At ACKO, we offer the mandatory Third-party Bike Insurance Policy, a standalone OD Cover, and the full-protection Comprehensive 2-wheeler Insurance Policy. 

If you have only taken mandatory bike insurance, you can upgrade to the Comprehensive Two wheeler Insurance Policy during bike insurance renewal.

What are the features of a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy?
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Here are the unique benefits of the Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Policy.

1. Wide coverage
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Almost all types of damages to your bike are covered under the Comprehensive 2-wheeler Insurance Policy. The comprehensive bike insurance coverage includes damages caused due to road accidents and manmade and natural disasters. Vehicle theft is also covered. This apart, the policy also covers third-party liabilities.

2. No Claim Bonus (NCB)
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You get a discount on the two-wheeler insurance renewal premium if you don’t raise a claim during the policy period. The discount is referred to as NCB. You can get up to a 50% discount on the Own Damage component of your bike insurance renewal premium if no claims are raised for five consecutive years.

3. Decrease in repair costs
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Since most of the repair cost is compensated by this two-wheeler insurance policy, you only pay a small portion (deductibles) of the repair bill. The Comprehensive Two wheeler Insurance premium rate is considerably affordable compared to the amount you may spend on repairs, making it an ideal bike insurance cover for your vehicle.

4. Coverage for all types of two-wheelers
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The Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy is suitable for all types of two-wheelers, including motorcycles, scooters, and electric scooters or bikes (e-bikes). Insuring it with Comprehensive Insurance offers wide-ranging benefits, whether it’s a scooter, motorcycle, or electric bike.

Benefits of Comprehensive Bike Insurance
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Here are the top benefits of Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance.

1. Maximum financial protection
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Opting for a Comprehensive 2-wheeler Insurance Policy gives you maximum financial protection as it covers damages to your bike and covers third-party liabilities. The bike insurance policy also covers the total loss of the two-wheeler arising from theft, fire and an accident.

2. Shields against liabilities
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The two-wheeler insurance benefits offered by Comprehensive Insurance provide legal and financial protection from third-party claims, such as injuries suffered by a third party and damages to their vehicle during an accident caused by your insured bike. This policy also covers financial liabilities caused by the death of a third party.

3. No Claim Bonus (NCB) benefit
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If you don’t file any bike insurance claims during the policy period, you receive a discount on the renewal premium in the form of NCB. The Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance for bikes is the only policy that offers this discount, resulting in maximising your savings when you insure it with the Comprehensive Insurance.

4. Offers you peace of mind
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With the traffic and the number of vehicles plying on Indian roads increasing every day, the possibility of accidents rises. The Comprehensive Insurance Policy offers you peace of mind knowing that your bike is financially protected against different types of damages to your bike, even theft.

Why choose Comprehensive Bike Insurance by ACKO?
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Here’s why you should buy Comprehensive Two wheeler Insurance for your bike from ACKO.

Low premiums
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By choosing ACKO Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Policy, you transact directly with us through our website or app. Since we operate on a digital platform, our operating costs are lower, resulting in affordable bike insurance plans.

Cashless repairs
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We will pay the repair bill (as per the policy’s terms and conditions) directly to the network garage, resulting in cashless repairs. You just need to pay what’s not covered by the policy.

Instant purchase/renewal
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Whether you want to buy or renew a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy online, you can quickly get it done through our platforms (website/app). The process is simple, and it’s easy to complete the purchase/renewal journey.

Hassle-free claims
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Like our simple process to buy or renew bike insurance cover, you can also file a claim instantly through our website/app. Log in to your ACKO account, select the “Claim Now” option, answer a few simple questions, upload the required photos, and click on “Submit” to raise your claim.

Instant claim settlements
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A broken mirror doesn’t require a lengthy procedure to get your compensation. We offer an instant claim settlement for such damages. For more extensive damages, we try to settle the claim within a few hours or days (depending on the severity of the damages).

Maximise savings
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You can save more by opting for our long-term Comprehensive Two wheeler Insurance Policy for your two-wheeler. Buying multi-year bike insurance helps you save money in the long run. Also, look for discounts and offers during special occasions and festivals to get low prices on bike insurance.



What’s covered in Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance? (Inclusions)
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Here’s the list of instances covered under the Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy. Please note that this is an outline. For more details, please read the respective policy wordings.

✅ Third-party liabilities: Damage caused to a third party’s vehicle and property, and death and injuries to a third party caused by your insured vehicle.

✅ Accidental damages: Damages incurred by your insured bike due to an accident.

✅ Natural disasters: Damages to your two-wheeler incurred due to events such as earthquakes, floods, cyclones, etc.

✅ Manmade disasters: Damages to your two-wheeler incurred due to events such as vandalism, riots, strikes, etc.

✅ Fire disasters: Damages to your bike or scooter in the event of an explosion, lightning, self-ignition, etc.

✅ Bike theft/total loss: Financial losses due to bike theft. For instance, if your motorcycle, scooter or electric bike is stolen and the concerned authorities declare it “Untraceable”, ACKO shall pay you the bike’s IDV as per applicable terms and conditions.

What’s not covered in Comprehensive Bike Insurance? (Exclusions)
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Here are a few exclusions of our comprehensive motorcycle insurance.

❌ Electrical/mechanical breakdown: Damages to your two-wheeler resulting from electrical or mechanical issues.

❌ Influence of intoxicating substances: Damages to your motorcycle or scooter while riding under the influence of intoxicating substances.

❌ Regular wear and tear: Repair or replacement of bike parts due to regular wear and tear.

❌ Inactive policy: Damages to your bike when your Bike Insurance Policy was not active.

❌ Invalid Driving Licence (DL): Damages to your vehicle while riding the bike with an invalid DL.

❌ Illegal activities: Damages to your two-wheeler from unlawful activities such as racing.

❌ Geographical boundaries: Damages or losses incurred outside the specified geographical areas of the country.

Difference between Comprehensive and Third-party Bike Insurance
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It is important to note that your bike should be insured for continuous insurance coverage. To know if you must opt only for the mandatory Third-party Bike Insurance or the extensive Comprehensive Bike Insurance, you must compare both to get a better idea about the coverages.

Read our article about Comprehensive vs Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance for more details.

Who should buy Comprehensive Insurance for a bike?
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Here is a list of bike owners who should buy a Comprehensive Two wheeler Insurance Policy.

1. New bike owner
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If you are purchasing a new two-wheeler, you also need to buy new bike insurance to comply with the law. Consider purchasing the Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy because it offers comprehensive coverage for own damage and third-party liabilities.

2. Owner of a fancy bike
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High-end sports or superbikes are a considerable investment. Hence, if you own an expensive bike, you should consider buying the Comprehensive 2-wheeler Insurance Plan for maximum coverage.

3. Travel long distances
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If you like to travel long distances, you must safeguard your bike with the Comprehensive 2 wheeler Insurance Plan for optimum coverage in case of medical emergencies.

4. Living in a metropolitan city
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If you live in a metro city or area, the traffic and road conditions can be challenging, and the chances of an accident increase rapidly. For coverage against such instances, you should consider buying the Comprehensive Insurance Policy for your vehicle.

5. Overprotective bike owner
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If you are very concerned about minor dents or scratches on your bike, you should consider buying the Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy as it covers damages to your beloved bike.

How to switch from a Third-party to a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy
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An inadequate bike insurance cover may result in financial losses. Third-party Bike Insurance alone does not provide extensive coverage. Thus, it is important to opt for Comprehensive Bike Insurance to address the gap in coverage. 

How to calculate a Comprehensive Bike Insurance premium
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Our online bike insurance calculator lets you easily calculate your Comprehensive Two wheeler Insurance premium. It is an online tool to help you know the cost of bike insurance for your vehicle. 

To access the Comprehensive 2-wheeler insurance premium calculator online and know more about it, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Factors that affect Comprehensive Bike Insurance premium
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Now that you know how to calculate the two-wheeler insurance premium, you must know how the premium is determined so that you can make informed decisions. Here are factors that determine the Comprehensive Two wheeler Insurance premium.

IDV or Insured Declared Value of your bike
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The IDV is the approximate market value of your vehicle after considering depreciation. Your two-wheeler’s IDV is the maximum sum you receive in case of a total loss, or theft of the vehicle. Please note that the higher the IDV, the higher the premium.

Bike’s age
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The age of your bike plays a significant role in determining the cost of Comprehensive Bike Insurance. A brand new scooter or bike has a higher premium compared to older ones (due to the depreciation factor, the premium for older bikes is lower).

Make/model/variant of your bike
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Generally, expensive and high-end bikes attract a higher bike insurance premium when compared to low-cost two-wheelers. Typically, high-end bikes have high maintenance and bike-part replacement costs, hence the insurance cost is higher for such bikes.

Registration location
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The bike insurance premium for vehicles registered in a metropolitan city or high-traffic area is higher. However, the premium for bikes registered in a remote village or town is lower since the possibilities of road accidents are lower.

Manufactured year
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The manufacturing year of your bike helps identify the bike’s age and the depreciation factor to determine the vehicle’s IDV, which reduces with time. Therefore, older bikes have lower insurance premiums than brand new bikes.

Policy tenure
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By opting for the multi-year bike insurance plan, the premium is generally lower compared to a single-year plan. A long-term bike insurance policy offers continuous insurance coverage for a long period.

No Claim Bonus (NCB)
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When you don’t file any claims during the policy period, you receive a discount on the bike insurance renewal premium known as NCB in bike insurance. Hence, the premium can be reduced if you have accumulated an NCB.

How to buy Comprehensive Bike Insurance online
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Buying Comprehensive Two wheeler Insurance online is the easiest way of insuring your bike against most events. Here is how you can purchase ACKO Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy through our online setup.

Why should you buy Comprehensive Bike Insurance online?
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Here is why you should buy a Comprehensive Two wheeler Insurance Policy online over offline.

*The premium rates mentioned are for EV two-wheelers not exceeding 3KW

Frequently asked questions
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Here are answers to common questions about Comprehensive Bike Insurance.


Is Comprehensive Insurance mandatory for bikes?

No, it is not mandatory. However, the Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy offers coverage for damages to your vehicle due to an accident, fire, and natural and manmade disasters. It also provides coverage for damages to your bike and against vehicle theft. Hence, Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance is your bike's most extensive and all-inclusive insurance plan.

What is the validity of the Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy?

The validity of bike insurance is usually one year. However, if you opt for the multi-year policy, the plan's validity is as per the number of years you have chosen.

What are “deductibles” in a Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Policy?

Deductibles in Comprehensive Insurance for two-wheelers is the portion of the repair bill that should be paid from your pocket. The rest of the repair bill shall be paid by ACKO.

How is Comprehensive Bike Insurance different from Zero Depreciation Two-wheeler Insurance?

The Comprehensive Bike Insurance includes coverage for third-party liabilities and own damage; however, during claims, ACKO shall pay the compensation after considering the depreciation of the replaced bike components. 

But, when you include the bike insurance add-on, Zero Depreciation, along with the Comprehensive Bike Insurance, it is referred to as Zero Depreciation Two-wheeler Insurance. Under the latter insurance plan, depreciation is not considered during claims. You can read more about Zero Dep Vs. Comprehensive Bike Insurance. Note that add-ons are subject to availability. 

How to get the best Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy for my two-wheeler?

Consider the tips below to get the best out of your bike's Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Policy.

  • Opt for digital insurers such as ACKO for a low-cost insurance plan for your bike.

  • Select valuable add-on covers to optimise your bike insurance policy.

Is it ideal to buy Comprehensive Bike Insurance for old two-wheelers?

Yes. As Comprehensive Bike Insurance offers better coverage than the Third-party Policy, it is ideal to insure new bikes as well as old bikes. 

When to buy a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy?

The Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy should be purchased while purchasing your two-wheeler to stay financially protected against bike damages at all times.

Is Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy mandatory for five years?

No. Usually, you can buy the Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Policy for one year. However, you also have the option to opt for the multi-year policy. Generally, multi-year policies cost less.

Does bike modification affect Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy?

Yes, modifications to your bike impact the bike insurance premium depending on the changes. For example, if you have installed an authorised anti-theft device on your bike, the premium may be lower since you are taking care to protect your vehicle against theft. But the premium can increase if you have made aesthetic modifications that increase the bike’s value.

Disclaimer: The plans, services, features, processes, and other details mentioned on this page are subject to availability and changes. Please check the applicable policy wordings before making any insurance-related decisions. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for any queries.