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Electric Bike Insurance

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What is electric bike insurance?
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Electric bike insurance in India refers to a two-wheeler insurance plan which provides coverage for electric bikes and scooters. The policy can cover third-party liabilities and damages to the e-bike depending on the type of policy you purchase and its terms and conditions.  If you own an electric bike/scooter, purchasing an Electric Bike Insurance Policy is mandatory in India to comply with the legal norms. The policy, in general, works like any other insurance cover for two-wheelers.

Benefits of insuring an electric bike
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Here is why insuring an electric scooter or bike is vital, and why it is beneficial when you buy insurance for electric bikes online.

1. Cost-efficient
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ACKO operates on a digital platform. There are no middlemen involved resulting in lower operating costs. The savings are then passed on to the customers through low-cost electric bike insurance.

It is mandatory to insure an e bike or scooter with the Third-party electric bike insurance. Failure to insure your electric two wheeler leads to penalties of up to Rs. 4,000 or even imprisonment based on the severity of the situation.

3. Financial protection
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Whether it is a third-party liability or damages to e-bikes, the Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan provides financial security during such situations based on the policy’s terms and conditions.

4. Quick claim settlement
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You can raise a claim for minor damages (dents, broken mirrors, etc.) through the online platform. If the claim is approved, ACKO shall settle the claim within a few hours of you filing the claim. For extensive damages, our support team shall guide you through the process.

5. Peace of mind
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You can rest assured knowing your electric motorcycle or scooter is insured, and you are financially protected against accidental damage or third-party losses.

6. Scope to enhance the coverage
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When you insure your electric two wheeler with the Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan or Own Damage (OD) cover, you have access to buy add-on covers that enhance the policy coverage, subject to availability.

Types of e-bike insurance policies
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Similar to the petrol-powered two-wheelers, the electric bike insurance cover for EV bikes is of three types.

1. Third-party Insurance
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Provides financial protection against demise or injury to a third person due to an accident caused by your electric bike. And it also covers damages to their property or vehicle. However, it does not provide financial security against damages or losses incurred by your e-bike.

2. Own Damage Cover
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Provides financial protection only against damages or losses incurred by your e-bike. It includes coverage against damages caused by fire, road accidents, manmade or natural causes, theft and total loss. However, the e-bike insurance does not cover third-party losses.

3. Comprehensive Insurance
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It is a combination of Third-party Insurance and Own Damage cover. Hence, it is the most suitable bike insurance plan for our electric scooter or bike. Like the Own Damage Bike Insurance Cover, you also have the option to include add-ons to enhance the coverage in this plan. Add-ons are subject to availability.



What’s covered in electric bike insurance?
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Here are the coverage details of the Comprehensive Insurance for EV bikes.

✅ Road accidents: In case your e bike is damaged due to a road accident; the Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan shall provide financial protection for repairs or replacements after considering the required depreciation and deductibles.

✅ Vehicle theft: If your electric two-wheeler is stolen and the police issue a Non-traceable Certificate, the insurance for electric bikes covers your losses after considering the required deductibles and depreciation.

✅ Fire: Damages or losses incurred by your electric scooter or e-bike in case of an accidental fire shall be covered.

✅ Natural/manmade calamities: Damages or losses arising from floods, earthquakes, riots, vandalism, and such natural and manmade calamities shall be covered.

✅ Personal Accident (PA) Cover: Provides financial aid in case you are injured in an accident, or it leads to your demise. Please note that the mandatory PA cover for bike must be bought separately when you buy or renew your e bike insurance policy.

✅ Third-party losses: Suppose a third person’s property or a vehicle is damaged due to an accident caused by the insured e-bike, the damages or losses are covered by electric bike insurance.

What’s not covered in electric bike insurance?
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Here are the exclusions under the Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan for electric motorcycles and scooters.

❌ Own damage to the insured e bike: If you have insured your electric bike with the Third-party Bike Insurance Plan, you shall not receive financial protection against damage to the insured bike.

❌ Riding without valid documents: If you were found riding the e bike without valid documents such as an active Driving Licence, ACKO shall not provide financial support for the damages or losses.

❌ Riding under intoxicating substances: If you are riding the e bike under the influence of intoxicating substances, ACKO shall not cover damages or losses incurred during the accident.

❌ Consequential damages: Damages or losses that are not directly attributable to the accident shall not be covered. For instance, if your e bike is misused and the electric motor or the battery pack gets damaged.

❌ Intentional damages: If your electric bike is damaged in an accident, and you continue to use the e-bike and neglect the damages that may lead to severe damages, then such losses or damages are not covered under the insurance for electric bikes.

❌ Add-on covers that are not included: Some of the damages or losses are covered under add-ons. Hence, if you do not buy add-ons that cover such types of damages or losses, then such situations shall not be covered by the policy.

How is electric bike insurance premium calculated
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The bike insurance premium is based on important factors of the two-wheeler. Here is how the electric bike insurance premium is calculated.

Third-party Insurance
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Third-party Two-wheeler Insurance is a mandatory requirement for all bike and scooter owners. Hence, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) regulates third-party bike insurance premiums.

Third-party electric bike insurance premium
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The regulator considers the electric bike motor’s kilowatt capacity (kW) for calculating the premium for third-party insurance for electric bikes. Here are the third-party electric bike insurance premiums.

Two-wheelers with kilowatt capacity (kW) Premium rate for 1-year policy Premium rate for long-term policy (5-year)
Less than 3 kW Rs. 457 Rs. 2,466
More than 3 kW but less than 7 kW Rs. 607 Rs. 3,273
More than 7 kW but less than 16 kW Rs. 1,161 Rs. 6,260
More than 16 kW Rs. 2,383 Rs. 12,849

Comprehensive Insurance
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The Comprehensive Insurance includes both the Third-party Insurance and Own Damage (OD) cover component. The OD cover provides financial protection against damages or losses to the insured e-bike. Unlike the IRDAI regulating the Third-party bike insurance for electric two-wheelers, the Own Damage component of the Comprehensive Insurance is calculated by the insurer, in this case, ACKO. Here are the factors used to calculate the Comprehensive Bike Insurance premium for EV bikes or scooters.


Model and make:
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Expensive e-bikes or scooters mean a higher financial liability for the insurer. Hence, the electric bike insurance cost is higher for premium electric vehicles.


Year of manufacture:
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All vehicles depreciate over the years; hence, the market value decreases accordingly. Therefore, the IDV of the e-bike also decreases. The older the bike, the lower the cost. Therefore, premium decreases for older EV bikes and new bikes attract higher premiums.


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There are two types of deductibles: voluntary and compulsory. If you opt for a voluntary deductible, the premium reduces, but you must pay more during bike insurance claims.


No Claim Bonus:
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The NCB is a discount on the renewal for not filing claims during the previous policy period. You can get up to 50% of a discount if you do not file claims for five consecutive years. Hence, the premium is directly proportional to the percentage of NCB you have earned.


Installation of safety device:
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If you have taken the effort to secure your e bike with an anti-theft device, the insurer may consider offering a discount on the bike insurance premium.

How to renew electric bike insurance from ACKO
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Similar to the simple procedure of raising a claim, the procedure for renewing insurance for e bikes is also hassle-free. Follow the steps below to renew electric scooter insurance online.

New to ACKO: Existing customers:
✅ Step 1: Visit our webpage or mobile app. ✅ Step 1: Access your ACKO account via our website or mobile app.
✅ Step 2: Answer a few questions about your e bike. ✅ Step 2: Select the e bike insurance policy to renew and review the plan and if required make the required changes.
✅ Step 3: Select the plan, pay the premium online and receive the policy document instantly. ✅ Step 3: Pay the premium online and receive the policy document instantly.

How to raise an electric bike insurance claim
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Raising a claim at ACKO’s website or mobile app is a simple procedure. It does not require physical documentation or paperwork. Our online platform lets you file an electric bike insurance claim almost instantly. Here is how you can submit a cashless claim for an e-bike at ACKO.

Claims for minor damages shall be settled within a few hours, while claims for severe damages may take a few days.

How to compare and buy electric bike insurance
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Buying electric two-wheeler insurance for your vehicle is not cumbersome if you opt for the online method. It lets you compare bike insurance and buy the most suitable one for your e bike. When shopping for bike insurance for your e-bike online, consider the following vital factors.

Why does insurance for e bikes cost more?
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The electric bike industry in India is still in its nascent stage. Developing and manufacturing an electric bike can be expensive compared to producing a petrol-powered two-wheeler. EV bikes and scooters continue to command a higher price tag compared to their petrol counterparts in India.

Since the bike insurance cost is based on the cost of the vehicle, the insurance cost for e-bikes is higher. However, the cost of Third-party insurance for electric scooters or bikes is much lower compared to petrol-powered bikes. The IRDAI has notified the premium rates for electric bikes at a 15% discount compared to the petrol-powered two-wheelers.

How to reduce insurance premiums for e-bikes
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Following are some suggestions to decrease the cost of insurance for electric bikes.

Why Should You Buy Comprehensive Bike Insurance Online?
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Here is why you should buy a Comprehensive Two wheeler Insurance Policy online over offline.

Frequently asked questions
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Here are some common questions related to insuring electric bikes in India.


I want to purchase bike insurance for my electric scooter online but do not know how to go about it. What should I do?

We offer two-wheeler insurance for brand new bikes and old electric bikes and scooters. You can scroll up to the top of this page to get a quote for your e-bike. Provide a few details about your bike, and you get to choose a plan and insure your e-bike instantly.

Is it mandatory to buy insurance for electronic bikes?

Presently, e bikes that have a power of less than 250W and a top speed of 25 km/h are exempted from mandatory third-party insurance. That being said, electric motorcycles and scooters are expensive in India. Considering e bikes are not immune to road accidents. It is better to insure it with a comprehensive electric bike insurance policy.

Is it possible to buy two-wheeler insurance for my electric bike directly from the insurance company instead of the dealer?

Yes, you can buy electric scooter insurance online through our website or mobile app. Provide the details of your e bike, select the plan and pay the premium online to ensure your bike instantly.

Can I buy only the Roadside Assistance add-on without any policy for e bikes?

Add-on covers are available when you buy the Own Damage cover or the Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy for e bike insurance. Add-on covers for bike insurance are subject to availability.

Is there a different EV insurance policy, or do petrol and diesel-powered and EV have the same bike insurance policies?

EVs don’t have a separate bike insurance policy. Currently, both fuel-powered vehicles and EVs have the same insurance plan. However, the Third-party Bike Insurance premiums for electric bikes are different as the IRDAI prescribes them. You can refer to the section above to check the e-bike third-party insurance premiums based on the kilowatt of the electric motor.

What are the documents needed for electric scooter insurance online?

At ACKO, there is no paperwork involved while purchasing insurance for your e-bike. Visit our webpage or mobile app, and provide a few details of your e bike to insure the vehicle without documents.