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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

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Travel Insurance

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Travel insurance may seem like an "Expense that can be avoided," but it is a guardian that ensures your trips are worry-free. At ACKO, we know that traveling is all about being open to the unknown, getting out of your comfort zone, and making memories that you will remember for the rest of your life.

However, every adventure has risks, and you never know what lies ahead. No worries—our travel insurance policy ensures your safety and security. So pack your bags with excitement and leave your worries behind because ACKO will handle everything.

What is Travel Insurance?
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Travel insurance is like a safety net that protects you from any unexpected risks that may come up during your journey. With trip insurance, you can enjoy your trip with peace of mind, knowing that if anything goes wrong, you're financially protected. Whether it's lost luggage, medical emergency, flight delay, or trip cancellation, travel insurance has got you covered. You can choose a travel insurance policy that suits your needs based on your destination, purpose, and how often you travel. 

Features of ACKO’s Online Travel Insurance Plan
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Here are the features that make ACKO’s Travel Insurance online policy recommended for anyone planning to travel.

Buy Policy Instantly
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Getting a travel insurance policy from ACKO is very easy and can be done in just a few steps. No complications, only protection.

Digital Platform
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From start to finish, ACKO’s travel insurance online is designed for your convenience. With our completely digital platform, you can handle all your policy-related transactions online – from purchases and claims to policy management.

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Wondering about travel insurance cost? Nowadays, foreign travel insurance online is available at reasonable rates. At ACKO, we provide basic travel plans for only Rs. 49 for a five-day term, which is equivalent to approximately Rs. 10 per travel day*.

Quick claim Settlement
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When a claim is filed using ACKO, we get to work right away. To get you back to doing what you love as soon as possible, without any unnecessary delays or hassles, we will do whatever it takes to get your claim settled.

Zero out-of-pocket costs
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When you buy from ACKO, you do not pay anything. ACKO will pay for all of your travel, medical, and emergency assistance costs while you are away. You do not have to worry about having to pay anything out of your own money.

Flexible Sum Insured Options
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According to ACKO, it is crucial to give you choices that work for you. Thanks to our adaptability, you can select the sum insured that works best for you.

24x7 assistance
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It is comforting to have someone watching your back while you are on the road. That is why we offer round-the-clock assistance with insurance for travel questions. No matter where you are or what time it is, you can always leave us a voicemail or send us an email.

Over 150 countries worldwide
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ACKO Travel Insurance online covers you in more than 150 countries around the world, so your safety is never limited. With ACKO, all you have to worry about is organizing your next fantasy vacation.

What does ACKO’s Online Travel Insurance Plan Cover?
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Medical cover

Belongings cover

Trip cover


Medical cover
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While visiting a foreign country, you should have a financial backup for medical and accidental emergencies. And that’s what our travel insurance offers.


Accidental expenses
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While it’s not a pleasing thought, accidents are possible while travelling abroad. Consequently, you might need to check into a hospital. In cases like these, we absorb the monetary damage. Up to the policy's specified maximum, medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident while traveling will be reimbursed.


Illness expenses
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Getting sick is a common occurrence while travelling due to the change of surroundings. But sometimes, the illness can be serious and may require hospitalisation. Thus, travel-related illness hospitalization expenses are reimbursed up to a policy limit.


Hospital daily allowance
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An insured person also receives a daily allowance for a particular number of days spent hospitalised as per the limits and terms of the policy.


Physiotherapy expenses
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If you get hurt during your travels, rest assured that the cost of required physiotherapy after an accident will be covered under the terms specified in the travel insurance policy.


OPD expenses
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You will be reimbursed for the costs related to any OPD treatments, tests or consultations required within the specified policy duration due to an illness or injury contracted/suffered during a trip.


Compassionate visits
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We know the importance of having a loved one by your side during a crisis. That's why our policy goes the extra mile for you. It covers the cost of two-way tickets for a family member to visit the place of hospitalization of the insured person during the travel period.


Evacuation (medical and catastrophe)
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In case of a catastrophic event while travelling, you may need emergency evacuation. Such expenses for transporting the insured person by air or land during their travel period are reimbursed under our travel insurance online as per the policy terms.


Accidental death
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While it’s the last thing one wants to think about, preparing for accidental death while travelling can financially protect your family in such an event. Our travel insurance policy financially covers accidental death within the travel period. The policy also covers a situation when the insured person dies within a year of getting injured in an accident while travelling. 


Permanent disability
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An accident (that has occurred overseas) may cause permanent partial or total disability. If a disability occurs within a year of encountering an accident, you will receive compensation based on the terms of the policy.


Repatriation of mortal remains
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In case of the unfortunate demise of the insured, we take care of the repatriation of the mortal remains from the location of death to the person’s home, as per our travel insurance policy terms.

Belongings cover
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Missing a flight or losing your baggage can ruin the flow of your itinerary. While we can’t make up for the time you lose, our travel insurance from India can save you from financial loss in such situations.


Return of minor child
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While travelling with a minor child, you would want to ensure their safe return in the event of your hospitalisation due to an illness or injury. This is why our travel insurance policy provides cost reimbursement for the child's one-way ticket back to the city of residence.


Delayed baggage
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Even a few hours without your luggage can be extremely inconvenient. But that’s what many travellers face when their baggage gets delayed due to misplacement or some other reason. But worry not! If you get caught up in such a situation, flight travel insurance we will pay you a lump sum amount as per the policy terms.


Lost baggage
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It’s one thing to get your baggage with a little delay, but losing your luggage entirely creates a huge problem while travelling. But our policy can help you handle this issue. As per the terms of the policy, we provide reimbursements for the partial or total loss of your checked-in baggage.


Loss of passport
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Losing a passport in a foreign country can put you in serious trouble. So, you will need a duplicate or new passport as quickly as possible. Our online travel insurance policy will cover the application fees, documentation expenses, and even the travel expenses involved in visiting the relevant offices.


Financial emergency cash
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Losing your travel funds can be traumatising, which is why we offer coverage against the loss, theft, or robbery of your travel funds.


Hijack or kidnap
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Daily distress allowance is provided in case of hijacking/kidnapping of the insured person within the trip duration. The payable amount will be determined by the limits mentioned in your insurance for travel plan.

Trip cover
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There may be times when you have to reschedule or cancel your trip. In these conditions, our online travel insurance can help you cover the financial losses.


Trip rescheduling
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If you have to reschedule a trip because of an accident, illness, or any other reason listed in your policy, this trip insurance coverage will pay up to the limit of the plan for any extra costs you incur.


Trip cancellation
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If you have to cancel your trip due to an unavoidable reason, we will take care of the unrecoverable costs as per the terms of your trip insurance plan.


Delayed arrival/departure
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A delayed flight can mean more expenses on hotel stays, food, etc. In such situations, our flight travel insuranace plan settles a specific amount to the insured person as per the limits of the compensation and delayed hours specified in the policy.


Missed flight
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Almost everyone has either heard of someone who missed a flight due to traffic or missed a flight themselves. In the event that you miss your flight, having our travel cover will protect your finances.


Missed connection
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What if you lose a connecting flight due to the delay of the first flight? Our travel policy covers such situations by taking care of the cost of additional accommodation and journey expenses within the term of the policy.


COVID-19 cancellation
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There may be a situation when you have to cancel boarding a flight (or another common carrier) because you are infected by COVID-19. Our online travel insurance policy with COVID coverage can help you focus on your health recovery without worrying by taking care of the unrecoverable costs in accordance with your policy terms during such a trying time.

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Based on your insurance needs, you can select these add-ons on top of the covers you chose.


Adventure sports injuries
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For adventure junkies, our online travel insurance policy offers coverage for an adventure sports injury that requires hospitalisation during your trip as per the terms of the policy.


Bounced booking
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This feature will cover the cost of rebooking if you are denied boarding a flight you have purchased or if the hotel you have reserved for your stay refuses to admit you.

What is Not Covered by ACKO’s Online Travel Insurance Plan?
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Depending on the terms of your policy, there may be certain exclusions in your online travel insurance policy. This is why you must always read your policy document carefully to learn about not just the inclusions but the exclusions as well. Here are the situations usually not covered by ACKO’s online travel insurance policy.

Legal exclusions

Medical exclusions

Travel exclusions

  • Suicide, attempted suicide, or any self-inflicted injuries will not be covered under the insurance policy.

  • Events that happen directly or indirectly because of drug use, alcohol, hallucinogens, or any other intoxicant.

  • If the insured person breaks the law or gets involved in serious illegal activities like crimes or riots during their trip, their insurance coverage might not apply.

  • Insured person getting injured while participating in a hazardous activity.

  • Any pre-existing disease and all related complications that are not already included in the policy.

  • If a close relative prepares the disability report that is used to support a claim. 

  • Issues related to pregnancy or associated medical procedures.

  • Travelling to a country without a valid visa.

  • Overstaying your stay in the country longer than your visa allows.

  • Travelling to a country to obtain medical treatment or consultation.

  • Travelling despite getting a terminal medical prognosis.

  • Travelling against the advice of your doctor.

Note: Please remember that the exclusions and inclusions are subject to the terms of your specific policy. Hence, you are advised to read each and every description mentioned in your policy document.

Travel Insurance with COVID-19 Coverage
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At ACKO, we've got you covered through every twist and turn of your journey, including COVID-19. If you're wondering about the extent of COVID-19 coverage, we've prepared a comprehensive list for your clarity. 

We've got you covered:

Reasons Why You Should Buy Travel Insurance Online from ACKO
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ACKO is the easiest and most user-friendly insurance platform to use. ACKO's travel insurance online is among the most comprehensive and reasonably priced options available.

Here are some of the benefits of an online travel insurance policy bought at ACKO.

Cashless Travel Insurance Plan
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You don't need to stress about hefty medical expenses while traveling abroad. With ACKO's travel medical insurance, we've got you covered with cashless medical services.

Medical assistance in emergencies
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Even the smallest of medical issues can cause big troubles when you are travelling to a foreign country. But with our online travel medical insurance, you can get financial coverage against many potential medical emergencies.

Compensation for flight/baggage delays
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No one likes flight or baggage delays while travelling. It can cause financial loss, especially if you are on strict timelines and have prepaid bookings. ACKO’s travel insurance online will get you monetary compensation in such inconvenient situations.

Home insurance while abroad
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Unfortunately, theft at your home can happen while you are away. Luckily, our travel insurance plan includes home insurance to protect you financially.

Customizable Coverage
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When you buy travel insurance online from ACKO, you get to choose what you want to be covered for. This means you will not have to pay for things you do not require, which can save you a lot of money.

Useful when necessary
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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Schengen Area mandate visitors to have valid travel insurance plans before entering the country. Having ACKO's online travel insurance policy on hand can help you meet this prerequisite.

Why Buy Travel Insurance Online?
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Buying travel insurance online offers several advantages, including the following:


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Firstly, buying travel insurance online is super convenient. You can compare different plans, prices, and choose the one that suits you best from the comfort of your own home or while on the go.


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Secondly, it's a real time-saver. You can finish the whole process in just a few minutes with just a few clicks or taps, without the need to visit insurance offices or agents in person.


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Thirdly, many online insurers offer policy customization options, allowing you to modify your policy by adding or removing coverage options as needed to meet your unique requirements.


Digital Claims Process
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Fourth, if you ever need to make a claim, it is usually easier and faster to do so online. You can file claims digitally, which makes the process faster and more convenient.


Paperless process
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By purchasing travel insurance online, you can complete the entire process without the need for physical paperwork. Digital documents, policy terms, and receipts are sent directly to your email, which means less clutter and less chance of losing important documents.


Cashless Travel Insurance Plans
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There are a lot of online insurance companies, like ACKO, that offer travel medical insurance that does not require you to pay up front. Since your medical bills will be paid directly, you can relax and enjoy your trip.

How to Buy Travel Insurance Online from ACKO
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Buying travel medical insurance online from ACKO is very simple and easy. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Head to our mobile app or visit our website at and hit “Travel”.

Step 2: Choose your travel destination, specify the start and end dates of your trip, and provide details about your fellow travelers.

Step 3: Modify the policy to suit your particular needs.

Step 4: Fill in your own information and that of any other passengers.

Step 5: An instant quote for your travel insurance plan will be generated. Make an online payment to obtain your travel insurance coverage without delay.

Really, it is that simple! When you purchase travel insurance coverage from ACKO, you can rest easy knowing that any unforeseen circumstances are covered.

How do I Claim Travel Insurance Online from ACKO?
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Using ACKO to make a claim on your travel insurance policy could not be easier. Here are the easy steps you need to take to submit a claim:  

For Cashless Medical Cover: 

For Other Covers:

Which Documents are Required for Travel Insurance Claims?
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Here is a list of travel insurance claim documents you will most likely need. The exact list can vary on a case-by-case basis.

Claim Documents


Travel tickets

Copies of your travel tickets

KYC documents of the nominee/claimant

Valid ID documents like a driving license, PAN card, etc.

Claim form

Duly filled out and signed claim form

Legal heir certificate (if applicable)

Required if applicable

FIR copy (if applicable)

Attested copy of the First Information Report (FIR)

Death/disability certificate

Attested copy issued by the relevant authority

Medical and investigation reports (if applicable)

Relevant medical and investigation reports

Attending medical practitioner details

Name and address of the attending medical practitioner

Proof of inconvenience or loss

Issued by the travel organizer or service provider

Proof of ownership for lost/stolen items

Such as invoices for lost/stolen items

Other documents as applicable for a claim

Any additional documents required for your specific claim

How is the Premium Calculated for Travel Insurance Plans?
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The premium is the amount you pay for a policy. Here are the most important variables that insurers use to determine your premium.

Parameters Affecting Travel Insurance Premiums



Premiums vary based on the risk factors associated with the chosen travel destination.

Travel Period

Longer travel durations often result in higher premiums due to extended coverage.


Different age groups may have varying premium rates.

Insured Travelers

The total premium increases with the number of travelers covered by the policy.

Coverage Options (Covers)

The premium may rise depending on the number of coverage options selected for the policy.

Note: Please note that these parameters are crucial to travel insurance premium calculations. These factors and the policyholder's coverage options determine the premium.

How to Lower Your Travel Insurance Premium
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As a travel insurance buyer, you should aim to pay the lowest possible insurance premium to get maximum coverage. The following tips will help you reduce your travel insurance premium.

Be smart about it
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Think about what you need for the trip and only buy the travel insurance that you will use. Avoid adding extras that you do not need because they can raise the premium. That way, you can save a lot of money.

Do not just go with the first policy you find
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Check out the plans of different travel insurance companies and compare them. Look for deals and prices that are as good as the others.

Travel as a Group
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 If you are going on a trip with family or friends, ask if you can get a discount if you all get insurance under the same policy. Some insurance companies do cover it. If your group meets the requirements, you can buy a single policy that covers everyone in the group.

Buy travel insurance as soon as you book a trip
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This will make sure you get all the benefits, like being able to change your plans or cancel your trip if you want to if you buy travel insurance early.

Travel to Low-Risk Destinations
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Destinations with lower travel risks may have lower premiums. Check if your insurer classifies your destination as low-risk. These destinations typically have fewer travel-related uncertainties, so you may find that your insurance premiums are more budget-friendly while still providing adequate coverage for your trip.

Travel During Off-Peak Seasons
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You could save money by visiting during the shoulder seasons if your schedule is flexible enough to accommodate it. Since fewer people are on the road, fewer people buy travel insurance around these times. As a result, you may be able to lower your insurance premium while maintaining the same level of protection.

Can I modify/extend my Travel Insurance?
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At ACKO, we prioritize your flexibility and convenience when it comes to your travel insurance plans. We understand that travel plans can change, and we offer you the option to modify your plan's details before the start of your insured trip. This way, you can ensure that your coverage aligns perfectly with your travel needs.

However, it's important to note that once your trip commences, we won't be able to accommodate any changes to the plan. So, we encourage you to review your travel details thoroughly and make any necessary adjustments beforehand.

Regarding plan extensions, ACKO makes it simple for you to extend your coverage if needed. You have the flexibility to extend your plan before its original term ends, allowing you to continue enjoying the protection and peace of mind that our insurance offers.

However, in the event that the plan's term ends without an extension, you will need to purchase a new plan from scratch. Starting afresh with a new plan ensures you have the most up-to-date coverage and benefits for your future travels.

How to Compare Travel Insurance Online
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Here are the key factors to consider when comparing best travel insurance online.

Sum insured

Pay close attention to the'sum insured,' the maximum amount of coverage, when comparing travel insurance quotes. This vital information ensures that you have the necessary financial security for the trip. For instance, some countries will not give you a visa unless you can prove you have adequate coverage with your travel insurance.

Range of coverage

It is important to compare the levels of protection offered by different policies when buying travel insurance. Think about what kinds of protections you might need on your trip and budget accordingly. In this way, you can ensure that you have adequate coverage for your trip that is specific to your needs.

Claim procedure

Look into the claim process to understand how difficult or easy it can be to raise a claim. The easier the claim process, the better. Also, consider the Turnaround Time (TAT) for claim settlement, as faster settlements can offer added peace of mind during your travels.

Claim settlement terms

Claims are settled based on the applicable terms and conditions. Before choosing a travel insurance policy, take the time to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions governing claim settlements. Knowing these terms in advance ensures you're well-prepared and informed about how claims are processed.

Cashless Travel Insurance Plans

Last but not least, don't forget to check if the insurer offers cashless travel insurance, like ACKO does. Cashless travel medical insurance can provide added convenience and financial security during your trip.

How can I Port/Transfer My Travel Insurance to ACKO
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To port travel insurance to ACKO, you typically have to cancel your existing travel insurance policy with your current insurance provider and purchase a new travel insurance policy from ACKO. Here are the general steps you can follow.

Step 1: Review your current travel insurance policy

Take a look at your existing travel insurance policy and check for the coverage details, policy period, and any applicable cancellation fees or conditions. Make sure you understand what you are getting from your current insurer.

Step 2: Check ACKO's Travel Insurance options

Visit ACKO's website or use the mobile app to explore the best travel insurance plans. Compare the coverage, features, exclusions, and pricing with your current policy to ensure ACKO's plan meets your needs.

Step 3: Calculate overlap and policy start date

Before proceeding with the porting process, ensure that there is no overlap between the existing policy and the new policy with ACKO. Decide on the start date of the new policy based on the cancellation date of your existing policy.

Step 4: Contact your current insurer

Reach out to your current insurance provider and inform them of your intention to cancel the existing travel insurance policy. Inquire about their cancellation process, any applicable fees, and the refund, if any, that you may be entitled to receive.

Step 5: Cancel your current policy

Follow your current insurer's cancellation process and complete the necessary formalities to cancel your existing travel insurance policy

Step 6: Purchase travel insurance from ACKO

Once your existing policy is successfully canceled, visit ACKO's website or app to purchase the travel insurance policy that suits your requirements. Follow the application process, provide the necessary details, and make the payment for the new policy.

Step 7: Policy documentation

After purchasing the new policy from ACKO, you will receive the policy documents and other relevant details via email or through the app. Review the policy documents carefully to ensure all the information is accurate.

Step 8: Customer support

If you face any challenges or have any questions during the porting process or while purchasing the new policy from ACKO, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team for assistance.

Types of Travel Insurance Plans in India
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International Travel Insurance
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International travel insurance is your trusted friend when you are exploring the world beyond borders. With international travel insurance, you are covered for a wide range of unexpected situations, such as medical emergencies, trip cancellations, lost luggage, and more.


Domestic Travel Insurance
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Domestic travel insurance makes your trip to our amazing country worry-free and fun. Domestic travel insurance protects you from medical emergencies, trip cancellations, personal liabilities, and more, so you can enjoy local adventures comfortably.


Single Trip Travel Insurance
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When you are planning a one-time trip, this plan makes sure you are safe the whole time. It protects you for a certain amount of time, usually from the day you leave home to the day you come back. What is great is that it protects you from things that could go wrong during that trip. These can include things like medical emergencies, canceled flights, lost bags, and more.


Multi Trip Travel Insurance
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If you go out of the country a lot, this travel insurance is one of the smart things you can do. There is no need to buy new travel insurance for each trip, and you will receive the same level of coverage no matter how often you travel. It is also a cost- and time-saver.


Family Travel Insurance
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Because family is everything, this plan extends coverage to all your loved ones traveling together, keeping everyone safe under one policy. Medical expenses, liability protection, lost luggage, and other losses are all covered for everyone in the family. 


Group Travel Insurance
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This plan makes sure that everyone on your team is safe and is great for group trips or business trips. A lot of travel insurance providers offer this type of insurance, but the coverage varies from company to company.


Business Travel Insurance
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For corporate travelers, this plan ensures your business trips go smoothly, protecting you from work-related uncertainties. It's valid for one specific business trip and offers coverage for common travel-related mishaps that can affect your work commitments.


Student Travel Insurance
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If you're pursuing education abroad, this plan has you covered. Aside from what a basic overseas travel insurance policy covers, this plan covers everything from medical emergencies to bail bonds, making sure that your academic journey goes as smoothly as possible.


Senior Citizen Travel Insurance
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This plan is for our experienced travelers and takes into account their age-related concerns, giving them peace of mind while they travel. All the benefits of overseas travel insurance are covered by senior citizen travel insurance. However, the quotes for travel insurance plans for senior citizens are much higher than for regular plans.


Schengen Travel Insurance
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Anyone going to a Schengen country must have Schengen travel insurance for a Schengen visa. The Schengen area is made up of 26 countries, and most people from outside Europe need a valid visa to enter, which means they need travel insurance. You can move visa-free to all the 26 countries. The benefits are similar to those of overseas travel insurance, and it is the best plan for people going to those areas.

Countries that need an International Travel Insurance Policy
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If you're planning to travel abroad, it's important to know that some countries require you to have travel insurance before you can enter. To help you out, take a look at the table below to see which countries require it.


International Travel Insurance Requirement

Additional Context


Travel insurance is often required, and it's recommended to have coverage for the entire duration of your stay.

The requirement may vary based on your nationality and the purpose of your visit. Always check with the Russian embassy for the latest information.


Travelers to Cuba typically need international travel insurance that covers medical expenses.

Proof of travel insurance may be requested upon entry to cover medical expenses during your stay.


Travel insurance is not typically mandatory, but having coverage for medical expenses is highly recommended.

It's wise to have insurance for medical emergencies, as healthcare costs can be high for foreign visitors.


Qatar has introduced insurance requirements for travelers, particularly related to health coverage.

Travelers may need to show proof of insurance that includes medical coverage when entering Qatar.

Schengen Area

The European countries in the Schengen Area require travelers to have Schengen Travel Insurance.

This insurance is mandatory for obtaining a Schengen visa and provides coverage during your stay in these countries.

The United Arab Emirates

Travel insurance is not generally mandatory, but it's advisable to have coverage for medical emergencies.

While not required, having insurance for medical expenses can be beneficial in case of unexpected health issues.

Note: Please note that international travel insurance requirements may change over time. To ensure you have the most current information, check with the country’s embassy you plan to visit.

Myths about Travel Insurance
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Certainly, there are several myths and misconceptions about travel insurance. Let's debunk some of the common ones:

1. Only the Weak Need Travel Insurance.

- Reality: Travel insurance covers more than just medical emergencies. It can protect you against unexpected trip cancellations, delays, lost luggage, and more.

2. Travel Insurance Is Costly.

- Reality: Travel insurance is actually very affordable, especially when compared to the cost of a normal trip. ACKO has budget-friendly basic travel insurance plans for Rs. 49 for 5 days, which is about Rs. 10 per day*.

3. Travel Insurance Claims Are Hard.

 - Reality: It’s very easy to file a claim with ACKO. Email us at [email protected] or leave a message at 01246174722 to submit a claim. Within 2–3 days, we will process and settle your claim.

4. Travel Insurance Covers Everything.

- Reality: Travel insurance policies have limitations and exclusions. It's crucial to read the policy details carefully and understand what is and isn't covered.

5. Travel Insurance Can be Bought Anytime.

  - Reality: Some benefits, like trip cancellation coverage, have time-sensitive requirements. You should get travel insurance as soon as possible after making your reservation. 

6. I Don't Need Insurance for Short Trips.  - Reality: Short trips can still face unexpected issues like flight delays, lost baggage, or medical emergencies. Travel insurance can provide peace of mind for any trip duration.

7. I Don’t Need Insurance for a Place I know.

 - Reality: Familiar destinations can still pose risks. Travel insurance can help with unforeseen events, like sudden illnesses or accidents, even when visiting places you've been before.

8. Travel Insurance Is Complicated.

 - Reality: Buying the best travel insurance is straightforward. Get the ACKO app or visit to get started. Click on "Travel" and fill in the required fields. Once payment is done, your policy document will be sent directly to your email.

9. Cheap Travel Insurance Policies are the Best.

 - Reality: Opting for the cheapest travel insurance policy may provide limited coverage. It's crucial to balance affordability with the level of protection you require.

Note: Please keep in mind that travel insurance protects your finances and gives you peace of mind while you travel. Choose a policy that meets your needs and read the terms and conditions to avoid surprises in the event of an emergency.

Travel Insurance Terminologies
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The following table lists key travel insurance terms.




The amount you pay to the insurance company to purchase the travel insurance policy.


The person who purchases the travel insurance policy and is covered by its benefits.


The specific protection or benefits provided by the travel insurance policy.

Policy Period

The duration for which the travel insurance policy is in effect, usually starting from the departure date and ending on the return date.

Trip Cancellation

Coverage for trip cancellation due to unforeseen events such as illness, injury, or natural disasters.

Trip Interruption

Coverage for expenses incurred if your trip is interrupted or cut short due to covered reasons.

Trip Delay

Compensation for additional expenses resulting from a delayed departure, typically after a certain number of hours.

Baggage and Personal Belongings Coverage

Protection against loss, damage, or theft of luggage and personal belongings during the trip.

Medical Coverage

Insurance that pays for medical bills if you get sick or hurt while traveling.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

Coverage for emergency transportation to the nearest medical facility or back home in case of a severe medical condition.

Pre-existing Condition

A medical condition that existed before purchasing the travel insurance policy, which may or may not be covered depending on the policy terms.


The amount you are responsible for paying out of pocket before the insurance coverage kicks in.

Policy Exclusions

Specific situations or events not covered by the travel insurance policy.

Hazardous Activities

Activities that are considered risky, such as extreme sports or certain adventure activities, and may require additional coverage or be excluded from the standard policy.

Terrorism Coverage

Protection against trip disruptions or losses caused by acts of terrorism.

Missed Connection Coverage

Compensation for additional expenses incurred if you miss a connecting flight or transportation due to a covered reason.

Travel Assistance Services

24/7 support services provided by the insurance company, including help with medical emergencies, travel arrangements, and other related issues.

Proof of Loss

Documentation required to support a claim, such as police reports, receipts, or medical records.

Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR)

A coverage that lets you cancel your trip for any reason and get some of your money back.

Coverage Limits

The maximum amount the insurance company will pay for specific types of losses or expenses.

Note: Please note that the specifics of these terms can vary between travel insurance providers and policies, so it's essential to thoroughly review the terms and conditions of your particular policy to understand the coverage and limitations.

FAQs on travel insurance
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Here are a few common questions and answers regarding travel insurance.


Does ACKO cover trip cancellations due to COVID-19 infection?

Yes, ACKO covers your cancelled trip if you contracted COVID-19 and were advised to quarantine.

Can I travel without travel insurance?

Travel insurance requirements can vary by country, with some, like the Schengen Area, mandating mandatory travel insurance for entry. While it's not always compulsory, it's highly advisable to have travel insurance for your own financial protection and peace of mind.

What would be the best travel insurance for me?

When it comes to travel insurance, it's important to find a plan that meets all of your unique needs and provides comprehensive coverage. To help narrow down your options, think about where you're headed, how long you'll be gone, and any specific coverage you may need. By doing so, you can find the best travel insurance plan that gives you peace of mind while you explore the world. 

Is travel insurance necessary for everyone?

Some countries have made travel insurance mandatory, while others haven’t. However, from the perspective of preventing financial ruin, a travel insurance policy is a must. Having insurance can relieve stress and allow you to fully enjoy your trip despite the many potential downsides. 

Will my travel insurance offer coverage for missed flights?

With proof of rescheduling, you can get compensation for missed flights. However, you should confirm it with your insurer and read your policy document to understand the terms and limits of the coverage.

Can I get coverage for trip cancellations with travel insurance?

Yes, you can opt for trip cancellation coverage while buying travel insurance. 

Is it possible to buy travel insurance online after booking my flight tickets?

Yes, you can buy travel insurance after booking flights. However, you need to purchase it before the departure date. 

Do I need to give proof of physical fitness while buying travel insurance?

Usually, physical fitness proof is not required for travel insurance. But you will need to declare any pre-existing medical conditions at the time of policy purchase.

What will be the start and end dates of my travel coverage?

When buying a policy, you can choose your trip start and end dates. During this time, the benefits will still be paid. However, certain benefits may be applicable before starting your trip, such as trip cancellation. Similarly, you will receive applicable policy coverage for a disability occurring as a direct result of a travel-related accident within a year of your trip. 

What is single-trip travel insurance?

Coverage under a single-trip policy is limited to one trip and ends when the policyholder returns home. This insurance protects you for a single trip or vacation, covering unexpected events.

Do we need travel insurance for flight?

Travel insurance for flights is not typically required by airlines, but it can be highly advisable for travelers. 

From where should I buy travel insurance online India?

At ACKO, buying travel insurance online is quick and easy. Our policies are hassle-free and we make the claim process simple. Trust us to provide you with the best travel insurance with ease.

I have a travel insurance policy from ACKO. How can I talk to a customer executive about claim requests?

You can give us a missed call at 01246174722 or email us at [email protected]. Our team member will get back to you shortly. 

Can I purchase travel insurance after leaving India?

No, once you have left India and begun your journey, you will not be able to purchase travel insurance for that specific trip any longer because it’s too late. 

Is travel insurance from India useful for frequent travellers?

Yes, frequent travellers can purchase a multi-trip travel insurance plan to remain financially protected at any time while travelling. 

Can old people buy travel insurance?

Yes, old people can indeed buy travel insurance. We have travel insurance policies for people of many different ages, including seniors up to the age of 85. 

Should I buy travel insurance for short trips as well?

Even for short trips, we recommend that you buy travel insurance. The reason is that you can never tell when something bad will happen. So, it is smart to get yourself financially protected ahead of time to avoid having to pay for things on the trip. 

Can I take travel insurance after booking?

Yes, you can typically purchase travel insurance after booking your trip.

​​What are some tips for purchasing the cheapest travel insurance online?

To buy the cheapest travel insurance online, follow these tips:

  • Plan comparisons on a site that connects you with many different insurers: This will show you how much variation there is among insurance providers' premiums. Select a plan that provides the same coverage at a more affordable premium.

  • Think about investing in a customized travel insurance policy: Insurance companies do provide customizable travel insurance plans for their travelers. To make sure you get the best coverage for your trip, take a little bit of time to choose the options that suit you best. And if you want to save some money, remember to deselect any coverage that you don't need. That way, you can lower your premium without sacrificing the protection you really need.

  • Do not forget to check the cancellation policies, and make sure you read them: This way, you can see how flexible they are before deciding what to do. Some insurance companies provide greater flexibility in their cancellation terms, allowing you to cancel your policy without incurring hefty costs.

Disclaimer: The plans, services, features, processes, and other details mentioned on this page are subject to availability and changes. Please check the applicable policy wordings before making any insurance-related decisions. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for any queries.

*₹10 per day - Baggage cover for Asia costs ₹49 for up to 5 days.