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For travel enthusiasts, there is no better way to experience the joys of life than to explore a new place. You may be travelling solo for some “me-time”, going on a family vacation, or taking a business trip, the reasons may be different, but you would want your trip to be a trouble-free experience. However, things can go wrong while travelling and ruin your journey. But don’t worry, that’s where a Travel Insurance Plan can be helpful! 

You can use Travel Insurance to protect yourself financially if your trip takes an unwanted turn. An all-in-one plan covers you against instances ranging from medical emergencies and flight delays to losing your passport. Have a look at the coverages mentioned on this page to know how you can make your trips worry-free.

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is an insurance policy that provides financial coverage against the risks or losses occurring while travelling. Buying such a policy helps to secure your journeys against a wide range of potential emergencies. You can compare policy features and select the best-suited plan based on where you are going and the frequency with which you travel.

Many insurers offer the convenience of buying Travel Insurance online with the ability to customise plans as per your unique trip requirements. There’s a wide range of coverages, policy tenure, and add-ons to choose from.

Why do I need Travel Insurance?

If you are questioning the importance of a Travel Insurance policy, here are some factors to help you out.


Importance of Travel Insurance

Mandatory in some countries

Certain countries like the USA, UAE, and Schengen Countries authorise a tourist visa only after you produce Travel Insurance.

High cost of medical services

You may have to pay 3 to 5 times higher costs for medical services in foreign countries on your foreign trips. A Travel Insurance plan will take care of such costs if required. 

Loss of baggage

There is a risk of losing your baggage during luggage transfer on international airline journeys. Travel Insurance will provide coverage against such loss and even delays of your checked-in baggage.

Delayed or missed flight

Flight delays or missing a flight can cause a financial loss in terms of hotel and other bookings. Travel Insurance will get you the necessary financial reimbursements in case of a delayed/missed flight.

Travel scams

Travel scams have become common in several tourism-heavy destinations. If you have trip insurance, it can financially protect you against the loss, theft, or robbery of your travel funds.

Loss of belongings

You may end up losing your passport, licence, bank card or mobile phone. When covered under Travel Insurance, you can receive appropriate reimbursements as per your policy terms.


In rare cases, you may become a victim of flight hijacking. Travel Insurance covers such instances. 

Why should you buy Travel Insurance online?
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We live in a digital era where you are able to book your flight tickets, hotel stays and even cabs online. So, why not do the same for Travel Insurance? Here are some reasons why you should consider buying Travel Insurance online.

Comparing policies is easier online
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Buying a travel policy online enables you to compare various plans based on your travel needs, offered coverages, budget and other relevant factors. As a result, you get to make an informed Travel Insurance buying decision.

No need for physical documentation
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You don’t have to worry about lengthy physical documentation when buying Travel Insurance online. The process simply requires you to enter basic details and make the payment online to get the best Travel Insurance coverage for an upcoming journey.

Buy without any middlemen
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There are budget-friendly Travel Insurance Plans available for you. You can purchase a policy online directly as a customer without any involvement of a middleman.

Instant purchase of a policy
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You can save a lot of time with an online Travel Insurance purchase, as digital insurers issue such policies almost instantly. There is no need to physically visit the office or meet a middleman. Moreover, the actual process of filling out online forms and making payments can be done in just a few minutes.

100% contactless experience
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With no need for physical documents or visiting the insurance company’s office, online policy buying becomes completely contactless.

Features of a Travel Insurance Plan

Here are the features that make Travel Insurance the right choice for you.


Travel Insurance benefits


Budget-friendly and customisable

Claim request

A paperless, digital process

Available covers

Medical cover, accidental cover, flight delay cover, trip rescheduling/cancellation cover, baggage cover, etc.

Covered countries

More than 150 countries around the world

Travel Insurance coverage inclusions

Here is all that you can expect from a Travel Insurance Cover.

Accidental and medical cover

Common carrier cover

Other trip cover

Accidental medical cover

Delayed departure/arrival cover

Kidnap/hijack cover

Illness medical cover

Missed flight cover

Trip rescheduling cover

Pre-existing disease cover

Missed connecting flight cover

Trip cancellation cover

Adventure sports injury cover

Personal accident cover

COVID-19 quarantine cover

Hospital daily allowance

Total/partial loss of checked-in baggage

Loss of passport cover


Delay of checked-in baggage

Loss/theft of travel fund cover

OPD treatment

Delay of sports equipment

Electronic equipment cover

Let’s discuss the key coverages in detail now.

Medical and accidental features
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While visiting a foreign country, you should have a financial backup for medical and accidental emergencies. And that’s what Travel Insurance offers.

Accidental expenses
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While it’s not a pleasing thought, accidents are possible while travelling abroad. And as a consequence, you may require hospitalisation. The insurance company takes care of the financial loss in such situations. The cost of hospitalisation or daycare treatment as a result of an accident while travelling is covered up to the limit mentioned in the policy.

Illness expenses
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Getting sick is a common occurrence while travelling due to the change of surroundings. But sometimes, the illness can be serious and may require hospitalisation. Hence, the hospitalisation expenses due to an illness suffered during the travel duration are reimbursed up to a limit mentioned in the policy.

Medical emergencies
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If included in your policy, medically necessary treatments during the travel period for a pre-existing disease will be covered up to the limit specified in the plan. So, you don’t have to worry about an unforeseen life-threatening emergency while travelling that may need urgent medical attention.

Adventure sports injuries
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For adventure junkies, Travel Insurance offers coverage for an adventure sports injury that requires hospitalisation during your trip as per the terms of the policy.

Hospital daily allowance
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An insured person also receives a daily allowance for a particular number of days spent hospitalised as per the limits and terms of the policy.

Physiotherapy expenses
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The cost of physiotherapy required after an accident (during your travel) will be covered under the terms specified in the Travel Insurance policy.

OPD expenses
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You will be reimbursed for the costs related to any OPD treatments, tests or consultations required within the specified policy duration due to an illness or injury contracted/suffered during a trip.

Compassionate visits
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You would want a loved one by your side during a crisis. Hence, a Travel Insurance Policy must cover two-way tickets for a family member to visit the place of hospitalisation of the insured person during the travel period.

Return of minor child
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 While travelling with a minor child, you would want to ensure their safe return in the event of your hospitalisation due to an illness or injury. This is why some insurers offer travel policy covering the reimbursement for the one-way ticket of the child back to the city of residence.

Emergency stay/extension
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Accidental or illness-related injuries might derail your smoothly moving travel plan. Most likely, you will need to extend your hotel stays and reschedule your flight tickets to come back home. Many insurance companies provide coverage for such expenses as per the terms of the policy.

Medical evacuation expenses
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 In case of a catastrophic event while travelling, you may need emergency evacuation via surface, air or water transportation. Such expenses are reimbursed under Travel Insurance coverage as per the policy terms.

Transportation to hospital
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When in need of hospitalisation while travelling, the insured person’s transportation cost is covered under the policy. This also includes the transfer from one hospital to another if required for the necessary treatment.

Accidental death
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While it’s the last thing one wants to think about, preparing for accidental death while travelling can financially protect your family in such an event. A Travel Insurance Policy financially covers accidental death within the travel period. The policy also covers a situation when the insured person dies within a year of getting injured in an accident while travelling.

Permanent disability
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An accident (that has occurred overseas) may cause permanent partial or total disability. If a disability occurs within a year of encountering an accident, you will receive compensation based on the terms of the policy.

Death and repatriation
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In case of the unfortunate demise of the insured, the insurance provider takes care of the repatriation of the mortal remains from the location of death to the person’s home, as per the Travel Insurance Policy terms.

Journey and baggage features
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Missing a flight or losing your baggage can ruin the flow of your itinerary. While no one can make up for the time you lose, but a Travel Insurance Plan can save you from financial loss in such situations.

Delayed arrival/departure
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A delayed flight can mean more expenses on hotel stays, food, etc. In such situations, the insurance provider pays a specific amount to the insured person as per the limits of the compensation and delayed hours specified in the policy.

Missed flight
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Almost everyone knows someone or has the experience of missing a flight because they got stuck in traffic or for some other reason. Having a travel cover is perfect to financially protect yourself in case of a missed flight.

Missed connection
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What if you lose a connecting flight owing to the delay of the first flight? A Travel Insurance Policy covers such situations by taking care of the cost of additional accommodation and journey expenses within the term of the policy.

Personal accident
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You can financially protect yourself from an accident that might occur while travelling on a Common Carrier. Disability or death directly connected to such an accident will be covered as per the policy.

Delayed baggage
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Even a few hours without your luggage can be extremely inconvenient. But that’s what many travellers face when their baggage gets delayed due to misplacement or some other reason. But worry not! A suitable insurance plan covers the cost of toiletries, clothing and medication in case your checked-in luggage gets delayed for more than 3 hours, as specified in the policy.

Lost baggage
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It’s one thing to get your baggage with a little delay, but losing your luggage entirely creates a huge problem while travelling. But Travel Insurance can help you handle this issue. As per the terms of the policy, the insurance company will provide reimbursements for the partial or total loss of your checked-in baggage.

Delayed sports equipment
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When travelling to take part in a sports activity, you may carry essential sports equipment. But if the airline delays the delivery of that equipment, it can stop you from participating in a sports event. In these circumstances, Travel Insurance will take care of the costs of renting sports equipment based on your policy terms.

Trip flexibility features
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There may be times when you have to reschedule or cancel your trip. In these conditions, Travel Insurance can help you cover the financial losses.

Trip rescheduling
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If you have to reschedule a trip due to an accident, illness or any other reason mentioned in your policy, this coverage will reimburse the resulting added expenses to the limit specified in the plan.

Trip cancellation
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If you have to cancel your trip due to an unavoidable reason, the insurance provider will take care of the unrecoverable costs as per the terms of your plan.

Trip emergency features
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A Travel Insurance plan will cover you in the following trip-related emergencies.

Hijack or kidnap
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Daily distress allowance is provided in case of hijacking/kidnapping of the insured person within the trip duration. The payable amount will be determined by the limits mentioned in your plan.

Loss of passport
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Losing a passport in a foreign country can put you in serious trouble. So, you will need a duplicate or new passport as quickly as possible. Travel Insurance will cover the application fees, documentation expenses and even the travel expenses involved in visiting the relevant offices.

COVID-19 quarantine
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There may be a situation when you have to cancel boarding a flight (or another common carrier) due to COVID-19 quarantine. In such a tough time, you can focus on your health recovery worry-free and let the insurer take care of the unrecoverable costs as per your policy terms.

Financial emergency cash
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Losing your travel funds can be traumatising, which is why you need an insurance plan for coverage against the loss, theft, or robbery of your travel funds.

5 Benefits of Travel Insurance
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Here are the reasons why you should buy a Travel Insurance Policy.

1. Medical assistance in emergencies
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Even the smallest of medical issues can cause big troubles when you are travelling abroad. But with the right Travel Insurance plan, you can get financial coverage against many potential medical emergencies.

2. Monetary compensation for flight/baggage delays
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No one likes flight or baggage delays while travelling. It can cause financial loss, especially if you are on strict timelines and have prepaid bookings. Buying Travel Insurance will get you monetary compensation in such inconvenient situations.

3. Coverage for your home when you’re out of the country
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While unfortunate, an event of theft at your residential property can happen when you’re travelling abroad. Thankfully, you can buy a Travel Insurance plan that includes home insurance coverage for such conditions.

4. Coverage at affordable prices
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Travel Insurance coverages are available at affordable prices nowadays. In fact, the price for such policies can begin at as low as Rs. 255. However, you can invest more to add all relevant coverages as per your needs.

5. Stress-free journeys around the world
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Whenever you plan a trip outside the country, a suitable insurance plan will financially safeguard you in unfortunate scenarios. This gives a sense of security and mental peace while travelling.

What is not covered in Travel Insurance?

Depending on the terms of your policy, there may be certain exclusions in your Travel Insurance coverage. This is why you must always read your policy document carefully to learn about not just the inclusions but the exclusions as well. Here are the situations usually not covered in a Travel Insurance policy. 

Legal exclusions

Medical exclusions

Travel exclusions

Note: Please remember that the exclusions and inclusions are subject to the terms of your policy. Hence, you are advised to read each and every description mentioned in your policy document.

How to choose the best Travel Insurance online
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You must spend time considering the following factors while buying Travel Insurance online.

1. What’s the destination?
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When planning a trip abroad, you must look into the travel insurance requirements of the country you want to visit. For instance, there are countries that offer a visa only after you purchase a Travel Insurance policy.

2. Are there multiple countries in your itinerary?
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There shouldn’t be a need to apply for different policies for each country included in your itinerary. So, find a policy that allows you to select multiple countries at once for Travel Insurance.

3. How long is your trip?
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When picking an insurance plan, you need to keep the duration of your journey in mind. Ideally, your policy duration should be able to cover you throughout your trip. In case you have to extend a trip in an emergency, there should be an option to get coverage for the added days.

4. Do you need a policy for one or more travellers?
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If you are planning a trip alone, then simply buy a Travel Insurance plan for yourself. However, you will need an option to add members to a policy when travelling with one or more travellers.

5. What’s the claim limit?
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The claim limit should probably be the most important part of making a decision about Travel Insurance. Every insurer puts a limit on the amount they pay for different claims. For instance, the compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight will be as per the amount specified in your policy.

Opting for lower claim limits can make it difficult to cover the financial loss at the time of emergencies. Hence, you must select a sum insured that would be suitable enough to cover any sudden financial burdens while travelling.

Which documents are required for Travel Insurance claims?

Here is a list of Travel Insurance claim documents you will most likely need. The exact list can vary on a case-by-case basis.

How to compare Travel Insurance online
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Here are the key factors to compare Travel Insurance online.


Sum insured
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When getting Travel Insurance quotes, you should specifically check the sum insured, also known as the maximum coverage amount you can claim.


Range of coverage
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Compare the extent of coverage included in a policy. It will help you get all/most of the benefits you may require while travelling abroad.


Claim procedure
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Look into the claim process to understand how difficult or easy it can be to raise a claim. The easier the claim process, the better.


Claim settlement terms
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Claims are settled based on the applicable terms and conditions. You need to know all those terms before opting for a Travel policy.

How is the premium calculated in Travel Insurance plans?

The premium is the amount one has to pay to buy a policy. Here are the key parameters that affect the calculation of Travel Insurance premiums.

Destination: An insurer may define premiums based on the risk factors associated with travelling to a country.

Travel period: The premium will be higher if the travel duration is longer. 

Age: Travel premiums may differ for different age groups. 

Insured travellers: The total premium will increase based on the number of travellers insured in a policy.

Covers: The premium also increases according to the number of covers you include in a policy.

How to lower your Travel Insurance premium
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As a Travel Insurance buyer, you should aim to pay the least possible insurance premium to get maximum coverage. The following tips will help you reduce your Travel Insurance premium.

Don’t be a last-second buyer
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Being an early buyer will give you enough time to understand your itinerary better. You will be able to pinpoint most of your insurance needs and avoid purchasing unnecessary covers.

Do some research
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Buying a Travel Insurance policy is about your safety, so you must compare your options. The right policy is the one that offers abundant coverage at budget-friendly prices.

Customise your plan
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Customisation will help you pick coverages relevant to your trip. Thus, you can eliminate unnecessary covers and save yourself from paying a higher premium.

Different types of Travel Insurance plans in India

When looking for Travel Insurance policies, you will come across different options. There are different types of Travel Insurance plans offered by insurers in India. Knowing about them will help you make an informed buying decision. Hence, the following are the major insurance policies available for travellers in the country.

Type of Travel Insurance


Single-person Travel Insurance

Suitable when you’re going on a solo trip.

Group Travel Insurance

Useful to insure a group of travellers from unforeseen losses or expenses.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

Perfect when you want insurance for a single trip.

Multiple-trip Travel Insurance

Effective when you want insurance for multiple trips.

Family Travel Insurance

You can cover all immediate members of your family while travelling together.

Student Travel Insurance

Offered for students travelling abroad for educational purposes.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Designed for travellers older than the age of 60 years, keeping age-appropriate potential emergencies in mind. 

Schengen Travel Insurance

Mandatory insurance when you are travelling to a European country in the Schengen Zone (a group of 26 European countries).

International Travel Insurance

Insurance policy to cover your travel from India to other countries.

Domestic Travel Insurance

Insurance policy that covers your travel within India.

Things to remember on your trip

Here are a few things you should remember when travelling outside the country.

Is Travel Insurance mandatory for foreign trips?

Not all countries, but some have made Travel Insurance a mandatory requirement for visa applicants. For example, the 26 countries included in the Schengen zone have mandated a Travel Insurance plan to authorise a tourist visa. The same rule applies when you visit the USA, Turkey, UAE, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Here are a few common questions and answers regarding Travel Insurance.


What would be the best Travel Insurance for me?

The best Travel Insurance will be the one that aligns with your coverage and budget needs. Hence, you should compare your options to make the best possible decision.

Is Travel Insurance necessary for everyone?

Some countries have made Travel Insurance mandatory, while others haven’t. However, a Travel Insurance policy can also be considered necessary from a financial loss protection point of view for travellers. There are several uncertainties involved with travelling, and having insurance can help you worry less and enjoy your trip. 

Will my Travel Insurance offer coverage for missed flights?

Yes, you can get coverage against missed flights when you provide evidence of rebooking. However, you should confirm it with your insurer and read your policy document to understand the terms and limits of the cover.

Can I get coverage for trip cancellations with Travel Insurance?

Yes, you can opt for trip cancellation cover while buying Travel Insurance. 

Is it possible to buy Travel Insurance online after booking my flight tickets?

Yes, you can purchase Travel Insurance online after booking your flight trip. However, you need to purchase it before the departure date. 

Do I need to give proof of physical fitness while buying Travel Insurance?

Usually, physical fitness proof is not required for Travel Insurance. But you will need to declare any pre-existing medical condition at the time of policy purchase.

What will be the start and end dates of my travel cover?

You can pick the start and end dates of your trip while buying a policy. The benefits remain active during this period. However, certain benefits may be applicable before starting your trip, such as trip cancellation. Similarly, you will receive applicable policy coverage for a disability occurring as a direct result of a travel-related accident within a year of your trip. 

Should I buy Travel Insurance online?

Several insurance providers offer a smooth experience when you buy Travel Insurance online from their website/app. From policy purchase to claims, everything requires minimal time and effort. So, you can consider buying Travel Insurance online without any worries.

Can I purchase Travel Insurance after leaving India?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible. You need to buy your policy before the date when your journey begins. 

Is Travel Insurance useful for frequent travellers?

Yes, frequent travellers can purchase a Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plan to remain financially protected at any time while travelling. 

Can old people buy Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is available for a wide age group of people these days. So yes, even old people can buy Travel Insurance. However, the terms of the insurance may differ from one insurer to the other. 

Should I buy Travel Insurance for short trips as well?

If you think that there are possibilities of things going wrong and you’ll need financial coverage, then you must buy Travel Insurance even for a short trip.

Disclaimer: The plans, services, features, processes, and other details mentioned on this page are subject to availability and changes. Please check the applicable policy wordings before making any insurance-related decisions. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for any queries.