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Two-wheeler Insurance

When it’s just you, your bike and memorable journeys, life’s possibilities are just about immeasurable. That’s why our two-wheeler insurance works hard to protect you against financial losses. No matter what type of motorcycle or scooter you own, a free online insurance quote from us could help you save money on a new policy.Insuring your vehicle is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Buy Acko bike Insurance instantly and avoid paying a penalty. You can turn to us for comprehensive coverage and affordable insurance rates.

Buy/Renew Bike Insurance Online in Simple Steps

With the number of two-wheelers increasing rapidly every day, there may be a chance of an accident leading to financial losses. Just like any other insurance coverage such as health or property, bike insurance also covers financial losses sustained by the policyholder. As per law, Third-party insurance for bikes is mandatory in India.Acko offers Third-party Liability and Comprehensive insurance policies for two-wheelers. While the Third-party plan covers liabilities to third parties, the Comprehensive plan covers liabilities to both the third party and the policyholder. Both types of bike insurance plans are available online.Learn how to buy or renew bike insurance online in simple and easy steps.

How Acko Bike Insurance Works

To buy or renew your bike insurance online, follow the below steps:
Step 1:Select your bike (e.g. Honda Activa 125cc).
Step 2:Enter the purchase date of the bike (e.g. 2017).
Step 3:Select if your existing bike insurance has expired or not.
Step 4:Click on 'View Prices'and you can view different plans or your bike.

Importance of Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy

Apart from the fact that bike insurance is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act, two-wheeler insurance also acts as a contract between you and the insurance provider. The policy provides financial security in case of third-party liabilities caused due to damages or injuries arising out of an accident.Two-wheeler insurance also covers Own Damage (OD) through the Comprehensive Insurance Policy. It covers physical damage or loss to your vehicle. Such physical damages or loss can be due to accidental collisions, natural calamities, fire, sabotage or even theft. Hence, for your own safety and as per law, you must buy a bike insurance policy which protects both the vehicle and the policyholder.

Why Acko Two-Wheeler Insurance

Reasons why Acko bike insurance is the perfect financial cover for your two-wheeler:
Trusted by 4.5 crore Indians.
Rated highly with 95% 5-star ratings by customers.
No middlemen involved.
Incredibly low premium amount.
Certified and licensed by the IRDAI (Reg. No.157).
Cashless claims.
Excellent Add-on covers.
Instant renewal process.
Paperless transaction.
Zero-Hassle claims.
Two-minutes to get your policy document to your email account.

Types of Bike Insurance

Two-wheeler insurance is broadly categorised into Third-Party and Comprehensive insurance policies. Below are the details of both type of bike insurance policies:

Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance

Apart from third party liabilities, this type of bike insurance covers damages to your vehicle as well. Such damages include collisions, theft, natural calamities, and even fire. This is not mandated by law.

Third-Party Bike Insurance

This type of insurance covers only third party liability arising due to collisions. This is mandated by law.

Understanding Features of Bike Insurance

Features of two-wheeler insurance depend on the type of insurance you have availed. The features of Third-Party and Comprehensive motor insurance differ. Below are the benefits of bike insurance:

Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance

Along with Third-Party liabilities, Own Damage (OD) is covered.
Coverage against theft, damages or sabotage due to natural calamities or fire.
Can be enhanced with Add-ons such as Zero Depreciation, Invoice Protection, etc.
Not mandated by law.

Third-Party Bike Insurance

Insurance against third party risks.
Mandated as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.
Failure to insure your bike with Third-Party insurance attracts penalty and / or imprisonment.
Covers legal liabilities of the policyholder in case of mishaps.
Benefits of Buying Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy Online

Benefits of Buying Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy Online

Below are the main benefits of purchasing a two-wheeler insurance policy online:
Compare prices and features of bike insurance policies easily.
Calculate your two-wheeler insurance policy premium online.
Renew insurance instantly.
Receive the policy document instantly to your email account.
Register claims online.
Pay via several payment options.
Compare different Comprehensive insurance plans.

Factors that affect Two-Wheeler Insurance Pricing

The amount of premium that you pay while buying the policy becomes the cost of your insurance policy. The final payment depends on the following factors:
Value of the Bike
Value of the BikeThe market value of your bike affects the premium. This is also known as the insured declared value (IDV). IDV is the maximum amount that you can get during a claim. The sum assured does not exceed the IDV of your bike.The higher the value, the higher the premium.
Extent of Coverage
Extent of CoverageA Third-party Policy only covers the third-party liability arising due to accidents. On the other hand, a Comprehensive Insurance Policy covers own-damages apart from third-party liabilities. It also provides protection against fire, theft, sabotage, natural calamities, etc.The wider the coverage, the higher the premium.
Age of Bike
Age of BikeAn old two-wheeler is likely to have a lower IDV. A lower IDV means a lower premium. However, an old bike is more susceptible to damages. This higher risk can push premiums.The older the bike, the lower the premium (if it is in a good condition).
Add-onsTo ensure a better financial protection you might buy extra coverage in the form of Add-ons. You need to pay extra for such Add-ons.The more the Add-ons, the higher the premium.
Security Features
Security FeaturesYour bike is more susceptible to losses in the absence of Anti-theft Devices and other security features. By installing these, you reduce the chances of loss.The better the security, the higher the chances of your insurer offering you discounts.
Claims History
Claim HistoryIf in a year, you do not make any claims, you get a no-claim bonus (NCB). This NCB can be in the form of discounts on your premium.The cleaner the claim history, the lower the premium.

Bike Insurance Renewal

Insuring your vehicle with the Third-Party insurance policy is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act. Hence, it’s not just mandatory by law but will protect you financially in case of mishaps. Renewing a two-wheeler insurance policy on or before the due date will let you be at peace knowing that your bike is well protected.Online renewal of two-wheeler insurance has made the renewal process hassle-free and faster. Insurance renewal will ensure you and your vehicle are protected against financial losses in times of unfortunate accidents. Comprehensive insurance policy will cover you and the third party in case of damages arising out of collisions, theft, sabotage due to natural calamities or fire.

How to Renew Two-wheeler Insurance Policy?

You need not buy a fresh bike insurance policy every year.This can either be done online, through mobile phone applications, or via the traditional ways of renewing through your agent or visiting the branch.
Go to your insurance company’s website.
Fill in the online renewal form available there.
You might need your old policy details.
Ensure that you enter the correct details.
Keep your debit card or net banking details ready to make the payment.
Once the form is complete, you get to check all the details that you entered.
Check the details, click on confirm, and proceed towards making the online payment.
You will then get your renewed policy in a PDF file.
Save this and take a printout of the same.
Mobile AppSome of the insurance companies have their own mobile apps, while some have mobile websites working like an app. Basically, you can renew and pay for insurance from your phone too.The process is similar to that of online renewal. You must enter all the information correctly. Check twice before making the payment.By visiting the branchThis is the traditional way of renewing your policy. The process is more or less the same, except that, you will have to carve out time in your schedule for going to the branch or meeting the agent. You get your new policy, by post, if you pay by debit card, demand draft or cheque.
Benefits of Renewing Bike Insurance Policy Online at Acko

Benefits of Renewing Bike Insurance Policy Online at Acko

Below are the main advantages of renewing two-wheeler insurance policy online:
Compare prices and features of different bike insurance plans easily online.
Calculate two-wheeler insurance renewal premium online and get the breakup of expenses.
Renew instantly.
Paperless transactions.
Receive the policy document instantly to your email account.
Renew insurance online through several payment options.
Renew insurance on a long term basis with a single payment.
Comprehensive Cover Vs. Liability Cover Policy

Comprehensive Cover Vs. Liability Cover Policy

In India, insurance providers offer two types of insurance policies - Comprehensive and Third-Party (liability cover). The differences between the two are explained below:
Comprehensive Cover
Covers Own Damage (OD) and third-party liabilities.
Not mandated by law.
Covers damages arising out of theft, natural calamities and vehicular collision.
Slightly higher premium.
Liability Cover
Covers only third party liabilities.
Mandatory by law.
Covers only damages arising out of third-party injuries or damage to their property.
Low premium.

Compare and Choose the Best Bike Insurance Policy Online

Online transactions through the internet have made it easier and faster to avail services. For the best two-wheeler insurance policy, online mode lets you compare and choose suitable coverage for your bike. Below are some of the benefits and features of online insurance policy:
Compare prices and benefits of two-wheeler insurance policies easily online.
Calculate the insurance premium and get the break-up of the expenses.
Instant insurance renewal.
Receive policy documents instantly to your email account.

How to Calculate Bike Policy Premium?

A two-wheeler insurance premium calculator is an online tool which helps understand the components that are used to arrive at the premium amount. To know how to calculate your bike policy premium, follow the below steps:
Step 2:You need to enter the details listed below:
Date of bike registration.
City of registration.
Manufacturer’s name.
Make and model of your vehicle.
Type of fuel.
Name, contact number, and email ID.
Type and the period of your policy.
Step 3:Upon entering the above information, click on the‘Calculate’button to check the two-wheeler premium quote.
Step 4:Click on 'View Prices'and you can view different plans or your bike.

Two-Wheeler Insurance Add-on Covers

The Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy covers most of your expenses associated with an accident; however, some Add-on covers enhance the basic coverage. To make the Comprehensive insurance policy more beneficial, Add-on covers provide that extra shield to your vehicle. Below are the insurance Add-on covers for your reference:
Zero DepreciationAlso referred to as Nil Depreciation cover, the Zero Depreciation covers the repair cost of rubber, plastic, and fibre components of your vehicle. With an additional premium, this type of Add-on supplements the basic Comprehensive bike insurance by covering the spare parts and depreciation value.
Invoice Protection / Return To InvoiceIn case of total loss or theft of your vehicle, the Invoice Protect Add-on helps you claim the invoice value of your vehicle. Through the basic Comprehensive insurance, the insurance provider will pay only the Insured Declared Value (IDV). However, with the Invoice Protection plan, you can claim the ex-showroom price of the bike, registration charges and taxes.
Passenger CoverAlso known as Pillion Rider Cover, this Add-on covers the person seated pillion on the insured bike against any financial losses. In case of injuries to the passenger of your vehicle, the costs of treatment will be taken care of. The Pillion Rider cover is different from the Personal Accident Cover for the rider.
NCB ProtectThe No Claim Bonus (NCB) is a discount or reward for not raising any claiming during the policy period offered by the insurer. To protect your NCB even if you raise a claim during the policy period the NCB Protect Add-on is a great enhancement to your basic bike insurance policy. Under the NCB Protect, a maximum to two claims is considered.

Why is a Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy Required?

Be it financial losses due to injuries to third-party or their property or even damages to your vehicle, accidents come unannounced. The cost to cover the losses incurred can be expensive. Also, as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, the Third-Party bike insurance policy is mandatory in the country. Two-wheeler insurances offer financial security in case of an unfortunate accident or total loss to your vehicle. Failure to insure your vehicle will attract fine and/or imprisonment as mandated through the Motor Vehicles Act.

What is covered in Two-Wheeler Insurance

Depending on the type of two-wheeler policy you buy, you will be financially covered against third-party liabilities, theft, own damage, natural disasters, man-made disasters, etc. Lesser the cover, cheaper the policy and vice-versa.
Third-party Bike Insurance
Third-party Bike InsuranceThird-party Bike Insurance covers the damages to another individual, their vehicle or property due to accidents caused by your bike.Coverage
Damange to third party vehicles
Comprehensive Bike Insurance
Comprehensive Bike InsuranceComprehensive Bike Insurance offers Third-party Liability coverage as well as ‘Own Damage’ and ‘Personal Accident’ covers. This means it covers you, your two-wheeler and third-parties from all possible damage due to fire, theft, accident, sabotage, natural calamities, etc.Coverage
Own Damage
Damage to a third-party vehicle
Damage due to fire
Damage due to natural causes
Depreciation fees
Personal Accident cover
(Optional Add-on) Engine protection
(Optional Add-on) Zero Depreciation
(Optional Add-on) NCB protection
(Optional Add-on) Invoice cover

What is Not covered in Two-Wheeler Insurance

Depending on the type of two-wheeler policy you buy, you will be financially covered against third-party liabilities, theft, own damage, natural disasters, man-made disasters, etc. Lesser the cover, cheaper the policy and vice-versa.
Mechanical or electrical breakdown
Mechanical or electrical breakdown
Damage during war and similar conditions
Damage during war and similar conditions
Damage when policy is not active
Damage when policy is not active
Regular servicing and expenses due to wear and tear of the vehicle
Regular servicing and expenses due to wear and tear of the vehicle
Damage when driving a vehicle without a valid license or using the vehicle for illegal activities
Damage when driving a vehicle without a valid license or using the vehicle for illegal activities
Driving a vehicle that you do not own
Driving a vehicle that you do not own
Damage when driving under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs
Damage when driving under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs
Damages caused outside the geographical boundaries of the country
Damages caused outside the geographical boundaries of the country
Tire or tube punctures
Tire or tube punctures (You get 50% of the cost of repair/replacement if your two-wheeler is damaged at the same time)

Extra Covers for Two-wheeler Insurance

You can widen the scope of your insurance’s coverage by opting for additional covers. These additional covers are known as Add-ons. These Add-ons do not come cheap, you need to pay extra for buying these covers but they are extremely beneficial. Here are a few useful add-ons that you must know of:
Zero Depreciation
Zero DepreciationThe value of your bike and its parts reduces over time due to wear and tear. The insurance company takes depreciation into consideration, which results in a lower claim amount. You need to bear the difference in cost of repairs and claim amount.Zero depreciation add-on pays or compensates you without calculating the depreciation of your bike. It also covers repair / replacement costs of rubber, nylon, plastic and fibre components of your two-wheeler.
Passenger cover
Passenger coverPassenger cover also known as Pillion Rider Add-on protects the person seated behind you on your bike against financial losses.If the pillion rider is injured, the treatment cost is taken care of.This is different than the Personal Accident Cover for the rider. This Add-on is purely for the pillion rider.
NCB Protect
NCB ProtectNCB Protect ensures that your No Claim Bonus (NCB) is still valid even after you raise claims during a policy year.A maximum of two claims a year are considered under NCB Protect.
Return to Invoice
Return to InvoiceIn case of total loss or theft, this Add-on pays the original invoice value of your bike to you.It also includes the registration charges of your two-wheeler and the road tax paid.

Which Are the Terms Related to Insurance?

Understanding the bike insurance policy becomes easier if you understand the language used. Here are some of the words you need to be aware of while purchasing an online bike insurance policy in India:
Third-party LiabilityIn insurance, you are the first party. Your insurer is the second party. Everybody else becomes the third party. Third-party liability is the financial responsibility you assume if your bike causes loss or damage to a third party or their property.
Material FactThe insurance company arrives at the premium amount, or accepts or declines your application based on the information that you provide. A material fact is such an information that would affect the insurer’s decisions. Your claim can be rejected if you do not disclose all the material facts about your bike.
Deductibles / ExcessIt is a pre-determined amount that you pay from your pocket when you make a claim. There are two types of deductibles – Compulsory and Voluntary. A compulsory amount is deducted by your insurer at the time of claim. On the other hand, a voluntary excess is a cost you bear willingly over and above the compulsory excess. Only after paying this voluntary excess, you can get the rest of the claim amount from the insurance company.
Own-damageThis is a term used in the case of Comprehensive Insurance Policies.It covers you and your bike against any loss or damage due to accidents, and natural or man-made calamities.
How to Buy Two-wheeler Insurance Online

How to Buy Two-wheeler Insurance Online?

AssessFirst, check your personal needs, priorities, and requirements.Also, understand the requirements of your bike. Asking questions like how old is the bike? What is its current value? etc. will help you get an idea about the cover that you need.
CompareLook at all the policy options available online. Compare the benefits they offer.Look out for extra services and Add-ons available for your bike. Even a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy does not cover certain liabilities. Be mindful of these exclusions before you apply. Do not simply go for the lowest option with regards to pricing, look at it holistically.
PickBased on your assessment and detailed examination, select the plan that best suits your needs and then apply.
PayFill in the application form and pay the premium. This can easily be done online within minutes. The insurance company examines your bike and may approve your application. You must then read the policy documents carefully.

How to File a Two-Wheeler Insurance Claim?

Our two-wheeler insurance claim process is a stress-free experience. To raise a claim of Acko bike insurance, just give us a call on1800-266-2256(toll-free) and we’ll take care of your claim. Acko settles claim instantly with zero paperwork and cashless claims depending upon the type of claim and subject to agreed terms as perpolicy wordings. So, how does Acko insurance claim work? Below are the steps:
Step 1:Click a picture of your damaged two-wheeler and upload it to our website.
Step 2:Post assessing the damage, we will transfer the estimated cost of repairs to your bank account.
Step 3:Get your bike repaired at your ease and start riding again.
We also fix your two-wheeler at your doorstep in case it’s a dented tank or a broken headlamp. And, if there is a requirement to replace parts, we’ll get it fixed at one of our garages.

What is NCB?

NCB or No Claim Bonus acts as a discount for not raising any claims during the policy period. This can be in the form of a discount to the renewal premium of your insurance. You can get up to 50% discount on the renewal premium after five consecutive claim-free years. The NCB is available only on the Comprehensive bike insurance policy and not on Third-Party insurance. Below is how the NCB is calculated:
Number of Claim-Free Years
Discount (%)
Post one claim-free year
Post two consecutive claim-free years
Post three consecutive claim-free years
Post four consecutive claim-free years
Post five consecutive claim-free years

What is IDV?

IDV or Insured Declared Value is the maximum Sum Assured amount or the current market value of your vehicle. The insurance company fixes the IDV while buying or renewing the two-wheeler insurance coverage. If your bike suffers a total loss, the insurer will pay the IDV as compensation. The IDV is calculated as the selling price minus the depreciation. Below is the depreciation schedule to fix the IDV of the vehicle:
Age of Two-Wheeler
Depreciation for Fixing IDV (%)
Less than 6 months
More than 6 months, less than 1 year
More than 1 year, less than 2 years
More than 2 years, less than 3 years
More than 3 years, less than 4 years
More than 4 years, less than 5 years
*For bikes which are more than 5 years, the IDV is mutually agreed by the insurance company and the policyholder.The formula to calculate IDV is:IDV = Manufacturer’s Selling Price - Depreciation Value of the Two-Wheeler

What is Nil-Depreciation?

Nil Depreciation cover in two-wheeler insurance is also referred to as Zero Depreciation. It’s a supplement to the Comprehensive insurance policy and is an Add-on coverage. Due to wear and tear, the insurer depreciates the value of your vehicle while settling a claim. However, with the Nil-Depreciation cover, this depreciation of your bike will not be deducted.Hence, if you opt for the Nil-Depreciation Add-on, the insurer will pay almost the entire cost of parts without taking into account the factor of depreciation. In the event of partial loss claim to accidents during the policy period, Acko will pay the amount of depreciation deducted on the value of parts replaced.

How to Choose the Right Two-Wheeler Insurance?

Bikes are an extension of the owner and protecting it with two-wheeler insurance is not only mandated by law but offers financial security during unfortunate mishaps. Read ahead to find out how to choose the right insurance:
Bike Insurance CoverageThe main aim of insurance is to reduce the financial losses in case of unfortunate incidents that are covered under the policy. Hence, the insurance coverage for your vehicle is of utmost importance while choosing insurance. A comprehensive bike insurance policy is considered a better option because it covers Third-Party liabilities and Own Damage (OD). You can also opt from various Add-ons such as Zero Depreciation, Accident Cover, and Invoice Protection.
Bike Insurance PriceAfter choosing the right coverage, opt for the insurance policy that provides lower bike insurance price. While the rates of a two-wheeler Third-Party policy is fixed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), the Comprehensive insurance policy’s premium varies.
Bike Insurance ProviderNow that you have chosen the coverage and the price, ensure you opt for the best insurance provider. Online insurance companies offer bike insurance policies through their website or mobile app. The entire process of buying / renewing / raising claims is hassle-free and easy to understand online. With paperless transactions and cashless claims, online two-wheeler insurance has made the experience of insurance stress-free.
Bike Insurance Purchase and RenewalUpon buying two-wheeler insurance online, the policy document will be sent instantly to your email account. Ensure to keep renewing your policy on time so that your bike is never out of coverage.

New Bike Owners Have to Buy 5-Year Long-Term Insurance Cover

Buyers of new bikes must buy insurance cover upfront for at least five years. Long-term insurance cover for two-wheelers has been mandated by the law by insuring the vehicle with Third-Party insurance coverage and to save you the trouble of yearly renewals. The Supreme Court ordered that Third-Party insurance policies for new vehicles be for a period of five years.The Apex court ordered that insurance companies can offer either the long-term insurance cover (Own Damage and Third Party) or a combination of long-term Third-Party and one-year for Own Damage. Hence, at the time of sale, the insurance company will collect the premium for five years.
Bike Insurance Availability

Bike Insurance Availability

Two-insurance availability is available in pan India. Below is the list of top cities where bike insurance is also available to buy / renew / claim

Top Cities


Also available all over India.

Note: Subject to serviceable areas mentioned in thepolicy wordings.

Frequently Asked Question About Two-Wheeler Insurance

Here are some of the FAQs about bike insuranceFrequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Why do I need to insure my bike?The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 makes it mandatory to insure your two-wheeler with the Third-Party insurance policy. Apart from being mandatory, it saves from any financial loss arising due to accidents, theft or damage to your bike. While the Third-Party bike insurance covers damages caused to the third party or their property as well as injury or death of the third party. Along with the Comprehensive bike insurance, it covers losses of both the third party and Own Damage (OD). You can include Add-ons to get extra cover for complete financial coverage.What are the types of two-wheeler insurance offered?You can choose from two types of bike insurance policies - Comprehensive and Third-Party two-wheeler insurance policies. While the Third-Party insurance is mandatory as per law, Comprehensive insurance is not mandatory but provides cover to both the third party as well as own damage.What is covered under bike insurance?Under the Comprehensive insurance, damage or loss to the insured vehicle, financial liabilities to third party and accident cover for the policyholder is covered. However, under the Third-Party insurance coverage, only the liabilities of the third party are covered.What are the benefits of buying a two-wheeler insurance policy online?Transacting online bike insurance is quicker and faster due to its technology-driven customer experience. Here are of the benefits of online bike insurance:
Buy / Renew insurance instantly
Cashless claims process
Paperless transactions
Receive your policy document within minutes in your email account
Pay via net banking, credit card, debit card, etc.
What is IDV in two-wheeler insurance?IDV or Insured Declared Value is the value of your bike fixed by the insurance company. This is also referred to as the current market value. This is the maximum amount you get paid in case of a claim. It’s important to check the IDV before you buy bike insurance as this will help you while raising any claim during the policy period.
How to find my bike insurance policy number?For the administrative and claim-related purposes, the bike insurance policy number is referred by the insurance provider. You can find your two-wheeler insurance policy number by:
The policy document contains the policy number
You can log in to your account through the website or mobile app and view the information
You can also search in your email account for the policy document
Or, you can call us the customer care team to find your policy details
How to check bike insurance status?To check your bike insurance status, log in to your account through the website or the mobile app to view the policy period and the due date for renewal. You can also check the policy document available in your email account. Or, you can call the customer service team for further details.What does two-wheeler insurance cover in India?Two-wheeler insurance policies are of two types — Third-Party and Comprehensive. Depending upon the type of insurance, the coverage differs. Below are the details:Third-Party Insurance
Damage to third party vehicles or property due to accidents caused by your vehicle.
Comprehensive Insurance
Damage to the third party or their property
Damage to your vehicle, otherwise known as Own Damage (OD)
Depreciation fees
Damage due to natural calamities or fire
Personal accident cover
Optional or Add-ons include:
Engine Protection
Zero Depreciation or Nil Depreciation
NCB Protection
Invoice Cover
Which two-wheeler insurance is best in India?The best bike insurance should offer higher Insured Declared Value (IDV) at a competitive yearly premium. Also, the insurance company should be able to offer a hassle-free claim settlement process and service the insurance efficiently.Which two-wheeler insurance company is the best in India?Insurance companies which offer better after-sales and service apart from higher Insured Declared Value (IDV) at a competitive yearly premium are usually considered one of the effective insurance companies. Also, the ease of settling claims are an important indicator of a good insurance company.
Frequently Asked Questions

Cover FAQs

What is covered in two-wheeler insurance?Depending on whether you have chosen the Third-Party or the Comprehensive bike insurance, the coverage differs. Below are the details:Third-Party Insurance
Damages to a third party or their property
Comprehensive Insurance
Own Damage or damages to your insured vehicle
Damages to a third party
Personal accident cover
Depreciation fees
Damages due to fire or natural calamities
Engine Protection
NCB Protection
Zero or Nil-Depreciation
Invoice Cover
What is not covered in two-wheeler insurance?Below is what is not covered in bike insurance:
Damages due to war or similar conditions
Mechanical or electrical breakdown
Damages when the policy is inactive
Damages when riding a vehicle for illegal purposes or without a valid driving licence
Regular servicing and costs arising due to wear and tear of the bike
Damages due to riding a bike under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances
Damages caused outside the geographical boundaries of India
Tyre and tube punctures
What are extra covers for two-wheeler insurance?You can enhance your basic Comprehensive bike insurance with Add-ons which offer extra financial shield. With an additional premium, these Add-ons are extremely beneficial. Below are some of the bike insurance Add-ons:
Zero or Nil-Depreciation: Since the value of your bike depreciates over time due to wear and tear, the insurer takes into consideration the depreciation factor for claim settlement purposes. With the Zero Depreciation, it pays you without considering the depreciation of your vehicle. The Add-on also covers repair or replacement expenses of nylon, rubber, plastic and fibre parts of your bike.
Passenger Cover or Pillion Rider: The Add-on protects the pillion on your bike against financial losses. It also covers the treatment of injury to the passenger. This is not the same as Personal Accident Cover and covers only the pillion riding on the insured vehicle.
NCB Protect: This ensures your No Claim Bonus (NCB) is active even if you raise any claim during the policy period, subject to a maximum of two claims.
Return to Invoice: In case of theft or total loss of your bike, the Return to Invoice pays the invoice value of your vehicle. This also includes registration fees and road tax paid.
Frequently Asked Questions

Policy & Premium FAQs

What is an insurance policy?An insurance policy is a contract between the insurance company and the policyholder detailing the terms and conditions. It includes the policy period, Insured Declared Value, details of the vehicle, terms and conditions of the contract.How to get a copy of my two-wheeler insurance policy online?You can check your email account to search for the policy document. You could also log in to your Acko account and download a soft copy of the insurance policy. What are the factors which influence my two-wheeler insurance premium while buying online?Below are the factors which influence the bike insurance premium:
The Insured Declared Value (IDV) or the current market value of your bike
The place of registration
Model type
Cubic Capacity (CC)
Vehicle age
Whether it’s a Third-Party or Comprehensive insurance policy
Add-on covers (If any)
What is an insurance premium?It is the amount you pay to the insurance company in return for coverage for claims being made against the policy. The premium can be paid Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly.How to make online payment of the bike insurance premium?Online payments of two-wheeler insurance premium can be processed through:
Net banking
Credit card
Debit card
Does the bike model influence the cost of bike insurance premium?Yes, the model, year of purchase, the variant will determine the premium and the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your vehicle.
Frequently Asked Questions

Claims FAQs

How do I raise a bike insurance claim?The claim process is different for Third-Party, Own Damage and Theft. Below are the details:Third-Party
Call and inform the insurance company about the incident whether the damages are caused by you or the third party.
Inform the police and file an FIR
Make a note of details of the vehicle owner
After you inform the insurance provider, the insurer will transfer the case to the motor insurance claim tribunal
The tribunal will decide the compensation amount
Own Damage
Inform the insurer and the police immediately
A surveyor will be assigned to assess and inspect the damages
The insurer will send an approval to the garage to start the work
The insurance company will either pay you or compensate the garage as per the terms and conditions
Inform the police and the insurance company immediately
Submit bike-related documents to the insurer (RC, DL, etc.)
If the bike is not located by the police, they will issue a non-traceable certificate
The insurance provider will settle your claim based on the terms and conditions
What is cashless and reimbursement claim?Cashless Claim: Under this type of claim, insurance companies will pay the repair or the replacement cost directly to the garage.Reimbursement or Non-Cashless Claim: If the garage chosen by you is not part of the insurer’s network garages, then the insurance company will pay the repair or replacement cost through the reimbursement method where you need to submit the original bills and payment receipts to the insurance provider.
Can I raise a claim if my two-wheeler is involved in a mishap during the grace period?During the grace period, you cannot raise any claim. An inactive or lapsed insurance policy does not entail any coverage.Can I raise a claim if the two-wheeler insurance policy had expired a day before the accident?You cannot raise a claim if your policy has lapsed without being renewed. It’s important to renew your bike insurance on time.What does the surveyor check during the claim process?The surveyor will inspect and assess the damages to your bike and to other vehicles (if required). After the assessment, the surveyor will submit the report to further process the claim.What are the documents required while raising a two-wheeler insurance claim?The list of documents required depends on the type of policy and the type of damages sustained by your two-wheeler. Here is an overview of the documents required while raising a claim:
Insurance policy document
Registration Certificate of the insured vehicle
Valid Driving Licence
FIR from the police
Photographs that were taken at the time of incident or accident
Other supporting documents
Frequently Asked Questions

Acko Two-Wheeler Insurance FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Acko two-wheeler insurance:Buy/Renew Acko Two-Wheeler Insurance
How to buy Acko two-wheeler insurance?The process is simple and easy to transact. Below are the steps to buy Acko bike insurance:
Step 1:VisitAcko bike insuranceand select the vehicle model (e.g. Jupiter).
Step 2:Enter the year of purchase (e.g. 2018).
Step 3:Confirm if your existing policy is active or lapsed.
Step 4:Click on 'View Prices'to view several plans.
How to renew Acko two-wheeler insurance?You can renew your Acko bike insurance via online or the mobile app. Below is the process:
Step 1:Log in to your Acko account via the website or through the mobile app.
Step 2:Select to renew your Acko bike insurance.
Step 3:Fill the online renewal form and enter the required information.
Step 4:Make an online payment after checking all the details such as IDV, policy period and the coverages.
Step 5:The policy document will be sent in minutes to your email account.
Acko Two-Wheeler Insurance Cover
What is covered under the Acko bike insurance?Based on the type of the two-wheeler insurance policy, the coverage differs. The exact coverage is mentioned in your policy wordings. Types of bike insurance policies are Third-Party and Comprehensive. Below are the details of the coverage:Third-Party Bike Insurance Coverage
Damages sustained by a third party or their property.
Comprehensive Bike Insurance Coverage
Damages to your insured bike
Damages due to fire or natural calamities
Damages sustained by the third party
Depreciation charges
Options Add-ons:
Engine Protection
Zero or Nil-Depreciation
Invoice Cover
NCB Protection
What is not covered in Acko two-wheeler insurance?Below is not covered under the Acko bike insurance:
Electrical or mechanical breakdown
Damages sustained due to war or similar conditions
Regular servicing and cost due to wear and tear
Damages sustained when the policy has lapsed
Damages sustained while riding without a valid driving licence or utilizing it for illegal activities
Damages while riding under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating substances
Damages sustained outside the geographical area of the country
Tyre or tube punctures
Acko Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy
How do I get a copy of my Acko two-wheeler insurance online?Visit our website or our mobile app, log in to your account and download the policy document. You can also search in your email account to get the soft copy of the Acko bike insurance. Or, you can call us on 1800 266 2256 (toll-free) or write an email at [email protected]
Will the soft copy of the Acko bike insurance serve as an original document?A printout or the soft copy of the Acko bike insurance policy document acts as the original document.
Acko Two-Wheeler Insurance Premium
How does Acko determine the two-wheeler insurance premium?The insurance premium is based on make, model, age of the bike and the registration location. It also depends on the type of policy you have chosen and the history of your claims.How is Acko two-wheeler insurance premium calculated?Based on the type of bike insurance you have chosen, the premium amount differs. While the premium for the Third-Party bike insurance is stated by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), insurers have different pricing for Comprehensive bike insurance based on the below factors:
Engine Capacity (CC)
Make and model of the bike
Year of purchase
Registration location or the location where you will be riding your bike
Number of Add-ons
Can I enter tentative information while using a two-wheeler insurance premium calculator?The insurance premium calculator calculates the premium based on the details you have provided. The quote depends on the Insured Declared Value (IDV), deductible amount, Add-ons (if any), etc. Tentative information will not provide accurate details, it’s essential to enter actual details of your bike.How can I get discounts on my Acko two-wheeler insurance premium?Below are some of the ways you can get a discount on your Acko bike insurance:
Installing an anti-theft device which is certified by the Automotive Research Association of India
Choosing for Voluntary Deductible
Keeping your NCB
Acko Two-Wheeler Insurance Claims
What are the common reasons for Acko two-wheeler insurance claim rejections?Acko reserves the right to accept or reject a bike insurance claim. Below are some of the reasons why your claim can be rejected:
Incorrect information provided in the application form
If you were riding the insured bike under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating substance
Driving without a valid driving licence
If you fail to inform the accident within the stipulated time
If you get your bike repaired without informing the insurer
Damages arising out of your carelessness
If the repair cost is more than the IDV, you will receive only the sum assured amount
Claim raised against an expired bike insurance policy
Usage of bike for illegal activities or purposes other than mentioned in the terms and conditions
Own a second-hand bike, while the insurance is still under the previous owner’s name
How to claim Acko two-wheeler insurance?There are two types of Acko bike insurance claims — Cashless and Reimbursement. And, the process to raise a claim differs between the two. While through the Cashless claim you need not pay for the repair or the replacement cost as the insurer will settle the bill directly with the garage, for the Reimbursement claim process, you need to pay first and then get reimbursement by submitting the original invoices and payment receipts.How to avoid Acko two-wheeler insurance claim rejection?You can avoid claim rejection by:
Riding with a valid driving licence
Not drinking and driving
Knowing the coverage and exclusions
Knowing the claim process well
By reading the policy terms and conditions
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