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Buy/renew car insurance online in India

What is car insurance?

Car insurance refers to an insurance policy that covers various car-related risks. You need to pay an insurance premium to purchase a car insurance policy from an insurer (for example, ACKO). And if your car faces damages or you cause damage to others via the insured car, your insurer will offer financial assistance, as per the applicable terms and conditions.

Why do we need insurance for cars?

We need insurance for cars mainly because of the following two reasons..

Without car insurance, you may face a lot of trouble legally as well as financially. Thus, it’s crucial to buy a suitable policy to meet these requirements.

What are the different types of car insurance policies in India?

Different types of car insurance policies might be marketed via different names, but at their core they offer the following foundational coverages.

1. Third-party Liability Policy

A Third-party Car Insurance Policy is mandatory according to The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Thus, you cannot drive a car legally on Indian public roads without buying at least this policy. Why? Because it offers coverage against third-party liabilities like injury, death, and property damage.

2. Own Damage Car Insurance

While your Third-party Car Insurance Policy helps you in case of third-party liabilities, it does not offer any assistance in case your car gets damaged. For that, you need an Own Damage (OD) cover. It is focused on insuring your car against damages arising from accidents, calamities, etc.

3. Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

A Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy merges the benefits of a Third-party Policy and an Own Damage cover making it a must-have. Here, you can also opt for suitable add-ons to enhance your coverage.

Key features of ACKO’s online car insurance

Insuring your car with us is simple, easy, and convenient. Being digital-first helps us seamlessly offer almost all of our services online. Additionally, you get the following key features.


Incredibly low premiums

Thanks to our digital setup, our operational costs are low, and we sell car insurance policies directly to you, without middlemen commissions. This results in lower premiums.


Zero paperwork

With ACKO, there’s no need to spend time and effort filling out physical forms to insure your car. Nor do you have to submit a long list of documents. Everything’s online!


Stress-free claims

Gone are days when you had to stress over raising a car insurance claim. With features such as free pickup and drop*, three-day repair guarantee*, and claim tracking, your claims experience with us is bound to be stress-free! (*as per terms and conditions)


Instant settlement

ACKO offers instant settlement for minor claims. Major claims may take more time but are settled swiftly as well. Both minor and major claims are settled as per the applicable policy’s terms and conditions.


Total convenience

Want to buy car insurance at midnight? Available. Renew the policy on a Sunday? Available. Raising claims on a public holiday? Available. With ACKO, you get total convenience for all things insurance!


24x7 Support (WIP)

We know that accidents are unpredictable. Thus, you can avail of our 24x7 support, one way or the other, as and when you require insurance assistance. We are just a call/click away!

More Car Insurance Features

Key features ACKO advantage
Premium Car insurance plans starting at ₹ 2,094
Add-ons Multiple add-ons available to enhance your insurance plan
Own Damage policy Available under Comprehensive Insurance
Damages to the third party Covered
Cashless repairs Yes
Personal Accident (PA) cover Available. Cover of Rs. 15 lakh for permanent disability/death while driving
Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR) 95.53% for FY21-22 (For Private Car Insurance)
Motor Own Damage Claim Settlement Ratio 95.50%
Emergency assistance 24/7
Repairs We offer services like 3-day doorstep delivery*, 1-hour pickup*, and instant repairs**. You don't have to pay any extra cost to avail these services***.
Buying/renewal process 100% digitally-driven
Zero Depreciation Cover Available as an add-on/type of cover

Types of car insurance plans we offer

Planning to buy a car insurance policy? We provide different types of policies for your unique needs. Note that these policies, features, and add-ons are subject to availability. Please refer to the respective policy wordings for details.


1. Third-party Cover

A Third-party Liability four wheeler Insurance Policy helps you in case of financial liabilities when you accidentally damage other people's property or cause injuries to them.


2. Own Damage Cover

Third-party Liability Car Insurance cover proves to be inadequate when it comes to damage from accidents, natural disasters, fire, or theft. Such coverages are provided under an Own Damage Insurance policy.


3. Comprehensive - Basic

Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover not just secures you against third-party liabilities, it also offers insurance for your car in case of flooding, accidents, fire, etc. This policy also includes car theft. It is favourable to opt for this policy to ensure optimum coverage for your vehicle and reduce financial liabilities.


4. Comprehensive - Super Saver

Exclusive on ACKO. Enjoy Comprehensive Insurance benefits and superior claim experience. During claims, we will pick up your car, repair it at one of our partner garages, and deliver back at no extra cost. If you fail to inform us before any claim related repairs, you will have to pay Rs. 5,000 as a deductible.


5. Zero Depreciation - Basic

Sometimes called the bumper to bumper plan, this plan includes all the benefits of a Comprehensive - Basic Plan while additionally covering depreciation costs of parts. Without Zero Depreciation benefits only partial costs of some parts like fibre & plastic parts are covered.


6. Zero Depreciation - Smart Saver

Exclusive on ACKO. It has all the benefits of the Zero Depreciation - Basic Plan and comes at a discounted price. During a claim, we pay for everything, you just pay Rs. 5,000 (above mandatory charges) as a deductible. This gives upfront savings to safe drivers who think chances of them filing a claim are less.


7. Zero Depreciation - Super Saver

Exclusive on ACKO. Enjoy Comprehensive Insurance & Zero Depreciation benefits and superior claim experience. During claims, we will pick up your car, repair it at one of our partner garages, and deliver back at no extra cost. If you fail to inform us before any claim-related repairs, you will have to pay Rs. 5,000 as a deductible.


8. Personal Accident Cover

Personal Accident Cover is not a car insurance policy, but an additional cover. It is mandatory by law to own a Personal Accident Cover along with the Third-party Insurance Plan. It covers (for you) both permanent disability and death while driving a car.

Understanding coverages of our best car insurance plan



What’s covered in ACKO’s Car Insurance Policy?

The following situations are covered under our Comprehensive Four wheeler Insurance Policy. For inclusions related to a specific plan, please check respective policy wordings.

✅ Third-party liabilities: The coverages offered under a basic Third-party Liability Plan, like property damage, are covered under a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy.

✅ Accidents: Accidents are unpredictable and can lead to major effects on health and financial well being of the people involved.

✅ Fire: There could be multiple reasons why your car suffers fire damage. Situations like vandalism, self-ignition, etc., could be a few.

✅ Theft: Car theft is common in India and you could face a heavy financial loss if your car gets stolen. A Comprehensive Policy includes this coverage.

✅ Calamities: Damage from both, natural and man-made calamities are covered under a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy.

✅ Terrorist activities: Damage to your car due to a terrorist activity can lead to major repairs. This is covered under our four wheeler insurance policy.

What’s not covered in our car insurance policy?

The following things are not covered under a car insurance policy.

❌ Pre-existing damages: Any type of damage that your car has suffered before buying a policy from us will be not covered.

❌ Illegal driving: Driving your car in an illegal race or any involvement in a crime is called illegal driving. It’s not covered.

❌ Normal wear and tear: The repair or replacement cost is not covered for those car parts that suffer damage overtime due to regular use.

❌ Driving without valid documents: Carrying necessary documents while driving is important. Car damage while not carrying such documents, like an active driving licence, is not covered.

❌ Loss outside geographical limits: Any damage to the car when driving outside the geographical limits of India is not covered under car insurance.

❌ Mechanical and electrical damage: Any type of manufacturing defect in the car’s component will not be covered under our Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy.

This is an indicative list of exclusions. You can check the whole list of exclusions in the policy wordings. Click here to visit policy wordings.

Add-ons with ACKO Car Insurance Policy

Add-ons offer additional coverage for your car insurance policy. However, they increase the cost of your policy so you need to be judicial while opting in. Note that these add-ons are subject to availability.

Zero Depreciation Cover

An insurer considers depreciation on car parts while calculating the claim amount. But with a Zero Depreciation Cover you can get depreciation covered under your Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy.

Roadside Assistance Cover

With Roadside Assistance add-on you get access to 24x7 emergency roadside assistance, including towing services during car breakdowns. Call us if you get stranded on the road due to breakdown and we will help you out.

Key Replacement Cover

The Key Replacement Cover helps you cover the cost of repairing the car's key and lockset if damaged. The coverage extends to replacing the key and lock on the car in case of lost keys or theft attempts.

Outstation Emergency Cover

Outstation Emergency Cover focuses on insuring you in case of accidents/breakdowns that occur beyond a 100 km radius of your residence. Get coupons if the car’s repair time exceeds 12 hours.

Consumables Cover

The cost of items such as  gearbox oil, engine oil, nut and bolt, lubricants, etc are usually not covered during claim settlement. With Consumables Add-on, we will cover such costs while settling claims. We offer this add-on as a part of your Comprehensive Car Policy.

Engine Protection Cover

Usually, the car's engine is not covered under Comprehensive Coverage. With the Engine Protection add-on, you get coverage for the repair or replacement of the engine. This is as per the terms and conditions of the policy.

No Claim Bonus (NCB) Protection

NCB Protection add-on keeps the NCB discount intact even if you make a claim. With this add-on, you can raise a claim and still get a No Claim Bonus discount of up to 50% on car insurance renewals.

Return to Invoice Cover

Return to Invoice Cover is useful in case of theft or damage-beyond-repair claims. With this add-on, you can claim the complete amount as per the car's invoice value.

Personal Accident Cover for Passengers

This add-on allows you to insure the passengers in your car in case of unfortunate accidents leading to permanent disability/death. It has a sum insured of up to Rs. 1 lakh/passenger.

Why choose ACKO for online car insurance?

We are trusted by crores of people across India for their insurance needs. Not only motor, but we also insure risks during your daily travels, hospitalisation, and mobile damage. Here are a few reasons why we can be your go-to car insurer.

Save Time

We harness the power of being a digital-first company. With that comes the ability to automate processes. Pair this with an efficient team, and we can complete insurance-related services such as policy buying/renewing, settling claims, etc., efficiently.

Save Money

With traditional insurance, a significant part of your premium can go towards commissions for third-party dealers or middlemen. Since we sell directly to you, the commission part of the premium is saved.

Save Effort

Buying car insurance online from us saves a lot of your effort. You can access our services from anywhere, anytime, through our app/website. Just log in to your ACKO account and find all you need in a few clicks.

Highly-rated, go-to app

Our app serves as a go-to place for anything related to car insurance. From purchase to claims, all can be done within a few clicks. It’s simple and clutter-free.

Instant discounts

We have unique plans tailored to your needs. They are not available anywhere else. Buying or renewing your plan during special events can lead to higher discounts.

Strong 7.7 crore+ customer base

We have an ever-increasing base of crores of customers all around the country. Not only motor insurance, but we provide multiple solutions for health, corporate, and microinsurance as well.

How to claim your ACKO car insurance

We follow a simple claim process. You need a device with an active internet connection and details related to the claim. Then, follow these steps.

Step 1

Log in to your ACKO profile with the help of your mobile number.

Step 2

Open your car insurance policy and click “Register a claim”.

Step 3

Enter necessary details and upload all claim-related documents (as required).

Done! We will review the claim and, if necessary, inspect your vehicle. If your claim is for minor damages, we will try to complete the settlement process within a few hours. A claim for extensive damage may take comparatively more time but shall be settled quickly as per the terms and conditions. Meanwhile, here’s some info on our cashless garages.

Benefits of buying/renewing car insurance policy

Here are the important benefits of buying a Comprehensive 4-wheeler Insurance Policy in India.


Cover against car damage

Viewing your car in a damaged state can sink your heart. But there’s hope. If your car is damaged due to an accident, fire or natural/manmade calamities, your car policy can provide financial protection.


Personal Accident cover

One of the most valuable benefits of car insurance is that it offers a Personal Accident (PA) cover for you. The PA cover provides a financial shield against permanent total disability and death caused by car accidents. The cover is mandatory as per law when you buy a car policy.


No Claim Bonus (NCB) advantage

You can get a discount on the car insurance renewal premium for not filing claims during the policy period. This discount is known as NCB. You can get a discount of up to 50% (on Own Damage component) if you do not file claims for five consecutive years, making insurance for cars even more affordable.


Coverage against car theft

A Comprehensive Policy also provides financial protection against vehicle theft. If your car is stolen, you shall receive the Insured Declared Value (IDV) stated in your policy, subject to terms and conditions.


Death benefits to dependents

In case of the insured's demise due to an accident, dependents can get a lump sum compensation through the PA cover. The coverage limit is up to Rs. 15 lakhs as defined by the IRDAI.


Save time and hassles

The cost and time taken to repair car damages may cause a lot of inconvenience. With an active car policy, you can rest assured that you are financially protected at all times. Also, thanks to car insurance online policies, you can buy or renew your plan and raise claims within a few minutes.


Insulation against the law

Buying insurance for cars and keeping the policy active at all times is necessary if you want to avoid penalties. By opting out of car insurance, you risk two things — going against the law and exposing yourself to financial expenses due to car/third-party damage.

Steps to renew car insurance policy online

Car insurance renewal is even easier as compared to buying a new policy. Here are the steps for renewing a car's insurance policy online.

Step 1

Log in to your ACKO profile using the OTP sent to your registered mobile number.

Step 2

Answer a few questions to get started with car insurance renewal online.

Step 3

Review coverage and make payment to buy a car insurance policy.

That's it! Check the inbox of your registered email address for your freshly renewed car insurance policy.

How to get an online car insurance quote at ACKO

Comparing car insurance quotes is an important step while buying or renewing your policy. It helps you understand the policy’s coverage and premium. Here are the steps to get an online quote from our website or mobile app.

Step 1

Scroll up, enter your car’s details, and get started! You can also download our mobile app and enter the car’s details in the space given to view the online car insurance quote.

Step 2

Answer a few questions related to your car, claim history, and location. Then set the Insured Declared Value of your car (it is approximately the current market value of the car).

Step 3

Once you enter all the relevant details, you will see a list of suitable car insurance plans. Select a plan, and a car insurance quote will be visible.

How to buy car insurance online from ACKO

Share details, customise plans, and make the payment! It’s that effortless to buy a car insurance policy from us. Here are 3 simple steps to buy a car insurance policy from us. Note that the exact steps might vary in certain cases.

Step 1

Scroll to the top of this page and share details such as car number, car model, and insurance policy.

Step 2

Select from various car insurance plans with exclusive tailor-made quotes for you.

Step 3

Select a suitable plan, make the payment, and your car is insured!

Factors affecting four-wheeler insurance premium amount

To calculate the four wheeler insurance premium amount, insurance companies (such as ACKO) mostly use the following factors.


Car's engine capacity

Your car's engine cubic capacity (cc) decides the premium payable on your 4-wheeler insurance plan. The higher the engine cc, the higher the premium you need to pay.


Insurance coverage

The wider the cover, the costlier the policy. The premium for Third-party Policy will be lower than a Comprehensive Plan. However, the coverage will be limited.


Insured Declared Value (IDV)

Your car's approximate market value (also called IDV) set by the insurer determines your premium. IDV is the maximum claim amount you will get from the insurer.


Cost of add-ons

You can enhance the Comprehensive Policy with add-ons as they add an extra layer of protection to the policy. However, the more add-ons you add, the higher the premium.


Age of the car

For a new car, the cost of replacement of the parts/repairs can be higher. Also, the car's value reduces with wear and tear. So the older the car, the lower its value, which reduces the premium amount.


Claims history

If you have a bad claims history (for instance, higher record of accidents), the probability of future damage and related claims is higher. Claims also affect your No Claim Bonus component, and as a result, the premium can be higher.



The deductible is the amount you have to pay while settling a four wheeler insurance claim. The insurance company will bear the rest of the approved amount. The higher the deductibles (for instance, Voluntary Deductible), the lower the premium charged.

The 4 wheeler insurance premium can also be based on other factors such as your location, fuel type, security features, etc. To get a better idea about the premium calculation, you can use an online tool called car insurance premium calculator.

How to get a physical copy of your car insurance policy?

To get a physical copy of your ACKO Car Insurance Policy, follow the below-mentioned steps

Step 1

Scroll to the top of this page to log in to your ACKO account using your mobile number.

Step 2

Under your car insurance policy, click the “Policy Document'' option and select “Download“ (you also have the option to download, email or receive it via Whatsapp).

Step 3

Take a print of the downloaded soft copy to get the physical copy of your car insurance policy.

How to download your car insurance policy copy?

Losing your car insurance policy document can be daunting. In such a situation, you may be wary of traffic penalties. But, fret not, you can download the car insurance policy copy instantly. Here is what you need to do to get a duplicate car insurance policy.

Steps to download your car insurance policy.

You also have the option to receive the car insurance policy document via email or Whatsapp.

Car insurance benefits in India

Here are major benefits of having wide-ranging four-wheeler insurance in India.

Benefits for the car owners Benefits to others (third parties)
✅ Insurance for cars helps you reduce out-of-pocket expenses associated with repairing car damage. You can get the repairs done in time and use the car without majorly affecting your daily routine. ✅ As per the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), 1,33,201 people lost their lives to road accidents in 2020.
✅ Suppose you lose your life or suffer a disability in a car accident. You or your family (in case of death) can get up to Rs. 15 lakhs under the Personal Accident cover. ✅ Rash driving, traffic, and weather conditions like heavy rains, flooding, etc., can lead to accidents where third parties (such as pedestrians) can get affected badly.
✅ Ensure compliance with the law by insuring your car. ✅ Car insurance offers assistance during such incidents caused by car owners.

How to renew four-wheeler insurance for old cars

To renew four-wheeler insurance for old cars simply download our app and log in with the help of your mobile number. Then enter the registration number and answer a few questions to begin car insurance renewal online. Different options for buying the insurance plan shall be displayed. Select the desired plan, go through the coverage, and make the payment. We will send a new car insurance policy for your old car to your registered email address.

How to choose the right car insurance policy

Here are some tips on choosing the right car policy.


Compare plans

Comparing car insurance plans makes you aware of what type of coverage is available and at what cost. Select a policy that is rich in features and costs less.


Choose the right type

Buying Third-party Liability insurance is a must, but it does not suffice if you want all-around coverage. Consider opting for comprehensive coverage instead.


Set the correct IDV

IDV is Insured Declared Value, it is the base value of your car, and you need to set this while buying a Comprehensive Policy. Set it roughly equal to the car's current market price. Note, it’s not the car’s resale value.


Select suitable add-ons

Add-ons help you get additional coverage and provide more services or decrease financial loss, depending on their nature. Choose the most suitable one.


Check for discounts

Insurance companies (like ACKO) might offer additional discounts on car insurance. Be sure to check these out before making the final payment.

Documents required to avail car insurance online 

We follow an entirely paperless process for buying or for online car policy renewal. All you need are a few details about the car, your location, and the previous policy (if applicable). There is no need to submit unnecessary physical paperwork or wait for a hard copy of your policy document. Post payment, a digital copy is ready for instant download. 

Points to consider while selecting car insurance policy in 2022

Here is a list of points to consider while choosing the best car insurance in India in 2022.

1. Check your requirements

After a disastrous, pandemic-affected 2020 and 2021, things are slowly and steadily returning to normal in 2022. For example, consider if your work is hybrid or completely in-office and note the frequency of commuting in the car. Base the car insurance selection on such requirements.

2. Compare plans

Post 2020, there’s a major wave of digitisation, and many services can be seamlessly accessed through the internet. Similarly, in 2022, it has become way easier to compare car insurance plans online and buy a suitable one. Just a few clicks, and you have the best plan available!

3. Check out discounts

We offer exciting car insurance discounts, especially during special occasions or festivals. Our plans are tailor-made to suit your requirements. These discounts are over and above our already low premium.

Understanding four-wheeler insurance is not that difficult. However, you need to be aware of some commonly used terms to know how the system functions. Here's a list of some important terminologies related to car insurance.


Third party

You (the car owner) are the first party, and the insurer is the second party. Any person affected by your car (other than you or your passengers) is considered a third party in a car insurance claim.


Own Damage

Any type of damage to your car is called Own Damage. It can be due to multiple factors like accidents, calamities, fire, etc.



This is a fixed amount you need to pay during claims. If your car is below 1,500cc, the value is set at Rs. 1,000. If the engine is 1,500cc or above, the deductible amount is Rs. 2,000. These values are set by the IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India).



Notify the car insurance company if the insured car suffers damage, provided it is covered by your policy. This notification and subsequent settlement is called a claim or claim settlement.



Each year the cost of your car decreases by a certain fixed percentage. This is called depreciation. The rate of depreciation is determined by the insurance regulator IRDAI.

Apart from the terminologies mentioned above, you should also know the meaning of other insurance jargons. For that, you can go through the list on our car insurance glossary page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Claims at ACKO

Car Insurance FAQs

Policy & Premium


Purchases & renewals

Questions you may have for ACKO

How to buy car insurance online from us?

To buy car insurance online from us, you need to follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Scroll to the top of this page and share your car’s registration number, car model, and insurance policy details.

Step 2: Select from various car insurance plans with exclusive tailor-made quotes for you.

Step 3: Select a suitable plan, make the payment, and receive the policy in your inbox.

Which risks are covered under the Comprehensive Car Insurance policy offered by us?

The following risks are covered under the Comprehensive Car Insurance policy offered by us. The full list of inclusions and exclusions is available in the respective policy wordings. 

  • Third-party liabilities

  • Accidental damage

  • Damage due to fire or explosion

  • Damage due to natural/man-made calamities

  • Car theft

  • Injuries to the car owner (via a separate Personal Accident Cover)

Which documents do I need to provide for buying car insurance online through ACKO?

You do not need to provide physical documents for buying car insurance online from us. We will only ask for some important details like:

  • Car’s registration number

  • Car’s year of manufacture

  • Your current location

  • Number of claims in the last 5 years

  • Etc.

You can use similar details for online car policy renewal as well.

Why should I buy/renew car insurance from ACKO?

You should buy or complete car insurance renewal from us for the following reasons.

  • Low premiums owing to the digital process

  • Zero commissions while buying/renewing the policy

  • Exclusive plans

  • Great claims service

  • Claim-related repairs managed by us

  • Doorstep pick-up and drop of your car*

  • 3-day claim settlement turnaround for most claims*

  • We deliver your policy instantly

  • No paperwork is involved for buying/renewing car insurance

  • We are licensed by IRDAI (Registration number 157)

*Service available in select cities

How are prices offered by ACKO on the lower side?

Prices we offer are on the lower side because we are truly digital and sell most insurance policies directly to customers like you. This way, we don’t have to hire a lot of middlemen and pay commissions. Also, our digital-set-up helps us to lower our operational costs. And we pass these savings to our customers through discounts and offers on premium.

Know more about claims at ACKO

How do I raise a claim when I need to?

You can raise a claim by visiting or calling us on 1800-266-2256. While submitting a claim, you should provide the following information.

  • Your contact number or the vehicle number

  • Policy number

  • Description of the incident and photographs of the vehicle (if possible)

  • First Information Report (FIR) in case of theft, injuries to any third party or damage to their property

How to claim car insurance from ACKO’s website?

To claim car insurance from our website, you need to just log in to your account on our website or app and click “Register a Claim” to initiate the process.

What should be my first action to initiate a claim?

Your first action to initiate a claim is to either log in to your ACKO account or contact us.

Is there a need to file a First Information Report (FIR) to raise a claim?

To raise a claim, a First Information Report (FIR) might not always be required. In some rare cases like car theft, you may need to file an FIR. You are not required to file an FIR if the claim is for minor accidents. It depends from case to case. But don’t worry, our claims team will help you at every step.

How much time does it take for a claim to be settled?

The time taken for a claim to be settled will vary depending upon the extent of the damage. Most of the claims managed by us are settled within 3 working days (in select cities). For minor claims, we offer instant claim settlement. Be it a minor claim or a major one, our team strives to settle every claim as fast as possible.

What is the meaning of cashless claims?

Cashless claims refer to a claim type where the approved garage bill for car repairs is settled directly between us and the garage. We will get the car repaired, you just have to pay a fixed amount under deductibles, and the amount that’s not covered by us. Note to inform us about the damage as soon as possible.

Questions you may have about car insurance

Why do I need to insure my car?

You need to insure your car because The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 makes it mandatory for all vehicle owners to insure their vehicle to drive legally on Indian roads. Also, as accidents are unpredictable, car insurance can offer financial assistance in case of such accident-related damages.  Apart from the mandatory aspect, insuring your car helps overcome financial losses involving your car in case of unfortunate events like accidents.

What is car insurance?

Car insurance is a dedicated insurance policy to cover financial losses in case of third-party liabilities, accidents, natural disasters, fire, theft, etc. (as per the coverage terms). Buying insurance for four wheeler also helps you comply with the law, as insuring your car is a legal requirement in India.

What is the meaning of the term IDV in car insurance?

The meaning of the term IDV in car insurance is the amount you shall receive in situations where your car faces damages that are so severe that they cannot be repaired. Such a situation is termed as a total loss. Car theft is also considered as a total loss. Thus, IDV can be understood as the car’s prevailing market price (not precise).

How to check the availability of insurance for car?

You can check the availability of insurance for car on our website by scrolling up at the top of this page and using the space to enter your car number. If you don’t find the right insurance for your car, please call 1800 266 2256 or drop an email at [email protected], and we will help you out.

How to get a duplicate car insurance policy?

To get a duplicate car insurance policy, you can simply log in to your account on our website/app and download your policy document.

How to find my car insurance policy number?

To find your car insurance policy number, you need to take a look at the policy document. If you want to get in touch with us, you can contact us, and we will assist you.

Know more about your policy & premium

What if there is a mistake in my car insurance policy?

If there is a mistake in your car insurance policy, you can contact us and ask for Policy Endorsement. We will go through your request, make the changes in the policy at the earliest and share the revised policy with you. Alternatively, minor changes to the policy can be made directly through our mobile app or the website.

What If I lose my online policy?

If you lose your policy, you can log in to the ACKO account on our website/app and download the policy from there. You can also find the car insurance online document in the registered email inbox.

How to calculate car insurance premium?

To calculate car insurance premium, insurers use certain parameters like your car's model, manufacturing year, location of registration, type of insurance coverage, number of add-ons, etc. You do not have to calculate all this manually. We will do that for you. Simply scroll up to the widget, input information, and get a free car insurance quote online.

Will my premium increase If I choose only one add-on?

Yes, your premium will increase even if you choose only one add-on. Thus, you should choose the add-ons depending on what you need your insurance to cover. They usually pack in a lot of benefits at marginally extra cost.

Will the premium decrease if I opt for a lower Insured Declared Value?

Yes, the premium will decrease if you opt for a lower Insured Declared Value. But remember that the insurer pays the IDV as the claim amount in case of theft or total loss. So setting a lower value might not be fruitful.

Is it possible to pay the car insurance premium on EMI?

No, it is not possible to pay the car insurance premium on EMI. This is not allowed as per the insurance regulator. Under Section 64VB of The Insurance Act, 1938, insurers shall not assume any risk unless the premium is received in advance.

Does car insurance premium get cheaper for a couple?

Car insurance premium does not get cheaper for a couple. The premium depends on the make and model of the car, car's IDV, type of insurance policy purchased (Third-party or Comprehensive), add-ons purchased, location, car's age, and many more factors.

I am married. My spouse has a car insurance policy. Do I also need to buy a car insurance policy?

You need to buy a car insurance policy if you drive a different uninsured car. Note that it is mandatory to buy at least a Third-party Car Insurance Policy to drive your car on the Indian roads.

Know more about policy coverage

What is the meaning of the term NCB in insurance for car?

The meaning of the term NCB in insurance for car refers to the No Claim Bonus. It is a renewal discount on the car insurance premium. It is applicable in case of a Comprehensive Policy and if you do not raise a claim during the policy period.

How to check the car insurance policy status?

To check your car insurance policy status, you can go through the policy document. The start date and the end date denote the active policy period. Both these dates are mentioned in the policy document. Ensure to complete car renewal before the expiry date to avoid traffic fines and get continuous coverage.

What is the meaning of the Zero Depreciation add-on in car insurance?

The meaning of the Zero Depreciation Add-on in car insurance is that it is an additional cover through which you can get a higher claim amount as the depreciation on your car is not considered. During claim settlement, depreciation amount will not be considered, but it will be considered without this add-on.

What is the meaning of a deductible?

The meaning of deductible is that you pay a part of the repair bill (generally a negligible, fixed amount) during claim settlement. It is the amount you pay while settling a claim. The insurance company will bear the rest of the approved amount.

There are two types of deductibles — Compulsory and Voluntary. Under Compulsory Deductible, you pay a nominal amount on every claim. Voluntary Deductible works a bit differently. Here you choose to pay a fixed amount (apart from the Compulsory Deductible) during claim settlement.

Going for a Voluntary Deductible can reduce the car insurance premium. But you might be required to pay a significant amount of the repair bill during claims.

What is the meaning of exclusion?

Exclusion in a car insurance policy refers to a situation where you cannot raise a claim against the policy. If you do, your claim will get rejected.

What happens if there are more passengers in my car than the allowed limit and we get into an accident? Can I raise a claim for it?

If there are a higher number of passengers in the insured car than the allowed limit (as per the car’s registered sitting capacity) and it encounters an accident, then the claim can be rejected based on the applicable terms and conditions. A high number of claims may lead to rejections during car insurance renewal as well.

Will my car insurance cover previous damage?

Under our policy, car insurance does not cover previous damage. Your claim can be rejected in such cases. During the insurance renewal process, if we inspect a car, we mention pre-existing damage on the policy document. You can refer to it before raising a claim.

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How to renew my expired car insurance policy online?

To renew car insurance after expiry, simply scroll up and enter car-related details, choose the plan and make an online payment. Alternatively, you can renew the plan by downloading our mobile app as well.

We may request an inspection if a long time has passed since the policy expiry. It helps us assess your car's current condition and note any pre-existing damage it has suffered.

How to renew car insurance online?

To renew a car insurance policy online, you can scroll up and enter the necessary details or download our app.

Which are some things to remember when you renew or buy a car insurance policy online?

Following are some things to remember when you renew or buy a car insurance policy online.

  • Analyse your requirements before completing car insurance policy renewal.

  • Go through the respective policy wordings for detailed terms and conditions.

  • Buy only suitable add-ons that will add value to your policy.

How much time will it take to buy/renew a car insurance policy online?

The time taken to buy/renew a car insurance policy online from us is just a few minutes. If you have all the data handy, it will take less than two minutes to buy or renew the policy online.

When will I get my policy document if I buy/renew a car insurance policy online?

If you buy or renew a car insurance policy online, you should get your policy document within minutes of making the payment.

Is it cheaper to buy or renew a car insurance policy online compared to an offline process?

Yes, it can be cheaper to buy or renew a car insurance policy online compared to an offline process. We follow a digital-first approach and a direct-to-consumer model. We don't have to hire or manage a large army of middlemen or deal with cumbersome paperwork. 

We can escape hefty commissions paid to the intermediaries, and we manage with low operating costs. Hence, we can pass on these savings to our customers through discounts and offers on the premium. If you have an NCB your premium reduces even further during car policy renewal.

Ultimately, the premium our customers pay reduces. Thus, we can provide high-quality services at a cheaper cost.

What is the cost of car insurance policy renewal?

The cost of car insurance policy renewal is based on the car’s Insured Declared Value (IDV), year of manufacture, location, and make/model. Also, Third-party rates for cars are calculated by the IRDAI based on the vehicle’s engine capacity.

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