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Just answer a few simple questions about your car.

We have kept these questions extremely simple like where do you drive or if your previous policy has expired or if you remember when you claimed last.

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6 Factors that affect your car insurance cost

Factors Affecting Car Insurance Policy


Value of your Car

Insured Declared Value (IDV)

Your insurance premium depends on a market value for your car set by the insurer. It’s called the Insured Declared Value or IDV. This IDV changes as your car ages due to depreciation as parts of your car get depreciated due to wear & tear with time.

IDV Affects Your Premium Amount Directly

The higher the IDV, the higher is your premium. You can opt for a lower IDV, but doing so may result in a lower claim amount for your policy. If the damages incurred to your car are more than the IDV, that you declared, you may have to pay the difference from your pocket.


Type of Car Insurance

Not every four-wheeler insurance policy offers the same coverage. It depends on the type of car insurance policy you buy. There are two main kinds of car insurance policies in India:

Third-party Car Insurance

A Third-party Policy is the most basic type of car insurance policy. It covers, the injuries caused to another person and his/her damaged property. This kind of car insurance policy has the lowest premium. Buying a third-party car insurance policy is mandatory by Indian law.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

This policy covers all kinds of damages — to your car, another person’s property, and the insured car’s owner-driver. Cause of damages can include Collision, Theft, Fire, Sabotage, Natural occurrences or Man-made calamities.

Since Comprehensive Car Insurance offers greater coverage than a Third-party Insurance, it costs more.

Your basic Comprehensive Car Insurance premium consists of Cost of Third-party Cover, Cost of Own Damage Cover, and Personal Accident Cover for the owner


Add-on Coverage

You can increase the protection your four-wheeler insurance offers with the help of Add-ons. The more the Add-ons on your auto insurance policy, the higher the car insurance premium.

The 5 most common Add-ons are

  • Zero Depreciation
  • Engine protection
  • NCB protection
  • Invoice Cover
  • Roadside Assistance

Zero Depreciation or Bumper to Bumper Add-on

Zero Depreciation or Bumper to Bumper is an Add-on to a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy. If you opt for this cover, your insurer will not take depreciation into account at the time of a claim. It has the highest premium as compared to a Third-party Liability and Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy.

Unlimited claims are allowed under the Benefit Zero Depreciation.

Why Zero Depreciation Add-on?

The value of your car decreases with time. This is called depreciation. Your insurance company only pays a portion of the bill as the remaining amount is deducted on the account of depreciation. As per this Add-on, your insurer will pay the maximum payable amount of the whole bill without considering depreciation.


Your Car’s Age

The Insured Declared Value or IDV depends on your car’s value. However, the value of your car reduces every year. So, the older a car is, the lower is its value. This can lower your premium and the sum assured.

However, age also makes a car riskier and more susceptible to damages. Car insurance companies often check your car’s health while deciding the premium.


Extra Security Features

One of the easiest ways to reduce your four-wheeler insurance premium is by installing anti-theft and other security features. This is because insurance companies are in the business of lowering your risk. The lower the risk, the lower is the price of your premium.


Your Claim History

Car insurance companies reward good drivers and those who do not claim.

This is done through a ‘No Claim Bonus’ and is in the form of a discount on your insurance premium. No Claim Bonus reduces your car insurance cost.

What's Covered in a Car Insurance Policy

Third PartyComprehensiveComprehensive
+ Zero Depreciation
Damage to a third-party vehicle
Own Damage
Damage due to fire
Damage due to natural causes
Personal Accident cover
Depreciation fees
Engine protectionOptional Add-onOptional Add-on
NCB protectionOptional Add-onOptional Add-on
Invoice coverOptional Add-onOptional Add-on

What’s not covered in a Car Insurance Policy

Damage when driving under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs

Damage during war and similar conditions

Damage when policy is not active

Regular servicing and expenses due to wear and tear

Damage to tyres, tubes, and engine unless they are damaged due to an accident

Damage when driving without a valid license

Items stolen from your car


Car Insurance terms you would want to know.


These are extra services and coverage you ask voluntarily for your policy. They push up your premium but also add extra coverage. Thus, it is important to choose the best-suited Add-ons for you.


The coverage and services offered vary across different insurance policies.


You pay a small portion of the bill, say Rs 1,000. It’s called a Deductible. You can voluntarily increase this to lower premiums. But, at the time of claim, you will have to pay the increased deductible amount from your pocket.


Insured Declared Value (IDV) is the market value of your car. It lowers over time due to depreciation


Insurers reward you when you do not make a claim. Every consecutive no-claim year gets you a bonus or premium discount called ‘No-Claim Bonus’.


Ensure that your insurer pays you the whole value of your car without deducting any depreciation through a Zero Depreciation cover.

Benefits of Car Insurance Renewal


Acko offers low-priced insurance products that are affordable yet feature-rich. Perks of being a digital insurer!


Get useful after-sales services like instant pickups, fast repairs, doorstep delivery and more. Team Acko is often praised for these.


By renewing your comprehensive policy, you will keep the No Claim Bonus (NCB) intact. NCB is a discount for not raising a claim.


Get you insurance-related queries solved from our experienced professionals. They will guide you to buy the most suitable policy.

Superb customer experience

Did not expect such a wonderful claim experience. They even explained the car insurance repair bill item wise. Perfect customer satisfaction, simply superb!

Debasis Bhattacharya

Polite team with a quick response time

Had an awesome experience for car insurance with team Acko. They are very polite and have a quick response time. Thank you very much and wish you success!

Pradeep Singh

Simple claim process

The car insurance claim process was so simple. I just forwarded the invoice copy and my claim amount was credited within a few minutes. Good service. Cheers!

Sabeel Ahmed

Good Service

For buying car insurance as well as claims, Acko’s processes are very simple and quick. Thanks Acko Group!

Ashish Ranga

Unbeatable Prices

Acko has unbeatable car insurance prices and a knowledgeable customer care service. Also, they provide smooth claim processing and a user friendly website! Thanks.

Chandan Jha

For more questions visit Car Insurance FAQ page

Frequently Asked Questions About A Car Insurance Policy

The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 makes it mandatory for all vehicle owners to insure their vehicle if they want to drive legally on Indian roads. Apart from the mandatory aspect, insuring your car is a precautionary measure undertaken to overcome financial losses involving the insured vehicle in case of an unfortunate event such as an accident.
Buy car insurance online to avail the following benefits:
  • Convenience – You can purchase the car insurance policy at your convenience, without depending on any third party.
  • No Commission – As there is no third-party involved, there is no need to pay any commission.
  • Affordable – Car insurance prices of online policies are less as compared to offline policies and policies purchased through third parties.
  • Security – When you buy car insurance online, there is no chance of any identity theft. Transacting online is safe, provided you log on to an authentic website.
  • Informed Purchase – You can research, read, understand, compare, and make an informed decision while buying car insurance online.
Purchasing motor insurance online involves the following simple steps:
  • Select the preferred insurance company and visit its website
  • Enter the required vehicle and personal details
  • Choose insurance plan
  • Select Add-on covers if applicable
  • Make secure, online payment
  • Receive policy in inbox
You do not need to submit any physical documents to buy a car insurance policy from Acko. We hate paperwork as much as you do. That’s why we help you deal with insurance instantly, simply at the tap of a button.
The following risks* are covered under Acko’s Comprehensive Car Insurance policy:
  • Third-party Cover
  • Damage due to accident
  • Damage due to fire
  • Damage due to calamities
  • Car theft
  • Injuries to car owner
  • * Please refer to the relevant policy document to understand the coverage in detail.
The process to purchase a new car insurance policy, renew an existing policy or renew an expired policy is almost the same; wherein you have to enter details, choose the plan and make online payment. However, one striking difference when it comes to renewing an expired car insurance policy is - car inspection. Since your policy has expired, the insurance company might feel the need to inspect your vehicle before insuring it. This process varies from company to company.
You can raise a claim on or contact our call center on 1-860-266-2256. When you raise a claim, you should provide the following information:
  • Your contact number or the vehicle number
  • Description of the incident and photographs of the vehicle (if possible)
  • FIR in case of theft, or damage to any third party or their property. You will also get a periodic status update on your claims.