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Understanding Bike Insurance Claim:

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Bike Insurance Claim

Bike Insurance Claim

Two-Wheeler Claim Insurance Process

While buying your bike, getting your bike insured is pivotal. Bike insurance is nothing but a contract with your insurer. The insurer promises to compensate you for the loss that you might suffer due to an unfortunate incident that involves your bike. In return for such a payment/compensation, you pay a certain sum of money in the form of a premium. 

Assume your two-wheeler gets involved in an accident. Due to this, you suffer a huge loss. As per your insurance plan, you are expecting to get compensated for this loss. Here you need to file a ‘claim’ to get paid by your insurer. The dictionary defines a claim as an application for compensation under the terms of an insurance policy. 

When you raise a claim, you are informing the insurer about the loss and then expecting your insurer to pay/compensate for the loss as per the policy. Hence, it is recommended to opt for an insurer who settles your claims swiftly. To help you gauge this, you can look at the company’s Claim Settlement Ratio. 

The claim settlement ratio is calculated as the percentage of total claims settled by the insurer to the total claims received in a financial year. It helps you understand the likelihood of the insurer paying or compensating you for your loss.

Claim Settlement Ratio Formula

By comparing the Claim Settlement Ratio of different bike insurance companies, you will get a rough idea about the likelihood of your claim getting settled. While this does not entirely depend on the Claim Settlement Ratio, comparison leads to a better understanding of the reliability of an insurance company.

Types of Two-wheeler Insurance Claims:

Cashless Claims:

When you make a cashless claim, you take your bike to a network garage for repairs. A network garage is the one affiliated with your insurance company (ACKO in this case). In this case, ACKO will settle the bill with this garage directly. You just pay the deductible amount and the rest is taken care of by your insurer.

Reimbursement Claims

In Reimbursement Claims, you need to pay the repairs bill from your pocket and then submit the original bills, payment receipts, etc. to your insurance company (in this case ACKO). ACKO shall subtract the deductible amount as per the terms and conditions and reimburse the repair amount to you. In this case, you can get your two-wheeler repaired at your preferred garage.

How Does Instant Settlement Work For Bike Insurance Claim?

You send a picture.

Click a picture of your damaged bike and upload it to our website.

We send the money.

After assessing the damage, we transfer the estimated cost of repairs directly to your account.

You ride, stress-free.

Get your bike repaired at your convenience and get rolling again.

We also help you with minor bike damages by getting it repaired on the spot. Whether it’s a broken headlamp or a dented oil tank, our expert mechanic will fix your bike right at your doorstep. And if any part needs replacement, we’ll get it done at one of our garages.

Ride Easy With ACKO’s Stress-Free Bike Claim Process:

Our claims won't take you for a ride. It’s easy, hassle-free and stress-free to file bike claims on ACKO. Just log in to www.acko.com or download the mobile app and click on "claim now" on your policy card to register your claim. We will take care of the rest!

Instant Settlements

Submit the picture of your damaged motorbike and get money directly in your account with our revolutionary claiming process. All in a matter of just 2 hours.

Zero Paperwork

Why waste paper when you can go digital? With us, you completely skip monotonous paperwork and raise claims anytime and anywhere.

Cashless Claims

We don’t let you spend money out of your pocket at any point during your claim. Get your bike repaired at a network garage and we will take care of the repair costs.

Step Third-party Own damage Theft
Step 1 If your two-wheeler causes damage to a third party or their property, immediately inform the police and your insurance company. If you are a victim, take third-party vehicle policy details, and inform their insurance provider. In the case of any loss or damage to your bike, inform your insurance provider and the police immediately. If you do not inform within the stipulated time frame, your claim could be rejected. If your two-wheeler is stolen, immediately inform the police and your insurance company.
Step 2 After being informed, the insurer transfers the issue to the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal. After being informed, your insurance provider appoints a surveyor to assess and examine the case. After a survey, the insurer sends the approval to the garage to proceed with the repair work. Along with FIR, submit your bike documents such as bike registration certificate, your driving licence, etc. to your two-wheeler insurer. You might also have to submit the original bike keys.
Step 3 The tribunal then decides the amount to be paid as compensation. Your insurance provider then pays the repair cost to you as per the terms of your policy. The police will issue a non-traceable certificate if they fail to trace your bike within a reasonable time frame. Your insurance company then settles your bike claim as per the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.

Documents Required To File A Claim:

Keep the following documents ready while filing a claim:

  1. A copy of your two-wheeler registration certificate.

  2. Police report or FIR, in cases like theft.

  3. A copy of the insurance policy.

  4. A copy of your driving licence.

  5. Original repair bill, cash receipts, etc.

 Common Reasons for Bike Insurance Claim Rejections:

As per the terms and conditions, your insurance company can accept or reject your bike claim. So, it is advisable to take the necessary precautions to avoid claim rejection. Below are the common reasons behind the same.  

Incorrect Information

The details provided by you in the claim application form are incorrect or false.


The accident took place while you were driving under the influence of drugs or intoxicating substances.


You were driving your bike without a valid driving license.


You own a second-hand bike and the two-wheeler insurance is still in the name of the seller.


You did not inform your insurer about the accident, within the stipulated time frame.


You get your bike repaired without or before informing your insurer.


The bike damages occurred due to your negligence/carelessness.


Your insurer observes that the bike repair cost will be higher than the depreciated value of your two-wheeler. In this case, you will be paid an amount equal to the depreciated value. 

Illegal Use

You use the bike for purposes other than those mentioned in the policy.

Inactive Policy

A claim filed against an inactive bike insurance policy will be rejected.

Tips to Ensure Smooth and Quick Bike Insurance Claim Process: 

  1. Drive with a valid license and follow the law.

  2. Avoid drinking and driving.

  3. Understand your coverage, inclusions, and exclusions.

  4. Read the insurance policy document carefully.

  5. Keep a copy of your two-wheeler insurance policy with you or upload it in DigiLocker for easy access.

  6. Understand the claim process clearly.  

  7. Do not get the bike repaired without informing the insurance company first.

  8. Raise a claim within the stipulated time to avoid rejection.

  9. Always keep your bike insurance policy active. Your claim will be rejected if the policy has expired.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Have queries related to bike insurance claims? The following section addresses the most commonly asked questions related to the two-wheeler insurance claim. For specific queries related to ACKO’s claim settlement process, write to us at [email protected]


1) Can I raise a claim if I take my bike to a non-network garage?

Yes, you can raise a claim even if you take your two-wheeler to a non-network garage. In this case, you will have to pay the repair cost and then claim reimbursement from ACKO by submitting all invoice documents. ACKO will reimburse the repair cost after deducting deductibles as per the insurance policy. 

2) Why is it important to know the claim settlement ratio before buying a bike insurance policy?

You buy an insurance policy to safeguard yourself from unfortunate events related to your bike. This happens only if your insurer honors your claim. The claim settlement ratio gives you an idea about their reliability. The higher the claim settlement ratio, the more reliable is the insurance company. Having said this, along with this ratio, other factors also must be taken into consideration before selecting your insurance provider. 

3) Is there a limit on the number of bike claims that can be raised?

No, a genuine two-wheeler claim can be raised unlimited times. However, this would be the rarest of the rare case. It is recommended to avoid raising a claim for minor damages as you lose out on the No Claim Bonus. 

4) What is the role of No Claim Bonus in bike claim settlement?

If you do not raise a single claim in an active policy year, you enjoy a No Claim Bonus benefit. This allows you to enjoy a discount on your bike premium amount when you renew your insurance policy. The No Claim Bonus discount can go up to 50 percent if you do not raise any bike claim for five consecutive years. 

5) What is the role of Add-ons in two-wheeler claim settlement?

You can enhance your bike insurance coverage by paying extra. The additional covers that you get on the Comprehensive policy are known as add-ons. The most common bike insurance add-ons include Zero Depreciation cover, Consumables cover, Personal Belonging - Damage/Theft cover, Key Protect, Outstation Emergency, Roadside Assistance and Bike Engine Protect. Add-on covers affect the number of claims that you make. You are unlikely to pay for the loss from your pocket at the time of the claim.

6) Is it okay if I get my bike repaired first and then raise a bike claim for damages?

No, your bike claim will be rejected if you get your two-wheeler repaired without informing the insurance company about the damages to your bike. This is because your insurer will arrange for an inspection. The surveyor will assess the extent of bike damage. You should always repair the bike after getting a green signal from your two-wheeler insurance company.

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