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Third Party Bike Insurance

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What is Third Party Bike Insurance?
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Third-party bike insurance safeguards against losses to others (third party). It covers injuries, damages, and fatalities incurred by a third party due to the insured bike. In fact, third-party bike insurance is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. However, this type of insurance does not provide financial coverage if there is any damage to your bike. 




Starts @ Rs. 538

Buying process

Buy Third-party insurance for two-wheelers with ACKO within a few minutes

Property damages to a third party

Up to Rs. 1 lakh

Personal injury or death of a third party

Unlimited liability

Compulsory personal accident cover (mandatory cover needs to be purchased separately)

Rs. 15 lakhs

How Does Third Party Bike Insurance Work?
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A third-party, as mentioned, provides coverage for third-party liabilities. Let us further understand this with an example: Mr. Jain, who has bought a third-party bike insurance policy, meets with a road accident and happens to damage another bike. In this case, Mr. Jain will get financial compensation for third-party damage to the other bike and not to the insured bike. 

Key Features of Third Party Bike Insurance
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Here are the top features of the two wheeler third party insurance.

Provides Liability Cover
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The 3rd party bike insurance provides coverage against financial and legal liabilities arising due to damage to the third-party property or injury or death of a third party caused due to your insured two-wheeler.

Low Premium
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Third party bike insurance is more affordable compared to the Comprehensive bike insurance plan. Hence, you get financial and legal coverage against third-party liabilities at a low premium.

Easy Purchase
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Third party bike insurance is a basic and simple insurance plan which provides third-party liability coverage. Hence, purchasing the policy is easy as it does not have the complexity of a Comprehensive policy.

Premium Rates of Third Party Bike Insurance
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The premium rates of the 3rd Party 2-wheeler Insurance are fixed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). The insurance price (policy premium) is based on the engine capacity of the two-wheeler. The regulator periodically revises the rates annually. Here are the Third party Insurance prices for two-wheelers for 2023.



Less than 75cc

Rs. 538

75cc up to 150cc

Rs. 714

150cc up to 350cc

Rs. 1,366

More than 350cc

Rs. 2,804

Long Term Third Party Bike Insurance Policies for New Two-Wheeler Owners
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If you are insuring a new two-wheeler, then it is mandatory to buy a 5-year long-term Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance Policy. With this new rule, you need not renew the policy every year, and you can also save yourself from any annual price hike on the insurance premium as you pay the premium upfront for five years. The following table provides more details on the 5-year third-party bike insurance premium rates for 2023.



Less than 75cc

Rs. 2,901

75cc up to 150cc

Rs. 3,851

150cc up to 350cc

Rs. 7,365

More than 350cc

Rs. 15,117

How to Calculate a Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance Premium
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Here are some important points regarding calculating Third-party bike Insurance costs. 

To know the Third party Bike Insurance premium rates for your vehicle, you can use our bike insurance premium calculator. The tool offers both annual and long-term plan rates for your vehicle.

Factors that Affect the Third Party Bike Insurance Premium
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The Third Party Bike Insurance premium is determined by IRDAI based on the two-wheeler’s engine capacity. Hence, the vehicle’s engine Cubic Capacity (cc) is the only factor that impacts the 3rd party bike insurance premium.

Key Benefits of Third Party Bike Insurance
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Some of the advantages of buying a third-party bike insurance are as follows:


Mandatory As Per Law
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Third-party bike insurance is mandatory per the Motor Laws 1988. If you are found riding a two-wheeler without a valid two-wheeler insurance policy, then you will be penalised. 


Affordable Policy
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Third-party bike insurance is more affordable than other types of two-wheeler insurance policies, such as Comprehensive and Standalone Own-damage. The IRDAI determines its premium based on cubic capacity.


Coverage to Third-party Vehicle
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This two-wheeler insurance policy provides coverage if the insured bike causes damage to a third party.


Financial Coverage if Third-party is Injured
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If a third-party is injured or meets an unfortunate death due to the insured bike, the financial compensation will be covered under this policy.

Benefits of Buying Third-party Bike Insurance with ACKO
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When you buy ACKO Third-party bike insurance, you can avail of the following benefits:

Quick Policy Issuance
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With ACKO, you can enjoy the ease of buying a two-wheeler insurance policy in just a few minutes. Even the renewal process is quick and hassle-free.

Paperless Process
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Whether you raise a third-party bike insurance claim or renew the plan, no paperwork will be required with ACKO bike insurance. You simply need to upload all the relevant documents online, thus saving you both time and effort.

24*7 Access
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No matter where you are, with ACKO, you can buy third-party bike insurance anywhere and anytime. Just download the ACKO app or go to its website and enter your bike details to buy a suitable policy. The customer team is also available 24*7 to help you with any queries. 

Difference Between Third-party and Comprehensive Bike Insurance
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The difference between third-party and comprehensive bike insurance are as follows:




Third-party liability

Legal Requirement

Customisable Option

Personal Accident Cover

Add-ons Availability

Third Party Bike Insurance Compensation: How Does it Work?
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Here are the compensation details under the Third party Two wheeler Insurance Policy.



The demise of the third party

100% of the sum insured amount

Loss of one eye or one limb

50% of the sum insured amount

Loss of two eyes or one limb and one eye

100% of the sum insured amount

Damage to third-party vehicle/property

Up to Rs. 1 lakh compensation

Coverage Under Third Party Bike Insurance
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Third party two-wheeler insurance provides financial and legal backup against third-party liabilities arising due to the insured two-wheeler. The following sections provide more details about the coverage under 3rd party bike insurance

What is Covered

What is not covered

What's Covered under Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance
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Here are the inclusions under the Third-party Two wheeler Insurance.

  1. Property damage to the third party: If your vehicle damages a third party’s house, vehicle or any property, the third party is covered for the loss of up to Rs.1 lakh under the 3rd Party Bike Insurance.

  2. Personal loss to the third party: If a third party suffers injuries due to an accident caused by your vehicle, their medical cost for the treatment is covered by the 3rd Party Bike Insurance Policy. In case of an unfortunate loss of life, appropriate compensation is covered by the plan.

  3. Personal Accident Cover for owner/driver: If you have not opted for the Personal Accident Cover (PA) already, you can include it while purchasing this 3rd Party 2-wheeler Insurance plan. It insures you against personal injury or death/permanent disabilities with coverage of up to Rs. 15 lakhs.

What's Not Covered under Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance
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Here are the exclusions under the Third-party Two wheeler Insurance.

  1. Own damages: Damages to your insured vehicle are not covered under the 2-wheeler Third party insurance.

  2. Riding without valid documents: For instance, if you do not hold a valid Driving Licence (DL), or if you do not hold a Learner Licence (LL) and ride the two-wheeler without a valid DL holder as a pillion, then your claim could be rejected.

  3. Driving under intoxication: 3rd Party Two-wheeler Insurance does not cover damages or losses to the third party if you were found to be riding the insured vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substance.

  4. Accidents outside the state's geographical area: Incidents occurring outside the specified geographical area are not covered under the Third party Insurance Bike Policy.

  5. Usage of vehicle for other purposes: If your private two-wheeler is used for other purposes, such as commercial use, then the 3rd Party Bike Insurance shall not cover such liabilities.

  6. Contractual liabilities: If your two-wheeler has been pledged to another party and there is an accident caused by the insured vehicle, then the 3rd Party Insurance Plan shall not cover third-party damages or losses.

How to Buy/Renew a Two Wheeler Third Party Insurance Policy Online
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Here are the steps to buy/renew a third party bike insurance online.

Step 1: Scroll to the top of this page. or download the ACKO app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Enter your two-wheeler registration number and click on ‘Insure now’.

Step 3: Verify the two-wheeler details and select the Third party plan with 1, 2 or 3-year tenure and make the premium payment online to instantly buy or renew the third party bike policy.

Note: Existing ACKO customers can log in to your account and click on the policy card to renew the third party bike insurance online.

How To Claim Third Party Bike Insurance with ACKO
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Our process to claim Third-party Two-wheeler Insurance is not cumbersome and challenging. Follow the steps below to raise a claim as a policyholder or as a third party.

If You are the Victim
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If You Caused the Damage
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Things to Remember While Raising Bike Insurance Claims
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Some of the things you need to keep in mind while raising a bike insurance claim are as follows:

Proper Evidence
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Before raising a claim, ensure you have sold evidence about the incident so the insurer does not reject the claim request.

FIR Reporting
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You must file an FIR and inform the insurance company about the third-party accident as soon as it occurs. This will ensure a faster claim process.

Compensation Limit
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The Motor Accident Claims Tribunal decides the maximum financial compensation that will be provided to a third party. As of now, the maximum limit is Rs. 7.5 lakhs, so you need to be wary of this.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Third Party Bike Insurance
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Here are some important questions and answers related to Third party Bike Insurance.


What is covered in 3rd party bike insurance?

Third party bike insurance covers third-party liabilities such as damage to the third-party property and injury, or death of a third party caused due to the insured two-wheeler.

Is 3rd party insurance good?

Third party insurance is good enough if you are looking for only third-party liability coverage. However, if you need own damage cover, you must opt for a Comprehensive insurance plan.

Is 3rd party insurance enough for bikes to avoid traffic police fine?

Third party bike insurance is enough to avoid traffic police fines. As per law, every vehicle owner in India should purchase third party insurance for his/her vehicle.

What are third party benefits?

The benefits for a third party under third-party bike insurance include the following.

  • Coverage of up to Rs. 1 lakh in case of damage to third-party property/vehicle.

  • Unlimited liability in case of injury/disability or death of the third party caused due to the insured two-wheeler.

Can I get a claim in 3rd party insurance?

You can get the claim benefits in third party insurance if you are the third party who has suffered losses.

Can we convert 3rd party insurance to 1st party?

You can always upgrade the third party insurance plan to a Comprehensive plan by visiting the ACKO website or downloading the app. Provide your vehicle and previous policy details to convert the third party plan to a Comprehensive plan.

Is Third party Bike Insurance mandatory?

Yes, Third-party Two-wheeler Insurance is compulsory as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Failure to insure your scooter or bike with 3rd Party Insurance shall invite penalties as laid out by the Act.

Can I buy a standalone two-wheeler Third-party Insurance for a bike or scooter?

Yes, you can buy a standalone 3rd Party Insurance for your bike; however, the coverage is limited to third-party liabilities and not for damage to your bike. Therefore, it is better to buy Comprehensive bike insurance for wide-ranging benefits.

How to buy the cheapest Third-party Two-wheeler Insurance?

You can’t get the cheapest 3rd Party Two-wheeler Insurance for your vehicle since the premium rates are regulated and determined by the IRDAI. The cost of Third-party Insurance for your bike remains the same across insurers. However, for a superior experience, consider buying the plan from digital insurance companies such as ACKO. We offer an online mode of buying and renewing two-wheeler Third-party Insurance making it an easier method compared to the traditional offline way.

Is 3rd Party Insurance expensive for two-wheelers?

While the 3rd Party Insurance for bikes is cheaper than Comprehensive Bike Insurance, its coverage is restricted to third-party liabilities. Damages to your bike are not covered. Opt for the Comprehensive Insurance for your two-wheeler (even though it costs more) since it offers coverage for third-party liabilities and own damage of bike.

Can I get 3rd Party Insurance for a new bike or scooter?

Yes, you can buy two-wheeler Third party Bike Insurance online for a brand new bike or scooter. You can scroll to the top of this page or download our mobile app to get a Third-party Bike Insurance Policy for your brand new two-wheeler.

Can I make a claim for third-party liabilities incurred in a different city or state?

Yes, you can raise a claim for liabilities even if the accident occurred in different cities or states. Third party Bike Insurance is valid across India. Ensure you intimate the respective insurer immediately to avoid the possibility of claim rejection.

Will I lose my NCB if I raise a Third-party Two-wheeler Insurance claim?

There is no provision for NCB under the 3rd Party Two-wheeler Insurance. The NCB in bike insurance applies only to the Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy.

What if someone else was riding my bike during the accident? Will my Third party Bike Insurance cover my losses?

Yes, your Third-party Scooter Insurance will cover your losses even if the insured scooter was driven by someone other than you. However, if the rider did not hold a valid driving licence, your claim could be rejected.

Can I avoid taking Third party Bike Insurance?

No, you cannot avoid insuring your bike with the Third-party Insurance Policy since it is mandatory as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. It is important to insure your bike or scooter with the two-wheeler 3rd Party Insurance. You could also opt for the more extensive insurance coverage by insuring your two-wheeler with the Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Policy.

Is it possible to convert Third-party insurance for my bike into Zero Depreciation insurance?

No, you cannot convert 3rd Party Insurance for your bike into Zero Depreciation Insurance. However, when you renew bike insurance, you can opt for a Comprehensive Policy and pick the Zero Depreciation add-on for enhanced coverage.

How can I get 3rd Party Insurance for my 10-year old bike?

You can buy or renew 3rd Party Insurance for your 10-year old bike on our website or mobile app in a few simple steps.

  • Visit our website or mobile app.

  • Input your bike’s registration number and model.

  • You can either opt for the 1-year or the 3-year long-term plan, pay the premium, and the policy document shall be emailed to you.

How to change from Third-party 2-wheeler insurance to Comprehensive 2-wheeler insurance?

You can switch from Third-party 2-wheeler Insurance to Comprehensive 2-wheeler insurance when you renew two wheeler insurance plan for your vehicle. You can scroll up to the top of this page to buy or get a quote for Comprehensive Insurance for your bike.

Is Comprehensive Bike Insurance also mandatory?

Opting for a Comprehensive policy is rather a logical choice as it offers coverage to repair damages to your bike along with protection against third-party liabilities. Buying this plan will help you get extensive coverage against events like accidents, natural calamities, fire, theft, total loss, third-party liabilities, etc. However, it is not mandatory to buy a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan.

Is it possible to buy Third-party fire and theft bike insurance?

No, you cannot customise the 3rd Party Insurance for your vehicle to cover fire damage and theft. Consider buying Comprehensive Coverage for such coverage.