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The Evolving Role of Technology in Corporate Travel

Team AckoApr 25, 2023

The rise of technology has revolutionized corporate travel, making it faster and more efficient for businesses all around the world. Whether you are a regular road warrior or simply a curious business owner, there is no denying that technology has drastically changed the way travelling is done. From improved communication and bookings to tracking rewards, tech-savvy business travellers can make the most of today's travel opportunities.

The use of technology for business travel has grown rapidly due to increasing globalization, cost savings, and convenience. Technology has enabled companies to coordinate global travel more efficiently than ever before, meaning business travelers can go further and more frequently. Technologies such as AI and machine learning are being used to help travelers plan and track their journeys, and corporate travel management software is making it easier to book tickets, manage expenses, and select the most suitable travel options.

Not only has it changed the way we plan and book trips, but technology has also transformed the in-journey experience. Business travellers no longer need to worry about long check-in queues, tedious paperwork, and the hassle of money exchange. With advancements in mobile applications, travel instrument integration, and credit card technology, all these tedious processes can be avoided.




Benefits of Technology in Corporate Travel

1. Improved Efficiency: Technology has made the process of booking corporate trips faster and simpler. Many companies use dedicated corporate travel management software that can automate most of the processes and make it easier to book flights, and hotels, transfer services and manage expenses.

2. Cost Savings: Technology has made it easier for companies to track and manage their corporate travel budgets, reducing expenses and maximizing savings. Other technological solutions such as online booking portals and virtual credit cards can also help reduce costs and increase efficiency.

3. Hassle-free Experience: Technology has completely changed the way we experience business travel. With mobile applications, travelers can track flights and check in, have instant access to important documents, monitor transaction data, and more. The use of virtual assistants such as chatbots and AI-driven algorithms can also make the entire travel process easier and more convenient.

4. Improved Communication: Technology has made communication among business travelers easier and more efficient. With the help of messaging applications and conference tools, travelers can stay in contact with colleagues and clients no matter where they are in the world. This makes coordinating corporate travel easier.

5. Increased Security: Technology has improved security for business travelers, allowing them to keep track of their whereabouts and ensuring that their data is secure. From biometric authentication to facial recognition systems and RFID technology, businesses can protect their travelers when on the move.


Technology has had a huge impact on corporate travel, making it easier, cheaper, and more efficient. It has revolutionized the way business travellers plan and book their trips, while enhancing the in-journey experience. Technologies such as AI and machine learning have enabled businesses to coordinate global travel more efficiently and make sure their travellers are secure, while virtual assistants and mobile applications make handling the manual aspects of business travel more convenient. By leveraging these advancements, companies can fully capitalize on the opportunities technology has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the responses to the inquiries about the changing influence of technology on corporate travel.


What are the benefits of technology in corporate travel?

Technology has improved the efficiency and cost savings associated with corporate travel. It has also made communication among business travelers easier and more efficient while enhancing the in-journey experience with mobile applications and virtual assistants. Finally, technology has also improved security for business travellers.

How can technology help to improve efficiency during business travel?

Businesses can use dedicated corporate travel management software to automate many of the processes associated with booking corporate trips. For example, they can track and manage their travel budgets to reduce expenses, while online booking portals and virtual credit cards can also help to reduce costs. Additionally, technologies such as AI and machine learning can be used to help travellers plan and track their journeys.

What are some of the security measures that businesses can take to protect their travellers?

Businesses can use a range of technologies to improve the security of their travelers, such as biometric authentication, facial recognition systems, and RFID technology. Additionally, they can use mobile applications to track and check-in flights, and also store important documents securely.


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