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Features of the Car Engine Protection Cover

An engine protection cover is an add-on to your Comprehensive Car Insurance policy, that is meant to cover any damages to the engine. It thus compensates you for the repair/replacement of your engine or parts like pistons, connecting rods, etc.
LeakageDamages due to the leakage of lubricating oil
Water Damage
Water DamageDamages caused due to water ingression
Physical Damage
Physical DamageDamage to components like gearbox
Hydrostatic lock
Hydrostatic lockThis is caused when you try to start a wet engine
The Repairs or replacement of a car engine could cost you a lot of money. The major benefit of such a cover is that you do not have to pay for such damages from your pocket. An engine protection cover can, thus, be quite beneficial, especially during monsoon.
How Engine Protection Cover Works

This is How Engine Protection Cover Works

Let’s take an example of how and when an Engine Protection Add-on will be useful:Suppose, you are on a vacation having fun with your family. Amidst the fun, you get a call from your watchman saying that it is raining heavily in your locality and it is likely to be flooded.Your car is parked on the road and the watchman is helpless since he does not have the keys to move it. Hours later, you get another call saying that your car is partially submerged in water and it is not likely to start again.

Consequence of Damage

The flood has damaged the engine of your car and it needs to be replaced. The estimated cost of replacement isRs. 1.2 lakh. You were not prepared for this expenditure.


Nearly six months ago, when you renewed your car insurance policy you bought the ‘Engine Protection’ add-on forRs. 17,000. Considering that you lived in a low-lying area, you figured it was worth the risk.The Car Insurance Policy promptly came handy during the monsoon, when the flood water affected the car’s engine.You are rest assured that the insurer will pay for the replacement cost.All you had to do is avoid starting the car so that the water does not cause further damage. Let your insurance company and it’s surveyor take it from there.The cost of an Engine Protection Add-on is usually about 2% of the current market value of the car, this depends on the car model.

Exclusions of Engine Protection Add-on

Exclusions are situations under which you can't raise a claim.
Force Start the Car

Force-start the Car

Do not try to start the car forcefully when submerged in water
Consequential Damages

Consequential Damages

Do not try to drive after an accident
Unlimited Validity

Unlimited Validity

You cannot make more than two claims in a year
Age Limit

Age Limit

This cover is available on cars that are not older than 5 years

Engine Protection Add-on Is Ideal for You

Flood Prone Area
If you live in a flood-prone area
Expensive Car
If you have a really expensive car
Brand New Car
If you bought a brand new car
Extra Layer of Insurance Cover
If you want to have that extra layer of insurance cover for the engine too
Avoid All Kinds of Risks
If you want to avoid all kinds of risks
The scope of coverage under Engine Protection Add-on varies from one car insurance company to another. It’s always wise to read the policy wordings carefully before buying the car insurance cover.
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