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Vehicle Registration Certificate & Steps to Check RC Status

TeamAckoApr 10, 2024

Whether you have bought a brand new car or purchased a second-hand bike from your friend, it’s crucial that you get its registration certificate within 7 days of purchase. A Vehicle Registration Certificate is an important document for all vehicle owners to legally drive on Indian roads. Want to know more about RC? If so, then scroll through the section below and learn how to check RC status, its validity, and a lot more. 

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What is a Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)?

A Vehicle Registration Certificate or RC is an important legal document that states that your vehicle has been registered with the Regional Transport Office or RTO. It not only serves as proof of ownership but also lets you adhere to the Motor Vehicles Act. The RC also contains important details about your vehicle, some of which are listed below:

  • Car/bike registration number

  • Make and model

  • Colour

  • Engine number

  • Chassis number

  • Fuel type

  • Vehicle owner’s name, address, and other details

  • Validity period of RC

  • Vehicle class and type

  • Car/bike insurance details

  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate

Documents Required to Issue RC

To get RC, you need to have certain documents such as those listed below:

  • Form 20

  • Passport

  • Driver’s license

  • Utility bills

  • Bank statements

  • Rental agreements

  • Insurance copy

  • Pollution under control certificate

  • No objection certificate

  • Road tax receipts

How to Get a Registration Certificate?

It is very important to get an RC as soon as you have bought a new vehicle. Here are the steps you need to follow to get a vehicle registration certificate:

  • Once you have bought a new vehicle, collect the sales invoice and all other necessary documents

  • Next, locate a nearby Regional Transport Office or RTO to get your vehicle registered

  • Visit the RTO with all the relevant documents mentioned above. Collect Form 20 and fill it out with all the necessary details

  • Then, the RTO may assign a surveyor to inspect the vehicle 

  • Next, submit all the documents and pay the applicable fees

  • Once everything is submitted, the documents will be verified by the RTO

  • When the verification is completed, a vehicle registration number will be issued on your name

How to Check RC Status Online?

To check RC status by vehicle number, here is all that you need to know:

  • Go to the official website of Parivahan

  • Click on ‘online services’ and further go to ‘vehicle related services’

  • Next, from the dropdown menu, select ‘State RTO’

  • The, click on ‘status’ and then ‘know your application status’

  • Next, enter your RC application number and click on ‘submit’ option

  • Finally, you will be able to view RC details on your screen

Validity of RC

The Registration Certificate or RC comes with an expiry date, which is why it becomes important to know the RC status time and again. Typically, all the private vehicles including four-wheelers and two-wheelers have a RC validity of 15 years. The time period is counted from the date of registration of the RC. Once 15 years is over, you need to renew your RC. However, please note that to renew your vehicle’s RC, you need to have vehicle fitness certificate issued from the RTO. This ensures that that the vehicle complies with the emission and safety standards. The renewed RC is again valid for 5 years. 

Why is it Important to Check RC Status?

Regularly checking your vehicle’s RC status is helpful in a number of ways including the following:

  • It helps in confirming the legal owner of the vehicle and is especially helpful if you are buying a second-hand vehicle

  • There are a number of insurance companies that may require a copy of RC for issuing insurance papers

  • As RC also contains details related to its validity, it becomes important to check it and know when to renew it

  • Checking RC status also prevents the chances of frauds in relation to the ownership of vehicle

  • A few government authorities may require updated and exact details of RC, so, it becomes important to check it time and again to avoid any kind of discrepancies 

Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Registration Certificate Updated

To ensure that your vehicle’s RC has the right information, you need to get it updated if there is a change in your address, name, or any personal details. Some of the instance when you must get the vehicle registration certificate updated are as follows:

  • If you are selling your vehicle to someone else, then get the owner details updated

  • If you are moving to a new city or relocating to a different place in the same city, then get the residential address changed

  • If there is any modification in the vehicle’s engine or chassis number, then get the vehicle details updated 

Summing Up

Thus, regularly checking the vehicle RC status helps you in legal compliance as well as eases the process of any future transactions such as selling the vehicle to someone else. In addition to RC, car insurance is another important document that you must have to legally drive on Indian roads. So, if you are planning to buy a new vehicle, don’t forget to buy a car insurance with Acko and get its registration certificate issued on time. 

Frequently Asked Questions on RC Status



Q1. How can I check my RC status in Parivahan?

A. You can check the RC status through the Parivahan website by clicking on online services, select state RTO, click on know your application status, and finally view the RC details.

Q2. Can I download my RC online?

A. Yes, you can download your RC online.

Q3. How long does it take for RC card to arrive?

A. It typically takes 7 days for your RC or Registration Certificate to arrive.

Q4. Is RC in DigiLocker valid?

A. Yes, RC in DigiLocker is completely valid.

Q5. What is RC full form?

A. The full form of RC is Registration Certificate. 

Q6. What to do if RC is not received?

A. If you don’t receive RC on time, you can file a complaint at the RTO. 

Q7. Which number is called RC number?

A. Every vehicle is assigned a specific number that appears on the RC copy. The RC number is unique for all vehicles.


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