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Singapore Visa for Indians

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Singapore is very close to India, and Indians love to travel there. However, you should know that Indians cannot get a Singapore visa on arrival, so you must get your visa before you enter the airport.. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about getting a Singapore visa online as an Indian citizen, including how easily you can apply with ACKO, the requirements, and more information about Singapore visa fees and processing times.

So keep reading till the end.

Do Indians need visa for Singapore?
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Yes! Indian passport holders do need a visa to enter Singapore. However, the process has become very convenient since the Evisa services have come into the picture. You can now easily apply for Singapore visa from your comfort zone with just a few steps, which we have mentioned in the article below.

What are the different types of Singapore visa for Indians?
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Depending on the purpose of the visit, there are different types of visas for Singapore from India. Here are the popular ones:

Tourist Visa: 

This type of visa is required if you want to visit the country for tourism. As in, you just want to visit the country to experience its marvels, culture, etc., and there’s no motive to work over there. 

Business Visa: 

If your intention is to visit Singapore for work or business purposes, then a tourist visa will not be applicable; you will need a business visa.

Student Visa: 

If you wish to go to Singapore to pursue your education, you can apply for this visa. With this visa, you can stay in Singapore for the duration of your course and get some job experience. However, you need proof that you have been accepted to a university in Singapore.

Transit Visas:

This visa is only useful if Singapore is your transit country and you have 96 hours to stay before continuing your journey. 

Through ACKO, you can get a multiple-entry Singapore Tourist/Business visa which means:

How long does a visa to Singapore last for Indians?
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The tourist visa allows you to stay for up to 30 days and is valid for two months. Whereas, the business visa is valid for up to 30 days and allows you to stay for up to 30 days only. 

Singapore Visa Processing Time in India 
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The processing time for a Singapore visa application will hardly take 3 to 5 working days if the documents submitted are correct and don’t contradict each other. In some cases, the applications may take a little longer to process; however, this doesn’t happen often.

Singapore Visa Fees from India
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The Singapore visa cost from India for each applicant is around INR 3,400 for a multi-entry visa and is the same for both tourism and business visits. It is the amount you pay while submitting your application to the portal. It is also referred to as a processing fee and is non-refundable regardless of the decision taken by the embassy.

*Note: The 'Final Price' mentioned is inclusive of both the Embassy Fee/VFS Charge and the Service Charge. Also, note that these Singapore visa fees are subject to change.

Why Choose ACKO to Apply Singapore Visa Online?
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Worldwide Visa Assistance
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We make it easy and quick to get visas for all international countries.


End-to-End Process
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From submitting documents to getting your visa in your email, we assist you with everything.


Pay As You Wish
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Select the payment method to pay for your Singapore visa fees.


Track Real-Time Progress
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You can track your visas' real-time progress.

Singapore Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens - Documents
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You need these documents along with your application form while applying for a Singapore visa application from India:

To visit Singapore for tourism, you need the following documents:

Size: 35mm x 45mm.

Photo Timestamp: 3 months

Clarity: No blurred spots with the face and eyes visible with no headgear.

For business visits, along with the above mentioned documents, you need the listed ones:

*Note: Depending on the visa type, the visa officer may ask for additional documents.

How to Apply Singapore Visa Online?
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Here are the steps to follow while applying for a Singapore visa application online:

Step 1: Click here and pick Singapore as the country to visit.

Step 2: Choose the type of visa.

Step 3: Give information about yourself, like your name, passport number, and the planned dates.

Step 4: Upload documents like your passport, PAN card, and passport-sized photographs.

Step 5: After you pay the visa fees, the documents will be checked, and your Singapore visa will be sent to the specified email address.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply Singapore Visa for Indians
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All Indian citizens who are planning to travel to Singapore are required to apply for a Singapore visa. However, you must meet some basic eligibility criteria for a Singapore visa from India. Here are the things you need to get a Singapore visa:

Is there a visa on arrival for Indians in Singapore? 
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No, a visa on arrival is not available for Indian citizens. You must apply for a Singapore visa well in advance.

Singapore Visa and Travel Insurance
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Now that you are all set for your Singapore experience, don't forget the most important thing—travel insurance. It is mandatory for Indian citizens to have travel insurance when visiting Singapore. Apart from the requirement, it saves you from any unforeseen circumstances that can happen while you are abroad.

So, take this extra step to make sure your trip is worry-free and unforgettable.

As always, have a great trip!

Frequently Asked Questions
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Here’s a list of common questions and answers related to the Singapore visa for Indians.


Will I get a refund if my Singapore visa application is rejected?

No, a refund is not available. 

What will happen if I extend my stay beyond the validity of my Singapore visa?

Overstaying your visa's expiration date may result in severe penalties, and you may also be denied entry into the country in the future.

How long does it take to process a Singapore visa for Indian citizens? 

Typically it takes around 3-4 days for a Singapore tourist visa. If there’s a contradiction in the documents submitted, it may take longer. So, always double-check and use the correct details.

What is the validity of a Singapore visa for Indian citizens? 

Generally, tourist visas are valid for up to 60 days, and 30 days for business visas.

Is it a sticker or an E-visa?

A Singapore visa is an E-visa.

Is it possible for Indian citizens to apply for a multiple-entry visa to Singapore? 

Yes, Indian citizens can apply for a multiple-entry tourist/business visa to Singapore through ACKO.

How can I pay for the Singapore tourist visa fees?

You have the option to make the payment using a debit/credit card or a mobile wallet.

How many months prior to the trip should I apply for a Singapore visa?

You should apply at least 2-3 weeks before the date you want to travel to Singapore.

Can I apply for a Singapore visa 2 months in advance?

Yes, you can but it is not recommended. It would be best if you could apply 3 weeks before but not longer than 30 days prior to your trip.

Is it mandatory for Indians to get travel insurance for a Singapore visa?

Yes, travel insurance is required to enter Singapore. It should provide coverage and be valid throughout the whole territory. You can look at Acko Travel Insurance to find plans that fit your budget. 

How much should be the minimum bank balance for a Singapore visa? 

You need a minimum coverage amount of 50,000 USD per person to apply for a Singapore visa for Indians.

Can I get a Singapore visa in 2 days?

The processing time is three to five business days, so getting a Singapore visa in that short amount of time is not technically feasible.

How much does a Singapore visa cost from India?

At ACKO, a Singapore visa with multiple entries costs as little as INR 3,400. 

Is a flight ticket mandatory for a Singapore visa?

Yes, a flight ticket is needed to be shown while applying for a Singapore visa from India.

Is a return ticket mandatory for a Singapore visa?

Yes, you need to show a return or onward ticket to get a visa for Singapore.

Is Singapore visa difficult?

Not anymore; in fact, it is very easy now that e-visas are in place. You no longer have to go somewhere in person or wait in queue to get your visa. All of the paperwork has to be sent electronically, and the whole process is done online.

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