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Travel Insurance for Thailand from India

Ensure a safe trip with Thailand travel insurance plan from India

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Thailand is an amazing destination for travelers! With its gorgeous islands and mouth-watering Thai cuisine, it's no wonder why people flock to this country. However, it's always better to be safe than sorry, right? That's why it's a good idea to consider getting Thailand travel insurance before starting your trip.

Opting for the best online travel insurance for Thailand does get much easier with ACKO’s comprehensive plan. You get everything you need at a reasonable rate.

Why do I need travel insurance for Thailand from India?
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You need travel insurance for Thailand from India to protect yourself from financial risks. Here are some critical situations when an insurance plan can help you while you are on your trip. 

Many similar situations can put extreme financial pressure on you if you don’t secure yourself with an appropriate Thailand travel insurance plan.

Why ACKO Travel Insurance for Thailand?
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When it comes to Thailand travel insurance, we can help you obtain it quickly and efficiently. 

Here are some ways we can assist you

Paperless Process
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ACKO is an online-only insurer, which means you can buy, claim and manage your policy entirely online. 

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You get the best insurance options with great coverage at a reasonable price.

No out-of-pocket expenses
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Rest assured that you won't have to worry about paying anything out of your pocket. 

Coverage for COVID-19-related hospitalization
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 In case you test positive for COVID-19 during your travel period, we cover COVID-19 hospitalization in our travel plans. Stay safe!

Let's see how travel medical insurance for Thailand helped Rahul during his trip
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Rahul and Avantika waited long for their Thailand trip. They carefully planned their whole trip, but on the second day, things took a surprising turn when a nice local offered a discount on a tour. The tour was a scam. When the "guide" disappeared, Rahul noticed their passports were also gone.

Lucky for him, Rahul bought travel insurance from ACKO before the trip. They quickly called ACKO's emergency helpline, which is open 24/7.

The response was immediate, and Rahul had a new passport within a few days at no extra cost.

"I had heard that travel insurance was important, but I didn't really understand how important it was until my recent trip to Thailand." ACKO saved what could have been a nightmare. I'll never go on a trip again without ACKO's travel insurance. They are a traveller's true friend.''

Features of ACKO’s Thailand Travel Insurance Plan
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Accidental and Medical Benefits
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We understand that even the smallest health concerns can cause big troubles, which is why our travel insurance plan includes financial coverage for potential medical emergencies, including COVID-19.

Standard compensation for flight/baggage delays
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No one likes flight or baggage delays while travelling. It can cause financial loss, especially if you are on strict timelines and have prepaid bookings. If your flight is delayed, ACKO's travel insurance plan will pay you the standard amount of money, as stated in the policy. 

Trip Rescheduling/Cancellation
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Rescheduled plans are better than cancelled ones. If your airline reschedules, “we” are to compensate “you” and provide a standard fee for cases where you have to cancel your flight for one of the reasons listed in the policy.

Coverage at affordable prices
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Wondering about travel insurance costs? Nowadays, foreign travel insurance is available at reasonable charges. At ACKO, we provide basic travel plans for only Rs. 49 for a five-day term, which is equivalent to approximately Rs. 10 per travel day.

Stress-free journeys around the world
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Whenever you plan a trip outside the country, a suitable insurance plan will financially safeguard you in unfortunate scenarios. This gives a sense of security and mental peace while travelling.

What is covered?

What is not covered?

What's covered in ACKO’s Thailand Travel Insurance
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The following are the situations usually covered under travel insurance for Thailand from India.

Travel Coverage

The following travel-related circumstances are covered under your ACKO travel insurance Thailand.

  • Return of minor child to the city of residence in case of the insured person's hospitalisation

  • Family member’s compassionate visit in case of the insured person’s hospitalisation

  • Monetary loss for transportation in case of medical care and death of the insured person during the trip

  • Compensation for flight delay or cancellation

  • Compensation for rescheduling

  • Compensation for misplacement or delay of the checked-in baggage

  • Compensation for total loss/partial loss of checked-in baggage

  • Unrecoverable costs related to the loss of passport

  • Compensation in the event of a paid booking bouncing during travel

Legal Coverage

Our policy will offer financial coverage in these legal situations.

  • Monetary loss brought on by an extended stay following an injury, illness, or hospitalisation

Medical Coverage

Your travel insurance through ACKO will provide coverage for these medical issues.

  • An accidental injury that requires hospitalisation or daycare.

  • A medical emergency that requires hospitalisation or daycare.

  • OPD medical expenses due to injuries or illnesses

  • Adventure sports-related injuries requiring hospitalisation

  • Permanent total disability/Permanent partial disability caused by an accident during the travel period

  • Accidental death of the insured person during the travel period

  • Coverage for transporting remains in case of death during travel due to injury or illness during the travel period

  • COVID-19 quarantine resulted in flight cancellation

What's not covered in ACKO’s Thailand Travel Insurance 
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Even if you purchase the best travel insurance for Thailand Visa, it will come with a few exclusions. Some of the general exclusions are as follows.

Travel exclusions

The following travel-related circumstances disqualify you from receiving financial aid under your ACKO travel insurance for Thailand.

  • If a valid visa is not present when you enter Thailand

  • Overstaying your stay in Thailand than the validity of your visa

  • If the sole purpose of your trip to Thailand is to receive medical attention

  • Travelling to Thailand when you’re not medically fit

  • Travelling overseas

Medical exclusions

Your travel insurance through ACKO does not provide coverage for these medical issues.

  • Medical complications associated with pregnancy or pre-existing disease

  • If a close relative prepares the disability report used to substantiate a claim

How to Buy Travel Insurance for Thailand from India?
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To get Thailand travel insurance from ACKO, follow these six steps:

Step 1: To begin, click here or download our app from Play or App Store

Step 2: Choose from our standard plan or customise your plan

Step 3: Give us the dates on which your trip will start and end

Step 4: Choose the coverage you want

Step 5: Fill up the details for you and your travel companions

Step 6: Pay online to get your coverage right away

How do I claim online travel insurance for Thailand from Acko?
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Claiming your ACKO travel insurance online for Thailand is super easy. Here are the simple steps to follow: 

For travel medical insurance that offers treatment without cash:

For other covers:


Know More About Thailand Before Starting Your Trip:
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The following section will help you prepare for your Thailand trip.

Best places to visit in Thailand:
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Here are some of the main attractions of Thailand you must take notice of. 

Phuket: Phuket is such an incredible place to visit! It's Thailand's largest island city, and it has so much to offer its visitors. You'll find some of the world's most beautiful beaches with white sands, palm trees swaying in the breeze, crystal-clear waters, and lively towns. There's so much to see and do in Phuket, from enjoying the vibrant nightlife to exploring the colourful night markets, indulging in delicious seafood, visiting the stunning white marble Big Buddha, and even scuba diving.

Koh Phi Phi: It is also one of the largest islands that conceal breathtaking views for you to explore on a beach holiday. Some of the must-visit spots here include Monkey Beach and Long Beach.

Sunday Walking Street: It's a food lover's dream come true! Sunday Walking Street in Chiang Mai awaits you with neverending delicious street food options. You will find small stalls selling finger-licking dishes like chicken satay, pad thai, fried bananas, etc. 

Railay Beach: If you need a beach to relax and enjoy turquoise-blue waves hitting the shore, go to Railay Beach in Thailand. It’s a place where you can also enjoy scuba diving, snorkelling, and even climbing limestone cliffs.

Pai: Situated in northern Thailand, Pai offers a change of landscape from southern beaches. This is where you can have a laid-back moment and make memories of Thai food and breathtaking views.

Thailand visa information
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Thailand receives tourists from around the globe all year. It has set a streamlined visa procedure for travellers who enter the country. For Indians, Thailand offers the Visa on Arrival benefit. An Indian traveller can obtain this visa at the Thailand Embassy or an international airport on arrival.

All foreigners require a Thailand Pass while visiting the country. It has been introduced to increase the pace of the documentation process for Thailand visitors. Based on the purpose of your visit, you can choose between the following visa categories.

Tourist Visa60-day validity with single or multiple entry options
Non-immigrant Visa90-day validity with single entry option
Non-immigrant B VisaBusiness or work-related visit visa
Non-immigrant Ed-VisaEducation-related visit visa
Non-immigrant O-VisaVisa to work in Thailand and live there after retirement
Permanent Resident VisaVisa available for people who have lived in Thailand for 3 consecutive years


Thailand entry information for Indians
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Indians with valid passports can travel to Thailand and use the visa on arrival option. Thailand offers this facility to 18 other countries, apart from India. However, a visa on arrival has a limited validity of 30 days for a visitor to stay in the country.

While entering the country, you will need the following documents.


Thailand visit: Safety and precautions
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While Thailand is considered safe to travel, there are a couple of things to keep in mind to ensure your safety while visiting the country. 

Tips to buy the cheapest Thailand travel insurance from India
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The following tips will help you to buy the best travel insurance for Thailand.


Indian Embassy location in Thailand
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As an Indian travelling in Thailand, you can contact the Indian Embassy located there for emergency assistance. Here are the embassy’s details.

Emergency contact


Regular contact



46, Prasarnmitr, Sukhumvit, Soi 23, Bangkok - 10110


[email protected]

Working days

Monday to Friday (apart from holidays)

Working hours

0900 to 1200 hrs

International airports in Thailand
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The following are the main international airports you can choose to fly to or from in Thailand.



Greater Bangkok

Suvarnabhumi Airport

Chiang Mai and Lamphun

Chiang Mai International Airport

Surat Thani

Surat Thani International Airport

Hat Yai

Hat Yai International Airport

Udon Thani

Udon Thani International Airport


Phuket International Airport


U-Tapao International Airport

Frequently Asked Questions
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Here are a few common questions and their answers related to a Thailand travel insurance plan.


Is travel insurance mandatory for Thailand?

No, travel insurance is not mandatory for Thailand, but you should check the official Indian Embassy in Thailand portal to understand the latest guidelines.

When should I buy travel insurance to Thailand?

Once you book your flight tickets, you can purchase travel insurance for Thailand. Make sure you buy insurance before the date of your departure from India. 

Why is Thailand travel insurance important?

Travel insurance to Thailand is important to protect your trip financially against unwanted and unexpected situations, such as baggage loss, trip cancellation, medical emergencies, flight delays, and personal liabilities.

How should I buy travel insurance for Thailand from India?

You can buy travel insurance online for Thailand from India. It is the easiest way to compare policies, customise coverages and purchase a policy without lengthy paperwork. 

Does Thailand travel insurance provide coverage if I have to cancel my trip?

Yes, your travel insurance for Thailand covers trip rescheduling and cancellation. However, the rescheduling should be from the airline's side.

Is it required to purchase medical travel insurance to Thailand?

While not compulsory, you must purchase medical travel insurance to have financial coverage against medical emergencies that require hospitalisation.

What is the cost of travel insurance for Thailand from India?

For one adult travelling from India to Thailand for 7 days, a $20,000 travel insurance plan starts at just ₹472 (excluding GST). [As of December 2023, this is how much it will price]. You can click on this link to get an idea of how much both the standard and customised plans will cost.

Is Thailand a Schengen country?

No, Thailand is not a Schengen country. Thailand is located in Southeast Asia and is not part of the Schengen area.

Disclaimer: The plans, services, features, processes, and other details mentioned on this page are subject to availability and changes. Please check the applicable policy wordings before making any insurance-related decisions. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for any queries.