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ACKO Life Flexi Term Plan

The only insurance you need for your life’s changing needs. Lower Premiums, Higher Coverage and Unmatched Flexibility!


Experience a Term Plan like No Other - Pure, Non-Linked, and Tailored to Your Every Need.  ACKO Life Flexi Term Plan is a unique plan with unmatched flexibility, offering all-inclusive coverage for you and a financial safety net for your loved ones. This life plan welcomes change, allowing you to customise your policy coverage and terms to suit your changing needs and responsibilities. Whether you've bought a new home, started a family, or retired, adjust your coverage up or down anytime to fit your needs.

life cover

Life cover. Tailored just for you.
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Get an assured life insurance cover with lump sum payout at affordable rates through your earning years.

Easy to customise. Hard to get wrong.

Easy to customise. Hard to get wrong.
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Adjust your coverage with a few taps. Bought a plan with higher coverage than you need? Adjust in real-time.

How Flexible is ACKO Life Flexi Term Plan?
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We are flexi, and we know it! Expertly designed to elevate your life insurance experience, ACKO Life Flexi Term Plan will change how you view insurance to a new level. With this plan, you can:

Customise Sum Assured
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The required coverage can change over time due to more dependents, extra financial obligations, etc.

Customise Policy Terms
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Increase or decrease your policy term based on your changing requirements.

Choose Payout Options
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Have complete control over how the sum assured will be paid to your nominee (monthly or one-time full payment).

Lower premiums

Enjoy Affordable Premiums
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The premiums are fair and friendly to your wallet and offer extensive coverage to stay protected and save on income taxes simultaneously. That's a win-win!

Add or Change Nominees
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You can make necessary adjustments to add, modify, or even change your nominees whenever you want.

Experience an Easy and Convenient Process
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Being digital-first means you can easily buy or make claims on your term insurance policy.

ACKO Flexi Term Life Plan

ACKO Life Flexi Term Plan Example - Lokesh’s Story
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This example demonstrates how ACKO Life Flexi Term Plan adapts to individuals' changing life circumstances.

Step 1: Find out Coverage Needs
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With an annual income of 10 lakhs, Lokesh married at 30 and purchased INR 1 crore coverage (20-year term) ACKO Flexi Term Life Plan for his spouse, Supriya.

Step 2: Increased Coverage as Responsibilities Grew
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At 35, with two kids (Vijay and Zoya) and a 50 lakh home loan, he increased the coverage to INR 3 Crore as his responsibilities increased.

Step 3: Decrease Coverage
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By 45, after repaying the home loan and accumulating a substantial income corpus for his kids' education, he reduced coverage back to INR 2 crore.

Why Choose ACKO Flexi Term Life Plan?
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In addition to the aforementioned advantages, ACKO Flexi Term Life Plan provides extra coverage to protect you against unexpected life events.

ACKO Life Accidental Death Benefit Rider
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Alongside your current life insurance policy, the Accidental Death Benefit Rider offers additional financial support to your family in the event of your accidental death. It's a cost-effective rider that provides extra peace of mind and protection. 

ACKO Life Accidental Total Permanent Disability Benefit Rider
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This rider protects your financial well-being in case a major accident leaves you permanently unable to work or care for yourself. It provides an extra amount to cover daily expenses. Additionally, we will waive off all future premiums of your ACKO Life Flexi Term Plan.

ACKO Life Critical Illness Benefit Rider 
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This rider can pay you a substantial sum if you become critically ill, offering financial support during a difficult period. Another key benefit of this rider is that ACKO waives off all future premium payments for your ACKO Life Flexi Term Plan. We provide coverage for 21 critical illnesses, including common life-threatening conditions affecting women, such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, fallopian tube cancer, and ovarian cancer.

List of Covered Critical Illnesses 
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Cancer of Specified Severity

Benign Brain Tumor

Myocardial Infarction (First Heart Attack Of Specific Severity)


Open Chest CABG


Open Heart Replacement Or Repair Of Heart Valves

End Stage Lung Failure

Coma Of Specified Severity

End Stage Liver Failure

Kidney Failure Requiring Regular Dialysis

Loss Of Speech

Stroke Resulting In Permanent Symptoms

Loss Of Limbs

Major Organ /Bone Marrow Transplant

Major Head Trauma

Permanent Paralysis Of Limbs

Primary (Idiopathic) Pulmonary Hypertension

Motor Neuron Disease With Permanent Symptoms

Third Degree Burns

Multiple Sclerosis With Persisting Symptom

What’s more?
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ACKO Life Flexi Term Plan comes with bonus benefits for you.

Your digital will. Your digital legacy.

Free Digital Will
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Digitally create your will in minutes to safeguard your assets and legacy.

Tax Benefits
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The ACKO Life Flexi Term Plan protects your family’s financial future and lets you save taxes under Section 80C. Easily save up to ₹45,000 on taxes.

Your Tomorrow is Secure, Your Today is Limitless - Choose ACKO Life Flexi Term Plan!
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Some Questions You Might Have
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Will ACKO be around in 30 years?


With backing from Insurance Titans like Munich Re, ACKO brings you the confidence knowing we're financially robust and ready to protect you and your family. We will be there 30-100 years from now

Why is ACKO the best choice for Term Insurance?


ACKO provides you with the only term insurance plan you will ever need! 

  • Highly flexible 

  • Affordable prices

  • Easily buy or make claims. No more hassle, just simple and quick steps.

What is the minimum policy term of ACKO Life Flexi Term Plan?


The minimum policy term for this plan is 5 years.

Will I get a freelook period with this plan?


Yes, you get a freelook period of 30 days on your ACKO Life Flexi Term Plan.

What are the benefits of ACKO Life Flexi Term Plan?


With ACKO Life Flexi Term Plan, you can:

  • Increase or decrease your sum assured as per your life stages and requirements

  • Increase or decrease your policy term based on your changing needs

  • Choose Payout Options

  • Add, delete, or edit the nominee's details

  • Change spelling errors in your name or change the name by submitting supporting documents

  • You can change the residential address