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1 Crore Health Insurance

1 Crore ACKO Platinum Plan that covers you from day one

✅ Zero waiting period ✅ Zero deductions at claim

Zero Waiting period
Waiting period
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100% Bills covered
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Buy 1 Crore health insurance online in India
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Introducing ACKO Platinum Plan with 1 Cr. sum insured: a revolutionary health plan without the many terms and conditions. Instead, it’s based on real insights and feedback from people like you who expect better from their insurer.

What is ACKO Platinum Plan with 1 Crore Sum Insured?
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If we asked, what have we learned to value because of the COVID-19 pandemic? Many of us would say good health and financial planning. That’s what health insurance is supposed to help you with.

As a concept, health insurance in India has been around for more than 70 years and millions of Indians are already insured. Then, what really is the problem?

The many (and sometimes hidden) terms and conditions. Be it long waiting periods on pre-existing diseases or caps on room rent charges, the limitations are many for a few other health insurance policies. These same terms and conditions become a source of disappointment and frustration when you really need your health insurance — during claims. Nobody likes claim rejections and out of pocket payments. We know exactly how that feels and this is where we step in.

The 1 Cr. ACKO Platinum Plan with a high sum insured value of ₹1 Crore has been designed to cover you from day 1 and takes care of 100% of your hospital expenses. It’s a simple plan. We want to keep you stress-free about insurance, so you can focus on your health.

You may not always need medical treatment out of an emergency. Sometimes, people are diagnosed with an ailment and are hospitalised to treat it. The costs of such treatments can be comparatively higher than treatment for injuries.

For example, doctors may suggest surgery to remove a cancerous organ. This is a major surgery which requires close monitoring and follow-up treatments. This entire medical event can easily cost ₹15L - ₹20L, depending upon the severity of the illness. At this point, we don’t want anyone to worry about waiting period, copayment, room rent capping, etc. that exponentially increases out-of-pocket expenses.

All anyone needs is a policy with a high sum insured and that takes care of all hospital bills. That’s where 1 Cr. ACKO Platinum Plan takes the cake.

What are the benefits of buying a health plan with 1 Crore sum insured?
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Sum insured as high as 1 Cr. helps cover the cost of hospitalisation from almost every possible medical emergency. Let’s tell you more about what you get when you buy the ACKO Platinum Plan with 1 Crore sum insured.

Hospital Expenses Covered

One cover for all hospital expenses
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With our health plan, you will always have a sufficient and high sum insured if and whenever you need it. You don’t have to worry about hospitalisation expenses because we will take care of it all.

add-ons for added benefits

Included add-ons for added benefits
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In most other health insurance plans, add-ons often get skipped while buying the policy. Later, you end up with extra expenses at the time of claim. With 1 Cr. ACKO Platinum Plan, add-ons such as Room Rent Waiver, Doctor on-call, etc. are already included in your policy so you don’t have to pay for these out of your pocket at the time of claim.

Restore sum insured without top-up

Restore sum insured without top-up
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With a high sum insured of ₹1 crore, you probably will not require top-ups or super top-ups. However, in the rare case that your sum insured gets exhausted, you have the option to restore the ₹1 Crore sum insured by 100% if necessary. Top-ups will be a thing of the past.

Critical illnesses included in the same plan

Critical illnesses included in the same plan
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Since critical illnesses have a higher cost and risk, people generally buy a separate policy, at a very high premium, to cover future contingencies. With the ₹1 crore sum insured plan, you don’t need a separate policy at all. We will cover hospitalisation expenses for critical illnesses under the base plan itself.

Top features of the 1 Crore health plan
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The 1 Cr. ACKO Platinum Plan comes with multiple benefits. But, two of them truly stand out and are our most important features that we’re sure you’ll love too.


Zero waiting period
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ACKO Platinum Plan covers you from Day 1.

The waiting period of few other insurers range from 1 to 4 years. Can you imagine waiting for such a long time before you can claim for a specific illness in spite of having health insurance? Till then, you have to bear all the related expenses. With our policy, you can claim for hospitalisation without waiting for even one day of buying the 1 Crore plan.


Zero deductions at claim
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✅ ACKO will pay your entire hospital bill.

The claim amount consists of many types of expenses such as hospitalisation expenses, copayment, compulsory deductibles, non-payable medical expenses, etc. Out of these, some expenses are not paid by basic health insurance plans by other insurers at the time of claim. When you have 1 Cr. ACKO Platinum Plan, you don’t have to worry at all about any such deductions in claim.

Add-ons included with 1 Cr. ACKO Platinum Plan
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With our health plan, add-ons such as Room Rent Waiver, Doctor on call, etc. are already included in your policy.

In many other health insurance plans, add-ons often get skipped while buying the policy. Later, you end up with extra expenses at the time of claim. With 1 Cr. ACKO Platinum Plan, you don’t have to pay for any of these add-ons out of your pocket at the time of claim.

Non-medical expenses waiver

Included: Non-medical expenses waiver
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Under our health plan, all types of non-medical expenses are already covered. Some examples of non-medical expenses include the following.

Food (other than provided by the hospital), Nebuliser kit, Registration/admission charges, Nutritionist or dietician charges, Housekeeping charges, Surgical blades, Disposable razors, Bandages, cotton, Syringes, needles, sterilised injections, Digestion gels.

Few other insurers do not cover these non-medical expenses under their basic plan and you have to pay for them yourself. With 1 Cr. ACKO Platinum Plan, you don’t have to worry because we will pay it all in full.

Room Rent Waiver

Included: Room Rent Waiver
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Your 1 Cr. ACKO Platinum Plan includes the cost of the Room Rent Waiver add-on. That means, you can stay in any hospital room of your choice (be it a general ward, a private room, a deluxe/super deluxe room, or even a suite). We will pay the full room rent without any deductions.

This is a major advantage for you when you compare it with the room rent capping of few other basic health insurance plans.

For example, let’s say a basic health plan has a capping of up to ₹800 under room rent. It means the insurer will cover the maximum treatment cost if you stay in a room that costs ₹800. If you choose a room that costs more than ₹800, it will have a negative impact on the claim amount. You may have to pay much more from the pocket than anticipated. That’s not the case with us.

When you’re covered under 1 Cr. ACKO Platinum Plan, we pay your entire room rent. There is no room rent capping applicable.

Doctor on call

Included: Doctor on call
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Whenever you need to get in touch with a doctor, we give you access to multiple teleconsultations under our 1 Crore health plan.

Basic plans may not provide this option. Traditionally, teleconsultations have not been a popular add-on coverage for health insurance plans. However, since COVID-19, the need to get in touch with a doctor remotely has become a necessity. The doctor on call feature of 1 Cr. ACKO Platinum Plan helps patients take a doctor’s opinion easily via video calls.

Waiting period reduction for specific illness

Included: Waiting period reduction for specific illness
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1 Cr. ACKO Platinum Plan comes with the Waiting Period Waiver add-on. This means, you can rest assured that we will bear treatment costs for even pre-existing illnesses from day 1. Provided you disclose them while buying the policy.

Usually with few other insurers, there is a specific waiting period anywhere between 1-4 years for specific illnesses such as tumour, ENT disorder, hernia, osteoporosis, etc. Under these plans, you cannot claim during the waiting period even if you need to avail treatment and you end up bearing the treatment cost yourself.

With our health plan, you can focus on improving your health and let us bear your financial burden for covering the medical expenses from day 1.

What’s covered?
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Following is the list of features you get with our 1 Cr health insurance plan.

Hospitalisation from any medical emergency

Hospitalisation from any medical emergency
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Hospitalisation expenses make up a major part of the bill. We will cover all related expenses when you are hospitalised for an illness or other covered medical procedures.

Expenses can include operation theatre costs, medical practitioners’ fees, medicine bills, diagnostic tests, and costs of surgical or medical appliances as required for your treatment.

No room rent capping

No room rent capping
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You can choose any hospital room of your choice and we will cover the cost of room rent and ICU charges.

You may require special care and advanced medical machinery in case of a major illness or a serious injury. You will get full financial support from us if anything of such unfortunate nature happens to you or an insured loved one. It can ensure the best and most timely medical treatment and faster recovery.

All types of daycare treatments

All types of daycare treatments
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Medical science has made exponential advancements over the past few decades. Thanks to these, a medical procedure that used to require prolonged hospitalisation, can now be completed within a few hours.

For example, cataract surgery does not require you to stay under observation for a long time. The doctor may allow you to go home within a few hours. Such procedures are covered under 1 Cr. ACKO Platinum Plan without any additional premium

Pre and post-hospitalisation expenses

Pre and post-hospitalisation expenses
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Sometimes, a patient needs to be prepared for surgery before a planned hospitalisation. This may include medical treatment, diagnostic tests, checkups, etc. Likewise, follow up treatment may be necessary to recover from hospitalisation.

For example, chemotherapy is sometimes recommended to cancer patients after surgery to avoid the chances of recurrence. If not covered under health insurance, such expenses can have a significant impact on your finances. We offer coverage for pre-hospitalisation for 60 days and post-hospitalisation for 120 days to reduce your monetary burden.

Multiple road ambulance trips

Multiple road ambulance trips
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Every road ambulance trip made between your home and the hospital may not be covered under a general health insurance policy and you end up paying for them. Since we want to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses, we will cover all such ambulance trips for each hospitalisation. We will cover multiple trips up to the sum insured.


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Under this policy, we will cover the cost of transporting you to a well-equipped hospital in another city/state in case of an emergency if enough facilities are not available locally. Transport will be provided by medically-equipped speciality aircraft, commercial airline, train, road ambulance, or via air ambulance.

The cost of one such trip needs thousands of rupees. With the help of our Domestic Emergency Evacuation coverage, the 1 Cr. plan will ensure that you receive necessary medical care in any situation without paying out of your pocket.

Other coverages:

What’s not covered?
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1 Cr. ACKO Platinum Plan covers almost all types of unpredictable injuries or illnesses from day 1 without any waiting period. However, there are a few exclusions (some of which may be elective or cosmetic in nature).

  1. Undisclosed pre-existing diseases: We will cover a pre-existing disease only if you tell us about it at the time of buying the 1 Cr. plan.

  2. Sterility and infertility treatment: Treatments related to birth control, infertility, or sterility are not covered.

  3. Maternity expenses: The cost of hospitalisation related to childbirth is not covered in the 1 Cr. plan. However, hospitalisation expenses for the newborn baby are covered.

  4. Change-of-gender treatments: Gender reassignment surgeries or related treatment costs and hospitalisation are not covered.

  5. Eyesight correction: It is excluded if the refractive error is less than 7.5 dioptres.

  6. Cosmetic surgery: Any type of cosmetic surgery is not covered unless it is medically necessary as a result of an accident.

  7. Dental treatment: Any type of dental treatment is not covered unless it is medically necessary as a result of an accident.

  8. Weight control surgery: These expenses are not covered unless medically necessary. The treatment and related surgery must fulfil certain conditions if covered.

  9. Attempted suicide: Treatments related to a suicide attempt are not covered.

  10. Supplements and hormonal therapy: The cost of supplements and hormonal treatments are not covered. Also, the cost of prosthetics and other devices, investigation & evaluation, etc. is not covered.

Note: An exhaustive list of inclusions and exclusions is available in the policy wordings of our plan.

Types of Rs. 1 Cr Health Plans available at ACKO
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The following two types of Rs. 1 crore health plans are available at ACKO.

ACKO Standard Health Plan

ACKO Platinum Plan

Choose from sum insured options like Rs. 10 Lakh, 25 Lakh, 50 Lakh, and 1 Cr.

Choose from sum insured options like Rs. 1 Cr. and Unlimited 

Get Zero Deductions on claims

Get Zero Deductions on claims

Waiting period is applicable

Waiting period is not applicable

No copay

No Copay

No Room Rent Limit 

No Room Rent Limit 

Pre-policy medical check up for adults above 55 years of age

Pre-policy medical check up for adults above 18 years of age

Get Quote Now!

Get Quote Now!

How much premium do I need to pay to buy the 1 Cr. health policy?
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The exact amount of premium you need to pay for buying an 1 Cr. ACKO Platinum Plan depends upon many different factors. For example, your age, number of dependents, location, etc. You need to fill us in with some basic information and we will calculate the exact premium for your 1 Cr. policy.

When you think about everything that is covered under our health plan, the premium seems insignificant. The high sum insured of 1 Crore is truly a boon when compared to the medical bills you might have to pay without a health insurance policy.

You can rest assured that the premium is the only payment you have to make. There are no hidden charges or additional costs apart from the applicable GST.

Why choose 1 Cr. ACKO Platinum Plan?
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Let’s take a look at what makes ACKO the ideal choice to buy health insurance from with a high sum insured.

Network Hospitals

14,300+ network hospital
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ACKO has a tie-up with more than 14,300 hospitals where you can avail cashless claims. Simply call us about the hospitalisation and we will help you cover the hospital bill.


2.8 Crore+ people covered
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More than 2.8 crore customers trust us with their insurance needs. Our products span across categories like Car Insurance, Bike Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Group Medical Coverage for employees and more.


24x7x365 customer support
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Have a query buzzing in your mind? Call up 1800 266 2256 or send an email to [email protected] at any day, anytime, and we will help you out.

How to claim for your one crore health insurance?
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Raising a claim against your one crore health insurance plan is very easy. All you need is an active internet connection, and a smartphone/computer. Just download the ACKO app on your phone so you can raise a claim from wherever you are.

Here are the steps to claim against Rs. 1 Cr ACKO Platinum Plan.

We will review the claim request and ask for more documents if required. Then we will process the claim as quickly as possible. Just ensure that you upload any additional documents as soon as you get the intimation from us.

Buy Rs. 1 Crore health insurance online
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Today, almost everything is accessible with your phone including health insurance. In fact, buying health insurance online is way more convenient than the offline method.

Before the age of the internet, if you wished to buy health insurance, you had to invest a lot of time and money — from arranging the necessary documents and visiting the insurance company to hiring a middle man for choosing a suitable plan. Now, the process is much better. You can research easily, compare health insurance plans, and choose a suitable policy with the help of your smartphone or a computer. Unlike older times, you don’t need to rely on a middle man to help you buy the plan.

Understanding health insurance has gotten much easier and faster now. Once you have narrowed down your preferences in a health policy, visit us at or download our app to buy our 1 Crore health plan within minutes. 

How do I apply for the 1 Crore health insurance plan?
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You can click here to check out the quote of your Rs. 1 Cr ACKO Platinum Plan. If you need any help or assistance while buying the policy, we’ll be happy to help you out. Please get in touch with us by writing to [email protected]. Our customer service executives are available 24x7x365 to help you get insured with our 1 Crore health plan.

Steps to buying a 1 Crore medical insurance plan online
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Here is a quick guide on how to buy ACKO Health Insurance Policy online:

Step 1:
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Download the ACKO app or visit to sign up/login with your mobile number.

Step 2:
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Go to the “Health Insurance” tab and click on “Get a quote”

Step 3:
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Answer a few basic questions to generate your health insurance quote and make the payment to complete the purchase.

That’s it! We’ll send you the 1 Crore health insurance policy to your registered email address.

Who is eligible to buy a 1 Cr. health insurance policy?
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People of age 18 years and above are eligible to buy 1 Cr. ACKO Platinum Plan. You can insure up to 10 dependents, including six adults above 18 years old and four children between the ages of 3 months to 25 years.

Adults (above the age of 18 years) need to undergo Pre-Policy Medical Check Up (PPMC) for buying the Rs.1 Cr ACKO Platinum Plan. Here's an example of what the list of insured members can look like:

ACKO Health Insurance Policy is in true sense a one-stop-solution for covering your loved ones with a high sum insured.

With this plan, you can stay stress-free about rising medical costs and inflation once and for all. Such a high sum insured ensures that you can avail quality health care in a timely manner. Through features like Domestic Emergency Evacuation, we will make sure that you are taken to the best medical facility even when treatment is not available in your locality.

Documents required to buy 1 Cr. medical insurance
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At ACKO, we don’t believe in unnecessary and time-consuming paperwork.

We want you to get insured as fast as possible without putting you through the hassle of arranging unnecessary documents like residential proofs or approval forms. All you need to do is share information with us about your past and current health status and we will create a personalised health insurance quote for you and your loved ones.

How to calculate 1 Cr. health insurance premium amount?

When it comes to calculating the health insurance premium, there are a lot of factors to be considered — your age, location, number of dependents, etc. These factors decide how much premium you need to pay.

However, if you wish to get a basic idea and an approximate number, you can try using the health insurance premium calculator. You can tweak certain factors, such as coverage, and see how it affects the premium amount.

Explore More:

Frequently asked questions
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Here’s a list of questions you may have related to 1 Cr. ACKO Platinum Plan or even health insurance in general. In case you have any other queries, do get in touch with us by sending an email to [email protected].

At what age can you buy 1 Cr. ACKO Platinum Plan?


Currently, anyone above 18 years of age can buy the plan.

Is it useful to buy a health plan with one crore sum insured?


Yes, buying a plan with a higher sum insured ensures enhanced financial protection against medical emergencies. A higher sum insured can act as a backup against rising medical costs and inflation.

Additionally, with a sum insured as high as ₹1 Crore, you can get coverage for medical treatments that cost lakhs of rupees.

For example

The cost of a liver transplant surgery and recovery can tentatively amount to ₹80 Lakhs. You would have to proactively buy a critical illness plan to cover such high treatment costs.

However, with 1 Cr. ACKO Platinum Plan, you get a one-stop solution for your health insurance needs. Plus, the features of this plan make it one of the best options available.

Can I claim for expenses related to cancer treatment?


Yes, we will cover the hospitalisation expenses related to cancer treatment.

Is COVID-19 treatment covered under 1 Cr. ACKO Platinum Plan?


Yes, the cost of hospitalisation due to COVID-19 treatment is covered under 1 Cr. ACKO Platinum Plan.

What is the grace period on 1 Cr. ACKO Platinum Plan?


The grace period on 1 Cr. ACKO Platinum Plan is 30 days after expiry. Note that any claims made after the policy expires are not admissible. You will have to renew the plan during the grace period to keep the policy active and get continued health insurance coverage.

Does 1 Cr. ACKO Platinum Plan offer any value-added services?


Yes, you will get a ton of value-added services under the ₹1 Cr plan such as wellness coaches, fitness tracking, discounts on lab tests, home delivery of medicines, etc.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on industry experience and several secondary sources on the internet, and is subject to changes. Please go through the applicable policy wordings for updated ACKO-centric content, and before making any insurance-related decisions.