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Bike Accidents in Chennai and Insurance Claim

Team AckoNov 28, 2022

Chennai is one of the most visited cities in India. It is also considered a gateway to southern India, as most tourists land here and then explore the rest of the region. Chennai has a little bit of everything - places of historical and cultural significance, beautiful beaches, amazing food, and lest we forget, it is also the birthplace of Kollywood. 

All the glitz and glamour aside, Chennai also has its fair share of problems, and bike accidents are one of them. If you are ever involved in a bike accident in Chennai, you might want to know how to file an insurance claim after the fact. This article will help you do just that.

Bike Accidents in Chennai and Insurance Claim



Bike Accidents in Chennai

Chennai, unfortunately, has been recording the highest number of road accidents in the country for the past few years. It is important to note that Tamil Nadu has some of the best roads in the country. While this is a good thing, bikers tend to overspeed, which usually ends in them meeting with an accident.

Being an IT and education hub, Chennai sees a large influx of youngsters into the city, and most of them tend to ride bikes. Couple that with the immaturities associated with that age group, and bike accidents in Chennai have unfortunately become far too common. 

Number of Road Accident Cases Reported in Chennai

The bike accident rate in Chennai over the last few years is as follows: 

  • Road Accidents in Chennai in 2020 - 2307

  • Road Accidents in Chennai in 2019 - 3537

Bike accidents in Chennai account for nearly 42% and 43.81% of the total road accidents in 2019 and 2020, respectively. That is a staggering number.

Statistics show that in 2020, 32.37% of bike accidents resulted in fatalities. The number for 2019 was 38.22%. Chennai Police also stated that most fatalities occurred due to riders not wearing helmets.

Despite the COVID-19-induced lockdowns, the total number of accidents involving two-wheelers only dropped by 12.12%. This shows a worrying trend of dangerous riding in Chennai. The COVID -19 pandemic, however, did have a silver lining when it came to the reduced number of accidents due to drunk driving.

Safety and Bike Insurance as A Protection Against Bike Accidents in Chennai

It is pretty clear by now bike accidents in Chennai are a very real possibility, which is why having insurance can be a saving grace. There are two types of bike insurance policies available in India. Understanding what they offer can help you decide what is best for your riding needs. 

Third-Party Bike Insurance: When it comes to riding in India, this type of insurance policy is the bare minimum legal requirement. It protects you from financial liability, if you damage a vehicle or property owned by a third party, or cause injury or death  as a result of your actions. Damage to your vehicle is not covered by third-party bike insurance.

Comprehensive Bike Insurance: A comprehensive insurance plan includes all of the benefits of a third-party plan and coverage for damage to your vehicle. Comprehensive bike insurance will also cover you, if your bike is stolen or damaged from fire, or by natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes. 

Documents Required to Make a Bike Accident Claim in Chennai

If you are involved in a bike accident in Chennai, here is a list of documentation you will need in the event you need to file an insurance claim:

  • Driving licence of the rider.

  • A copy of the insurance policy certificate of the bike.

  • Registration Certificate (RC) of the bike in question.

  • Proof of Identification of the policyholder.

  • First Information Report (FIR) (if a third party was involved in the accident)

  • Fire Brigade Report (only for comprehensive plans against a claim of fire damage)

  • Cancelled cheque

  • Any other documents, as requested by the insurer

It is always best to keep all important documents on hand any time you travel. Having all the documents in order and providing them to the insurer without delays can result in a hassle-free and quick claim settlement. 

How to Buy a Bike Insurance Policy in Chennai at ACKO?

ACKO is one of the few insurance service providers out there that offers you the convenience of not only purchasing bike insurance online but also enables you to renew the bike insurance online. 

We provide three types of insurance plans for two-wheelers with tailor-made premiums:

  • Third-party bike insurance plan: In India, third-party bike insurance is required by law. It protects against third-party liabilities. In other words, the policy protects you financially if your vehicle damages another person's vehicle/property or injures or kills a third party in an accident. However, third-party bike/scooter insurance does not cover loss or damage to your two-wheeler.

  • Comprehensive bike insurance plan: The Comprehensive Bike Policy includes all of the coverage provided by the Third-Party Plan as well as coverage for damages/losses incurred by your two-wheeler. Accidental damage, fire damage, natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, etc.), man-made calamities (riots), and theft of the insured bike are all covered by this plan.

  • Personal Accident Cover: Although this does not technically qualify as a type of plan, it is an essential cover. Personal Accident insurance, like third-party insurance, is required by law. While bike insurance covers your vehicle, PA insurance provides financial protection against events such as disability or death caused by an accident while riding your bike or scooter.

Once you decide on the plan that will suit you best, you can head over to and follow the below steps: 

  • On the home page, select the option for 'Bikes', enter your bike's registration number, and click on 'Get Quote'. 

  • The details of your vehicle will appear on the next screen for you to verify.

  • Once you have verified the details, click on 'View Prices'.

  • On the next screen, you are provided with several options to choose from. You can select the tenure of the policy from 1 to 3 years. The premiums in each instance will be updated simultaneously. In the case of a comprehensive insurance policy, you will also be given the option to select the IDV for your bike. 

  • Once you have selected all the options and double-checked your choices, you can proceed with the payment. 

  • Once ACKO confirms that the payment has gone through, you will be able to view and download the policy document.

Things to Remember

Here are a few key things to remember if you ride a bike in Chennai:

  • Chennai sees some of the highest number of road accidents in the country. Follow traffic rules and be alert. 

  • Ignoring the helmet rule is the primary cause of fatalities related to bike accidents in Chennai. Helmets are mandatory for a reason. Always wear one when you ride a bike. 

  • Invest in riding gear if possible. It will provide an additional layer of protection in the event you are involved in an accident. 

That being said, if you are involved in a bike accident in India, keep these few things in mind to make sure your claim is successful:

  • Inform your insurer within 24 hours of the accident. 

  • Inform the police and file an FIR. This will be mandatory for a claim involving a third party. 

  • Keep all your documents handy. You don't need to carry physical copies of important documents. Apps like Digilocker allow you to store sensitive documents securely.

Bike accidents in Chennai, unfortunately, happen way too often. An insurance policy from ACKO will take care of all your financial needs when it comes to fixing your bike in the event of an accident. 

Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to some of the common questions about two-wheeler accidents in Chennai.


What should I do if I get into a bike accident in Chennai?

Check yourself for injuries, and if you are okay, help others in need who were involved in the accident. Move to the side of the road. Inform the police and your insurer. If someone needs urgent medical attention, call an ambulance first.

How long does ACKO take to settle claims?

ACKO settles minor claims instantaneously. In more severe cases where extensive repair is required, it may take longer to settle a claim.

Under what circumstances can my insurance claim be rejected?

ACKO retains the right to reject claims if we find the claim to be fraudulent or if the accident occurred due to riding without a valid licence or under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

Can I buy insurance for a new bike from ACKO?

Yes, you can buy insurance for a new vehicle by following the steps mentioned earlier. All we will need are a few basic details, and your policy will be available instantly after making the online payment.

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