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Why Your Insurance Premiums Are Lower With ACKO?

Team AckoOct 14, 2022

Picture this: You’re scrolling on your phone, getting an instant quote for your vehicle’s insurance on the ACKO app. The quote shocks you with how inexpensive it is for the value it’s providing! Your first thought is: Hey! There’s got to be a catch here somewhere. How are ACKO’s premiums so low?

Low Insurance Premiums with Acko



    Let us assure you - there is no catch. ACKO’s premiums are low because:

    1. You’re Buying Directly From Us:

    ACKO is not an insurance agent. We are a tech-first insurance company registered with the IRDAI. So, we create our own insurance products and we sell directly to you, the customer, instead of going through platforms or through dealers and agents. 

    Starting from car and bike insurance to electronics insurance and even travel insurance, ACKO operates across business verticals and customer needs. 

    By selling directly, we do not incur the expensive costs of building out dealer and agent networks and thus we are able to pass those savings to you in the form of lower premiums.

    Low Premiums with ACKO

    Did you know that 8 crore* plus consumers in India trust ACKO with their insurance needs?

    2. Zero Commission

    Insurance products typically have commission included in the premiums that they charge the customer. This commission is paid to the agents who make the sale. When you buy your vehicle insurance directly from ACKO, there are no middlemen or agents involved. 

    So that means: zero commissions! We don’t pay commissions to any agent or middleman. And we pass on those savings to you, the customer, as super low premiums. 

    And that’s the secret behind ACKO’s Low Premiums 

    ACKO’s premiums are low because you buy directly from us and because we pay zero commissions. That’s it! You’re simply benefiting from buying directly from us, the insurance company, and paying zero commissions. So the next time you need to buy insurance, buy direct from ACKO and enjoy the savings!


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