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Palatino Bike Insurance

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Palatino Bike Insurance

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Palatino bikes are budget-friendly scooters that offer both style and comfort. These bikes are not meant for adventure tours or heavy riding. Instead, light daily commuting is what these scooters are made for. Buying Palatino bike insurance is not just for fulfilling compliance requirements but also for mitigating financial losses in case of damage.

Benefits of buying online bike insurance for Palatino bike
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Take a look at the following benefits of buying your Palatino Bike insurance policy online.

Convenient purchase
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Digital insurance has made the bike insurance buying/renewing process more convenient than the traditional offline process. You don’t have to meet insurance agents to figure out the coverage or take out time to visit the insurance company’s office. Simply use an internet-enabled device to buy, renew, or claim against your bike insurance policy.

Quick comparison
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Comparing plans online helps you find the most suitable bike insurance policy for your Palatino. You can instantly select plans that offer similar coverage and compare them against parameters like premium and services. Comparing bike insurance plans manually would be a tedious task, but buying the policy online helps with quick comparisons.

Instant policies
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This is one of the best features of buying bike insurance online. You will get the policy document as soon as you purchase the plan. No waiting for a physical copy to be delivered to the doorstep. Instant insurance helps avoid traffic fines for riding an uninsured bike.

Types of bike insurance plans for Palatino
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Bike insurance can be of two types - Third-party and Comprehensive. The cost of these bike insurance plans depend upon the coverages and services offered by the insurance company, and the add-ons opted by the bike owner. Here are the main types of bike insurance plans for your Palatino.

Third-party Liability Policy
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A Third-party Liability plan offers coverage for any damage or injuries caused to the third party and/or their property (vehicles, house, wall, etc.). But this plan does not cover your Palatino bike. Any damage to the bike will be borne by the bike owner.

Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy
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A comprehensive plan is more helpful and covers the Palatino two-wheeler as well. Additionally, it offers all the benefits of the third-party liability plan (third-party two-wheeler insurance) and a personal accident cover. This plan can also be customised with add-ons.

What’s covered in the Palatino two-wheeler insurance policy? (Inclusions)
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Buying a comprehensive policy for a Palatino bike will be more helpful to cover unfortunate incidents like accidents or natural calamities. The cost of damage will be borne by the insurance company. This way the repair work can start at the earliest. Here is the list of inclusions for a comprehensive Palatino two-wheeler insurance policy.

What’s not covered in the Palatino two-wheeler insurance policy? (Exclusions)
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Buying an insurance policy for a Palatino ensures that you are covered under certain situations (inclusions). However, there is another set of situations under which you have to bear the cost of repairs by yourself. These situations are called exclusions. Here is a list of exclusions for a Palatino Bike insurance policy.

Add-ons for Palatino bike insurance policy
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Additional coverages bought along with a comprehensive policy are called add-ons. Since they increase the scope of the policy, they also increase the premium. Thus, it is a good idea to buy only those add-ons that are actually useful to you. Here are popular add-ons bought with the Palatino bike insurance policy.

Why choose ACKO for buying Palatino bike insurance?
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ACKO is one of the most sought-after general insurance companies in today's market thanks to low-priced policies and quick services. Buying bike insurance online through ACKO can be beneficial in more than one way because you can not only just buy Palatino two-wheeler insurance from your comfortable space but also at a lower price as compared to other insurers. Here are other reasons why you should consider buying insurance for Palatino Bike from ACKO.

Low premium
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Our bike insurance policies are low-priced because you buy directly from us. There are no insurance agents involved in this process. Thus, you don't have to bear agent commissions. Additionally, we are a digital insurance company and offer online services.

Instant claims
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At ACKO we offer instant claims for minor damage like dents, broken mirrors, etc. You can avoid the hassle of going through the entire claim process for a small claim. Raise a claim via ACKO's website or mobile app, we will review and settle it instantly.

No pre-inspection
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When you buy bike insurance from ACKO, you can get insured instantly as we don't inspect the bike before issuing a policy. You get your bike insurance policy online and have the option to download and print the document.

ACKO’s super easy claim process
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If you are buying an insurance policy from a digital insurance company like ACKO, then the claim process is quite simple as compared to buying it from a traditional insurer. Here are the steps to raise a claim online.

As mentioned before, we will try to settle your claim as fast as possible and the minor ones within a few hours. However, the claim settlement process will depend largely on the extent of damage that your bike has suffered.

Frequently asked questions
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The following are the answers to certain general queries that you may have after reading the above article. In case of more questions, you can get in touch with your insurance company or visit the website.


Is it legally required to buy a comprehensive cover for a bike?

No, buying the third-party liability cover is the legal requirement. However, it does not provide coverage to the insured bike. This means you will have to bear the cost of repairs or replacement of bike parts in case of damages. Thus, buying a comprehensive cover provides full financial protection during damages.

Do I need documents to buy bike insurance online?

No physical copies of documents are required to buy bike insurance. You only need a few details like the registration number of the bike, previous policy number (if applicable), etc. You can get your bike insured in a few minutes.

Which factors affect the premium of a bike insurance policy?

Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the bike is one of the major components that affect the cost of insurance. Other than IDV, factors like the number of add-ons, type of policy, the insurance company, No Claim Bonus, etc., affect the insurance cost.

What is a cashless claim?

Cashless is a type of claim in bike insurance where the bike owner does not have to pay the entire repair expense. You can avail of this claim in a network garage. This means the bike owner should get the bike repaired at a garage that is in the insurer's network.

What are deductibles?

Deductibles are charges that the bike owner needs to pay at the time of claims. Deductibles are of two types in bike insurance, voluntary and compulsory. The amount of voluntary deductible can be decided by the bike owner. This can reduce the premium while buying the bike insurance policy.

Two-wheeler insurance for other Palatino bike models
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