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Palatino Sunshine Bike Insurance

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Palatino Sunshine Bike Insurance

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Riding a scooter offers you a lot of freedom in terms of time management. It can also help you beat the city traffic. But you must remember that riding a scooter, fuel-driven and electric, comes with its share of responsibilities. You must ride safe and buy bike insurance. Read ahead to know about Palatino Sunshine bike insurance in India.

Bike insurance plans for Palatino Sunshine scooter
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If you are buying bike insurance or renewing bike insurance for Palatino Sunshine in India, then you have the following two fundamental types of insurance plans to choose from.

Third-party Liability Policy
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Here, the policy shall cover you against third-party bike insurance (third-party liabilities). These can be an injury to or death of a third party or damage to their property due to the insured Palatino Sunshine.

Comprehensive Policy
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Here, the policy shall cover third-party liabilities as well as damage to the bike. Damages due to calamities, accidents, etc., are covered along with bike theft under this policy.

What’s covered in Palatino Sunshine bike insurance? (Inclusions)
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Usually, your Palatino Sunshine scooter insurance will cover the following scenarios in case of a Comprehensive Policy. For specific details about Palatino Sunshine two-wheeler insurance, please check the respective policy wordings.

Note: Please buy a Personal Accident Cover separately if you don’t have an active one. It is a law-mandated requirement.

What’s not covered in Palatino Sunshine bike insurance? (Exclusions)
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Here are some prominent situations that shall not be covered by your Palatino Sunshine bike insurance policy. Please have a look at the policy wordings for a detailed list.

Add-ons for Palatino Sunshine scooter insurance
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In case you want to enhance your Comprehensive Policy’s coverage, you can do so with the following add-ons. Note that the following add-ons are subject to availability.

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ACKO offers bike insurance at a low premium without compromising on the services and the coverage. Here’s why you should pick us as your preferred bike insurance partner for your Palatino Sunshine.


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ACKO’s bike insurance policies are easy on the wallet. Our digital infrastructure and zero-commission model help us to keep the premium affordable.

24x7x365 customer service

24x7 services
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Whether you want to buy a policy, renew it, or raise a claim, you can do so 24x7 via the ACKO website/app. Also, if you have an insurance-related query, you can check our help centre.

Protect your bike

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With no unnecessary paperwork and no bike inspection (before policy purchase), buying bike insurance from ACKO is completely hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Here are some common questions and their answers related to Palatino Sunshine bike insurance.


Can I buy bike insurance only for six months as I don’t use my bike extensively throughout the year?

Whether you ride your scooter daily throughout the year or sparingly in some seasons, you need to ensure that your scooter is insured while you ride it on public roads. Besides, even a parked bike can get damaged due to an accident like a treefall. Thus, it’s best to insure your bike with an annual Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy and renew it before its expiry.

Will bike insurance offer me financial support if my Palatino Sunshine is damaged during a riot?

Yes, a Comprehensive Bike Insurance policy covers man-made calamities such as a riot. Thus, if your scooter is covered under a Comprehensive Policy and is damaged in a man-made calamity, you shall receive financial support as per the policy’s terms and conditions.

Do I have to pay any commission while insuring my Palatino Sunshine scooter from the ACKO app?

No, you don’t need to pay any commission while buying or renewing bike insurance directly from the ACKO website or the app. ACKO functions on a zero-commission model when you buy/renew bike insurance directly from us. Thus, there’s no commission involved, and you get a bike insurance policy at wallet-friendly rates.

Are scooter insurance and bike insurance the same or do I need to buy a specific separate scooter insurance policy for my Palatino Sunshine scooter?

Scooter insurance, bike insurance, and two-wheeler insurance are different terminologies, but they mean the same thing with respect to vehicle insurance.  

Will I get a cheaper Third-party Liability Policy for my Palatino Sunshine scooter if I compare the premium charged by different insurers?

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) is the top insurance body in the country. It states the premium for the law-mandated Third-party Liability Policy. Thus, this policy’s price is the same across insurers.

Two-wheeler insurance for other Palatino bike models
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