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Car Accidents in Patna and Insurance Claim

Team AckoMar 17, 2023

Patna is the capital city of Bihar state, and it is among the rapidly growing cities in India. The city has an approximate area of around 38.6 miles, which means the city has around 43,480 residents per square mile. The population in the greater urban area of Patna is more than 2 million. 

Driving vehicles like a car is not easy in this city, and a car accident in Patna can happen due to traffic and other reasons. To protect yourself while driving a car on the roads of Patna, it's advisable to have car insurance for your car.

Car Accidents in Patna and Insurance Claim



Car Accident in Patna

It has been observed that with the increase in the number of flyovers and, in addition to that, the road expansion plan in the city of Patna, transportation has now become very smooth. But these have led to an increase in the number of accidents. Rash driving and improperly managed traffic systems are two of the top reasons for accidents in Patna.

While the total commute time has been greatly reduced because of the construction of flyovers, more traffic regulations need to be implemented. People at times have been found driving recklessly as well as overspeeding on these flyovers.

Moreover, people have been found taking photo-selfies and videos on the flyovers, which sometimes cause an accident. The state transport department is taking preventive measures to reduce road accidents by 50% by 2030. Intense helmet and seatbelt-checking initiatives have given positive results.

Number of Road Accidents Cases Reported in Patna 

The accident rate in Patna decreased from 2017 to 2019 but again went up in 2020.

The total number of road accidents reported in Patna was 524 in 2019 and has been reduced to 373 in 2020. The number of people killed in this accident was 191 in 2019 and 181 in 2020, whereas the number of people injured in this accident was 314 in 2019 and 243 in 2020. 

The total number of road accidents reported in Patna in the year 2018 was 406. In these accidents, the number of people killed was 178, and the total number of people injured was 220. The total number of road accidents reported in Patna in the year 2017 was 422. In these road accidents, the total number of people killed was 147, and the total number of people injured was 218.

Safety and Car Insurance as A Protection Against Car Accidents in Patna 

You will notice that the majority of people in Patna use cars for transportation, so car accidents in Patna are inevitable. As a result, there is a need for car insurance for every car owner to safeguard themselves from a car accident in Patna.  The Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 has made it compulsory for all vehicle owners to have at least a third-party car insurance plan.  Majorly there are two types of car insurance plans available for car owners. Let's understand both of them: 

Third-Party Car Insurance

Third-Party Car Insurance is one of the most popular types of car insurance in India. Also, it's mandatory by law as driving a vehicle without it is a crime under the Motor Vehicle Act 1988. Third-Party Car Insurance covers any damages or losses caused to a third-party person, vehicle, or property. It also covers any medical expenses of the person injured by the car accident. 

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive Car Insurance is an all-inclusive policy, one of the most popular and valuable car insurance. It provides complete coverage, including third-party liabilities and car damages that occur due to car accidents. 

Documents Required for Making a Car Accident Claim in Patna 

For all car accident claims in Patna, your car insurance company would ask you to provide certain documents for insurance claim acceptance. You are required to submit all necessary documents for the claim and fill up the form.

The list of all documents you must submit for making a car insurance claim is as follows.

  • Filled Claim form with the signature of the car owner 

  • Copy of your car insurance policy 

  • Driving license of the driver

  • Copy of the RC book (Registration certificate) of the car 

  • Tax receipts

  • Copy of FIR

  • An estimate of the car's repair cost

  • Original repair bills and payment receipts

  • Medical receipts if physical injuries have occurred

  • Vehicle inspection address if not conducted at a garage

How to Buy a Car Insurance Policy in Patna at ACKO 

Getting car insurance with ACKO is a very simple and convenient process. ACKO has been digital-first, so you can buy car insurance online as well as renew car insurance onlineconveniently through its website as well app.

Insurance from ACKO has the following features:

Low Premiums

As the entire process is digital, operational costs are low. Moreover, ACKO directly sells you the insurance policy, so no middlemen are involved. As a result, you can buy car insurance here at a low premium. 

Zero Paperwork

At ACKO, you don't have to fill out physical forms to insure the car. No need to submit a long list of documents, as everything here is done online. 

Stress-Free Claims 

You don't need to stress about raising an insurance claim now. Here you get features like free pick-up and drop, a hassle-free repair, and also, you have a claim tracking option. That's why your claim experience becomes stress-free.

24×7 Support

We can't predict the occurrence of accidents. So you will get 24×7 Support for any queries concerning your insurance.

Steps to Buying Car Insurance

  • Go to the ACKO website through this link 

  • Enter the basic details like car registration number and other details 

  • Select the policy type and add-ons based on your needs.

  • Pay the premium for car insurance online. You will get the policy document in your registered email. 

Things to Remember 

Buying a car has become easier due to the easy car loan facility. Since Patna is one of the popular mega cities of India, you can find many people using a car for daily commuting purposes here. The increase in the number of flyovers in the city has made transport convenient but has also increased accidents as these flyovers are always crowded with people.

Having reliable car insurance becomes necessary when you use a car daily. You can avail the best car insurance from the ACKO website/app at an affordable rate. Always remember that, if you meet with a car accident in Patna, immediately contact your insurance provider, submit the documents, and get the claim approved! 

Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to some of the common questions about car accidents in Patna.


After how many days of the accident can we claim car insurance? 

You should report the accident to your insurance company on an immediate basis. Usually, you are supposed to inform the insurance company about the car accident within 24 hours of the occurrence of the accident. If you delay, then your claim can be rejected.

Is it possible to claim car insurance without FIR? 

In case of events like theft, auto accidents, or fire, FIR is compulsory. So in case of any such event, you must file an FIR. No insurance company will entertain your claim in such events without an FIR.

Is a Car Accident considered a crime scene in India? 

A car accident can result in serious injuries or death. In such cases, the driver is charged with assault or manslaughter, which can result in a prison sentence. Apart from imprisonment, a penalty of Rs. 1000 or both can be charged for rash driving or causing injuries to a third party. 

Is it compulsory to have car insurance in Patna? 

As per the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, third-party car insurance is compulsory for driving cars on the roads of Patna. If you drive a car without third-party car insurance, you will face a penalty of Rs. 5000 or up to 3 months of imprisonment or both.

Can I drive the car in other cities of India after taking car insurance from Patna? 

As per the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, car insurance taken in Patna is valid throughout India. You can drive a car in any part of India, even if you have taken car insurance in Patna. Every insurance company in India has a pan-India presence. If any claim arises while driving a car in other parts of India, the claim can be reported to the insurance company through their toll-free number.

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