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Car Insurance in Patna

Getting a reliable car insurance cover looks compulsory when you drive your car in cities like Patna. Patna is considered one of the densest cities in India, with a lot of traffic on the road.

Also, several monuments like Bihar Museum and Golghar make it a tourist hub. As a result, you see congestion whenever you drive a car on the roads of Patna. Ultimately, it creates several driving challenges and even causes a car accident. 

If you want to avoid such hard times and financial crises. It's good to get the best car insurance in Patna. Also, you can keep reading here to learn how having car insurance can help you get a safe driving experience.  

What are the Best Car Insurance Plans in Patna?
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There are many types of car insurance plans for car owners, but third party and comprehensive are two major insurance plans. You can read about both in the below-mentioned sections.


1. Third-Party Car Insurance
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Third-party car insurance coverage is one of India's popular types of car insurance. It covers damages to a third party person, vehicle, or property. It also covers the medical expenses of the person affected by a car accident.


2. Comprehensive Car Insurance
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Comprehensive car insurance cover is also popular and a secure car insurance in India. It covers both you and the third-party liabilities. So, third-party injuries or property damage due to an accident is covered as mentioned in the policy terms.

What Problems do Car Owners Face in Patna? 
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1. Underage Bike Riders
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Under-age bike riders hardly carry a driving license. Also, they rarely follow traffic laws and drive bikes at high speed. Because of these reasons, they either harm themselves or hit others.

In addition, it creates conflict on the road and wastes time for others. If any mishap happens, then it not only damages the car but also injures you.  

That's why getting the best car insurance in Patna is recommended. If you do so, you can claim damages from the insurer hassle-free.

2. Poor Roads and Bridges
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You might have already seen Patna, the city with the highest road accidents. It has poorly constructed roads and bridges that often cause accidents. Due to these casualties, people also lose their lives.  

3. Uncontrolled Truck Drivers
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Patna is a transportation hub; you will find trucks transporting goods day and night. Because of their frequent activities, car drivers are often stuck in traffic jams. They also get hit by truck drivers who carelessly drive their trucks.  

4. No Proper Drainage
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You can have a hard time on Patna's roads in rainy weather. In heavy rains, its roads collapse and drain water comes out. Sometimes car drivers also have to deal with poor visibility and flooded roads. Therefore, taking car insurance in Patna is suitable for minimising further damages.

Why Must you Get Car Insurance in Patna?
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There are many reasons you must have car insurance in Patna. Below are some of the major ones you must know right now.


1. It Pays for the Damages
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Third-party liability (TPL) is the mandatory car insurance cover in India. The insurance coverage covers you against the legal activity of a car accident. For example, if you hit a biker on Patna's road, he gets injured. In that case, this insurance cover will pay for the bike damage plus his medical expenses. Also, if there are any legal consequences, it will save you from them.


2. Accessible for Car Owners
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When you buy car insurance cover from online platforms like ACKO. You find it very affordable and efficient. You get the best in class customer support and a hassle-free claim process. Also, you can make the payment for car insurance premiums online, and it also gives you a simple click renewal facility.


3. Reduce Personal Liability
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Not only is purchasing a car expensive, but its repair bill is also costly. Sometimes your car gets damaged due to others' negligence or your mistake. In both cases, your vehicle can be saved from going into the junkyard. And for this, you need car insurance coverage from a reliable insurance provider. It is because whenever you face such car damage, your insurer will be there to pay all the repair charges.


4. Compensate Family for any Miss-Happening
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It's regrettable when a car owner dies in a car accident. Because when the policyholder is the only source of income for the family and passes away. It can be challenging for their family to sustain like before. However, if the car owner had taken a comprehensive car insurance cover. In that case, the insurer is liable to pay for the expenses or lump sum amount.

Where can you Find Cheap Car Insurance in Patna?
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So, now you are ready to get car insurance in Patna. However, you don't know whether you should get it offline or online. If you want to find the cheapest and hassle-free option. In that case, we recommend you get car insurance online.

You have the best options like ACKO, where you can book car insurance in Patna in a few minutes.  

How to Claim Car Insurance in Patna?
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Some people think claiming car insurance in Patna is an arduous task. But it's not as challenging as it seems if you get it from insurers like ACKO. Below is a brief about the proper steps to claim your car insurance.  

1. Inform Insurance Company
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Once the car accident occurs, you must inform the car insurer within seven days. Most insurance companies keep the timeline around seven business days.

Hence, if you want to claim your damages and expenses. You must contact the insurer within the timeline. However, you must submit soft copies of the required documents. Generally, users need to upload a driving license, car registration certificate, and FIR.  

2. Put a Police Complaint
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At the time of a car accident, it's also required to lodge an FIR at the nearest police station. Whether it's theft, fire, or accident, it's a mandatory step. You do not need to lodge an FIR if there is a normal dent or scratch.

But it must do activity when there is physical injury or a third party accident. In addition, you may also have to file a case in the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal under the jurisdiction area. However, it's only required when third-party damage or injury happens.  

3. Gather Photographs for Proof
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Some people also prefer taking pictures of car damage and self-injuries. So, they can use it as proof to have an easy settlement.

You can also click the photos for the car damages and body injuries. You can even get the contact of an eyewitness or third party if they were involved in the same.  

4. Submit Required Documents to the Insurer
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Submitting the required documentation to the insurer is the next step. However, ensure you have a copy of the FIR; the insurer also demands it.

If you have gotten your car insurance in Patna online, it will be easy for you to upload these in simple clicks. Once you upload the documents, you can fix the appointment with the surveyor.  

5. Let the Insurance Company's Surveyor Come
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A surveyor's task is to conduct a thorough inspection and cross-check if you are telling the truth. The surveyor allows you to choose cash and cashless settlement based on the inspection.

If your car has been damaged and hasn't been repaired yet. You can select the cashless claim settlement. The insurer will assist you with the right mechanic and garage where your car can come in its original shape.  

6. Verify your Damage and Get the Claim
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As we discussed above, you have two options to claim your car insurance in Patna. These two are cash and cashless claim settlements.

You can choose one and initiate your claim process. However, for your convenience, selecting the noncash settlement is recommended if the car is damaged. It will help you get repairing service from the suitable garage mentioned by the insurer.  

Frequently Asked Questions
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Is it Compulsory to Get Car Insurance in Patna?


Having third-party car insurance in Patna is compulsory for car owners. According to the Motor Vehicle Act, 1938, if you don't have a valid car insurance cover. In that case, traffic police can charge you Rs 5,000; or up to three months imprisonment, or both.

2. Which is the Best Platform to Get Car Insurance?


If you want to book your car insurance in Patna in a hassle-free way. Acko is the right platform; it has 7.5 crore users and the highest customer satisfaction. On top of that, it does not charge any commission or put in a lot of paperwork. 

3. What can Happen if you Drive a Car Without Insurance?


If you don't have car insurance coverage, you can have to pay the penalty or get imprisonment. Also, if any car accident occurs, you will be responsible for all the damages. 

4. Can I Drive the Car anywhere in India with Patna Registered Car Insurance?


You need a single car insurance cover to drive a car anywhere in India. However, we recommend that you should get comprehensive or third-party car insurance coverage.

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So, we hope now you are ready to get car insurance in Patna. If you are a car owner and drive a car on the busiest roads of Patna and other cities, it must have a valid car insurance policy for you and others.

It not only protect yourself but also saves others from any mishap. Therefore, getting reliable car insurance that complies with Indian traffic laws and insurance regulations is always recommended.