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Best Time and Season to Visit Bangkok: Complete Guide

Team AckoOct 9, 2023

Bangkok has a huge range of attractions, from the Grand Palace to the temples and museums of Wat Pho. There are also plenty of events happening all year round, including Thai boxing and kite flying festivals on Ko Samet island, Bangkok Fashion Week, art exhibitions at Suan Dusit Rajabhat University (SURU) gallery, as well as Buddhist festivals like Songkran and Loy Krathong, making a good time to visit Bangkok prospectively anytime. 

If you're researching for the best time to visit Bangkok for a holiday, we have lots of travel tips here!

Best Time and Season to Visit Bangkok: Complete Guide



What's the best time to visit Bangkok?

The Rainy (July-October) and Dry (Nov-April) seasons are considered to be the best time to visit Bangkok, as these offer cooler temperatures for travellers.

The best time to visit Bangkok also depends on what you want to do and how much money you want to spend.

Bangkok is hot and humid all year round, but there are several seasons that make it more pleasant than others:

  • The rainy season (July–October) in Bangkok can be wet and unpleasant if you're not prepared for it. However, this is when many travellers visit Bangkok because they want an experience away from the heat of summer.

  • The dry season (November–April) in Bangkok offers cooler temperatures but also less rainfall than during summers, or monsoon seasons when we've had hurricanes hit Thailand!

Best season to visit Bangkok?

The best time to visit Bangkok is during the rainy season. The weather in Bangkok can be very hot, but it gets cooler during this time of year. This is also a good time to visit Bangkok if you like being outdoors, because there will be fewer tourists and more space on the streets for biking or walking around town.

The rainy season in Bangkok usually lasts from July to October (and sometimes even longer). If you're planning on going anywhere during this time period, then make sure that your hotel has air conditioning so that you don't get too hot while staying indoors!

1. Peak season in Bangkok

You can travel to Bangkok anytime during the year. However, the peak time to visit is from November to February, when it's comfortable, warm and sunny. However, this also brings more travellers with trip costs also rising up due to the upsurge of ticket demand.

2. Shoulder season in Bangkok

Weather is not necessarily a huge deal for those who visit Bangkok. It gets hotter in March, but it's also the time for Songkran Festival so expect to see a surge of travellers. In the shoulder season ranging from the months of May and June, you can expect high temperatures and rain, although there are a lot less visitors compared to the peak season.

3. Low season in Bangkok

For travellers who prefer to have the peace and quiet of an off-season visit, July to October can be a great time to visit Bangkok. The decrease in tourists means less traffic and noise, making these months great for enjoying Bangkok’s scenery without the crowds. Visitors may also find it a bargain to enjoy Thailand's sights at lower prices.

Best month to Visit Bangkok

If you like hot weather, the dry season (November through March) can be at its most ideal. It's not humid (don't worry) and there's a chance of a rainfall-free afternoon breeze or two. While this period has the coolest weather in the country, coastal beaches along here see their share of visitors from all over the world this month, with November being the best month to go to Bangkok with its many festivals occurring at this time.

Month by Month Guide to Visit Bangkok:

Bangkok offers a wide range of feasts, attractions and hundreds of events throughout the year. For seasonal trends, we've put together a month by month guide for you to plan for special activities and entertainment events. Whether you want to see the city’s temples or enjoy a festival, Bangkok has something for everyone!

1. Bangkok in January

January is one of the coolest months in Bangkok and you could make do with light summer clothing. During this time, you could visit the globally famed annual countdown which is held at the Central World shopping plaza, head over to Asiatique where the night markets come alive like no other time or enjoy a romantic dinner on the Loy Nava River Cruise as you welcome the new year. 

Average temperature range in January: 22°C- 32°C

Average rainfall in January: 13 mm

Events: Chinese New Year

2. Bangkok in February

While the temperatures in Bangkok can peak slightly in February, it is still comparatively pleasant and there are hoards of activities to enjoy including the long-established lion and dragon show on the eve of the Chinese New Year. If you visit Bangkok in February, you can also witness how the natives celebrate the Buddhist festival of Makha Bucha.

Average temperature range in February: 24°C- 33°C

Average rainfall in February: 20 mm

Events: Chiang Mai Flower Festival, Makha Bucha

3. Bangkok in March

In March, the climate in Bangkok can soar up to 40 degrees so it's imperative to carry enough resources around, to pull through the heat and keep yourself hydrated (though the seasonal rains can provide relief from the throbbing heat). If you’re visiting Bangkok in March, the magnificent Yi Peng lantern festival which is held during this time is an event you should add onto your calendar. 

Average temperature range in March: 26°C- 34°C

Average rainfall in March: 40 mm

Events: Laanta Laanta Festival

4. Bangkok in April

For a cultural extravaganza, you should visit Bangkok in April when Songkran, which is the Thai new year, is celebrated with great pomp. For all those coming to Bangkok during this time, do not forget about the heat as it is one of the hottest months, and the temperatures can soar to 40 degrees. Don't forget to protect your belongings in a water-proof bag as heavy rains are expected during this time.

Average temperature range in April: 27°C- 35°C

Average rainfall in April: 90 mm

Events: Songkran 

5. Bangkok in May

With temperatures almost similar to April, remember to carry shorts and breathable linen if you’re visiting Bangkok in May. While the constant showers might make outdoor activities an inconvenience, the unique rocket festival of Boon Bang Fai and the ploughing festival marking the start of the rice-growing seasons (one of Thailand’s major exports), are cultural experiences which you can have this month.

Average temperature range in May: 27°C- 35°C

Average rainfall in May: 250 mm

Events: Coronation Day, Rocket Festival, Ploughing festival

6. Bangkok in June

Bangkok is a very unique city and experiences a tropical monsoon climate. However, during the summer months of June, the temperatures can run up to 30 degrees Celsius. With lavish beach parties like the Full Moon Party where you can revel and enjoy the nightlife, Bangkok is the place to be in June especially as you can save a bit on your trip during this off-season.

Average temperature range in June: 27°C- 35°C

Average rainfall in June: 155 mm

Events: Phi Ta Khon Ghost festival

7. Bangkok in July

July is one of the hottest months for travel in Bangkok, so get ready to beat the heat with some fresh air. If that doesn't warm you up, try the local cuisine and the exotic scents of Thailand! Steeped in history, you can explore the cultural side of the city by visiting the temple Wat Pho. With its 46-metre long gold buddha statue, you surely won’t be able to miss this historical place of worship in Thailand!

Average temperature range in July: 26°C- 34°C

Average rainfall in July: 175 mm

Events: Asahna Bucha Day

8. Bangkok in August

June is a month in which the weather condition is unpredictable in Bangkok with humidity levels going up to 74%. The Queen’s birthday is celebrated on the twelfth of August so make sure you do not miss it if you’re around. Mid-August also marks the end of the Amazing Thailand Grand Sale where you can shop for electronics and fashion at discount prices. So whether you're looking for a bargain basement price, or just want to treat yourself to a little luxury, this is the perfect place for you.

Average temperature range in August: 25°C- 33°C

Average rainfall in August: 220 mm

Events: Queen’s Birthday, Phuket Por Tor Festival

9. Bangkok in September

The month of September is the time when the temperature in Bangkok starts to cool down with the minimum temperature going up to 25 degrees Celsius. The city also receives considerable rainfall so make sure you carry appropriate clothing. So, there's no doubt that you have to see the Grand Palace in Bangkok as the weather is just perfect for this must-see place. You can also explore the quaint Chinatown, visit the sought-after Marine Park as well as embark on one of the many food trails exhibiting the delectable cuisine of Bangkok. 

Average temperature range in September: 25°C- 33°C

Average rainfall in September: 335 mm

Events: Moon Festival

10. Bangkok in October

While you can expect rain for roughly half the month, October in Bangkok has fairly pleasant weather which is an escape from the otherwise scorching heat of Thailand. Make use of this by taking a tuk-tuk ride around the city and traversing everything it has to offer, be it early morning markets or the holy temples which is an exhibition of Thailand’s culture while enjoying a respite from the peak season in November where the place will be flooded with tourists.

Average temperature range in October: 25°C- 33°C

Average rainfall in October: 290 mm

Events: Chonburi Buffalo Racing

11. Bangkok in November

November is the peak season to visit Bangkok with the monsoon coming to an end and the city opening up opportunities for outdoor adventures. The weather is pleasant with the temperatures ranging from 20-20 degrees Celsius. Shopping your heart out at the festive sales, losing oneself in the appetising street food. If you’re visiting Bangkok in November, don’t miss out on attending the Loy Krathong festival which is a sight to behold, as people pay homage to the water spirits by floating candles in the sky. 

Average temperature range in November: 24°C- 32°C

Average rainfall in November: 50 mm

Events: Loy Krathong, Yi Peng Lantern Festival

12. Bangkok in December

If you’d like to escape the cold, then Bangkok is the place to be in the month of December. While Time Square holds its own for New Year revellers, Bangkok offers a countdown experience which is second to none and is a must-see in December. As the weather is cooler compared to other months, you can take advantage of it by sitting at one of the biergartens that are set up and have a truly European experience as sip a cold one! Moreover, there are various cruises that happen during this month such as the Supanniga and Chao Phraya river cruises where you can enjoy a passionate and amorous dinner with your loved one. 

Average temperature range in December: 22°C- 32°C

Average rainfall in December: 6 mm

Events: River Kwai Bridge Festival, Siam Street Festival

The cheapest time to visit Bangkok

Bangkok is a popular tourist destination and is therefore expensive. The cheapest time to visit Bangkok is during the low season, i.e. from July to October. The high season from November to February is when you can expect your accommodation prices to increase by 50%.

Most expensive time to visit Bangkok

The best time to go is between November and March, when the weather is dry and pleasant. However, this also contributes to it being the most expensive time to visit Bangkok. During this period, you will be able to enjoy many activities such as shopping at Asoke, Siam Square BTS Station, or visiting some of the famous malls including MBK Center and Emporium.  

More about best times to visit Bangkok 

Best time to visit Bangkok for shopping

Bangkok is a city of shopping, and at any time of day it’s easy to find markets that offer incredible bargains on everything from souvenirs to new electronics. The “Amazing Thailand Grand Sale” is the biggest discount event in Bangkok which is held between June-August, making it the best time to shop. 

It's no wonder that shopping in Bangkok is one of the most popular ways to experience this beautiful city. Travellers from all over the world flock here to shop for authentic Thai handicrafts and clothing, as well as to savour some of Asia’s famed street food. The city is brimming with unique offerings including card stores, jewellery shops and interior design outlets that are perfect for souvenir hunters seeking something different from what was already purchased at home. For example, macramé items and traditional Thai furniture are well-loved throughout the region, while electronics such as phones and computers make great gifts for loved ones back home.

Best time to visit Bangkok for your honeymoon

Bangkok is a beautiful, iconic and romantic city with a wide range of experiences and attractions to enjoy. You can easily find the best honeymoon packages for Bangkok available online, that suit both of you as a couple and your budget. With Bangkok being a cosmopolitan city, couples can spend their honeymoon in any of the hotels or resorts around the place. So depending on what you fancy and what your budget allows, you can do this trip to give yourselves an adventure of a lifetime. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions regarding about the best time and season to visit Bangkok


Which is the hottest month in Bangkok?

The temperatures in April soar up to the other side of 35 degrees Celsius, making it the hottest month to visit Bangkok. Along with the seasonal rains that occur during this time, it is important to keep yourself hydrated and wear appropriate clothing (think loose-fitting, thin clothes) if you’re visiting during this time. 

When is the rainy season in Bangkok?

The best time to visit Bangkok is during the rainy season, which runs from May through October. This is when you'll find the most beautiful views and weather conditions. It's also when many locals enjoy their holidays because they can go hiking or diving in the mountains surrounding Bangkok.

How many days should you spend in Bangkok?

While you can sightsee across Bangkok in a couple of days, we suggest that you spend some time in the city to understand its unique and chaotic nature which is imbibed with culture.

What is the peak season to visit Bangkok?

The most popular holidays for travelling around Thailand's capital city of Bangkok are during the tourist season from April through November when it's cooler and much cheaper than other peak times like December or January (especially if you're not staying at hotels); but every year end-of-year travel plans are subject to changing according to what lineups might occur so don't plan too far ahead just in case something happens.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet, and is subject to changes.

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