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Best Time and Season to Visit Bali: Complete Guide

Team AckoFeb 27, 2024

Steeped in the mesmerising history, ancient culture and rich heritage, there is never a boring moment when visiting Bali, Indonesia. Otherwise known as the "Land of the Gods, Bali has always been a great tourist attraction for its sheer natural beauty that offers peace and serenity. Whether you are a beach or mountain person, this beautiful Island has something for everyone. Lively streets, trendy locations, delicious cuisines and natural beauty are never far in Bali. If your interest lies in luxurious sandy beaches and fascinating highland rainforests, or you are an avid adventure enthusiast; visiting Bali is a must. The best time to visit Bali can depend on the activities you want to indulge in. Let’s decode the best time to visit Bali from India, and other information that will come in handy for you when planning a Bali trip.




Best Time To Visit Bali

Bali is your ultimate destination for adventure, with spectacular beaches, misty volcanoes, and friendly locals. So if you plan to vacation here, you must know the best time to visit Bali. The destination has a tropical climate, which is warm mainly because of higher sun exposure. However, the Island does experience handsome rainfall from November to March. So, whether you enjoy summer activities or enjoy the monsoon shower, the best time to travel to Bali depends on your interest. 

Best Season To Visit Bali

Indonesia is split into two seasons - the dry and wet seasons. Bali has a warm and humid climate throughout the year because it is located 8 degrees south of the equator. However, there can be slight variation in Bali’s weather conditions when the season is dry yet cool and inviting. Apart from weather conditions, the Island can be divided into three seasons: 

  • Peak Season: Typically, July, August and December are Bali's peak or high seasons and the Best season to visit Bali. Bali has national school holidays during these months, and everyone is in the holiday mood. Tourists worldwide flock here to experience water activities like snorkelling, diving, jet skiing, surfing and more. Also, August is the best month to visit Bali because it is the driest month on the Island. It is also the time for Bali Kites Festivals, which is a significant attraction of the Island. The temperature lies between 25-28 degrees, and the season is pretty dry, windy and cool.  

  • Shoulder Season: May, June and September is the shoulder season in Bali. Shoulder season is the best time for Bali if you desire a peaceful vacation without crowds. The weather turns pleasant, and it is the best time to go to Bali for sightseeing. The sky is clear, and the temperature may go up to 28 degrees. Uluwatu temple, Sacred Monkey Forest, Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Pura Tanah Lot, and Suluban Beach are some spots you must explore during the shoulder season. Besides being less crowded, hotels and stays get much cheaper than in peak season.  

  • Low Season: January to March is the low season in Bali. It is off-season, and not many people enter the province. That's because it dramatically rains during these months, and January encounters the most rainfall. You will see calm beaches and mostly locals on the streets. However, Bali is a beautiful tourist destination; rain and rainbow lovers still flock to the place in low seasons. If you want to escape the peak season's hustle and bustle and explore Bali with fewer crowds, this can be the best season for Bali visit for you. Another advantage of going during the rainy season is that the room prices are usually 30-50% lower.    

Best Month To Visit Bali

Arguably, August is the best month to visit Bali because the weather is delightful, and there is no rainfall. However, each month in Bali is significant and can be enjoyable based on your area of interest. 

Month by Month Guide To Travel To Bali

Bali in Indonesia is the most sought-after place for a vacation. Whether you want to go for a holiday with friends or spend your honeymoon - you can do it all here. It has diverse options, including art and cultural festivals, adventure activities, and calm & serene beaches. Here is your month-by-month guide to travel to Bali to enjoy different activities.

  • Bali in January: This is the warm, rainy month in Bali, with over 18 inches of rainfall. January is off-season in Bali, with temperatures between 24.8℃-30.8℃. It is ideal to visit Bali in January if you want to avoid the peak season rush and get some discounts on hotel stays. You can visit beaches and temples like Kuta Beach, Tirta Empul Temple, Mount Batur, Tanah Lot, Pura Besakih, Sanur Beach, Goa Gajah, and private spots like Zen Hideaway Swing if you're on your honeymoon.

  • Bali in February: Bali is mildly rainy, with an average rainfall of 11 inches in February. It is typically a low-season month with fewer tourists. Temperatures range from 24.8℃ to 31℃ this month. You can go to Bali Safari & Marine Park, Pandawa Beach, Ubud Monkey Forest, Jimbaran Beach, Uluwatu Temple, Bali Bird Park, Tegallalang Rice Terraces and Garuda Wisnu during this time.

  • Bali in March: The average temperature during March is around 27.9°C with dry, humid weather. Various festivals take place this month. Ngrupuk Parade (also known as Ogoh Ogoh) is a parade of giant but light dolls made of paper, wood, bamboo, etc., representing evil mythological creatures. Next comes the Nyepi festival, the Balinese new year, also known as a "day of silence," for meditating and introspection. On a subsequent day, Omed-omedan marks the Çaka New Year. 

  • Bali in April: The temperatures are again between 24.8℃ to 31.2℃ in April. There are less chances of rainfall, so it is better to be prepared. Around 3.5 inches of rain is seen in Bali in April. You can visit Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, Lovina, Ubud and Mount Batur. Bali Zoo and hike to the White Crater Lake. The three-day Ubud Food Festival is a treat for food lovers during April. 

  • Bali in May: With temperatures between 24.5℃ to 30.7℃ and fewer chances of rainfall, with an average of 3 inches, Bali has warm weather in May. This month, you can see Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur, Jimbaran, Buleleng, Denpasar, Uluwatu, Sidemen, and Gianyar.

  • Bali in June: June is one of the peak times to visit Bali, with a calm and windy season. 24.1℃ to 29.9℃ is the range of temperature in June. Bali Arts Festival is an annual cultural festival that takes place in mid-June-July. Beginning with a grand procession, it displays the art and culture of Bali and other islands of Indonesia. A variety of fascinating art performances follow it. 

  • Bali in July: Bali Arts Festival continues this month. The temperature ranges from 23.8 °C to 29.2 °C, with clear skies and slow winds making it the peak season. July is another best time to visit Bali. Saraswati day is celebrated in July, followed by Banyu Pinaruh, the celebration of the sacred waters of knowledge. Many such local events are a part of this month which are intriguing to any visitor. 

  • Bali in August: The weather in this month has temperatures between 23.5°C and 26.4°C and is relatively dry. It is the best month to visit Bali, and you can visit Mount Batur Volcano in Kintamani, Sekumpul Waterfall, Nusa Penida, Pura Luhur Uluwatu, and Bali Bird Park in August. Indonesian independence day occurs during August, celebrating their independence from the Netherlands in 1945. This month is ideal for almost all activities.

  • Bali in September: Since the temperature in Bali is between 22°C to 31°C in September with the possibility of mild rain, it is best suited for water sports like snorkelling, rafting, & surfing. The rain could be around 1.6 inches. Watching the sunrise after hiking on Mount Batur, and watching the sunset at Tanah Lot can be an exhilarating experience. Soundrenaline, Maybank Bali Marathon, Lovina Beach Festival etc., are held this month. 

  • Bali in October: October in Bali has sunny days with 27°C to 31°C temperatures and some rainfall, about 3.5 inches. It is again an off-season. White water rafting, scuba diving, sunbathing, and hiking are some activities to indulge in October. The Ketupat War, Nusa Dua Fiesta, and Ubud Writers & Readers Festival are exciting events other than the regular activities this month.

  • Bali in November: It is off-season since it is a rainy month, with temperatures ranging from 25°C to 28°C. You could experience about 5.9 inches of rain. Bali Night Safari and Marine Park, Bali Swing, Tukad Cepung Waterfall, Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple and Ubud Art Market are some places to visit in November. Galungan festival is celebrated this month to honour the God of creation and the victory of good over evil. 

  • Bali in December: With temperatures almost the same as in November, December is a wet month with a lot of rainfall. 11.4 inches of rain is expected this month. Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, Pura luhur Uluwatu, Bali Safari Marine Park, Tegallalang Rice Terraces, Nusa Penida, Sekumpul Waterfall and Ulun Danu Temple Lake Bratan can be visited during this month. Upside Down World makes for an exciting visit because everything seems as the name suggests, and you can take gravity-defying pictures here.

Cheapest Time To Visit Bali

Off-season or low season is the cheapest time to visit Bali. The rainfall is high, and the crowd is less. If you have a limited budget for a Bali vacation, looking for the cheapest time to go to Bali makes sense. Typically, January to March is the Bali monsoon season, and you will find cheap flight tickets, heavy discounts on stays and a low entrance fee for many tourist attractions. Even during this season, you can spend quality time in Bali and have a good vacation without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Expensive Time To Visit Bali

Peak season (July and August) is the most expensive time to visit Bali. These two are the busiest months because of the favourable climate in Bali. You will have the best weather to visit Bali for sightseeing, beach activities, spiritual retreat, and more. Also, the Bali Kite Festival is celebrated during these two months, wherein hundreds of groups compete for fun and prizes. Other celebrations include Hari Merdeka and Galugan during these months. Though these are expensive times to visit Bali, you can save on booking flights and hotel stays in advance.  

More About The Best Time To Go To Bali

Bali can be equally fun when visiting with your partner, family or friends. Here is some more information on having good time in Bali:

  • Best time to visit Bali for honeymoon: If you are hunting for the best time to visit Bali for a honeymoon, choose April, May, June or September. The climate during these months is dry and less humid, which is romantic and relaxing. Moreover, villa rents are cheaper, and shops usually offer product sales and discounts. Whether you want to walk at the beach, take adventure activities or visit the beautiful temples of Bali, this is a great season to be in Bali.

  • Best Months To Travel To Bali For Hiking: There is no shortage of exotic locations in Bali, but if you genuinely want to explore the natural side of this Island, you must take up a hiking tour. The Island has many hiking trails that offer spectacular views and different levels for all hiking enthusiasts. The best months to travel to Bali for hiking are during the dry season (May to September). The trails are non-slipper, the skies are clear and breathtaking views. Mount Batur, Mount Agung, Tirtaganga, and Candidasa are popular hiking destinations in Bali.  

  • Best Time To Avoid Crowds When Travelling To Bali: Shoulder months (May, June and September) is a good time to visit Bali when wanting to avoid crowds. May and June can be hot, but the temperature keeps dropping, making it a pleasant time to visit the Island. Also, most tourists visit Bali during peak season, that is, July and August; hence, the crowd is less during shoulder months. Opt for shoulder months to visit Bali if you enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, surfing, sailing, etc. 

  • Best Season To Visit Bali For Beaches: Bali is blessed with striking beaches, from sandy white beaches to quiet black beaches hidden between cliffs. It is a haven for beach and watersport lovers. Divers and surfers from different countries often flock here to participate in watersports. The best season to visit Bali for beaches is from April to October, which is summer in Bali. Kuta, Jimbaran, Canggu and Lovina Beaches are the most popular beaches of Bali.   

  • Worst Time To Travel To Bali: Heavy rainfall is usually expected from November to January. Even thunderstorms and the onset of mosquitos are common during these months. So, if you are an outdoor person, November to January can be the worst time to travel to Bali. However, if you want to indulge in spiritual activities and relax indoors, this can be an excellent time to visit Bali. Also, being a Bali off-season, you will get great discounts on airfares and stays.  

Frequently Asked Questions



What is the hottest month in Bali?

May is the hottest month in Bali. The temperature during May rises to 29 degrees Celsius, which makes the climate hot, dry and sunny. However, the month is favourable for water activities and mountain climbing, making it the best time to travel to Bali. 

What is the Rainy season in Bali?

November to March is when Bali has rainfall. You will experience heavy rain during January, which has over 18 inches of average rainfall. However, it does not rain every day, so you still have a great vacation during the rainy season by stepping out when the rain intensity is low. 

How many days are sufficient for Bali?

To explore Bali leisurely, you will need around ten days. There are temples, a forest sanctuary, a rice terrace, beaches, museums, shopping centres and many more attractions that you cannot miss in Bali. So take at least 7-10 days when planning a trip to Bali.  

What to do in Bali if it rains?

There are a lot of activities you can do in Bali during the rain. Right from taking a luxurious spa treatment to touring museums and temples, and indulging in shopping at malls. There is something you can do all year round in Bali. 

What happens at the Bali Art Festival?

Bali Art Festival is a cultural festival celebrated from mid-June to mid-July. It is the best way to catch Indonesia's cultural significance and talents. During this month-long festival, you will see performing arts, parades, musicals, contemporary dances, art exhibitions, and more.

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