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Yamaha FZ25 bike insurance

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Yamaha FZ25 bike insurance

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Yamaha attracts sportbike lovers with bike models that offer advanced features, stylish designs, and a great riding experience. The bike manufacturer has applied its signature concepts in the Yamaha FZ 25 as well. When buying a Yamaha FZ 25, you will also need two-wheeler insurance. While it is mandatory to purchase Third-party insurance, you can purchase different kinds of coverages also to obtain additional services and features. Read on to understand how you can obtain the most relevant services and features when buying Yamaha FZ 25 bike insurance online.

Benefits of buying online two-wheeler insurance for Yamaha FZ 25
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Digitisation of the vehicle insurance process has made it easier to buy and renew policies or raise claims. Here is how you can benefit from the online platform when buying Yamaha FZ 25 bike insurance.

Multiple insurance policies
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You can access the online insurance platform to understand different types of policies and add-ons. It becomes easier to compare features, services, benefits, and even Yamaha FZ 25 two-wheeler insurance rates when you utilise the online platform.

Quick policy access
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All you need is a smartphone with active internet for procedures such as buying or renewing bike insurance and raising a claim. The digital method doesn’t involve long waiting periods or lengthy paperwork, which makes policies easier to access and insurance procedures quicker.

Instant buying
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When it comes to buying an insurance policy for your bike, the online platform proves to be swift. You can simply provide details of your bike and give information related to a policy bought previously to purchase insurance instantly.

Types of bike insurance plans for Yamaha FZ25
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There are two types of Yamaha FZ 25 two-wheeler insurance you can purchase.

Third-party Liability Insurance
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The government has made it mandatory for owners to purchase Third-party Bike Insurance to ride their bikes on Indian roads. This policy takes care of the financial liabilities associated with any third-party injury, death or property damages caused by the insured bike. But with this policy, you won’t get coverage for any damages to your Yamaha FZ 25.

Comprehensive Insurance
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A Comprehensive Insurance plan provides coverage against third-party liabilities as well as damages to the insured vehicle. So, if your bike gets damaged due to an accident, natural or man-made calamity, etc., the insurance company handles the financial burden. This type of insurance also enables you to extend coverage with add-ons suitable for your bike.

What’s covered in Yamaha FZ 25 insurance? (Inclusions)
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When you buy a Comprehensive Yamaha FZ 25 two-wheeler insurance policy, it offers financial protection against various scenarios.

Note: When you buy Yamaha FZ 25 two-wheeler insurance, purchasing the Personal Accident (PA) cover as an add-on is also mandatory. You will have to purchase it separately with your basic insurance plan to legally ride your bike in the country. This PA cover will insure you as a policyholder against temporary or permanent injury or death caused due to an accident.

What’s not covered in Yamaha FZ 25 bike insurance? (Exclusions)
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In certain situations, you won’t be able to receive financial protection from your FZ 25 bike insurance. Below are the conditions excluded from the bike insurance policy.

Add-ons for Yamaha FZ 25 two-wheeler insurance
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When you buy or renew Yamaha FZ 25 bike insurance, the following add-ons can help you extend the insurance coverage. 

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There was a time when buying motor insurance used to be a complicated and time-consuming process. But now, with ACKO’s digital infrastructure for motor insurance procedures, insurance buyers can benefit from a 24X7 available, instant and paper-free method of buying and renewing policies. Here are the benefits most appreciated by the ACKO users.

No paperwork
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ACKO’s digital presence saves you from lengthy documentation as well. You can buy or renew Yamaha FZ 25 two-wheeler insurance or raise a claim online without indulging in any physical paperwork. Hence, the process requires lesser time than the traditional offline insurance buying process.

No waiting period
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With ACKO, you don’t need to book appointments for pre-inspections and wait for its approval to buy/renew insurance. The 100% digital process enables you to simply provide the necessary vehicle and previous policy information to purchase/renew the policy immediately.

Simplified claims
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ACKO has simplified the process of raising a claim and receiving a settlement, especially for minor repairs. You can quickly raise a claim online via the ACKO’s website or mobile app. For minor claims, you can expect to receive the settlement amount within a few hours.

ACKO’s claim procedure
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To raise Yamaha FZ 25 insurance claims with ACKO, you can follow these three simple steps.

ACKO’s claim settlement team will initiate the process quickly after learning about the claim in detail from you. For minor claims, we try to send the settlement amount within a couple of hours.

Frequently asked questions
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Let’s answer a few common questions you may have regarding Yamaha FZ 25 bike insurance. You can also send your queries at [email protected] to know more about the two-wheeler insurance with ACKO.


Do I get coverage for all Yamaha FZ 25 parts with a Comprehensive Insurance policy?

A Comprehensive Insurance policy will financially protect your bike against various damages or losses. However, there may be some parts like the engine that are not covered in the policy coverage. Thus, you should consider extending the coverage with suitable add-ons such as the Engine Protection cover. 

What sort of add-ons can I purchase for Yamaha FZ 25 bike insurance?

Most popular add-ons for a Yamaha FZ 25 bike include Bike Engine Protection cover, Zero Depreciation cover, Roadside Assistance cover, etc. You can pick policy add-ons as per your preference to customise the basic Comprehensive Insurance plan. 

What documents do I need to renew my Yamaha FZ 25 insurance with ACKO?

You don’t need any physical documents to renew your bike insurance policy online with ACKO. Simply go to your account at ACKO’s website or mobile app and renew your policy by adding your vehicle details and previous policy information. It is an instant process.

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