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Yamaha Fascino Bike Insurance

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Yamaha Fascino Bike Insurance

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Yamaha recently launched the new version of the Fascino, and it adheres to the new BS6 emission norms. Fascino is meant for people who fancy colours and want to use the bike for short, casual journeys. This article will shed light on various aspects of Yamaha Fascino Bike Insurance and things to know about the bike.

Benefits of buying online bike insurance for Yamaha Fascino
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Take a look at the following benefits of buying your Yamaha Fascino insurance policy online.

Convenient purchase
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Buying bike insurance has become easier in recent times thanks to the digital process. The bike owner can quickly check Yamaha Fascino bike insurance plans online and buy suitable coverage. This can be done at the owner’s convenience at any time of the day.

Quick comparison
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Many bike insurance plans are available in the market, and one can face confusion while choosing the most suitable plan. This confusion can be cleared by comparing Yamaha Fascino bike insurance plans. Compare bike price, coverage, and services online to get the best plan.

Instant policies
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If you have been buying motor insurance, you must be aware that traditionally, buying a bike insurance policy took several days. However, online bike insurance policies are instant. You simply have to select suitable coverage and make payment to get your policy document.

Types of bike insurance plans for Yamaha Fascino
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Following are the main types of bike insurance plans for your Yamaha Fascino.

Third-party Liability Policy
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The government mandates buying at least this basic plan of two-wheeler insurance to ride a bike legally on Indian roads. This policy offers coverage only against third-party liabilities and does not insure your Yamaha Fascino. Neither can you extend this plan with any add-ons.

Comprehensive Insurance
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It is not compulsory to buy a Comprehensive policy to insure your bike. However, it is a better choice as compared to buying only the Third-party bike insurance cover. A comprehensive plan will cover you against damages to your Yamaha Fascino from accidents, natural calamities, man-made calamities, etc.

What’s covered in the Yamaha Fascino two-wheeler insurance policy? (inclusions)
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The following situations are covered in a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy of Yamaha Fascino at ACKO.

The bike owner also needs to buy a separate Personal Accident Cover with their bike insurance policy. This is mandatory by law.

What’s not covered in the Yamaha Fascino two-wheeler insurance policy? (Exclusions)
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Here are the general inclusions of the Yamaha Fascino bike insurance policy. 

Add-ons for Yamaha Fascino bike insurance policy
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The bike owner can buy add-on coverage to enhance the scope of their bike insurance policy. You can get the following add-ons for your bike insurance policy at ACKO.

Why ACKO for buying Yamaha Fascino bike insurance?
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Take a look at the following benefits of buying your Yamaha Fascino insurance policy from ACKO.

No paperwork
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At ACKO, you don't have to worry about filing any physical paperwork. Be it for buying or renewing the bike insurance policy or for raising a claim. We offer a completely paper-free experience. This helps us expedite the process leading to faster outcomes.

No pre-inspection
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We don't ask for an inspection when you buy or renew your bike insurance policy at ACKO. We have skipped this step, and this has helped us issue policies faster. No hassle of appointments with the inspection officer or no waiting for approvals.

Instant claims
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We believe that claims for minor damages must not take a long time to process. Thus, we try to settle such claims within a few hours. We will do our best to send the claim amount to your bank account as soon as possible.

ACKO’s super easy claim process
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Raising a claim is easy when you are a policyholder at ACKO. You just need a smartphone, a good internet connection, and the relevant details of your claim. Here are the steps on how to raise a claim.

Step 1: Visit or download the app on your phone.

Step 2: Find your ACKO bike insurance policy and click “Claim Now”

Step 3: Fill in the required details and submit your claim

We will get in touch with you to know more about your bike insurance claim. We try to settle minor claims instantly, and you can expect the claim amount within a few hours.

Frequently asked questions
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Here are some of the most common questions about Yamaha Fascino bike insurance.

Here are some of the most common questions about Yamaha Fascino bike insurance.


Are all parts of my Yamaha Fascino covered under a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy?

All types of damages to your Yamaha Fascino are covered under Comprehensive Insurance. However, some parts, for example, the engine of the bike, are not covered.

I tried to start my bike during floods to take it to a safe place. Can I claim for the damage caused to my Yamaha Fascino?

You need to check if your bike insurance policy covers Consequential damage. This is a type of damage caused by trying to start an already damaged bike. You can claim if Consequential loss is covered. Else, your claim can get rejected. 

How to renew Yamaha Fascino bike insurance?

Download the ACKO app and log in to your profile to renew your Yamaha Fascino bike insurance policy. Review the coverage and make payments to get the policy instantly.

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