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Yamaha MT-09 Bike Insurance

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Yamaha MT-09 Bike Insurance

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The Yamaha MT-09 is made for people who prefer bikes from the naked sportbike segment. It impresses with features such as traction control, an 847 cc engine, and a well-crafted body. A bike like this needs the best-suited insurance plan. Hence, this article will help you understand all about Yamaha MT-09 bike insurance.

Advantages of buying online two-wheeler insurance for Yamaha MT-09
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With the digitisation of insurance buying, it has become convenient for anyone to choose any time to buy insurance online. Unlike an offline process, digital bike insurance is faster and simpler due to the automated infrastructure and direct-to-consumer approach. Let’s look into the advantages of buying a Yamaha MT-09 insurance plan online in detail.

Multiple policies
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Buying your bike insurance online lets you easily find and compare various policy options. Moreover, you don’t have to compare them manually, which saves you from facing confusion. You can select a best-suited policy based on coverage, services, and prices.

Quick purchase
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The digital presence of insurance providers has made insurance buying quicker lately. A Yamaha MT-09 owner can purchase a suitable policy online within minutes. Using a smartphone, you can pick a convenient time to browse, select and purchase a bike insurance plan.

Instant insurance
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With online bike insurance, the process of issuing a policy has also become swift. You can obtain your insurance policy document instantly after purchasing. This is a massive improvement from the traditional way of buying motor insurance, which used to take several days.

Types of bike insurance plans for Yamaha MT-09
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You can buy two major types of Yamaha MT-09 bike insurance.

Third-party Insurance Plan
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Having Third-party two-wheeler insurance is a legal obligation for bike owners in India. This insurance provides financial coverage in case your bike causes any third-party injury, death or property damage. However, this policy doesn’t offer any coverage to the policyholder’s bike.

Comprehensive Insurance Plan
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While the Comprehensive Insurance plan isn’t mandatory, it allows bike owners to extend the features and services associated with their policy. A Comprehensive Policy includes Third-party Insurance cover as well as cover for your vehicle against natural and/or man-made calamities, accidents, fire, explosions and more.

What’s covered in Yamaha MT-09 two-wheeler insurance? (Inclusions)
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It is important to understand what all coverages are included in your bike insurance plan. A comprehensive Yamaha MT-09 bike insurance will offer coverage against the following scenarios. 

While buying your bike insurance, you will have to purchase a Personal Accident (PA) cover separately as it is mandatory by Indian law.

What’s not covered in Yamaha MT-09 bike insurance? (Exclusions)
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There are certain conditions not covered under Yamaha MT-09 bike insurance. Here are the situations excluded from a bike insurance cover. 

Add-ons for Yamaha MT-09 two-wheeler insurance
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ACKO offers useful add-ons to help you enhance the range of the coverage of your two-wheeler insurance plan. Using the relevant add-ons can help you enhance the financial benefits of the insurance policy you purchase.

Why ACKO for Yamaha MT-09 bike insurance?
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ACKO knows how complicated it can be to understand motor insurance policies. Hence, we have created digital infrastructure to makes the whole process instant, paper-free, and available 24X7 for you. Here are a few of the many benefits of purchasing your Yamaha MT-09 insurance policy.

No waiting
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ACKO has removed the requirement of pre-inspection from the process of buying/renewing a bike insurance policy. You don’t need appointments for inspection and wait for approvals to get your policy. As a result, buying bike insurance is now a faster process.

No paperwork
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ACKO’s digital infrastructure saves you from lengthy paperwork. Whether you are buying or renewing your Yamaha MT-09 insurance plan or want to raise a claim, everything is paper-free. This enables us to complete a process faster.

Easy claims
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With ACKO, you don’t have to wait for long to receive claim approval for minor repairs. Our process has been designed to settle such minor claims quickly. We try our best to not let you wait for more than a couple of hours for the claim amount.

ACKO’s claim procedure
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As a policyholder, you won’t have to put too much effort into raising claims at ACKO. A few simple steps online with some relevant information will do the job. The following three steps will help you raise your claim.

Step 1: Download the ACKO app on your smartphone or visit

Step 2: Find your Yamaha MT-09 insurance policy and select “Claim Now”.

Step 3: Upload the required information to raise the claim.

We will contact you regarding your claim and try to complete the settlement within a couple of hours for minor claims.

Frequently asked questions
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Here are a few common questions related to Yamaha MT-09 bike insurance. If you don’t find your answer here, please feel free to connect with us at [email protected]. We will answer all your queries.


Does a Comprehensive Insurance policy cover all Yamaha MT-09 parts?

While you get coverage against all kinds of damages under Comprehensive Insurance, some parts are not covered, such as the engine of your bike. Hence, it is better to purchase suitable add-ons to extend your coverage.

What will be the best add-ons with Yamaha MT-09 bike insurance?

Mostly, bike owners opt for Zero Depreciation, Bike Engine Protection cover and Roadside Assistance cover. However, you should choose add-ons based on your requirements. 

How can I renew my Yamaha MT-09 bike insurance with ACKO?

Using your account on ACKO app or website, you can easily renew your Yamaha MT-09 insurance policy. There you can review and make changes to your policy, make payments, and renew instantly.

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