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5 Routine Checks for Two Wheelers for an Accident-free Ride

Team AckoJul 21, 2021

Routine. There is nothing exciting about it, right? But to an extent, routine is necessary. There might be no glamour in it but it is productive. We see a singer perform at a concert and go gaga. But we do not see the daily grind that the singer goes through on a daily basis. We ignore the routine but the singer doesn’t. The importance of this routine can be felt in almost all walks of life. When seen closely, the benefits of routine can be seen in the art of riding a two-wheeler as well.

Bike riders tend to perform servicing activities such as oil change, filter cleaning, etc. periodically. Probably twice or thrice a year. But there are some basics that need to be tracked daily to avoid mishaps. These routine checks can prevent major accidents. Read ahead to know more.

5 Routine Checks for Two Wheelers for an Accident-free Ride

5 Bike-Related Things to Inspect on A Regular Basis:

The things mentioned below will not take much of your time. Following an inspection routine on a regular basis will help you know if there is anything wrong with the bike. This way, you will be proactive and rush your bike to a garage to prevent a mishap rather than taking it to a garage for repairs after a disaster.

1. Air Pressure in Tire:

With optimal air pressure, the bike swiftly floats on the road. Riding a bike with less air pressure might feel like a drag. If you are one of those who cannot gauge air pressure in the bike’s tires by looking or while being seated on the two-wheeler, try the following. Go the old-fashioned way and press the tire with your hands. Kicking it – not too fiercely – might also be helpful. If you feel there is something wrong, get the tire’s refilled with air at the earliest. It doesn’t cost much and doesn’t take too much time.

2. Brakes:

Brakes are your one true friend while riding a bike. They can save lives, not just yours but of other people as well. Check your brakes before you zoom out and hit the streets. A lot can be wrong with the brakes. There can be an issue with the brake pads or the brake fluid or the wiring may be simply faulty!

3. Chain Lubrication:

You can check whether the bike’s chain is lubricated or not by having a closer look at it. You can also touch the chain to check if it is lubricated enough. A dry chain can be detrimental to the bike’s performance. Also, check if the chain has the right tension. A loose chain is troublesome.

4. Indicators:

If you are venturing out on your bike after sunset, just spend a few seconds to check the bike’s indicators. Check if they are responding promptly. Defective indicators can lead to a bike accident on the road. Check if the headlight is functioning properly.

5. Display:

Nowadays, a lot of bikes have an electronic display. It is probably the first thing you notice after switching on the bike’s ignition. If the fuel indicator is displaying wrong information or if there are other display-related issues, get the bike’s display section checked at the earliest. You do not want to be stuck in a situation where the display says fuel is full wherein the reality is that the fuel tank is almost drained out.

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Bike Insurance Policy:

Apart from the points mentioned above, keep an eye out for loose wires, dangling mirrors or damaged fibre parts of the bike. Such things might go unnoticed and cause a problem while riding the bike. Along with such daily routines, you must also know the expiry date of your driving license, Pollution Under Control certificate, and Bike Insurance Policy.

Make it a point to renew bike insurance in a timely manner. Generally, renew bike insurance two weeks before the expiry date so that you get ample time to review and renew. You also have the option of renewing two-wheeler insurance online. You do not need any third-party assistance while buying or renewing two-wheeler insurance online. Having said that, if you are stuck somewhere while purchasing two-wheeler insurance online, you can get in touch with the insurance company’s executive for assistance.

Follow the routine mentioned in the article and keep safe distance from bike-related mishaps. Also, keep your bike insured and ride safe.

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