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50L Health Insurance Plan

Boost your existing health insurance up to 50 lakhs

✅ Zero waiting period ✅ Zero deductions at claim

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The sum insured plays a significant role in determining a health insurance policy’s effectiveness. Rs. 50 lakhs is a good enough sum insured as it can cover medical expenses adequately. Want to know more about it? Here’s an overview of what the 50L ACKO Standard Plan has to offer.

What is 50 lakhs health insurance?
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50 lakhs health insurance refers to a policy that offers a sum insured of Rs. 50 lakhs. Such a substantial sum insured can result in sufficient financial assistance in case you or your covered family members suffer from a medical issue and need treatment.

Benefits of health insurance coverage with Rs. 50 lakhs sum insured
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ACKO Standard Plan with Rs. 50 lakhs sum insured offers more benefits than a standard medical insurance plan. Here’s how these benefits can help you.

Option to restore sum insured
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You probably won't need top-ups or super top-ups with a high sum insured of Rs. 50 lakhs. However, if your sum covered is ever used up, you have the choice to restore 100% of your Rs. 50 lakhs sum insured.

Useful built-in add-ons
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While purchasing a health plan, you are typically asked to pay a separate premium for buying an add-on. However, valuable add-ons like Doctor on Call, Room Rent Waiver, etc., are already included in your ACKO policy.

Wide coverage for hospital expenses
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Hospitalisation costs won't be a concern because you will always have a high and sufficient sum insured with our Rs. 50 lakhs health plan.

Coverage for critical illnesses
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People typically buy a dedicated policy to cover critical illnesses at a high premium because the associated treatment is expensive. With our Rs. 50 lakh health plan, you will not require a separate insurance policy to cover these costs. We will cover hospitalisation expenses for critical illnesses under this plan.

Key Features of 50L ACKO Standard Plan
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The 50L ACKO Standard Plan has various advantages, but two of them stand out as most significant, and we are confident that you will agree.


Zero deductions at claim - Get full claim amount for approved claims
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The claim amount is not just about the hospital bill. It comprises various costs like non-payable medical expenses, copayments, compulsory deductibles, and more. Usually, insurance plans may not cover these expenses. But with the 50L ACKO Standard Plan, you don’t have to worry about such deductions. We will pay the entire claim amount for an approved claim as per the policy’s terms and conditions.


No Room Rent Restrictions - Get any hospital room without worrying about extra costs
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When you opt for the 50L ACKO Standard Health Insurance Plan, you unlock the No Room Rent Capping add-on. This grants you the flexibility to pick the hospital room of your choice, free from financial worries. We will fully cover the room rent without any proportional deductions from your claim amount.

Add-ons for 50L ACKO Standard Plan
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The following add-ons are included in your Rs. 50 Lakhs ACKO Standard Plan.

Non-medical expenses waiver
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Our health plan covers all non-medical expenses. These are costs of things like admission and registration charges, syringes, sterilised injections, nutritionist or dietician charges, etc. Typically insurers do not pay these expenses during a claim. You need to pay them. With the 50L ACKO Platinum Plan, we have included coverage for non-medical expenses.

Room Rent Waiver
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The Room Rent Waiver add-on is covered under the 50L ACKO Platinum Plan. It implies that you are free to stay in any hospital room of your choosing, be it a private room, a deluxe or super deluxe room, or even a suite. We will cover the whole room rent without any capping.

Doctor On Call
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With our Rs. 50 lakhs health plan, you have access to numerous teleconsultations whenever you need to speak with a doctor. COVID-19 made virtual consultations the need of the hour. Even after the pandemic’s peak, patient’s and doctors understand its significance and demand the same. Patients can easily obtain a doctor's opinion through video conversations thanks to the Doctor On Call feature of the 50L ACKO Platinum Plan.



Inclusions: What is covered in the 50L ACKO Standard Plan?
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The following is a list of things covered under the ACKO Standard Plan with Rs. 50 lakhs sum insured.

Medically necessary hospitalisation

Post-birth complications

Wider coverage for pre and post-hospitalisation

Multiple ambulance trips

Domestic Emergency Evacuation

Organ donation expenses

Second opinion consultations

Inflation protect sum insured

Restore sum insured

Exclusions: What is not covered in 50L ACKO Platinum Medical Insurance Plan?
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The following is a list of things not covered under the ACKO Standard Plan with Rs. 50 lakhs sum insured.

Undisclosed pre-existing diseases

Sterility and infertility treatment

Maternity expenses

Change-of-gender treatments

Vision correction surgery for less than 7.5 dioptres

Cosmetic surgery, unless necessary due to an injury

Dental treatment unless required due to an accident

Weight control surgery

Resuscitation treatment for attempted suicide

Supplements and hormonal therapy

How much does Rs. 50 lakhs health insurance cost?
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As health insurance plans with 50 lakhs coverage are not standard, the final payable premium can vary based on certain parameters. Numerous variables can affect the 50L ACKO Standard Plan’s final cost. These variables can be your age, the number of covered dependents, where you live, etc. You must provide us with such basic information so that we can calculate the actual premium for the Rs. 50 Lakhs Insurance Plan.

Why should you buy Rs. 50 lakhs medical insurance from ACKO?
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Along with the benefits and features of our wide-ranging cover mentioned above, here’s what makes ACKO one of the best options for purchasing health insurance.

6,500 Network Hospitals Icon

More than 13,400+ network hospitals
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You can benefit from the cashless claims facility across 7100 hospitals that have a tie-up with ACKO. Just call us to raise a cashless claim, and we'll assist you.

People Covered Icon

7.5 Crore+ people are covered by ACKO
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We are trusted by more than 7.5 crore people for their insurance requirements. Our offerings cover a variety of categories, including those for group medical insurance for employees and motor insurance.

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Quick customer support
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Got a question racing through your head? Just call 1800 266 2256 or send an email to [email protected] for quick query resolution.

How can I raise a claim against Rs. 50 lakhs medical insurance?
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It's pretty simple to submit a claim for your Rs. 50 Lakhs Health Insurance Plan. All you need is a smartphone with an active internet connection. Download the ACKO app to your phone, create your account, and raise a claim from anywhere by following the easy steps mentioned during the claims process.

Why should I buy Rs. 50 Lakhs Health Insurance online?
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Nowadays, you can practically access anything instantly on your phone, including health insurance. Before the advent of the internet, buying health insurance required a significant time commitment. You had to gather the necessary paperwork, visit the insurance provider, or meet with a middleman to help you choose the best plan. Things changed with digital-first insurers like ACKO.

The online process is considerably more time-efficient. Just use your computer or smartphone to research, compare health insurance policies, and select an appropriate policy. As was the case earlier, you no longer need a middleman to assist you in purchasing the plan. Moreover, you get the policy document almost instantly with online health insurance.

How do I apply for a 50L ACKO Standard Plan?
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Here’s how you can apply for a 50L ACKO Standard Plan.

Steps to buy Rs. 50 lakhs medical insurance plan online
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Please follow these steps to buy a 50L ACKO Standard Plan.

Step 1: Visit or download the ACKO app. 

Step 2: Use your mobile number to create your ACKO account and share basic details related to you and the people you want to cover. 

Step 3: Just answer a few questions, review the plan, and make payment. Post that, you will receive your health insurance policy in your registered email ID’s inbox. 

Who all are eligible to buy a Rs. 50 lakhs health insurance policy?
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Anyone who is 18 years of age or above can purchase the ACKO Standard Plan with Rs. 50 lakhs sum insured. Six dependents, including two adults over the age of 18 and children between the ages of three months and 25 years can be insured under this plan. 

Documents required to buy Rs. 50 lakhs medical insurance? 
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There’s no unnecessary physical form filling and tedious document submission involved when you are buying a health plan from us. You just need to provide information about your previous and current medical condition so that we can generate a custom health insurance quote for you and your loved ones. The next step is to make the payment and get insured.

How to calculate Rs. 50 lakhs health insurance premium amount
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When calculating the premium for health insurance plans with 50 lakhs coverage, several parameters come into play, such as your age, location, and the number of dependents, among others. These parameters ultimately determine the premium amount you must pay to purchase the Rs. 50 Lakhs Health Insurance Policy.

You can use the health insurance premium calculator to get an idea about the premium. You can change some parameters, like the coverage, to observe how the premium amount varies and understand how it is calculated.

Understanding Waiting Periods in the ACKO Standard Health Plan
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The ACKO Standard Health Plan has waiting periods that take effect upon policy purchase. Here's an overview of how these waiting periods work.

  1. Initial Waiting Period: You cannot get coverage for treatments for 30 days starting from the first day of your policy. However, accident claims are allowed.

  2. Specific Illnesses Waiting Period: Certain medical conditions become eligible for insurance coverage after a waiting period of two years. The specific ailments covered are detailed in the Policy Wordings.

  3. Pre-Existing Diseases Waiting Period: Coverage for pre-existing diseases comes into effect after four years of policy acquisition, provided the policy is consistently renewed without any breaks.

Frequently asked questions
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Here are some queries you might have about the 50L ACKO Standard Plan or even about health insurance in general. Feel free to send an email to [email protected] if you have any additional questions.

Is purchasing a health plan with Rs. 50 lakhs sum insured beneficial?


Purchasing a plan with a higher sum insured indeed gives greater financial security in case of medical emergencies. It serves as a safety net against inflation and increasing medical bills. Its main advantage is that you can receive coverage for medical procedures that cost lakhs of rupees with an insured sum as high as Rs. 50 lakhs.

Can I claim my medical expenses for cancer treatment?


Yes, we will pay for the costs associated with a hospital stay for cancer treatment if you are covered under the 50L ACKO Standard Plan.

What is the 50L ACKO Standard Plan's grace period?


After the policy's expiration, there is a grace period of 30 days. Remember that any claims filed after the policy's expiration date are not valid. After the grace period, you must renew the plan to keep it in effect and continue with the health insurance coverage.

Disclaimer: The plans, services, features, processes, and other details mentioned on this page are subject to availability and changes. Please check the applicable policy wordings before making any insurance-related decisions. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for any queries.