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How to check Aadhaar Card status online: Different ways to check Aadhaar status

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

Your Aadhaar card is an important identity-related document. For instance, it is a valid Know Your Customer (KYC) document in most cases. Sometimes, your Aadhaar card may require corrections, updates or changes regarding biometric or demographic details. You can submit such change-related requests at an Aadhaar Seva Kendra. However, some requests, like changing the name, address, gender, and date of birth, can be submitted online as well. After submitting your application, you get the offline and online facility to check Aadhaar Card status information. This is a complete guide to help you check the Aadhaar update status online using different methods.



How to check Aadhaar Card update status online using URN

URN or Update Request Number is a unique 14-digit number that you receive after completing the application process for Aadhaar update. Here are the steps you can follow to check Aadhaar Card update status online by URN. 

Step 1: Visit the official portal of UIDAI.

Step 2: Enter your Aadhaar update ID mentioned on the acknowledgement slip.

Step 3: Complete the Captcha code verification.

Step 4: Click “Submit” to obtain the update status of your Aadhaar card.

How to check Aadhaar Card enrolment status online

Here is how you can check the Aadhaar enrolment status online with the enrolment number of the application.

Step 1: Visit the official UIDAI website.

Step 2: Enter your Enrolment ID or EID mentioned on the acknowledgement slip.

Step 3: Fill in the Captcha given on your screen for verification.

Step 4: Hit submit to get the details of your Aadhaar status online related to its Drafting, Payment, Verification, Validation, and Completion. 

Steps to check Aadhaar Card status without enrolment number

If you misplace the acknowledgement slip for some reason, the following steps will help you check your Aadhaar Card status without the enrolment number.

Step 1: Visit the Retrieve EID/UID page of the UIDAI portal.

Step 2: Choose between the Enrolment number or the Aadhaar number, whichever you want to retrieve. 

Step 3: Fill in details like your name, mobile number, verification code, and email ID.

Step 4: Get an OTP sent to your mobile phone registered with your Aadhaar.

Step 5: Add the received OTP for verification to obtain the Aadhaar or Enrolment number on your registered phone number.

Step 6: Now, you can use the enrolment number to find the Aadhaar status.

These are the steps you can follow to check Aadhaar bank linking status.

Step 1: Visit the official UIDAI portal and select “My Aadhaar”.

Step 2: Move to the Aadhaar Services option and select “Check Aadhaar/Bank Linking Status”.

Step 3: Add your Virtual ID or Aadhaar number along with the security code and receive the OTP on your registered mobile.

Step 4: Use the OTP and hit “Submit” to get the Aadhaar and Bank Linking status.

How to check Aadhaar Card complaint status

Here are the steps to check the Aadhaar Card complaint status.

Step 1: Go to the UIDAI portal and move to the section called “Contact and Support”.

Step 2: Reach the section called “Grievance Redressal Mechanism” and hit “Check Complaint Status”.

Step 3: Fill in the 14-digit ID and verify with Captcha to obtain the status of your complaint.

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Check Aadhaar Card status by mobile number

You can use your registered mobile number also to check the Aadhaar Card status using the following steps. 

Step 1: Using your registered phone number, give a call at 1800-300-1947.

Step 2: Share the Enrolment ID number with the executive on the call.

Step 3: After verifying your enrolment number, the executive will check and tell you the Aadhaar Card status.

How to check Aadhaar biometric unlocked/locked status

You can use the steps mentioned below to check the unlocked or locked status of the Aadhaar biometric.

Step 1: Visit the mAadhaar mobile application using your phone and select “My Aadhaar”.

Step 2: Add the 4-digit PIN and check the colour of the Biometric Lock Indicator visible on your screen. If it’s red, then it means that your biometric is locked.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few frequently asked questions about Aadhaar Card status.


Can I find my Aadhaar Card status by name?

Currently, it is not possible to check Aadhaar status by using your name. You need to use your Enrolment ID to find the status of your Aadhaar via the UIDAI portal. 

Where can I check my Aadhaar Card status online?

You can visit the official UIDAI portal for Aadhaar Card status checking online.

How can I check Aadhaar update status without my phone number?

Without your phone number, you can utilise the offline or online method of checking Aadhaar Card enrollment or update status. For this, you can visit the offline Aadhaar Enrolment Centre or utilise UIDAI Aadhaar status online. 

How does URN number help with UIDAI Aadhaar update status check?

URN or Update Request Number allows you to track Aadhaar Card status via the UIDAI portal. 

Is it possible to cancel the request for an Aadhaar Card update?

Yes, you can cancel your request for an Aadhaar Card update if it hasn’t already been picked up. Make sure you check Aadhaar status before cancelling it. 

What to do about the incorrect URN number for the Aadhar update request?

If that’s the case, you will need to personally visit the Aadhaar Enrolment Centre to find the update status. 

How long will it take to get my Aadhaar Card?

It can take about 90 days from the date of enrolment for the Aadhaar to be sent to your residential address. 

Can I retrieve the enrolment number in case of losing my enrolment slip?

Yes, you can utilise the UIDAI portal to retrieve your enrolment number for the Aadhaar Card.

Disclaimer: The above content is sourced from secondary sources on the internet and is meant for informational purposes only. It is subject to changes.


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