Immediate assistance during accidents can reduce your misery. Here’s a service that assures you of the needed assistance during accidents.

What Is Roadside Assistance in Car Insurance?

A road accident can damage your car. You may even suffer bodily injuries. You would then need immediate help to deal with the situation.

This car insurance roadside assistance cover or RSA cover can come to your rescue in your hour of need. It provides the necessary help you need.

This cover could be bundled into your comprehensive insurance policy by your insurance company at no additional cost, or you may have to pay a small premium to get this cover. Do check with your insurer for this cover.

What all does it cover?

With a car roadside assistance cover, you can be carefree in the following situations:


  • This service is useful when your car is damaged or broken down, and cannot move.
  • Your insurer arranges for a towing service to take your car to the nearest authorized garage.
  • This is free up to 50 kilometres (but could vary from insurer to insurer).


  • This service comes handy in the case of electrical or mechanical breakdown, where immediate repair is possible.
  • Your insurer arranges for a technician to repair your car.


  • Your insurer arranges for a technician to change the punctured tyre of your car at the accident location.


  • In case your vehicle runs out of fuel, you can get fuel up to 5 litres at the location of the accident.
  • However, you will be charged for the fuel.


  • If your car is locked and the keys are lost or left inside the car, your insurer will arrange for a technician to unlock the car.
  • Or, if there are spare keys kept at your house, your insurer will send them to you.
  • This is possible only if the accident location is in the same city.


  • Such a service is helpful when the accident disables you from driving further.
  • Your insurer arranges for a person who drives your car to the desired location.
  • This service is free up to 50 kilometres.


  • If your car cannot be repaired on the spot, your insurer arranges for a cab as an alternative mode of transport.


  • If the repairs need time, your insurer arranges for your stay in any nearby hotel.
  • However, you will have to pay for the room.


  • If the accident damages certain parts of the car, your insurer arranges for the shipment of the spare parts to the accident location.
  • But, you will have to pay for the spare parts.

Important note: Different insurance companies offer one or more of the above mentioned services under their roadside assistance cover. So the next time you purchase a car insurance policy that offers roadside assistance cover too, make sure you check the kind of coverage on offer as well.

How Does A Roadside Cover Help During Accidents?

  • A roadside assistance in insurance cover keeps your insurer at your service.
  • You must contact your insurer immediately after the accident.
  • Most of the companies have a separate customer care.
  • You can call them on their helpline.
  • Your insurer has a separate network of service providers for each city.
  • Know your plan and policy well to be aware of the list of service providers specific to your city

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