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5 Strangest Insurance Policies Ever

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

Buying insurance policy is not an uncommon thing to do. One wants to secure the money involved in an asset and thus he gets it insured. Simple? But here is the funny part: people have insured things which are weird if not downright hilarious! So, without further ado, let’s jump on to 5 Most Strangest Insurance Policies Ever.



#1 Body Parts


If it is worth something, insure it! Insuring body parts has become a trend among celebrities. It started quite a while back and once the trend began, there was no turning back,  Heidi Klum’s legs were insured for $2.2 million. Ben Turpin’s eyes for $20,000, Merv Hughes’ Mustache for $370,000, America Ferrera’s smile for $10 million, etc.

#2 Absconding Spouse!


Getting cold feet right before the wedding is a common occurrence. So, what happens to all the hard-earned money spent by your parents for the fancy wedding you wanted? To your relief, you can buy an insurance policy to recover the money spent if your partner decides to take off!

#3 Cigar


Smoking a cigar like a hero from a Hollywood western, might look classy. But does it make sense to buy insurance for a cigar? Of course it does. Provided it is a 12 ft. long, humongous beast of a cigar! Skansen museum in Stockholm exhibits a record-breaking cigar which is fully insured, for all the right reasons!

#4 Death by Laughter


In the 1900’s, people were overly confident of their sense of humor. So much so that an insurer, Lloyd’s of London, had issued a $1m policy for film-goers, just in case they lose their life by laughing so hard.

#5 Alien Abduction


Apparently, a lot of people have a huge fear of getting abducted by aliens. If you are one of those people, you can get an insurance from Lloyd’s of London (Yeah… they are known for insuring such things!). More than 20,000 Alien Abduction Policies have been sold till date.

Honorary Mentions

These policies didn’t quite make it into the list, but we couldn’t exclude them as they are wonderfully strange. So, here are the honorable mentions.

  1. The reward for catching the Lochness Monster is insured at $1.5 million.

  2. You can buy the “Kidnap” insurance policy in advance to pay-off the ransom amount.

  3. Employers can get their star employee insured.

  4. If you live in a haunted place, you can insure against death due to supernatural reasons.

  5. Last but definitely not the least, if you planned for one child and got a surprise of multiple, you can get an insurance to pay for the expenses.


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