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Seven Effective Tricks to Keep Your Car Cool In The Summer

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

The most dreaded season is upon us! It’s summer all over again. The season of sweat, heat, and dehydration. On the bright side, this is the season of super cool mocktails, beaches, and light cotton clothes!

When our body heats up and we to go out of the way to keep it cool, the same way our cars also need some extra care to be protected from the sun’s wrath. So, without further ado, let’s get started on some ways to keep your car cool in this blazing heat:




#1 Smart Shade


If you own a windshield sunshade and are looking for a spot in an open-air parking lot in the afternoon, look for a place directly facing the sun. Now open the sunshade. It will cover the entire interior of your car from direct sunlight keeping it cooler.

#2 Let there be Air


Roll down any two windows just a centimeter or two before parking your car. This will prevent any forced entry and increase the flow of fresh, cool air inside the car. Beware of the mosquitoes though! Tossing tiny pieces of camphor inside the car might repel them.

#3 Cool Down the Wheel


Keep a wet towel handy. Run it over the steering wheel and gear shift before handling them and wait for the water to evaporate. If the surface is too hot, consider placing the damp towel over it for a while. It will absorb excess heat and make the car ready for handling.

#4 A Cool Backside


When you have dark colored leather seats, the interior heats up like crazy! To avoid this, invest in low-cost cooling cushions. These cushions also effectively reduce fatigue while driving.

#5 Sheets to the Rescue


If your car is going to remain parked in the sun for long hours, the interiors are bound to heat up. A light-colored cotton bedsheet will be helpful in this case. Just spread the sheet all over the seats. It will offer shade and help in keeping the temperature low.

#6 Solar Fans


Solar-powered fans work best in this season. Charge them up with solar energy and use them to get some wind directly in your face!

#7 Open Happiness


If you are about to drive a heated car, make sure you open all the doors and windows and put the air conditioner’s fan on blast before entering the car. The fumes from a hot car are not exactly healthy!


  1. Get the top of your car painted with reflective paint. It will reflect most of the heat away from your car and keep it cool.

  2. Use universal curtains to protect your car from direct sun-rays.

  3. A glove box is the best place to keep your accessories. Car chargers, cables, pen drives, etc. can be stored there to prevent damage.

  4. Use beaded seat covers to promote ventilation.

  5. And last but definitely not the least – Always look for shade to park your car!


Apart from beating the heat and shielding your car from this hot weather, you should get additional protection with car insurance. The right policy will not only pay for the third-parties but also cover own damage. Insurance will help you take care of your finances when in need.

Happy Summer!


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