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FailedAttempt: How They Conned The Insurance Company?

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

If all goes well, one may not suffer a loss when an insurance policy is active. For some, this could give a deep sense of being conned by the insurance company. What should be the next step, getting that money back plus a little more, if possible? Conning the company? Trying to extract money from an insurance company will invite criminal charges and lawsuits.


Let’s find out how people conned insurance companies but found themselves in a tough spot eventually:



#1. The Headbanger

It was a dull day in 2014, when a South Korean man decided to put up a remarkable show. Little did the 19-year-old know, that the car owner was smart enough to install a dashboard camera.

The owner slowly rolled out of the parking lot. To his surprise a young man flung himself in front of the car and desperately banged his head on the windshield, causing instant damage… well yes, to both – the windshield and his head.

Without the camera footage, this owner could never have proved his innocence. The man would have conned the insurance company for getting an expensive treatment for his fake injuries. In addition to the treatment, he could have also demanded huge compensation for mental trauma.

#2. The Lying Wife

A 35-year-old woman managed to con an insurance company for USD $90,000. She even created false eye witness after realizing the lack of evidence to prove that she was not at fault during an accident for which she claimed insurance.

Three years after the incident, the now wife of an innocent man had to (literally) pay the price for her deeds. Her husband not only revealed the truth about his wife but also that the “eye witness” was not even present on the scene when the accident took place.

The case is still under trial and the woman might face criminal charges.

#3. Get, Set, Fire

Following financial strain, a 47-year-old man decided to put an end to his miseries. Sitting in a local bar, he hatched a master-plan to con the insurance company which insured his 2008 Holden Captiva.

The plan was to “steal” the car and set it on fire away from home. The one who would steal the car was to return the keys to make it look like theft. As planned, the car moved out and was set on fire, but the keys were never returned to the owner.

Determined to still follow the plan, this Australian car owner filed a fake police complaint only to confess the crime on the 18th of July 2017. He is now placed on a 12-month correction order and needs to complete 100 hours of unpaid work.

#4. One Man, 33 Accidents

A 37-year-old Singaporean man has cheated multiple General Insurance Companies for more than S$465,000. His strategy was to stage fake car accidents and claim insurance for the damage caused.

This man enjoyed the bounty for more than 2 years, along with many allies. One of his ally is charged for reporting 81 fake pieces of information to the police. The man himself is charged of 33 Auto Insurance Frauds. He is currently under trial.

#5. Dear Deer!

A mobster and body shop owner from Philadelphia used the blood and body parts of deer along with mud and grass to fake accidents and make the scene look “real.” This is one of the classic cases of insurance scam involving a ton of money, $5 Million to be precise.

This mobster often caused minor damages to various cars which forced their owners to visit his workshop for repairs. Apart from this, he is booked for multiple criminal activities including fake vandalism, attempt to murder and extortion.

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The Bottom Line

Insurance companies have their own ways of digging up the truth. No matter how lucrative it might seem to con an insurance company, it will only add to the mess. Filing a fake claim is NOT a way of making money, it is a crime. Under careful observation, the only thing common between all the cases is, they all got caught!


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