Celebrities make headlines with anything and everything they do. And if the activity involves insuring certain body parts, the news tends to spread like wildfire. There are several Indian as well as international celebrities who have opted to insure a variety of body parts. Read ahead to know more about such specialty insurance.

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What are we talking about?

If that’s the question buzzing in your mind, think about the core concept of insurance. Insurance involves taking measures to minimise financial losses in case of an unfortunate event. Just as common people go for health insurance policies, celebrities opt to insure specific body parts which they feel are integral to their personality or brand. Generally, their livelihood is dependent on the body parts they insure.

Who goes for it?

Mostly, celebrities belonging to the entertainment and sports industry opt to insure their body parts. The glamour world is a visual medium and celebrities go to great lengths to look presentable. They invest in themselves. By opting for insurance, they secure their investment against unforeseen financial losses. Same applies to sports stars. By training hard to keep their body in good shape, they are constantly in danger of accidents.

News reports suggest that the following celebrities have insured their body parts for huge amounts.

Sr. No.


Insurance For


Rajinikanth Voice
2 Lata Mangeshkar



Vijender Singh Fingers

Sania Mirza



Julia Roberts Smile
6 David Beckham



Cristiano Ronaldo Legs


Daniel Craig Body


Jennifer Lopez


10 Madonna


Is it a Customized Plan?

Certainly. There is a lot of money riding on celebrities. So, celebrities or brands involved with celebrities tend to strike deals with insurance companies to insure their desired body part. Apart from being a productive Public Relations initiative, the insurance policy is beneficial and much-needed to a lot of them.

Is it Available to the Public?

No, such policies are specialised and not openly available to the public. Normal people do not invest a lot of money on their body parts as compared to celebrities, and it’s not recommended to go for these either. Insurance companies create health insurance, personal accident policies, etc. that are generalised and helpful to a lot of people.

What if I want it?

As such policies are not easily available, you won’t be able to purchase them directly from an insurance company’s website. However you need not be a celebrity to avail specialty insurance. You can get in touch with insurance companies and discuss your requirements with them.

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