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Two Wheeler Insurance - Add on Covers

A two-wheeler insurance policy is a definite way of financially covering your bike from any damages. A basic insurance policy like the Third-Party Bike Insurance can give you only a minimum cover. But, to be prepared for all uncertainties, you need more coverage than that of what your standard bike insurance policy offers. Increasing the scope of your standard bike insurance policy is possible with the help of add-ons.

Roadside Assistance Add-on in Two-wheeler Insurance – 24×7 RSA Benefits

Purchasing two-wheeler insurance in India can help you to meet legal requirements, as it is compulsory to buy a Third-party Liability Plan. When you...

Downtime Allowance in Bike Insurance Add-on

One of the main advantages of buying a comprehensive bike insurance policy is that one can customise the coverage with the help of add-ons....

Engine Protection Add-on Cover in Two-Wheeler Insurance – Benefits

The regular comprehensive policy covers only the repairs to your bike caused due to accidental damage. Repairs or replacement of internal parts of the...

Invoice Protection – Bike Insurance

A comprehensive policy covers loss or damage to your vehicle and third party. It covers against the risk of loss or damage caused to...

Accident Cover – Bike Insurance

Any bike rider purchasing a bike insurance should also opt for Comprehensive Bike Insurance for themselves. A Comprehensive Bike Insurance policy is a combination of Own...

Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance

The value of a two-wheeler depreciates with time. Having a core Comprehensive Bike Insurance policy is a good way to cover the cost of...