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7 Best Bike Handlebars in 2024

Team AckoJan 19, 2024

Who can't say no to an enjoyable bike ride, feeling the breeze as you drive along. There's a high chance that you already have the key to a more revitalizing, fun and comfortable bike ride through long roads. Your bike's handlebar has the ability to add to your riding experience. It's not just that, but properly configuring handlebars not only improves your riding posture which reduces strain on neck and shoulders. It also distributes your weight evenly between the front and rear wheels, amplifying the bikes maneuverability. 

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In the past ten years, there's been a vast rise in the different types of handlebars that you can buy, giving you plenty of options to modify your bike exactly the way you want it.

Handlebars are important for a smooth and comfortable ride, and not just a place for storing controls which is why motorcycle manufacturers ensure that there are a wide range of handlebar alternatives to match different tastes. Whether you crave excitement or are a sucker for aesthetics, there is handlebar for you.  

Handlebars aren't just functional, they also elevate your own personal style and have a huge effect on how your bike behaves and how you ride. All in all, whether you're searching for a perfect combination of form and function, or you want to change your bike's looks, handlebars are an important element that should be considered. Now that we know the importance of bike handlebars, let us look at the seven best handlebars in 2024. 



Best Handlebars For Bikes 

Drag Bars 

This type was first seen in London and was initially for drag bikes but also now on cruisers, choppers and bobbers. The drag bar is sometimes called cafe racer bars and has a forward-learning, aerodynamic riding stance. They are narrow, virtually straight and flat and the handlebars barely have any rise between them and the bikes. You need straight elbows and a natural wrist and hand placement because it has a low-profile design. 

Drag bars give motorcycles an added advantage because they can use straight or curved risers which will increase their comfort and lessen the distance in which they have to reach controls. The simple design of this handlebar makes it easy to install and manage stock-wiring from the bike.

Beach Bars 

These are similar to cruiser bars and allow the rider to have a relaxed stance because it slopes back towards the person riding it. They are usually wide and flat, requiring you to spread your arms which gives you room to breathe. 

This vintage-styled handlebar is comfortable for cruising but some may find it a little too wide for their liking. Before buying this type, make sure that you're able to reach the control even if the handlebar is turned fully.   


These handlebars boast a special design that resembles a “Z” and has angular bends instead of excessive height or width. They are popular among people who like custom bikes. Many budget-friendly motorcycles have this type of handlebar, which has raised ends that extend outward. 

The main reason a z-bar is favored is because it allows riders to adopt a relaxed riding posture while also being able to have control over their steering. Some motorcycle workshops also use this type to elevate handlebar height on cruisers. This type is the best for those looking for calm rides.

Motocross Bars 

These types are made of a one-piece straight handlebar that is straight and has a slight curve in the middle. The cross-brace in the middle of the two handles is very distinct  from other types. This type of handlebar is found on motocross, off-road and dual-sport motorcycles. The Motocross handlebars are mainly used on dirt-bikes but also on a variety of other motorcycles too. Riders usually like their handlebars to be as straight as possible, so this is the noticeable feature of this bike type. 

Frisco Bars

Frisco Handlebars, often called "Frisco '' for short, is a term related to motorcycle handlebar customization. They refer to a specific style of motorcycle handlebars. Frisco Handlebars are usually tall and narrow, giving the bike a cool and distinctive look. They're named after the city of San Francisco, where this style of customization became popular in the 1960s. If you're into motorcycles, you might like them for the unique and stylish appearance they can give to a bike.

Tracker Bars 

Tracker handlebars for motorcycles are a style of handlebars designed for a specific type of bike customization. These handlebars are relatively straight and flat, which gives the motorcycle a classic and simplified look. They're called "tracker" because they were originally used on dirt track racing bikes.

Tracker handlebars are a bit wider than some other styles, which can provide better control and a comfortable riding position. People often choose them for their vintage and rugged appearance, making them popular for customizing classic or retro motorcycles. They can also be a practical choice if you want a more straightforward and functional setup for your bike.

Mustache Bars

Motorcycle mustache bars are known as engine guards or crash bars. They're made of a metal frame that's attached to the front of a motorcycle. It's called a "mustache bar" because it is similar to the shape of a mustache, in a curve that wraps the front of the motorcycle.

The main purpose of a mustache bar is to protect the motorcycle and rider in case of a tip-over or accident. It can help prevent damage to the bike's engine and other parts by acting as a buffer. Additionally, in some cases, it provides a convenient spot for mounting accessories like highway pegs for the rider's comfort during long rides. A motorcycle mustache bar not only offers protection but can also be a practical and versatile addition to a bike.


Motorcycle handlebars come in various styles, each with its own unique characteristics and benefits. Whether you like a Frisco handlebar, a Tracker handlebar, or the added protection of a Mustache bar, your choice of handlebars can significantly impact your riding experience and the aesthetics of your motorcycle. 

Selecting the right handlebars is a personal decision that depends on your riding style, preferences, and the look you want for your bike. Ultimately, the handlebars you choose can enhance both the functionality and the style of your motorcycle. 

While you make a decision about the handlebar style, also make a decision about getting the right insurance for your bike. Choose ACKO for a convenient and hassle-free experience. You can simply download the app or head to the website to make buy or renew your motorcycle insurance. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Bike Handlebars

FAQs on Best Bike Handlebars


What's so special about motorcycle handlebars? 

Often overlooked, motorcycle handlebars are a crucial part of a motorcycle. The type of motorcycle handlebar you have determines what kind of bike and ride type you'll have. There are different types suited for different riding requirements. 

What are 3 kinds of motorcycle handlebars? 

You can find a wide array of motorcycle handlebars, but the most common ones are the Frisco, tracker, and mustache. There are lots more suited for unique rides! 

Can I mod my bike's handlebars? 

Yes, you can modify your bike to suit your needs and riding requirements. Make sure the handlebar you get is ideal for the kind of ride you want to enjoy on the roads. 


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