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9 Best Speedometers For Bikes in 2024

Team AckoJan 19, 2024

Riding free and wild on a bike is an experience that you can safely enjoy with a bike speedometer! Speedometers for bikes are important instruments on a motorcycle's dashboard that display your motorcycle's current speed. They give real-time information about how fast you are travelling in either miles per hour (mph) or kilometres per hour (km/h). This enables the rider to drive as per necessary speed limits and be safe on their ride. 


Most motorcycle speedometers consist of a display and a speed sensor, and some sophisticated models come with features like odometers, trip metres, tachometers and backlights. Motorcycle speedometers are important for safe and legal riding, helping you monitor your speed and stay within speed limits (sometimes 👀). Modern speedometers can use electronic sensors for precise measurements, while older motorcycles may have mechanical speedometers with a spinning needle.



What is a Motorcycle Speedometer? 

A motorcycle speedometer is a tool on your motorcycle dashboard that displays the current speed at which your motorcycle is travelling. It typically uses a mechanical or electronic system to measure and display the speed in miles per hour (mph) or kilometres per hour (km/h).                            

Parts Of Motorcycle Speedometers

Speed Sensor

In modern motorcycles, a speed sensor, often connected to the wheel or transmission, generates signals based on wheel rotation or gear position.


The speedometer features a digital or analogue display where the speed is shown numerically or on a dial with a moving needle.


Manufacturers calibrate speedometers to ensure accurate speed readings under various conditions, but they can sometimes have slight inaccuracies.


Many speedometers also include an odometer to track the total distance the motorcycle has travelled.

Trip Metre

Some speedometers have a trip metre that can be reset to track distance for a specific trip.


A backlight illuminates the speedometer for nighttime visibility.

Speedometers help riders maintain safe and legal speeds while on the road. It's important to regularly check and calibrate the speedometer to ensure accurate readings.                                    

9 Speedometers To Check Out

Weytoll Motorcycle Speedometer

This speedometer is easy to install and simple to use. It's ideal for 1, 2, or 4-cylinder motorcycles. The speedometer is constructed of high-quality ABS material, making it super strong to endure any weather and withstand temperatures from freezing cold to scorching hot. Its large LCD display gives you a view of the speedometer even if the sun is super bright and in your eyes. There's a 6-level fuel display and a low fuel level indicator that flashes and notifies you if you're running dangerously low. The maximum speed display is 199 km/h, and the maximum mileage display is 99999.9 km.

KAOLALI Motorcycle LCD Speedometer Tachometer

This powerful motorcycle speedometer comes with functions such as an odometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, and water temperature gauge. While you're riding, you can see how fast you're going with the anti-glare display, night or day. This speedometer is suitable for motorcycles with 1 cylinder, 2 cylinders or 4 cylinders. 

Universal Motorcycle Speedometer

The Universal Motorcycle Speedometer comes with all the basic features you need while riding and is easy to install on your bike. It is suitable for all motorcycles that come with a 12V power supply. You'll get multi-function features like a tachometer, speedometer, odometer and fuel meter gauge to secure your ride. 

This speedometer is made with a durable ABS shell that comes with a transparent lens and can withstand all temperatures and even sustain damage. Its bright backlit LCD screen display gives you a single place to easily scan your ride's metrics.

Faddare Motorcycle Odometer Sensor Cable

This speedometer is easy to install, and it's built for thrilling rides. It's an excellent replacement for worn-out or broken motorcycle speedometer sensor cables. The speedometer is made of super strong plastic to ensure a safe and reliable ride. You'll get steady and high performance with accurate readings for your motorcycle's digital speedometer.

Acouto Motorcycle Speedometer

The Acouto Motorcycle Speedometer comes with a tachometer and odometer built for exhilarating, yet safe, rides. This speedometer is suitable for motorcycles with 12V. The LCD digital screen shows you your exact speed, day or night with its anti-glare display. You can even choose up to 7 different backlight colours for an even more fun ride. It's built with a high-performance alloy shell and transparent lens to withstand all climate conditions and even ensure collisions. 


This motorcycle speedometer offers you speed and RPM readings at a glance. It's powerful LCD display gives you precise readings regardless of riding and weather conditions. You can easily adjust the speedometer if you need it at any time, with easy-to-access rear buttons. The speedometer tracks speeds from 0-200 km/h, and the odometer goes up to 99,999 km. 

MASO Motorcycle Speedometer Gauge

The MASO Motorcycle Speedometer is a perfect fit for all motorcycles that have a DC 12V. You'll get functions like speedometer, odometer, tachometer, and fuel display all in one. What's more, you can see left and right indicators, lights, neutral gears, battery, and temperature indicators. This powerful speedometer is temperature resistant, and perfect for icy weather and scorching weather alike.

Senyar Motorcycle Speedometer

The Senyar Motorcycle Speedometer has an indicator LED light for your headlights and turn signal lights. There's a high upper level digital reading available to track your riding speed and overall kilometres you've done. This speedometer is easy to install and use, yet offers accurate data for your ride's. It fits motorcycles of DC 12V, and is an ideal riding companion. You can see maximum speed measurements for up to 160/ kmh.

Velona Electric Speed/Tachometer

Your motorcycle needs sports-ready performance with the VELONA Electric Speedometer and Tachometer Gauge. It has a 2-needle design that comes with a durable stainless steel body and transparent lens. The speedometer offers speed readings up to 200 km/h, and the tachometer displays RPM up to 9000. 


To sum it up, a motorcycle speedometer is a vital component of a motorcycle's dashboard, providing riders with real-time information about their current speed in either miles per hour (mph) or kilometres per hour (km/h). It ensures safe and legal riding, helping riders monitor their speed and stay within speed limits. Whether using electronic sensors for precision or mechanical mechanisms, speedometers are essential tools that contribute to road safety and responsible riding.

Talking about responsible riding, ensure you have a valid bike insurance before you take your bike out for a spin. Choose ACKO for all your motor insurance needs and enjoy superfast and hassle-free claims experience. Happy riding! 

Frequently Asked Questions on 9 Best Speedometers For Bikes

FAQs on 9 Best Speedometers For Bikes


What is a Motorcycle Speedometer? 

A motorcycle speedometer is mounted on your dashboard and tracks your riding speed. The speedometer gauges how fast you're riding, and the odometer tracks how many kilometres you've travelled so far. 

Can I change the stock motorcycle speedometer? 

Yes, you can always mod your motorcycle by choosing a speedometer that's right for you and your bike. Most bike speedometers should be installed by a bike mechanic. 

What kind of speedometers are available? 

Basic motorcycle speedometers have only speed readings, while sophisticated models offer tachometers, odometers, and RPM measurements. 


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