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Bike Accidents in India and Insurance Claim

Team AckoApr 12, 2023

Motorbikes are a popular means of transport in India. They are affordable, fuel-efficient and have very low maintenance costs. As of 2022, there are over 21 crore two-wheelers registered in India. As is the case with four-wheelers, all bikes registered in the country also need to have valid insurance. This is to ensure that in case you are involved in a bike accident in India, you need not worry about the costs of getting your bike fixed.

If you ever find yourself in that unfortunate situation, this article will help you navigate the process of filing a successful insurance claim.

Bike Accidents in India and Insurance Claim



Bike Accidents in India

Riding motorcycles is a blast, but they do have a certain element of danger associated with them. Our citizens have a very casual attitude towards traffic laws and driving discipline. This dramatically increases the probability of being involved in a bike accident in India. As motorcyclists, you need to be extra cautious while riding as, unlike four-wheelers, you do not have anything to protect you in the event of an accident.

Number of Road Accident Cases Reported in India

Motorcycle accidents are, unfortunately, a very common sight in our country. We often see riders with a lack of lane discipline, overtaking from the left and trying to squeeze between gaps almost every single day during our commutes.

The bike accident rate in India over the last few years is as follows: 

  • Road Accidents involving two-wheelers in India in 2020 -1,58,954

  • Road Accidents involving two-wheelers in India in 2019 -1,67,184

The accident figures you see above, account for a whopping 43.7% and 37.2% of all accidents that occurred in the country in 2020 and 2019, respectively. This includes all other categories of vehicles, from cars to buses and animal-drawn vehicles. 

Unfortunately, statistics show that 1 in every 3 motorcycle accidents results in a fatality. These are the figures for the number of fatalities that resulted due to an accident involving a two-wheeler:

  • Number of Fatalities in India in 2020 - 56,873

  • Number of Fatalities in India in 2019 - 56,136

Looking at the gravity of the situation, the government has taken certain steps to make motorcycles safe. Since 1st April 2018, all motorcycles above the capacity of 125 ccs need to have anti-lock braking systems. The government has also made it mandatory for all new bikes to have their headlights on permanently, to make it easier to spot motorcycles at night or under poor weather conditions.

Safety And Bike Insurance as a Protection Against Bike Accidents in India

Bike insurance policies provide a financial safety net in case you are involved in a bike accident in India.

There are two types of insurance policies available for bikes to choose from:

  • Third-Party Bike Insurance: This type of insurance policy is the minimum requirement by law in India. A third-party bike insurance policy protects you from any liabilities if you damage a third party's vehicle or property or if a third party sustains injuries or dies. This kind of insurance plan does not cover any damages to your own vehicle. 

  • Comprehensive Bike Insurance: This insurance plan has all the coverage benefits of a third-party plan, along with covering damages to your own vehicle as well. Comprehensive bike insurance will also cover you in the event your bike is stolen, or if it has been damaged by natural disasters. 

Documents Required to Make a Bike Accident Claim in India

Here are all the documents you will need in the event you are involved in a bike accident in India, and need to file an insurance claim. 

  • Driving licence of the driver

  • A copy of the insurance policy certificate of the bike

  • Proof of Identification of the policyholder

  • Registration Certificate (RC) of the insured bike

  • First Information Report (FIR), if lodged

  • Cancelled cheque

  • Fire Brigade Report, if lodged (only for comprehensive plans)

  • Any other documents, as requested by the insurer

How to Buy a Bike Insurance Policy in India at ACKO?

ACKO provides one of the most hassle-free experiences when it comes to purchasing an insurance policy. With ACKO, you can not only purchase bike insurance online and renew the bike insurance online as well.

ACKO has a host of insurance plans for your bike, offering various levels of coverage:

  • ACKO offers a third-party insurance plan which can protect you from any financial liabilities that can arise in the event a third party is involved in the accident. This insurance is the basic legal requirement to ride on Indian roads. However, you should know this insurance policy does not cover damages to your own bike.

  • If you are looking for a plan that offers a higher level of coverage, then you can consider ACKO's Comprehensive Insurance plan for two-wheelers. This plan includes all the benefits of third-party insurance and covers damages to your own bike as well. It also covers your finances in the event your bike has been stolen or has been damaged by natural/man-made disasters. 

  • ACKO also offers a Personal Accident Cover that can protect you financially in the event an accident results in a permanent disability or death of the rider. 

Once you decide what plan suits you the best, you can head over to ACKO's website and follow the steps given below: 

  • Enter your bike's registration number. ACKO will make things easy for you by fetching all the necessary information. 

  • You will then have to answer a simple questionnaire to help us understand your insurance needs better. 

  • You can then view all available plans, and ACKO will process all the relevant information entered to generate a tailor-made payment plan for the insurance plan you have chosen. 

  • You can go through the terms and conditions of the plan and purchase it then and there. 

  • Once the payment goes through, you will have the option to download a copy of your insurance policy.

Things to Remember

Here are a few key things to remember if you ride a bike in India:

  • You are most vulnerable to injuries when you ride a motorcycle; take cognizance of this fact and ride carefully. 

  • Helmets have been made mandatory for a reason. Wear it at all times to protect the most vital organ in your body, not to save yourself from a traffic challan. 

  • If you can afford it, invest in riding gear. A helmet will only protect your head; injuries can happen anywhere. 

  • Your safety is in your own hands, don't be rash. You are on the road, not on a race track. 

That being said, if you are involved in a bike accident in India, keep these things in mind to make sure your claim is successful:

  • Inform your insurer about the accident immediately. 

  • Don't forget to file an FIR; it is mandatory to file a successful claim.

  • Keep all your documents handy. It will help the insurer process your claim faster. 

Bike accidents in India are unfortunately a very common occurrence. We all share equal responsibility for the people we share the road with. If you ride a bike, it is all the more important you are covered by a good insurance policy, and ACKO can provide just that. 

Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to some of the common questions about two-wheeler accidents in India.


How long do you have to wait to file a claim after an accident?

The best practice is to inform the insurer the moment you meet with an accident so that they take down crucial details, and help the claim process start immediately. At ACKO, we understand that sometimes that may not be possible, which is why you should inform us within 24 hours of the accident taking place.

Can I file a bike insurance claim without an FIR?

If a third party is involved in the accident, an FIR is mandatory to file a successful claim.

Is being involved in a bike accident a criminal offence in India? 

No, being involved in a bike accident is not a criminal offence as long as there was no malicious intent as per Section 80 of the Indian Penal Code.

What are the reasons that can lead to my insurance claim being rejected? 

Your insurance claim can be rejected for a number of reasons. If you were found flouting traffic rules, such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or with a driving licence, your claim would not be entertained. Your claim can also be rejected if you failed to inform the insurer within 24 hours of the accident or if you tried to file a fraudulent insurance claim.

How can I find out the status of my claim request?

You can enquire about the status of your insurance claim by either logging into your account from the ACKO mobile application or by calling our toll-free number - 1800 266 2256. However, you may not even need to do this, as we send you regular updates about the status of your claim via SMS or on the email address registered with us.

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