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Top 10 Best Mirrors For Bikes In 2024

Team AckoFeb 22, 2024

Many motorcycle riders upgrade their bike mirrors for various reasons, like improving aesthetics, aerodynamics, or visibility. These mirrors may sometimes fit individual needs but cause issues like poor positioning and distracting vibrations. The good news is that a range of aftermarket mirrors offer solutions to these issues and prioritize comfort and safety.

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This guide provides a list of top mirrors for bikes and a buying guide to help you choose the best mirrors that suit your unique requirements. Whether you seek improved aerodynamics, style, or better visibility, these mirrors are designed to meet your needs.



How To Choose The Best Bike Mirrors

When you're in the market for new mirror for bikes, it's crucial to consider a few key factors:

  • Types: There are multiple categories of motorcycle mirrors to explore such as fairing-mounted, bar-end and more. Note that fairing-mounted mirrors serve sports bikes and attach to the motorcycle's front fairing using bolts. At the same time, bar end mirrors are fixed onto the ends of your handlebars and favoured by riders looking to enhance their field of view.

  • Style/Shape: The next consideration is the style and shape. This aspect is mainly about personal preference. You'll find various styles, such as classic tube mirrors, compact micro mirrors, sleek arrow-shaped designs, retractable mirrors, and more.

  • Glass Type: Another critical aspect to notice is the type of glass used in the mirror. After all, a mirror's primary purpose is to provide a clear view of what's behind you. Convex glass is often employed in motorcycle mirrors because it offers a broader viewing angle. However, it's worth noting that convex mirrors can distort the distances of other vehicles. Thus making them appear farther away. On the other hand, flat glass doesn't distort images but offers a more limited viewing range compared to convex glass.

Top 10 Best Mirrors For Bikes In 2023

Here are some of the best mirrors for bikes you can choose.

1. Bike Master Stainless Cruiser Mirrors

Consider the Bike Master Stainless Cruiser Mirrors if you're searching for an affordable replacement option for your current OEM mirrors. These mirrors, designed for bar-mounted installation, offer a classic, timeless look that complements most motorcycles. Crafted from durable stainless steel, they are built to withstand the test of time. These mirrors boast a universal fit, making them compatible with various motorcycle models.

2. Micmirror MIC-6600 Mirrors 

The Micmirror MIC-6600 Mirrors seamlessly blend nostalgia with modern practicality in the world of motorcycle mirrors. While they evoke a retro feel akin to classic handlebar mirrors, don't let their vintage appearance fool you. Crafted from durable billet aluminium, these mirrors offer style and resilience for your rides. With convex mirror glass, these mirrors for bikes provide an extended field of vision, enhancing safety on the road.

3. Mirrycle Slim Profile Bicycle Mirror

The Mirrycle Slim Profile Bicycle Mirror is a practical and user-friendly addition to your bicycle gear. With a compact diameter of 76.2mm, this mirror can be easily affixed to the end of your handlebar, and the kit includes a wrench for a hassle-free installation. The wide convex surface can pivot to various angles, making it effortless to monitor the traffic behind you as you ride. It tips the scales at just 0.25 pounds to not add unnecessary weight to your bike.

4. Zefal Spy Bicycle Mirror 

Zefal's handlebar mirror earns praise from over 3,790 satisfied Amazon customers thanks to its quality and versatility. It easily clamps to bike frames or handlebars ranging from 22-60mm in diameter, making it a universal option for various bicycles. Its tool-free installation is a bonus for hassle-free setup.

5. Sprintech Road Drop Bar Rear-view Bike Mirror 

Weighing just around 30 grams, the Sprintech drop handlebar mirror offers a lightweight solution for cyclists who want to monitor traffic without turning their heads. It remains steady even on rough terrain, providing a stable and comfortable view. A shatter-resistant build and clear visibility makes it ideal for racers.

6. Tagvo Bike Mirrors 

Tagvo's set of two convex mirrors is a lightweight and high-quality option. These mirrors offer a high-definition view for increased traffic awareness. They can rotate 360°, providing a wide angle of view. Installation is a breeze, and they're suitable for handlebars with a 15-35 mm diameter.

7. West Biking Bike Mirror 

With over 3,022 Amazon customers rating it highly, the West Biking Bike Mirror is a top pick. It is designed for road bikes and features a movable lens that rotates 360° for a comfortable viewing angle. Its flexible pole allows riders to adjust the angle with ease. This mirror is reliable for enhanced safety, especially in heavy traffic areas. No tools are needed for installation, and it's suitable for 22-32mm handlebars.

8. Micmirror MIC-9800 Mirrors 

When riding, having a clear view of the road is essential. The Micmirror MIC-9800 mirrors are designed with this in mind. Their convex design offers an extended field of vision, and the integrated turn signals are more than just a stylish feature – they're practical tools for navigating busy streets. Crafted from durable aluminium alloy, these mirrors are built to last. Whether you ride a sport bike or a dirt bike, these mirrors combine style and safety.

9. KEMIMOTO Black Sportster Mirrors 

There's a particular satisfaction in finding something that fits perfectly. The KEMIMOTO Black Sportster Mirrors are tailored to suit sportster models seamlessly, enhancing the bike's overall look. Constructed from sturdy billet aluminium, they're stylish and built for the demands of the road. However, these mirrors offer more than just good looks. Their convex shape widens your field of vision, and the black coating shields them from the elements.

10. Jeemitery Bicycle Mirror

These versatile handlebar mirrors for bicycles are incredibly easy to install. The glass lenses measure 125mm each and offer a clear view of the traffic and road behind you. These mirrors can also be conveniently attached to motorcycle handlebars. Moreover, they offer a full 360° rotation, fit handlebars with a 22-25mm diameter, serve as both side and rear-view mirrors, and provide image stabilisation for a clear reflection.

In a Nutshell 

Upgrading your motorcycle mirrors is a simple yet effective way to enhance your riding experience. Whether it's improved aerodynamics, aesthetics, or increased visibility, mirror for bikes offer solutions to your needs. Don't compromise on safety or style—explore the options of motorcycle mirrors and choose the best ones for your bike. 

While improving your riding experience, remember to protect your investment with comprehensive motorcycle insurance from ACKO. Ride safely, ride in style, and confidently enjoy the open road!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions on Top 10 Best Mirrors For Bikes In 2023


Are bike mirrors hard to install? 

Most mirrors are easy to install and come with instructions. Some may require minimal tools.

Can I use aftermarket mirrors on any bike? 

Many aftermarket mirrors offer universal fitment, but checking compatibility with your specific bike model is essential.

Do I need to replace both mirrors if one is damaged? 

You should replace both mirrors to maintain symmetry and consistent visibility.

Can I paint my bike mirrors to match my bike's colour? 

Many mirrors can be customised with paint, but check the manufacturer's recommendations.

Are there specific mirrors for motorcycle styles, like cruisers or sports bikes? 

Yes, some mirrors are designed with specific styles to match the aesthetics of various motorcycle types.

What are the best bike mirrors?

The best bike mirrors in 2023 include Micmirror, Mirrycle, Zefal, Sprintech, Tagvo, etc, offering various features to suit individual needs.


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