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Top 9 Indicators for Bikes in 2024

Team AckoJan 5, 2024

Left, right, straight ahead? When you're zipping through traffic or flying free on a highway, indicators for bikes are so important to ensure you have a fully exhilarating yet safe ride. Vehicles and other bikes need to know when you're planning to change lanes or directions, and the only way to do so is with your bike indicators. A good set of indicators allows for a full and clear spread of light to let drivers and riders know to slow down, allow you to pass, or to speed up. Stay safe and keep others safe, too, with the right set of bike indicators. 

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Find out about the top 9 bike indicators in 2024 in this article. 



What is a Bike Indicator? 

A motorcycle indicator is also called a turn signal, or even blinkers. They're important to keep yourself and other riders and drivers safe while you ride. 

The button or switch for the indicators on your bike are located on the handlebars. You'll find 2 indicators, one on either side. When you're riding and want to turn, turn your indicator lights on at least 100 feet before you turn. Doing so ensures you give a heads up to other riders and drivers so they give you a wide berth. Turning on the indicator switch lights up the indicators on the front and rear of your bike. Some indicators offer lights on the side of your bike too. You'll need to manually turn off your indicator once you switch lanes or directions. Turn them off or return them to neutral mode. 

9 Best Indicators for Bikes

Kinstecks Motorcycle Indicators

The pack of 4 indicators from Kinstecks comes with standard amber and a flowing mode to be used while riding. The powerful indicator lights can be seen clearly both night and day. Made of durable materials, the indicators are built to withstand high pressures and won't fall off your motorcycle easily. It's easy to install these indicators on your bike, and consists of 3 key wires. The black wire is the negative charge so place this carefully. The yellow wire should be connected for the turn signal and the white wire should be connected to the instrument light. The red wire is for connecting to the brake to indicate when you brake or stop while riding. 

Oxford LED Signal 3 Motorcycle Indicators (EL322)

With the Oxford LED indicator system, you'll get a full set of 15 LED bulbs with ultra brightness at 110,000 millicandela! These indicator lights are waterproof and weather resistant so you can ride in the rain, snow, and sunshine. They're completely road legal, so don't worry about getting pulled over. You will find 2 indicators and 2 resistors in this package. 

Rizoma Club Turn Signal

Indicators by Rizoma Club are beautiful and sleek, just like your motorcycle. Give your bike the style and safety upgrade it needs with a set of indicators built to withstand high and low temperature and impact. The indicators offer ultimate brightness with powerful LED bulbs housed in functional and strong crystal clear lenses. Rizoma Club Turn signals are made of billet aluminum and are completely waterproof for the best rides ever. You can choose them in amber and red, or amber and white, and they come with resistors. 

 LighTech Sequential LED Turn Signal 

These beautiful and strong indicators for your bike come with 7 SMD LED's. You can get them in standard amber and smoked lenses, and they offer a modern sequential pattern. A sequential pattern lights up like a wave, one LED bulb after the other! They're durable and waterproof, the perfect companion for safe and exhilarating rides. The LighTech Sequential LED Turn Signal comes as a set of 2. They're lightweight and aerodynamic, while complementing your bike! Get the resistor kit separately for these indicators. 

Speedmetal LED Lighted Tip Turn Signals

These indicators are modern and classy and give your bike the perfect finishing touch for safe rides every time. The Speedmetal LED Lighted Tip Turn Signals can fit by bike and aesthetic. With these indicators, vehicles and other bikes can see you not just from the back, but also from the rear and sides! Talk about full 360° visibility. This indicator set is one of the more affordable ones in this list of 9 Best Bike Indicators. 

New Rage Cycles Rage 360 Turn Signals

Definitely one of the most unique indicators in this list, the New Range Cycles Rage 360 indicators offer ridiculously easy assembly and installation. Fit these sleek indicators right to your fork tubes. You don't need to deal with messy and difficult glue, ropes, or nuts and bolts. The indicators provide intense brightness and make sure that other drivers and riders can see you both day and night. They have 1mm LEDs that throw a large orb of light around your motorcycle. You can get them in many fork diameters depending on your requirement.

Kuryakyn by Kellermann Bullet 1000 Turn Signals

These indicators are modern bullet shaped ones, perfect for every bike. The smooth design is not just beautiful, but it's highly functional. It's made of durable materials with powerful LED bulbs for a wide splash of light while you turn. You'll find an innovative Kellermann’s HPT (Homogeneous Projection Technology) technique which gives the LED bulbs superior and clear light while you ride. They fit into M8 x 1.25 x 20mm mounting threads, and are compatible with a wide range of bikes. They cost from $89.99 – $98.99 respectively. 

SW-MOTECH LED Turn Signals for Kobra Handguards

Want a sleek and modern set of durable indicators for your bike? Opt for the SW-MOTECH LED indicators! These indicators come with optional integrated turn signals and boast a full 16 LEDs per indicator! This means a brighter and wider spread of light, perfect to let other vehicles know you're switching lanes or directions. Each bulb provides a powerful 1 watt of light, so imagine 16. They're durable, lightweight, and waterproof. Use them as running lights or turn signals. They come as a pack of 2.

OPL5 Sequential Arrow LED 

This type of indicator comes as a pack of 2, with the innovative sequential light. What's even better is that the indicators are shaped like sleek arrows for a chic and smart ride. Buyers have shared positive feedback and recommend these to other bikers. You can set up these indicators to work like regular indicators with static light, or change the setting to allow for the cool Sequential light. They don't come with resistors, so you'll need to buy those separately. 


Ready to ride? With our list of the 9 Best Bike Indicators in 2024, we're sure you can find an indicator that matches your needs and taste as well. Gear up for an awesome ride, and one that's safe as well, with the indicator upgrade that you and your bike need. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Top 9 Indicators for Bikes

FAQs on Top 9 Indicators for Bikes


Why are bike indicators important? 

Your bike indicators let traffic to your sides and behind you know that you're about to switch lanes, merge, or change directions. They give other vehicles a heads up so you can ride safer.

What kind of indicators are available on the market? 

You can find standard amber, red, and white indicators. Some new types of indicator lights such as Sequential indicators, light up like a wave one after the other and are long lasting. 

How do motorcycle indicators work? 

You need to find your motorcycle indicators on your handlebars. There's usually one indicator on either side of your handlebars. Left is for turning left and right for turning right. Turn them on to switch directions and you'll need to manually turn them off, unlike in cars. 


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