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Cancellation and Refund Policy
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We will be sad to see you go however we will try to make the cancellation and refund process as effortless as possible.

Can I cancel my Acko Policy and seek a refund?

Yes. A no-questions-asked, full refund of your premium will be initiated if the policy has not commenced, i.e. prior to coverage/policy start date.

Can I cancel my Acko Policy and seek a refund, if the coverage/policy has commenced?

Yes, considering: a)    If you are selling your motor vehicle insured under concerned Acko policy.  b)    If you have procured a new plan/policy with regards to the motor vehicle insured under concerned Acko policy. In both cases, the refund of the premium will be on a pro-rata basis.   For any other scenario please contact us on [email protected]

How do I cancel my Acko Policy?

We request you to email us on [email protected]. Please do provide your policy number, the reason for cancellation & requisite documents.  In case of cancellation due to the sale/transfer of the vehicle, please provide relevant legal documents (Sale Deed or Form 29 of RTO) evidencing sale/transfer. In case you have purchased a new plan/policy, please provide a copy of the same.

What is the refund timeline?*

1) 7 business days from the policy cancellation date via the original payment mode.  2) If the policy was purchased offline, we will ask you for the bank account in which the refund needs to be made. Such transfer will be completed approximately within 14 business days from the policy cancellation date.

*These are estimated timelines and may vary depending on the process of concerned bank, our payment partner tie-ups or any unforeseen circumstances.