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Simple Tips and a Buying Guide to Find the Right Car

Team AckoApr 12, 2023

The bond between a car lover and their four-wheeler is intense. Even magical. People describe their cars as beautiful, amazing, and spectacular. Some even convey their emotions by using words such as beautiful and precious to praise the car. Also, there are car owners who consider the machine as a part of the family! This is where love triumphs over pragmatism. But don’t be blinded by love. Here are some simple tips to help you to find the right car.

Tips and Buying Guide to Find the Right Car



Tips to Find Your Four-wheeled True Love:

One needs to balance practicality with emotions. If you are looking to find the perfect car for you, here’s a pragmatic approach towards meeting the car of your dreams.

1) Purpose:

Do you want a car so that you can skip the daily grind of travelling via public transport? Do you want a car as you are a frequent traveller? Or is it that you need a car just to drop and pick-up your kids from school? Well, it can be a mix of all these (and many more) reasons as well.

The important thing is to know what is the purpose of buying a car. This will help you to narrow down your options. Depending upon the purpose, you will be in a good position to decide whether you need a Hatchback, Sedan, or a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV).

2) Budget:

Purpose and budget often go together. You might need an SUV but do you have the money to buy it? If yes, then will it be splurging or you have enough money in the bank as savings to meet other unexpected needs? If you do not have the needed money and your mind is set on purchasing an SUV, then you should look at options to arrange the required amount.

Also, it is not just the purchase price that you should worry about. Think about the car’s maintenance aspect, availability of spare parts, insurance premium, and other such ancillary expenses.

3) Online Research:

Earlier, it was difficult to research different car models. One had to visit different showrooms to get to know the features. But now, detailed research can be conducted by spending some time online.

Once you have decided on the purpose and narrowed down the budget, it is time to start researching different models. Some people might have a car’s model in mind and would want to stick to it. A quick internet search will be helpful to know about different options.

4) Test Drive:

Once you have a few options in mind, get ready for a test ride. Be patient while taking the test ride. Do not be in a hurry. Get the feel of it. Even if you have decided on a particular model, make it a point to at least test ride two other cars. This way, you will be sure about purchasing the right option.

5) Review and Buy:

Purchasing a car is a big investment. Do not make the purchase decision immediately after the test drive. Sleep over it. Be sure. You can speak with your friends and family about the chosen car model. Purchase only when you are entirely convinced.

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Car Buying Guide:

Buying a car can be a confusing process with the availability of so many options. The above section will help you to make the bulk of the purchase decision. However, if you are confused regarding which type of car to buy, then read ahead. The following section will give you reasons to buy a Hatchback, Sedan and an SUV.

Reasons to Buy a Hatchback:

Listed below are some reasons highlighting why people prefer to buy a hatchback.

  • Its compact design helps to move around even during peak traffic.

  • A Hatchback can be an ideal choice for a beginner or a learner due to its simplistic design and controls.

  • It doesn’t cost much to maintain a Hatchback.

  • Sufficient boot space to meet the requirements of a family of four people.  

  • Purchasing a hatchback is lighter on the pocket when compared to buying other types of cars.

Reasons to Buy a Sedan:

Here’s why people prefer to buy a Sedan over the other available options.

  • Sedans are considered to be aerodynamic, which result in better stability and fuel efficiency to an extent.

  • Sedans offer comfortable seating as compared to Hatchbacks.

  • A Sedan has a lot more boot space which can be used to store a bunch of stuff during trips.

  • It also has an upward-swinging boot, which comes in handy when you have less space to open it.

  • Sedans can get quite luxurious if you are willing to spend money.  

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Reasons to Buy a Sports Utility Vehicle:

People prefer to buy a Sports Utility Vehicle because of the following popular reasons.

  • An SUV offers enough space for a lot of passengers.

  • If you like your car to be sporty, then SUVs are a great choice.

  • SUVs are a must-have if you often ride in a hilly region or go off-roading.

  • The driver’s seat in an SUV is strategically placed to offer a perfect view of the road ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions:



Do I need to buy a new car insurance policy if I am purchasing a new car?

You will have to buy new car insurance for your new car. Buying car insurance is mandatory by law.

Why is it better to buy a car insurance policy online as compared to offline?

It is better to buy car insurance online as compared to offline because the online method is less costly and more convenient.

Is it important to compare car insurance before purchasing a policy?

Do not make the mistake of buying car insurance without spending time to compare car insurance. You can compare car insurance on aggregator websites as well as on individual car insurers’ websites. Make it a point to compare car insurance based on premium, cover, and the insurer’s reputation. Also, do not forget to keep renewing your car insurance from time to time.

Does a second-hand car also need car insurance?

Yes, all types of cars – including second-hand cars – need car insurance. If you are riding a car on Indian roads, you need to make sure to buy a second hand car insurance policy that at least offers the mandatory coverage, which is Third-party insurance.

Will it cost more to insure an SUV as compared to insuring a Hatchback?

The insurance premium is based on a bunch of factors including the cost of the vehicle. Therefore, it will cost more to insure an SUV as compared to a Hatchback because SUVs tend to be costlier than Hatchbacks. However, the exact answer will depend upon the two car models that are being compared.

Things should I keep in mind while buying the insurance policy for my new vehicle considering I will be shifting from a Sedan to an SUV?

If you had insured your Sedan with just a Third-party Liability policy, consider purchasing a Comprehensive Plan for your SUV. Also, you can look at purchasing suitable Add-on covers such as Roadside Assistance, Zero Depreciation, and Passenger Cover for your SUV. You need to analyse your vehicle’s insurance coverage based on how you plan to use your SUV. Think how often you will go on road trips with friends and family? What is the daily travel time? etc. before deciding on the extent of the insurance coverage.

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