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3 Advantages of Buying Your New Car’s Insurance Before Delivery

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

Buying a new car is a lengthy process with multiple steps involved - one of which is insurance. If you’re considering buying a new car, you might be questioning the need to pay for insurance before you actually take delivery of your car. 


Let us clear the air: By paying for your insurance upfront, you gain not one, but 3 advantages, such as:



1. Ability to compare and contrast policies:

Your car is one of a kind, so why settle for a policy that’s run of the mill? One of the biggest advantages of taking your new car’s insurance policy ahead of delivery is that it allows you to take the time to research and compare policies across insurance providers and get the policy that’s most appropriate for your car. 

When you decide on your new car insurance before delivery, you can also take the time to choose the add-ons to your insurance policies that are most relevant to your car. 

For instance, ACKO has a Return to Invoice add-on. This is an add-on that will enable the policy holder to receive the total amount as mentioned on the car’s invoice as a claim. If your car is stolen or has been damaged beyond repair, you can claim the amount on the invoice which includes car registration cost as well as road tax from ACKO.

ACKO also offers Personal Accident Cover for passengers as an add-on, where you can get coverage up to Rs. 1 lakh per passenger in case of unforeseen accidents or incidents. 

When we do not participate in the insurance policy selection at the time of buying a new car, we risk not getting the right add-ons or worse, paying for the wrong add-ons.

2. Significant savings on your car’s on-road price: 

When you compare and contrast policies, you will realize that the policy you can purchase on your own (versus what is being recommended to you) will help you save considerably on your car’s on-road price. In fact, with ACKO’s new car insurance, you can save up to Rs. 45,000/- on your new car’s on-road price

This is because when you buy your new car’s insurance with ACKO, you can get insurance for your new car at zero commission. Commission is a significant component of your premium and when you can buy your new car insurance at zero commission, you can save big!

3. Stress-free delivery

Getting your insurance paperwork in order is one less thing to worry about when you take delivery of your new car. When you pay for your insurance in advance, it becomes one less thing to check at the time of delivery. Buying insurance beforehand isn’t stressful either. With ACKO, buying insurance for your new car is effortless, because our tech-first platform allows you to edit the engine/chassis number after the delivery is done for your policy to commence. So when you take delivery of your new car, you can enjoy the experience without any hassle! If for any reason, your delivery is delayed by more than 30 days from when you pay for your policy, the entire amount is refunded to you, no questions asked. 

The process of buying a new car can be as exciting as it is overwhelming. So cut the stress out by paying for your new car’s insurance policy upfront. Remember, choosing your own insurance provider for your new car is your right as a consumer. So take the time to make the right choice and have a stress-free experience! 

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