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Car Insurance For Bentley

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Bentley is one of the popular luxury car brands in the automotive world. The British luxury carmaker has a rich heritage in the world of motorsports. In 1998, Bentley Motors Limited became a part of the Volkswagen Group. Currently, the brand manufacturers luxury cars and SUVs, and it retails 4 models in the Indian market. Bentley cars are the epitome of luxury and comfort, and they come with a premium price tag. This article will provide you with all the information related to the Bentley car insurance cost.

Benefits of Buying Online Car Insurance for Bentley Models:

Buying car insurance for Bentley models is a must. The Motor Vehicles Act states that it is mandatory to purchase at least a third-party car insurance policy, but it provides limited coverage. Comprehensive insurance is optional. However, for Bentley models, a comprehensive insurance plan is necessary as the cost of spares and service is very high. Below are the benefits of buying car insurance

Third-Party Damage Cover:

A third-party or comprehensive insurance policy will cover you against damages caused to third-party property or life. In case you end up in a crash and injure someone, the car insurance policy will cover the medical expenses of the third-party.

Own Damage Cover:

Comprehensive car insurance covers damages to your car. The damages might have been caused due to an accident, natural disaster, man-made disaster or fire. Apart from vehicle damage, comprehensive insurance also covers injuries to the driver. In case of accidental death, the insurer will pay the insured amount.

Theft Coverage:

In case your vehicle gets stolen, and you have comprehensive car insurance. Then the insurer will pay the IDV (Insured Declared Value) amount. Same applies if the vehicle is damaged beyond repair or totalled in a crash.

Additional Coverage:

Comprehensive car insurance for Bentley models also allows you to purchase add-ons to expand the coverage benefits. You can buy add-ons such as roadside assistance cover, engine protection cover, accident cover, no claim bonus (NCB) cover, invoice cover and many more. The add-ons will add an extra layer of financial protection, and it will give you peace of mind while driving or parking your Bentley car.

Car Insurance plans for Bentley Car:

There are two types of insurance plans for Bentley cars: Third-Party and Comprehensive insurance. Both plans offer different coverages, and they also vary in terms of cost. So, the Bentley insurance cost depends on which insurance plan you choose. Below are the coverage details of third-party and comprehensive insurance.

Third-Party Insurance

As per the Motor Vehicle Act, a third-party car insurance policy is mandatory. It covers damage to third-party life or property. A third-party insurance policy does not cover own damage, and you cannot buy any add-ons. Since the coverage is limited, it costs less than comprehensive car insurance.

Comprehensive Insurance

The comprehensive car insurance policy provides own damage cover in addition to third-party damage liability. This plan covers damage to the vehicle due to accident, natural disaster, fire or man-made calamity. It also covers the theft of the insured vehicle. More importantly, comprehensive insurance covers injuries to the driver or passenger.

What’s Covered in Bentley Car Insurance (Inclusions):

The Bentley car insurance provides coverage against the following:

  • Damage/Loss to the vehicle due to accident.

  • Damage/Loss to third-party property or injuries to third-party life.

  • Vehicle theft or totalled car due to accident.

  • Damage/Loss to the vehicle due to natural calamities such as flood, earthquake, cyclone, etc.

  • Damage/Loss to the vehicle due to man-made disasters such as riots.

  • Damage/Loss to the vehicle due to fire.

What’s not Covered in Bentley Car Insurance (Exclusions):

The Bentley car insurance will not provide coverage against the following:

  • Breakdown of the vehicle due to mechanical/electrical component failure.

  • Replacement or repairing of wear and tear parts.

  • Driving the vehicle without a valid driving licence.

  • Driving the vehicle under the influence of intoxicant substances.

  • Damages due to improper handling of the vehicle after crash/breakdown.

  • In case of third-party insurance policy, vehicle damages will not be covered.

Add-ons for Bentley Car Insurance:

A comprehensive car insurance policy will allow you to buy add-ons for additional coverage benefits. You can purchase the following add-ons for Bentley car insurance:

  • Engine Protection Cover

  • No Claim Bonus Cover

  • Roadside Assistance Cover

  • Depreciation Value Cover

  • Personal Accident Cover

  • Return to Invoice Cover

  • Consumables Cover

Benefits of Buying Acko Car Insurance Policy Online for your Bentley Car:

Benefits of buying Bentley car insurance online from Acko:

Online Insurance Purchase/Renewal/Claim

Acko is an online platform for purchase/renewal/claim of car insurance. All the process happens online, and there is zero paperwork. Another advantage of online car insurance is that it eliminates the involvement of a middle man.

Hassle-free and Quick Claims

Applying for a claim is super easy on Acko. Just go to the website/smartphone app and make a claim. The claims will be settled depending on the nature of the damage, and for minor damages, claims may be settled instantly.

Cashless Vehicle Repairs

No need to worry about vehicle repairs as Acko will take care of that, and the entire process is cashless. (Applies to repair work carried out at insurer’r network of garages)

Doorstep Vehicle Pickup and Drop

Acko will pick up the damaged vehicle from your location for repairs, and the repaired vehicle will be dropped off within three days. (Note: Vehicle pickup and three-day repair service is available in select cities)

Expert Insurance Advice

All your queries related to car insurance will be solved by our team of experts. Trained professionals will assist you in buying/renewing insurance or while making a claim online.

Best Price

Acko suggests you the optimum Insured Declared Value (IDV) for your vehicle and gives you the best price for the insurance.

Claim Procedure:

Applying for a claim on Acko General Insurance website/smartphone app is easy and it takes only a few minutes. Follow the below steps to apply for a car insurance claim:

  • Log on to the Acko General Insurance website or download the smartphone app.

  • Select the Car Insurance Claim option.

  • Fill all the details such as car insurance policy number, vehicle registration number, type of damage, etc.

  • Upload pictures of the damaged vehicle, and apply for a claim.

  • Depending on the nature of the damage, Acko will pick up the damaged vehicle from your location within a few hours.

  • You can track the repair work online.

  • Depending on the nature of damage, the repaired vehicle will be delivered to you within three days.

  • For minor damages, you will receive the claim settlement instantly.

(Note: Doorstep vehicle pickup/drop service is available in select cities)

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the common queries related to car insurance for Bentley models.


I own a Bentley Continental. From where can I buy insurance for my car?

Car insurance is available online and offline. But buying car insurance online is a better option. There are several insurance companies which offer insurance online. You will get the best price for online car insurance, and you can also save a lot of time.

How much does it cost to insure a Bentley car?

The cost of car insurance depends on the value and condition of the vehicle. Bentley cars are expensive, so the cost of insurance will be high. But it all depends on what is the price of the vehicle during the purchase.

How can I cut the insurance cost of my Bentley car?

You can reduce the cost of premium considerably by following the below points: >Avoid making claims for minor damages. >Declare the correct value of vehicle while purchasing the insurance policy. >Renew the insurance policy before it lapses. >Avoid buying add-ons which you do not require. >Compare online insurance before making the final decision.

I am renewing the insurance of my Bentley car. Which insurance company has the best claim settlement ratio?

The claim settlement ratio is nothing but the ratio between the total number of claims settled and the total claims received by the insurance company. Usually, online insurance companies have a good claim settlement ratio as the claim process is quick and hassle-free.

I have purchased comprehensive insurance for my Bentley Continental. Which add-ons can I buy?

You can buy the following add-ons for comprehensive car insurance: >Engine protection cover >No claim bonus cover >Return to invoice cover >Personal accident cover >Consumable cover >Roadside assistance cover >Depreciation cost cover

I have to renew Bentley Continental car insurance. Which documents do I need to submit?

Usually, the following documents are required to renew car insurance: >Registration Certificate >Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate >The previous insurance policy certificate

My Bentley was fitted with a spoiler and was damaged in an accident. Will my car insurance cover the damage?

If you have comprehensive insurance, such damages are covered. However, the spoiler is an aftermarket modification. If you had informed about the modification to the insurer, then chances are the damages will be covered. But if the insurer is unaware of such modifications, you may not be allowed to claim such damages.

Car Insurance for Bentley Car Models/Variants:

Car insurance is available for the following Bentley car models:

  • Bentley Continental/Continental GT

  • Bentley Mulsanne

  • Bentley Flying Spur

  • Bentley Bentayga

About Car Insurance for Bentley:

If you are looking to buy a luxury car then there is no better option than Bentley cars. Yes, Bentley is a British brand which produces some of the best luxury cars in the market. But at the same time, the cars also carry a premium price tag which starts from 3 crores. Now, when you buy such an expensive vehicle, buying an insurance policy for the car is a no-brainer.

Bentley cars are built to perfection, and the body parts/spare parts are very expensive. So, if you end up with even minor damage to the car, you have to pay a hefty price for repairs. That’s when car insurance will cover you. Buying third-party car insurance is mandatory, and it only covers damages to third-party life or property. But for Bentley cars, you need to have comprehensive insurance which gives you an all-round protection.

The comprehensive insurance policy provides own damage cover. A comprehensive insurance plan covers damages to the vehicle due to accident, fire, man-made disaster or natural disaster. You also get insurance coverage if the vehicle gets stolen or destroyed in a crash. Apart from that, injuries to the driver/passenger are also covered under comprehensive insurance.

Comprehensive insurance for Bentley cars will also allow you to buy add-ons for additional coverage. You can opt for add-ons such as engine protection cover, personal accident cover, no claim bonus cover, depreciation cover and many more depending on your requirement. Buying a car insurance policy for your Bentley will make sure that you are financially protected when out on the road.

Why should you buy Bentley Cars?

Bentley cars are the pinnacle of luxury, and they offer an unforgettable driving experience. And if that was not enough, the exterior design of the Bentley cars are the reflection of rich British heritage, and they grab eyeballs, wherever you go. The interior offers unmatched comfort and the materials used for the dashboard, seats and roof lining are top-notch. The passenger seat of the car feels like home with all the comforts you need for a relaxing drive. Your search for luxury on wheels ends when you buy a Bentley car.

The highlight of Bentley cars is luxurious interiors. Every part of the dashboard oozes luxury. Bentley uses wood and leather for the construction of the dashboard, and the materials used are of the highest quality. The metal parts are machined so well, that they feel out of the world. The leather seats offer so much comfort that you will forget you are sitting in a car. Seats come with massage and recline functions, which are necessary for long drives. The centre console is a treat to operate as it is equipped with a rotating touch display.

Bentley cars are offered with powerful petrol engine options. Bentley cars are heavy due to the equipment they carry, but the engine will never let you feel the lag. Bentley has left no stone unturned when it comes to safety. The interior is equipped with airbags all-around the cabin, and the advanced technology even predicts the danger on the road. Overall, Bentley cars offer unrivalled comfort, luxury and safety for the price it demands. Bentley insurance will provide you financial protection and can drive the car out on the road with peace of mind.

Bentley Models and Variants with Ex-Showroom Price:

Currently, Bentley offers four models in India. Below are the specifications of each model:

Bentley Continental and Flying Spur Specifications:

Details Petrol Petrol
Engine Capacity 6-Litre 4-Litre
Power 626 Bhp 500 Bhp
Torque 900 Nm 660 Nm
Gearbox Automatic Automatic
Seats 4-Seater 4-Seater
Fuel Tank 90 Litre 90 Litre

Bentley Mulsanne Specifications:

Details Petrol Petrol
Engine Capacity 7-Litre 7-Litre
Power 505 Bhp 530 Bhp
Torque 1,020 Nm 1,100 Nm
Gearbox Automatic Automatic
Fuel Tank 96 Litre 96 Litre

Bentley Bentayga Specifications:

Details Petrol Petrol
Engine Capacity 4-Litre 6-Litre
Power 542 Bhp 600 Bhp
Torque 770 Nm 900 Nm
Gearbox Automatic Automatic
Seats 4-Seater 5-Seater
Fuel Tank 85 Litre 85 Litre

Refer to the below table for Bentley car variants and ex-showroom price:

(Note: Prices may vary depending on future updates to the models)

Bentley car variants and ex-showroom price

Model Variant Fuel Type Price
Bentley Flying Spur V8 Automatic Petrol Rs. 3.21 Crore
Bentley Flying Spur W12 Automatic Petrol Rs. 3.41 Crore
Bentley Continental GT V8 Automatic Petrol Rs. 3.29 Crore
Bentley Continental GT Automatic Petrol Rs. 3.57 Crore
Bentley Continental GT V8 Convertible Petrol Rs. 3.64 Crore
Bentley Continental GTC Automatic Petrol Rs. 3.91 Crore
Bentley Mulsanne SWB Automatic Petrol Rs. 5.55 Crore
Bentley Mulsanne Speed Automatic Petrol Rs. 6.6 Crore
Bentley Bentayga V8 Automatic Petrol Rs. 3.78 Crore
Bentley Bentayga W12 Automatic Petrol Rs. 3.85 Crore

Note: Prices are as of 17 September 2020

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