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Bugatti Car Insurance

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Bugatti Car Insurance

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Today, Bugatti is known for astonishingly expensive high-speed sports cars and its equally expensive Bugatti Car Insurance. Not many know about the brand’s rich history of the struggle for existence and how it became the big brand it is now. Ettore Bugatti was an industrial designer who founded Bugatti in 1909. His son’s death in 1939 followed by his own death in 1947 left the brand with no living successor. The brand’s struggle continued until it was revived by an Italian entrepreneur, Romano Artioli. The Bugatti we know today is owned by the Volkswagen group.

Benefits of Buying Online Car Insurance for Bugatti Cars
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Following are the benefits of buying car insurance for a Bugatti.

Compliance with the Law
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Buying a car insurance policy is a legal obligation in India. Without a valid car insurance policy for the Bugatti, the driver will be charged with fines and penalties that can amount to a large sum of money. Driving without an insurance policy can also attract the punishment of imprisonment.

Third-party Coverage
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Bugatti cars are known for their top-notch speeds. A car can cause a lot of damage at such high speeds. This is where third-party car insurance can be helpful. It compensates the third-party for injuries, property damage, and death.

Own-damage Coverage
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The cost of repairing a high-end car like Bugatti is also higher as compared to a normal car. The own damage component of a car insurance policy can become a financial backup in case of damages to the insured Bugatti under a comprehensive policy.

Extended Coverage with Add-ons
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A comprehensive policy for a Bugatti can be extended with add-ons like Zero Depreciation, Engine Protect, Roadside Assistance, etc.

Peace of Mind
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The above factors ensure that the owner/driver of the Bugatti does not have to worry about additional expenses related to the car.

Insurance Plans for Bugatti Cars:
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Car insurance plans for Bugatti can be of the following types

Third-party Bugatti Car Insurance
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This is the most basic type of car insurance coverage available for Bugatti cars in India. It covers only the cost of compensating third-party persons against injuries, property damage, or death, a personal accident cover, and coverage for third-party legal liabilities. Any damage to the Bugatti is not covered under this plan. It is highly unadvisable to opt for only a third-party car insurance plan for Bugatti.

Comprehensive Car Insurance for Bugatti
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A comprehensive car insurance policy includes coverage for the damages to the insured Bugatti along with all the coverages offered by the third-party plan. Additionally, one can increase the scope of this plan by opting for an add-on like Zero Depreciation, Invoice Protect, or Engine Protect, etc. A comprehensive plan offers coverage for the theft of Bugatti as well.

What’s Covered in Bugatti Car Insurance
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Every car insurance policy has a fixed set of coverages that helps define the scope of that policy. The following coverages are a part of Bugatti Car Insurance for a comprehensive type of policy:

1. Third-party Coverages: This coverage includes damages to third-party property, injuries to a third-party, and compensation for the death of the third party.

2. Third-party Legal Liabilities: The cost of legal liabilities arising out of an accident with a third-party is covered under Bugatti Car Insurance.

3. Personal Accident Cover: A personal accident cover of Rs. 15 Lakh is included in the car insurance policy for the owner/driver of the Bugatti. 

4. Theft Coverage: Theft of the car is covered under Bugatti car insurance.

5. Damage due to Fire: Any damage arising out of the fire, explosion, or a blast due to issues in the ignition of a Bugatti car is covered under a comprehensive insurance policy.

6. Accidental Damage: The cost of repairing damage caused due to an accident of the insured Bugatti is covered.

7. Damage due to calamities: A comprehensive insurance policy for your Bugatti will financially cover you against damage caused by natural or man-made calamities. 

Exclusions of Bugatti Car Insurance:
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Exclusions are situations where a policyholder cannot raise a claim for compensation. He/she will have to bear the cost of repair/replacement from their pocket. Following is a list of exclusions for Bugatti Car insurance policy:

Add-ons for Bugatti Car Insurance
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Car Insurance add-ons are optional coverages that are helpful for a car, in this case, a Bugatti. Add-ons can be bought only with a comprehensive car insurance policy. Following add-ons are available for Bugatti car insurance: 

1. Engine Protect: Any damage to the engine of an insured car is not covered in a comprehensive car insurance policy. However, it can be covered under insurance with the help of an Engine Protect Add-on. 

2. Invoice Cover: Invoice cover, also known as Return to Invoice cover, helps the car owner claim for the ex-showroom price of the car in case of extreme damage or theft. 

3. Key Protect: Due to the additional features, Bugatti’s smart keys are expensive and losing them can burn a hole in your pocket. Buying the Key Protect Add-on along with the Bugatti Car insurance can help cover these costs.

4. NCB Protect: NCB stands for No Claim Bonus. This discount drops to zero when the policyholder raises a claim. The NCB protect add-on keeps the NCB cycle going even if a few claims are raised.

5. Theft of Personal Belongings: People carry important personal belongings like mobile phones, laptops, etc. while travelling. These can get stolen from the car in some cases. The Theft of Personal Belongings add-on will be helpful to receive compensation for such devices.

Benefits of Buying Acko Car Insurance Policy for your Bugatti Car
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Acko is one of the fastest-growing, customer-centric car insurance providers in today’s market. Buying insurance for your Bugatti from Acko will give you the following benefits:

Digital Insurance:
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Acko is a digital-first insurance company, i.e almost all the process can be completed online. Buying Bugatti car insurance and making a claim is also possible from

Best Price
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Acko can offer an insurance policy for your Bugatti at the best price because the company works on no commission basis. There are no commission agents involved in buying a policy from

Zero Paperwork
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Being a digital-first insurance company, no hard copies are required to buy Bugatti car insurance.

Quick Claim Settlement
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Acko’s efficient claims team ensures that the policyholder has to go through minimum hassle or follow-ups in case of a claim. 

Expert Advice from Trained Professionals
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When a person gets in touch with Acko, he/she will be guided by a team of insurance experts and the best possible solution will be provided.

Claim Procedure:
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The claim process of each insurance company can differ slightly. Overall the following steps are common:

Step 1 - Intimate the insurer: The policyholder should get in touch with the insurance company to report the claimable event as soon as possible.

Step 2 - Arrange the documents: When the policyholder contacts the insurer, they will ask for certain documents that are to be submitted while filing the claim.

Step 3 - Claim: The policyholder should raise a claim as per the prescribed process.

Step 4 - Inspection: The insurer will most likely request an inspection before accepting the claim application.

Step 5 - Payment: The policyholder may have to pay the deductibles for the final claim settlement. Once the claim process is over, the insurer will pay the claim amount under the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

Frequently Asked Questions
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How long does it take to renew a Bugatti car insurance?

If there are no gaps in an insurance policy for Bugatti, then it can be renewed instantly through a digital-first insurance company like Acko. Here you just have to spend a few minutes to enter the details related to the car and its previous insurance policy, with other details as required. You will receive your insurance policy instantly.

From where can I purchase insurance for my Bugatti car?

Buying a car insurance policy from is the easiest and fastest way to get your Bugatti insurance. The process will be completed within minutes.

Why is a Bugatti so expensive?

Bugatti’s unmatched performance, stunning looks, customization options make the cars highly sought after. The cars are created with the help of high-end material by extremely skilled people. These factors make the Bugatti so expensive.

The wheels of my Bugatti have worn out. Will the insurance policy cover its replacement?

No, regular wear and tear of car parts is not covered under car insurance.

My Bugatti was stolen, and I have misplaced the spare key. Can I still claim insurance?

Seems difficult. All the keys are required to be submitted in case of theft claim. Please get in touch with the insurance company to know the exact procedure.

Which insurer has the best claim settlement ratio for Bugatti cars?

The insurance regulator publishes annual reports related to car insurance. You can take a look at the corresponding report to know which insurer has the best Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR). However, CSR should not be the only factor for choosing an insurance company as it can be highly dynamic in nature. Take a look at the car insurance guide to know more about choosing the best car insurance company.

Which are the insurance add-ons for Bugatti cars?

Please take a look at the Add-ons section for more information.

What all documents do I need to get my Bugatti car insurance renewed?

You do not need any hard copies if you choose to buy insurance from a digital-first insurance company like Acko. Otherwise, documents such a previous policy, registration certificate of the Bugatti, driving licence, etc. might be required.