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Jeep Car Insurance

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Jeep Car Insurance

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Jeep is an American car brand known for its Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) and off-road vehicles. Jeep SUVs are built for all terrains. Such a rugged vehicle needs motor insurance that provides broader coverage, including third-party liabilities and vehicle damages. This article covers all the aspects of Jeep car insurance plans and the benefits of purchasing car insurance online.

Why Online Car Insurance for Jeep Cars?
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Here are the advantages of opting for online car insurance for your Jeep car.

Faster Process
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Insure your Jeep car instantly by purchasing four-wheeler insurance online. There is no waiting or filling of lengthy forms. Get your car insurance policy immediately after completing the online process, which takes only a few minutes.

Available 24x7
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There are no time constraints when you opt for online auto insurance. You can access the digital insurance services or buy/renew policies round the clock, whereas it is not the case with the traditional method of insurance purchase.

No Agent
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You don’t have to deal with agents if you purchase Jeep insurance online. You directly deal with ACKO and can buy the policy without paying any commissions. With no external influence, you can always choose the right insurance policy.

Car Insurance Plans for Jeep
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Below are the types of car insurance plans available for Jeep cars.

Third-party Car Insurance Plan
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Purchasing a Third-party Insurance Plan is compulsory as per the rules and regulations under The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Apart from fulfilling the legal requirements, the policy covers third-party liabilities such as third-party property damage or injury/death of a third party. Note that the third-party plan does not cover damages to your Jeep car.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan
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Also called a package policy, the Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy offers dual coverage benefits: Own damage cover and Third-party liability cover. The policy covers damages to your vehicle and unfortunate incidents such as total loss (vehicle damaged beyond repair) or theft of the insured vehicle. Apart from the standard coverage, you can opt for additional coverage by purchasing add-ons.

What’s Covered in Jeep Insurance? (Inclusions)
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Here are the coverage benefits of the Jeep Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan.

Note: The mandatory Personal Accident Cover has to be bought separately.

Exclusions of Jeep Insurance
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Exclusions are nothing but the incidents that are out of the scope of the insurance policy. Here are the exclusions of the Jeep car insurance.

Add-ons for Jeep Insurance
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Add-on covers enhance the coverage of the Comprehensive Policy by offering additional coverage benefits/services. You can opt for individual add-ons during the policy purchase or renewal process. Below are the car insurance add-ons available for Jeep car insurance.

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Below are the reasons for purchasing ACKO car insurance for your Jeep car.

Go Paperless

Paperless Process
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Thanks to the 100% digital process, there is no need for filling physical forms or going through tedious documentation when buying car insurance online from ACKO. You need to provide your vehicle and previous policy details to purchase the policy online.

Support 24/7

Free Expert Guidance
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If you have any queries while purchasing/renewing car insurance from ACKO, you can refer to the detailed articles on four-wheeler insurance on the ACKO website. You can also call customer care for expert guidance on four-wheeler insurance.

Incredibly Low Premium

Low-premium Plans
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Thanks to the direct-to-consumer model, ACKO can offer low-cost car insurance plans. There are no agents involved in the purchase/renewal process, and there is no need to pay any commissions. Hence, the Jeep insurance cost is on the lower side.

ACKO’s Claim Process
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ACKO offers an entirely digital experience when it comes to the claim process. You can file a claim online via the ACKO website/app by following the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1 - Sign in to your ACKO profile via the ACKO website or mobile app.

Step 2 - Click on the ‘Claim now’ option, answer a few questions, and upload the claim-related documents.

Step 3 - You will receive an instant car insurance claim settlement if the damages are minor.

ACKO’s claims team will reach out to you to process the claim in case of significant damages.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Below are some of the most commonly asked questions related to Jeep car insurance.



How long does it take to insure my Jeep car at ACKO?

You can insure your Jeep car from ACKO within a few clicks and minutes. Visit the ACKO website/app and type in the details of your vehicle and previous policy. Choose the policy and add-ons and complete the online purchase in a matter of a few minutes.

How do I renew Jeep insurance online from ACKO?

The ACKO renewal process is similar to the purchase process. Type in your vehicle and previous policy details on the website or the mobile app and renew the policy without filling any physical form. Existing customers can sign in to their ACKO profile to renew the policy online.

Which documents are required to file a Jeep insurance claim at ACKO?

There is no need for submitting hard copies of the documents while filing a car insurance claim at ACKO. However, you may need to upload soft copies of the documents, depending on the type of claim.

Is vehicle inspection mandatory at ACKO if my Jeep insurance is expired?

Typically, there is no vehicle inspection if you renew the policy within the due date. ACKO may inspect your vehicle if the policy has expired for an extended period. You will get the exact details when you enter your previous policy details on the ACKO website/app.

What is the cost of Jeep insurance at ACKO?

The cost of ACKO car insurance depends on the make/model, vehicle engine capacity, geographical location and many other parameters. The Jeep insurance premium also depends on the type of insurance plan and add-ons you choose.

Car Insurance for Jeep Car Models/Variants
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Below are the car insurance plans for Jeep models in India.