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Car Insurance in Goa

Goa is known for its beautiful beaches, fishing villages and ancient churches. It is a vibrant state, which can be attributed to its numerous commercial hubs and small businesses involving agriculture, tourism and fishing. As a state with so much activity, the road traffic here is bound to be high. And as a result, traffic-related issues, such as accidents, are also bound to be high. That is why you should financially protect yourself by buying car insurance in Goa that offers extensive coverage. In this article, we have shared the insurance plans we offer in Goa and highlighted the benefits of being insured by us.

Car insurance plans in Goa
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In this section, we have enumerated the different car insurance plans offered by ACKO in Goa

Third-party Insurance
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As per Indian road laws, this policy is a must-have for all motor vehicle owners driving their vehicles in the country. It offers coverage against third-party liabilities. So, if your car collides with a third party or their property, this policy will financially safeguard you.

Own Damage Cover
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An Own Damage (OD) Cover provides monetary compensation if your car is stolen or faces damages due to an accident scenario. For instance, the accident scenarios covered by the policy include collisional damages and damages resulting from manmade or natural disasters.

Comprehensive - Basic
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A Comprehensive - Basic plan is an amalgamation of a Third-party and OD Cover. So, by buying this plan, you will receive double protection. An added benefit is the option to further broaden coverage by buying suitable add-ons.

Comprehensive - Super Saver
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A Comprehensive - Super Saver plan provides the coverage of a Comprehensive - Basic plan and an added benefit. If you inform us regarding accident-related damages to your car, we will transport it to one of our network garages for repair. Once the repairs are completed, we will also return your vehicle to your residence. However, please note that if you choose to repair your car in a non-network garage, there will be a deductible of Rs. 5,000.

Zero Depreciation - Basic
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Under a Zero Depreciation - Basic plan, you get the coverage of a Comprehensive - Basic plan and an added benefit. This plan protects your car parts from depreciation. Depreciation is the decrease in the value of a product over time. So, because of this plan, you will be compensated in full if your car faces accident-related damages. In the absence of this plan, you would only be partly compensated.

Zero Depreciation - Smart Saver
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A Zero Depreciation - Smart Saver plan is a discounted version of the Zero Depreciation - Basic plan. However, if you raise an accident-related claim, you first have to pay a deductible worth Rs. 5,000, following which we will cover you.

Zero Depreciation - Super Saver
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Under a Zero Depreciation - Super Saver plan, you will receive all the coverage of a Zero Depreciation - Basic plan and free transportation for claim-based repairs. However, if you get your car repaired on your own and do not inform us in advance, a deductible of Rs. 5,000 will be applicable.

Personal Accident Cover
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A Personal Accident (PA) Cover is not a car insurance plan. Nevertheless, Indian road laws state that all motor vehicle owners must possess one. This cover compensates the insured if they are involved in a road accident and suffer bodily disability or death.

A report compiled by Goa’s Department of Information and Publicity recorded that in the month of March 2020, there were a total of 274 road accidents in the state of Goa state. Out of these, 23 were fatal, 45 were minor, and 189 were non-injury accidents. Most road accidents, irrespective of them being injurious or not, cause minor to major damages to the vehicles involved. That is why it is wise to purchase car insurance in Goa for your four-wheeler preemptively. That way, if your car is involved in an accidental collision, you need not worry about the financial consequences. 

Also, car insurance is helpful in cases where your vehicle gets damaged due to flooding, tree fall, etc. It also covers vehicle theft along with third-party liabilities. Therefore, if you are a citizen of Goa, ensure that you insure your car with a wide-ranging policy and renew it before the expiry date for continuous coverage.

Benefits of buying car insurance in Goa from ACKO
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If you are buying car insurance for the first time or are due for renewal, here’s why you should choose ACKO’s car insurance.

Best prices
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Since we are an online insurer, we tend to spend less on operating expenses as opposed to our offline counterparts. These saved costs give us the leeway to offer our customers car insurance policies that have attractive premiums.

Immediate claims
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Usually, car insurance claims take a while to get settled. However, ACKO’s car insurance process is quick. For instance, approved claims raised for minor damages to your insured car will be settled within 24 hours.

Free transportation
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If your car is involved in an accidental collision, contact us at the earliest. We will take it to a nearby network garage, repair it, and drop it off at your house. However, note that this benefit is applicable only under a few of our car policies.

How to file a claim with ACKO
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You can raise an ACKO car insurance claim from Goa by following these simple steps.

After you raise an ACKO car claim, we will process it rapidly and provide the applicable compensation as per your policy’s terms.

How ACKO car insurance can financially protect you in Goa
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These are the ways in which ACKO’s wide-ranging coverage can financially protect your car in Goa.

Frequently asked questions
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In this section, we have responded to some of the most common questions on car insurance in Goa.


Where is ACKO’s Goa office located?

ACKO does not have an office in Goa. Nevertheless, since we are an online insurer, you can buy our car insurance online from Goa with an internet-connected phone/computer to save time, effort, and money.

Is car insurance mandatory in Goa?

Yes, as per The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, car insurance is mandatory in Goa and all across India.

Does ACKO have network garages in Goa?

Yes, ACKO has several network garages in Goa.