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Hyundai Venue Car Insurance

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Hyundai Venue Car Insurance

The 2020 Hyundai Venue was launched by the Korean car manufacturer in the popular sub-compact Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) segment in India back in May 2019. The Hyundai Venue is available in both petrol and diesel models with best in class features along with ‘Connected Car’ technology. Read on to learn about the features of the Hyundai Venue car insurance.

Importance of Buying Online Car Insurance for Hyundai Venue Model
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All motor vehicles in India should be insured at least with third-party insurance as this is mandated by the Motor Vehicles Act. Failure to insure the vehicle will lead to penalties. Apart from being a mandatory document of the vehicle, third-party car insurance covers third-party liabilities, which includes third-party life and property. However, it does not cover damages to the insured vehicle. 

For this, you need to buy the comprehensive car insurance to cover damages to the insured car. Insurance for your Hyundai Venue will certainly offer protection in case of an unforeseen accident that leads to losses or damages to your vehicle as well as those of the third-party. Hence, car insurance for your Hyundai Venue offers peace of mind since it protects you financially in case of any unfortunate accident.

Car Insurance Plans for Hyundai Venue Car:
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Motor insurance policies are mainly of two types: Third-party and Comprehensive. Each insurance plan offers different benefits and features.

Third-Party Car Insurance
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The third-party car insurance plan is mandatory insurance and is the most common plan available in the market. Under this plan, losses or damages caused to third-party life or property are covered. Read: First Party Vs Third Party Car Insurance

Comprehensive Car Insurance
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Under the comprehensive plan, the insurance company will cover losses or damages to third-party life/property as well as damages to your car. While this may not be mandatory, it is an extensive coverage compared to the Third-Party plan.

Types of Loss/Damage Comprehensive Plan Third-Party Plan
Loss or damage to Third-party life or property
Loss or damage to the insured car
Loss or damage due to man-made or natural calamities
Personal accident cover
Loss due to theft of the insured car
Inclusion of Add-on covers
Customization of the sum insured

What’s Covered in Hyundai Venue Insurance (Inclusions):
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Through the car insurance for your Hyundai Venue, the Comprehensive insurance covers several losses and damages to your vehicle. Below is what’s covered in the Hyundai Venue Insurance:

Exclusions in Hyundai Venue Car Insurance:
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Like all insurance policies, car insurance also comes with exclusions. Read on to find out what is not covered under the Hyundai Venue car insurance:

Add-ons For Hyundai Venue Car Insurance:
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A standard or basic comprehensive Hyundai Venue car insurance does not offer exclusive benefits. This can be had with Add-on covers. Below is the list of Add-ons for Hyundai Venue car insurance:

Benefits of Buying Acko Car Insurance for Your Hyundai Venue Car:
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With the advent of digital transactions, the experience of buying/renewing vehicle insurance has become faster and easier. Some of the main benefits of buying Acko car insurance for Hyundai Venue are.

Online Insurance Process
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You can purchase or renew car insurance online anytime, anywhere and directly from Acko’s website or mobile application.

Faster Claim Settlement
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With most of the transactions being through the digital mode, the claim settlement process is efficient and quicker than the traditional insurance process.

Help From Trained Professionals
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Acko provides unbiased advice to customers related to any queries regarding insurance for your vehicle.

Claim Procedure:
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The procedure to raise a claim for your Hyundai Venue is simple and hassle-free if you have purchased it from an online insurance company such as Acko. The process is easy to follow and there is no paperwork. Below is the claim process for your Hyundai Venue:

Frequently Asked Questions
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Below are some of the frequently asked questions about Hyundai Venue car insurance.



What is the cost of the Hyundai Venue car insurance?

The insurance cost for a Hyundai Venue depends upon the year of manufacture, the variant and the location where the vehicle was registered. Based on the age and the type of variant and the location, the insurance price for the Venue will differ. You can visit Acko’s website to get the Hyundai Venue insurance price.

What documents do I need to get my Hyundai Venue car insurance renewed?

While the traditional method requires a physical copy of documents such as previous policy documents, identity proof, address proof and photographs of the owner-driver of the vehicle, the new-age process through online is a lot easier and does not require physical copies. Through the online process, you need to enter details such as your full name, address, car model details, registration number of the car, previous policy number, details of the previous policy details such as No Claim Bonus (NCB) percentage and confirm if the previous policy has expired or not.

Where can I buy Hyundai Venue car insurance?

Buying car insurance has become a lot faster and more efficient with the advent of digital insurance companies who offer online modes of buying the insurance. You can visit the insurance company’s website or their mobile app to buy car insurance for your Hyundai Venue.

What is the yearly insurance cost of Hyundai Venue?

The yearly insurance cost for your Hyundai Venue depends on the manufacturing year of the model, the type of variant and the location of the vehicle. Also, it can differ between insurance companies. You need to research more about the insurance price offered by various insurers before you can select the right car insurance for your vehicle.

Can I renew my Hyundai Venue car insurance with a new insurance company?

Yes, you can switch to a new insurance company when your current insurance policy is due for renewal. All you need is the existing policy number, the registration number of your car, the percentage of NCB, your name and address to renew Hyundai Venue car insurance.

Car Insurance for Other Hyundai Car Models/Variants
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